Subject: little white pills, Chapter 7 Hope y’all enjoy another flashback chapter; appreciate your patience waiting for it. As usual it’s all a work of fiction. And don’t forget to donate to the good folks at Nifty to keep the web site (and your engine) up and running! . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 7: “Test Subject 147” Marco absent-mindedly scratched his short beard while he read through the experimental protocols, killing time while he waited for the test subject to finish his calibration run. He was just growing it back in again and it was really itchy, but his boyfriend thought it was hot, and Marco wasn’t going to argue with Freddy when he was horny. Speaking of which…the test readings were approaching the critical point–it looked like his boy was about to nut. He hoped this guy was scheduled for the real thing instead of a placebo: he was just the sort of straight jock Marco loved seducing, and Ollo’s new batch of pills seemed to work more often than not. Not that he had anything to complain about–Freddy was great in bed–but sometimes it was nice to have a new dick in your mouth. And Freddy got off on hearing about his adventures, as long as it was clear they were just sex and not competition. The guy–Greg–was grunting now as he got close, his big blond frame straining against the straps as he worked the controls on the Orgasmatron (technically the “Virtual Sexual Interface and Monitoring Station,” but what sort of name was that?) to get himself off. Marco checked the video feed going to his goggles. Sure enough, the guy was watching two girls go at it; these straight boys did love their girl-on-girl action, as long as it wasn’t too kinky. And of course any butt stuff was strictly for the girls to take. Funny how the guys never wondered just why the women or gay guys who bottomed seemed to like it so much. Of course, some of them did come around–maybe this would be Greg’s lucky day. It depended on what was in the vials Marco had been given, and on the experimental guidelines–the company was really strict about those. They really wanted to keep this research under anyone’s radar, and a pissed-off test subject throwing a public hissy fit would not be good for that. TJ had made it clear that if any of the techs let that happen they would get gang-banged by a bunch of rabid lawyers, so no stepping out of line. The beeping from his monitoring station told him Greg was getting off. Twenty-four minutes–not bad stamina for a guy who hadn’t shot a load in five days. Mario grabbed his clipboard and headed into the lab room, whistling as he went. By the time he walked in the room Greg was laying back, recovering, and Marco admired the sight for a few seconds. Even with the virtual reality goggles and various sensors attached to his body he was still worth a stare: a great chest with a little bit of fur and pink nipples (still erect), big arms and legs with more of that sexy blond fuzz, and some nice low-hangers between his legs. His cock was still buried in the Dick In A Box, but Marco had seen the sensor readings, and it was a nice one: a fat 6 1/2″ with a bend to the left that gave it some character. “So what’d you think of that, Greg? Not bad, huh?” Greg gave a short laugh. “Yeah, you could say that. Way better than I thought.” Mario sat down at the work station computer to check some readings as he talked. “Yeah, that’s what most guys say.” Greg chuckled again. “Man, I can’t believe I almost did that stupid heart study like Andrew. What a sucker.” Mario was only half-listening as he entered some data and reconfigured the software. “Oh yeah? Who’s Andrew?” “He’s my roommate. He’s been doing some sort of heart study with you guys for a month or two now. Sucker’s probably been hanging out with a bunch of geezers when he could be getting his rocks off–at least it’d be a change from his right hand.” “We–” Marco had been about to say that the cardio study had ended a few weeks ago. But then he remembered that they did have an Andrew who was a regular test subject. He’d been one of the first to try the new pill/gel combination, and all of the guys who had were major cockhounds now. In fact a few of them were in this weekend along with the newbies like Greg. Interesting…. “So your roommate’s not getting any, huh?” “Nah, he’s single. I keep telling him going on a camping trip with his new buddies is not how he’s gonna meet any chicks, but he says he’s fine. Of course he says that, but he must be jerking off like twice a day.” “Really? That’s a lot.” “No kidding, right? But yeah, he’s not real discreet if you know what I mean. Hell, I even walked in on him in the bathroom one time by mistake–just last week.” “No shit, that must have been awkward.” “Tell me about it. The guy’s hung too–there was no way he could hide it behind that towel.” Greg chuckled, remembering. Marco had finished up on the computer and gotten the tray of vials he needed for the next round of testing as they were talking. “Big huh?” This had to be the Andrew he knew. “Yeah man. I thought I was okay, you know, but he’s in a whole different league.” Marco laughed and picked up a syringe. “Hey whatever man, I’m sure you do just fine. Hang on for a little prick in your arm.” He injected the clear liquid. “Yeah, I do all right. What’s that stuff?” “It’s a little something to chill you out a bit. We’re going to do some interview stuff as part of the next phase and it’ll help you answer reliably.” Some of the techs called it “liquid Bible” because it made you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It wasn’t quite that good, but it definitely helped the test subjects open up for some of the more personal questions, especially if they’d only gotten a placebo. Marco carefully pulled the goggles off Greg’s head. “What, no more porn?” Greg sounded the slightest bit buzzed. Good, the shot was working already. “Nope, not right now. Gonna do a few other things. Here, drink this and tell me what it tastes like.” He held the first vial up to Greg’s lips to swallow in a quick gulp. “Kinda lemony. Like cheap Kool Aid.” “Okay thanks.” Marco made a note, then worked on removing the Dick In A Box from Greg’s penis, letting it flop out when Marco lifted the box up. It was gradually softening, the foreskin no longer completely pulled back from the gooey head. He set the box aside, then packed up the semen sample for the lab to analyze. “Man, you’re taking my cyber-pussy away?…Awww….” Greg chuckled a little. He definitely sounded lightly buzzed now, so he was ready for the next dose. “Sorry man. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get it back soon enough. Here, drink this.” He lifted Greg’s head slightly to help him drink the second vial. “Tastes like Sunny Delight. I hate that fake OJ crap.” “Sorry Greg, I just give you what they tell me. Okay, we’re just going to do a bit of an interview and I’ll take some notes. Like I said when you arrived, all of this is strictly confidential. Okay?” “Sure man…let’r rip.” Per his instructions, Marco kept the questions for the next few minutes fairly neutral: sports, favorite foods, favorite movies–all part of a personality profile. Then onto some more ambiguous questions: what would you do if you found a wallet on the street? The sorts of questions where the liquid Bible ensured honest answers. Marco kept a close eye on the sensor readings as he talked, watching for a sign. Seven minutes in he saw a small change in the sensors measuring blood flow to Greg’s penis. It would be too minuscule for Greg to notice himself, but his own dick twitched in his scrubs. It might not mean anything so soon after Greg drank the second vial, but the liquid was supposed to be faster-acting than the pills. And supposedly the first liquid also tasted like crap on subjects the pills didn’t work for, so maybe…. Following the guidelines (and his own hopes), Marco’s questions turned to sex, starting with Greg’s first encounters and working up to the present day. Greg’s readings continued to rise slowly during this talk, and Marco thought he could see his penis swelling ever so slightly. “So are you still dating this gal Melissa?” “Man, I dunno. We had a big fight a couple weeks ago, and she packed her shit up. We’ve talked on the phone, but she’s still pissed. And I’m stuck with my right hand.” “So you’re not having sex with anyone else right now?” “Nah. I figure Melissa will calm down eventually.” “While you’re on your own, how often do you masturbate?” Greg gave a slightly stoned chuckle. “Not as much as Andrew. Probably four or five times a week.” “Do you think about Melissa when you do?” “Sometimes. But I like some variety too, you know? There’s a couple of chicks in the gym that are hot.” “What do you like to fantasize about when you want ‘something different?'” “Ummm…mostly just a different chick, you know? Like maybe we’re alone in the gym after everyone has left, and she gets behind the counter and starts sucking my cock. Or she sneaks into the locker room after hours and we fuck in the shower.” Not surprisingly, Greg’s dick was swelling more noticeably now. “What’s your hottest fantasy? The one you’d most like to do if you could?” “Shit man, that’s easy: two chicks at once. I’d hook up with that Zumba instructor Megan, and the brunette with the short hair that’s always hanging with her. They look like they could really cut loose, you know? I could tag team them with Derrick.” A number of graphs on the monitor were rising steadily now, and so was Greg. He was still mostly soft, but his cock was twitching in time with his pulse as it inflated. “Who is Derrick?” “Oh, he’s my friend Steve’s friend. He just started college this year, and I got him a membership at the gym. He works out there all the time man–he’s totally ripped. He looks like a Jason Statham’s hot younger brother or something.” “So you think it’d be hot to have sex with a couple of girls and him?” “Yeah man. He’s got this really intense personality; I bet he fucks like a champ. It’d be amazing watching him go to town.” “What is it about watching him have sex that you think would be erotic?” Marco was pretty sure he knew where this was going, and he had to work to keep his tone clinical. At least Greg couldn’t see his growing stiffy–that could still be awkward if Marco’s guess was wrong. “Ummm…I dunno.” Greg looked thoughtful. “I guess just watching all those hard muscles pumping away, you know. He’s got a great ass from all those squats. And a really good chest too…he’d be flexing like mad while he was getting his dick sucked. And he’d have a rock hard grip too…he could steer you–a chick anywhere he wanted.” Greg’s dick had reached the tipping point, and it flopped up to lie on his stomach, growing rapidly. “Have you seen his dick?” “Just in the locker room. It’s pretty decent sized. The head is pretty fat, and he trims his pubes I think–he looks pretty smooth. And his balls are nice….” Greg’s voice kocaeli escort trailed off, lost in thought. His cock was fully erect now, his foreskin barely covering the swollen head. “So in your fantasy, what do you imagine the two of you doing? With these girls.” “Oh man. We could be standing there together, getting our dicks sucked. That would be hot, watching him get head. I could feel his muscles flexing while he was pumping into her mouth….” “So you’d like to feel his body? Rub your hands over him?” “Yeah…yeah. Like, I could be standing next to him while we were getting sucked, and rub my hands over his chest and abs and stuff.” “Do you imagine him doing the same thing?” “Yeah, that’d be really hot. He could rub my chest and nipples, and then my abs while I rubbed his, and….” “And?…” “It’d be cool to see what his dick felt like. You know, just help him out a bit while he was getting sucked.” “What do you imagine him doing when you do that?” “Hell, I bet he’d love it. Who doesn’t like a helping hand, right? I’m sure he’d want to return the favor…yeah, we could just be stroking each other.” A clear droplet had appeared at his piss slit, growing noticeably as Greg talked. “Anything else you’d like to do with Derrick?” “Oh man. Just rubbing up against him, feeling our dicks rubbing…that’d be totally hot. And then he’d start pushing me down on my knees so I could suck him…fuck yeah. Marco man, I’m seriously horny. You gotta hook me up to the machine again.” “We’ll get to that in a bit Greg. Please continue answering the question. You said you wanted to suck Derrick off?” Greg licked his lips. “Yeah. I mean, I’ve never sucked a guy off, but you always wonder what it’s like, right? I think it could be really hot you know? Doing the stuff I like to get done to me. Working on the head just right, then taking him all the way in.” “You think you’d do a good job? Derrick would like it?” “Yeah, he’d be grunting and holding his head while he fucked my mouth, pumping away. And…” “And what?” “Then he could–he could pull me off him and get down on his knees with me. And he’d be looking me right in the eyes with that hard-ass look he has, and he’d lean forward and push me on my back.” Greg licked his lips again, and the first drop of precum dripped from the purple head onto his stomach. “And he’d grab my legs and spread them apart, and then I’d feel his cock rubbing against me…Marco man, I’ve really gotta get off. You gotta help me out here.” “Sure thing Greg, I understand.” Marco was rock-hard now, but the guidelines were clear on what he was supposed to do next. He reached for the next items on his tray: a tube labelled Batch 4121A and a standard-grade 5″ anal probe: white and smooth, with a modest bulge near the top, like a small streamlined cyberdick. “Tell me if this feels like you imagine Derrick would.” Greg sucked in his breath as the cool lubricated probe touched his hole, then began sliding up and down against it, gently pressing his taint and bumping his balls. “Yeah, that’s hot. Yeah, like that.” “Good. Would you like it if Derrick did something like this?” Marco paused with the probe head at Greg’s asshole, then applied some pressure. Greg let out a low moan. “Maybe a bit more?” He pressed further, the lubricated head sinking in partway, and there was another moan. There was a lot less resistance than he’d expected–Greg must be a natural at this. He kept pushing the probe in. It slipped past his ring easily and kept going until it was all the way in. “How does that feel Greg?” He pumped the probe in and out slightly. “Ohhhh maaaan. Yeah…God that feels good Marco.” Greg gave a long lazy sigh of pleasure. “Aaahhh…. Do it harder. Mmmmm….” He twisted lazily in the chair, working his hips around the probe as it penetrated him. Marco was happy to oblige. He was squeezing his own hard-on as he pleasured Greg’s hole, slowly at first and then picking up speed as the resistance faded. Greg’s breathing was quicker now, and he let out little happy grunts when Marco got the probe’s angle just right. After 5 minutes an alarm flashed on the computer screen, and he pulled the probe out. Greg lifted his head up, looking a little bleary-eyed. “Hey, don’t stop man, that felt really good.” Marco smiled at him. “Don’t worry, we’re just going to try something a little different. That was our standard anal probe. We have a modified one though that some guys like better–we call it the Tickler. I’ll try it out and you can see what you think.” He slicked up a larger purple dildo covered with the little ridges and bumps that gave it its name. Not all the guys liked this one, but he had a feeling Greg would enjoy the bigger girth if nothing else. He pressed the head against Greg’s hole and began easing it in. “Ooooohhh, Jeeeesus! Don’t stop Marco. Fuuuuuck yeah!” Greg bit his lip and laid his head back, grunting as the new probe opened him up wider. His wet cock head was completely free of his foreskin now, and a small pool of pre-cum had formed on his treasure trail. Marco longed to lick it clean, but he knew that wasn’t the plan, at least not yet. As with the first probe, he began working Greg open for the larger dildo. The stocky blond’s whimpers were more frequent and louder, and he was twisting in his restraints as the stimulation worked him into a frenzy. His toes were curling–that was always a good sign. Soon enough though the computer gave Marco a signal for another change-up, and the Tickler came out. Greg looked up in frustration. “Come on Marco, don’t tease me man! Put it back in!” “Don’t worry, just changing things up again. I think you’re going to like this one the best.” This dildo was shaped like a large, very realistic circumcised cock, complete with veins and a pair of fat balls. Marco held it up so Greg could see it as he rubbed lube onto it. “What do you think Greg? Look good?” Greg stared, hypnotized. “Yeah,” he whispered, “hell yeah. Fuck me with that thing Marco. Shove it up my ass good.” His cock head was a deep reddish-purple now, but the instruments showed he was a ways off from orgasm still. Marco hoped so, because he needed to get off himself, and he was counting on Greg to do it. He started easing the toy into Greg’s ass, working it around as he did. “How’s that Greg? You like that?” “Holy crap, yeah. Unggh…. That feels fucking awesome man.” He sucked in his breath as the head popped in, followed by a long moan as Marco worked the shaft all the way in. His hands clenched and he started rocking his head from side to side as the toy thrust into him. He was panting and moaning continuously now, and was starting to sweat. “Jesus! Uuunnggghffff…God! That’s–fuck–feels so goddamn good in there! Fuuuuuhh….” Marco leaned in to Greg’s crotch, reveling in the musky scent as he pumped the dildo in and out. His own belly was wet where his cock was dripping continuously–this was almost as much torture for him as it was for Greg. He anxiously watched the clock, waiting for the five minutes to be up. Finally it happened, and Marco pulled out the rubber cock, Greg moaning “Nooooo!” as he felt it leave his ass. “OK Greg, I just need you to answer a few quick questions and then we can get back to what we were doing, all right?” Greg bucked against his straps, hunching his hips in an attempt to keep the probe inside him, then sagged, resigned to the delay. “Okay man, but make it quick. This is fucking torture.” He was breathing heavily and his legs were trembling. “I get it, don’t worry. We’ll start up again real soon. Have you ever tried anal stimulation before? Either with someone else or by yourself?” “No.” “Ever considered it before today?” “No. I had no idea…” “That you’d like it so much?” “Yeah. Yeah, it feels amazing.” He was still breathing heavily. “Can you describe the sensations you like a little more?” “I don’t know man, um, it’s really warm, and, um when it’s, you know, in me it feels like when I stroke my dick, but from the inside. It just feels awesome when it’s rubbing me. And the stretching kinda hurts, but it also just makes it feel better, you know?” “Are you thinking about anything when you’re getting stimulated?” “Yeah I guess. Yeah, Derek fucking me. Feeling him inside me….” Greg’s voice trailed off, and his cock twitched. The liquid leaking from it had turned slightly cloudy now as it pooled around his foreskin. “Of the three probes I used: the standard one, the Tickler, or the realistic one, which did you like best?” “The last one, definitely. That felt amazing.” “So you liked the one that felt like a cock?” “Jesus, yeah. Put it back in Marco, I really need it man.” “Sure thing Greg. I can, or–” Marco stood up, letting Greg see the tent in his scrubs. He pulled the drawstring to let them drop to the floor, letting his hard-on pop free. “–I could give you something more realistic to work with. What do you think?” Greg’s eyes widened as he took in Marco’s fat, uncut seven-incher. It was wider than the dildo and curved upwards noticeably, and he licked his lips as he imagined what it would feel like sliding into his ass. He licked his lips and nodded, his voice a hoarse whisper. “Yes.” Keeping his gaze locked on Greg, Marco fumbled to grab the lube bottle and drizzle some on his cock. He loved watching the look these guys got laying there, begging for their first real cock, too horned up to care what they said or did while the drug was working its magic, and Greg was no exception. He’d gotten quiet as it sank in that he was actually going to get fucked by a real guy, but when Marco started to press against his hole the blond’s instincts took over completely. His eyelids fluttered and his head flopped back as he prepared to be filled up, thighs spreading slightly in the stirrups to welcome Marco’s cock. God, thought Marco, he is so freakin’ hot! He pressed down on his dick to line it up with Greg’s hole, then groaned as his lubed head rubbed against Greg’s pucker. Fuck he enjoyed breaking in a new guy. And Greg wasn’t fighting against it, no way. The moment Marco’s slick head pressed against him he opened right up, a long low moan coming from his mouth as he stretched open for Marco’s shaft. Marco let loose a long grunt of his own as he sunk into the warm hole. It fit his cock like a tight glove, squeezing and welcoming each new inch, and Marco was suddenly unsure how long he could hold out. Greg’s eyes rolled back in his head as Marco moved deeper, and Marco heard another little whimper when he bottomed out, balls resting against the big blond’s ass crack. Time to see how well the latest batch of medicine worked. He started up a steady rhythm, feeling the pressure build in his cock and balls as he got milked. Greg’s purple head was slick with precum now, dripping steadily onto his treasure trail while sweat beaded his face and torso. Marco couldn’t resist the heady masculine scent, and leaned forward to lick the muscular kocaeli escort bayan pecs beneath him. He chewed on one hard nipple, rewarded by a spasm in Greg’s ass as the muscular test subject squirmed in the restraints, trying to simultaneously push into Marco’s mouth and to work more dick up his ass. His head lolled to one side, panting from the friction of Marco’s abs against his swollen cock. Marco humped harder, his balls pulling up as orgasm approached. A familiar tingle starting at the base of his cock and he pressed hard into Greg’s body–he wanted to feel the virgin’s cum splashing against him as he came. Panting, he pushed his tongue into Greg’s mouth, and then groaned as he came. He could feel his cock gushing into Greg’s hole, and then Greg was begging him to go harder as his ass clamped down. Warm liquid jetted against Marco’s stomach, and he slid a hand down to milk the meaty shaft as Greg came again and again, his eyes squeezed shut with pleasure. Marco’s own vision dimmed as he finished cumming, and he collapsed on top of Greg as his pumping gradually slowed. Both of them were breathing heavily, and the smell of warm jizz filled the room. “Holy shit,” Greg panted at last. Marco grinned down at him. “You liked that huh?” “God yeah. That was amazing.” “You were pretty good yourself–you make a great bottom.” “A what? Ohhh.” Greg’s eyes widened as Marco gave a slow thrust. “Mmmm…I guess.” Marco could see the wheels turning as Greg took in the fact that he’d just gotten off by having another guy fuck his brains out. Time for a little encouragement before he started thinking about it too much. Marco slid his hand up and pressed a gooey thumb between Greg’s lips while his still-hard cock continued working his hole. Greg gave a little grunt of pleasure, then closed his eyes as he focused on cleaning Marco’s digit. “That’s it bud, clean up that spunk. You’re a natural man.” He could feel that Greg had only softened a little bit–a lot of these guys could go a few rounds in a row during their first sessions. He’d popped one of Ollo’s little blue pills when he saw the first promising test readings, and would be ready to go himself pretty soon. Especially if Greg kept up that rhythmic clamping in his ass. It wasn’t as tight as when Marco had taken his cherry, but he sure was learning how to use it. He pulled his thumb out of Greg’s mouth and reached down to squeeze another glob onto it. Greg gave a little grunt and twitched in his restraints as Marco tugged on his shaft–he was definitely hardening right back up. Marco pulled most of the way out of Greg’s hole, then slowly slid back in as his thumb slid back into Greg’s eager mouth. The muffled grunt told Marco how he really felt about being penetrated. “That’s it man, show me what a good bottom you are. Show me how you like that cock up your ass.” They were both hardening up fast again, and Marco began leisurely moving in and out, making sure to hit Greg’s prostate with each thrust. He straightened back up: the chair Greg was strapped into wasn’t meant for this sort of activity, and those little sensors were uncomfortable to rub against for long. His hands roamed over Greg’s lightly furred chest, playing with the hard nipples as he pushed all the way back into that sweet hole. Greg had closed his eyes again, concentrating on the sensations he was experiencing, his ass squeezing Marco’s cock in time with its strokes. “Mmmm…you are so tight Greg. I love pumping that ass of yours man…you’re so fucking hot. Do you like me fucking you?” “Yeah.” Greg was panting now, and a new strand of precum was joining the slick glaze on his belly. Marco wrapped his hand around the red shaft and started slowly pumping in time with his thrusts. “What do you like better, those dildos, or a real man’s cock?” “A real cock. Nnnngghh…I fuckin’ love your cock in my ass Marco. Aaaahhh, fuuuuck…..” Greg trailed off into a whimper. Marco slowly picked up his rhythm over the next several minutes. Now that he’d come once he could take his time, and he wanted Greg to enjoy it as much as possible. They could use another good bottom for future experiments, and if he played this right Greg would be back regularly and he’d collect a nice recruiting bonus. As he continued and they both got more turned on, he could see Greg’s reservations about getting fucked melting away again. He was getting more vocal as things heated up, “Oh God yeah,” and “deeper, fuck me deeper,” coming from him more frequently while he squirmed in the restraints. Marco loved it–he and Freddy loved to talk dirty while they fucked, and it was hot to hear this straight jock say the same things his boyfriend did. He pumped harder as he got into it, slapping noises coming from their bodies as he pounded Greg harder. Sweat was dripping off his face onto Greg’s body, and his legs were trembling with excitement as he felt another orgasm coming. Greg was almost incoherent himself now from the stimulation in his hole, while cloudy pre-cum poured from the his piss slit in a steady drizzle. Marco wiped a glob off with his thumb, making Greg moan even louder, then licked it clean–damn that cream tasted good. Time to get some more. He wrapped both hands around the rock-hard pole and began stroking and twisting as he pushed himself over the edge. “Shoot it Greg! Fuckin’ come for me!” And Greg did. Marco had timed it just right, and thick white jets blasted from Greg’s shaft just as Marco seeded the blond’s hole for the second time. Warm liquid splashed onto Marco’s shoulders and chest, and he shifted one slick hand to massage Greg’s balls, encouraging more blasts. They both cried out, not caring who heard their shouts. Marco slowly came back to himself. He could feel his massive load running out of Greg’s hole, and the bottom’s warm spunk dripping down his own chest. He let go of Greg’s shaft and brought his goo-covered hand up so he could lick it clean. He didn’t get into eating a guy’s spunk very often, but he could tell Greg liked watching him do it. He squeezed a last glob out onto his other hand then fed it to the new bottom, their eyes locked as they licked up the shared load. Finally they were done. Both of them were softening now, and Marco slid out of Greg’s ass with a soft pop. He peeled off the sensors and undid the straps while Greg lay there, recovering. “All right bud, time to hit the showers.” He offered the exhausted stud a hand to help him up, and Greg took it with a tired moan and stood. They stood there facing each other, hands clasped, Greg looking a little awkward and not knowing how to handle himself. Marco had no such problem: he pulled their slick bodies in tight for a deep kiss, tasting the jizz in Greg’s mouth until the jock finally relaxed into it and began kissing back–another first for him, no doubt. Finally they broke free and Marco grinned at him while he slapped Greg’s ass. “See, that wasn’t so bad was it.” Greg blushed slightly, but then gave a grin. “It didn’t suck.” “Glad you liked it–coz you’ve got another 24 hours with us.” Marco turned away to lead his subject to the showers, but not before he saw the look of lust cross Greg’s face. He’d found a keeper for sure. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greg spent the next few days feeling more confused than he ever had in his life. Obviously whatever drugs Ollo had given him had done something, because he’d never felt more than the mildest curiosity about making it with a guy before, let alone begging to get fucked. Or maybe he had, but he’d been unwilling to pursue it–Melissa sure was a good distraction. Whatever, that first session with Marco had scratched an itch he didn’t even know he had…or maybe the drugs had caused the itch…. He kept going back and forth on that, but he just couldn’t make up his mind. Sunday afternoon when he’d gotten home he’d just gone to his room and sacked out. Andrew was out somewhere, so he didn’t even have to make up a story about where he’d been, let alone what he’d been doing. When he woke up after a long nap all that was on his mind was that he was still bushed from the lack of sleep the night before, and he was still hungry; the mild soreness in his ass barely registered. By Monday morning he felt better and the whole experience started to feel like a dream, or at least a one-off experiment, and he prepared to put it behind him. He’d cash the nice fat check he’d gotten, figure out how to patch things up with Melissa (again), and get back to his regular life. He determined to just relax with a nice bike ride and enjoy his day off before getting back to his gym clients on Tuesday. The next couple of days went by as though nothing had happened, but by Wednesday afternoon he was starting to feel horny again. He hadn’t gotten around to calling Melissa, and he knew from experience that she wouldn’t take a booty call until they’d had the Make Up Talk, so he figured he’d just take care of himself when he got home. Andrew was there when he did, just back from a run, so of course they hung out and had dinner and a beer. Things seemed back on track after that; they ended up chatting and hanging out like any other random night, and if Andrew’s shorts had done a better job hiding what was inside Greg might’ve kept believing that his new interest in the D was fading. When Andrew got up to hit the shower Greg tried to watch TV to distract himself, but within a few minutes he gave up the struggle: he needed to rub one out now. He headed to his bedroom, already running a few of his favorite scenarios with Melissa through his mind to get his juices flowing. He stripped and settled into his bed, lotion handy and cock well on its way up. A few strokes was all it took to get fully hard, his foreskin sliding up and down over the glans. He imagined Melissa sinking down onto him, her red bush grinding into his pubes. It felt familiar and good but…it wasn’t quite what he was looking for–maybe some dirty talk like she sometimes got into when she was extra horny would do it. “Yeah baby, that’s it, ride my cock. Your pussy feels so good and tight…yeah…” The shower was still running in their shared bathroom, so he didn’t worry about Andrew overhearing him. In fact, it’d been running for kind of a while now, hadn’t it? Was Andrew?… An image of his roommate stroking his fat cock in the bathroom the other week, when Greg had walked in a little too fast, burst into his mind, and his own stiffened further. It had been so big, sticking out from that nest of black pubes while he jerked it…without even thinking Greg’s left hand slid down, his finger circling the smooth skin around his hole, and he sucked in his breath. He knew what he needed to do. A squirt of lotion on his left finger and then it was sliding in, twisting and probing like Marco had done with the lab toys. He spread his legs instinctively, opening his hole for a second finger like he had for Marco’s cock. Now he was rock hard, yahya kaptan escort clear liquid leaking freely, and all thoughts of Melissa were gone. “Fuck me Marco, yessss…fuck me….” He had enough awareness to keep his voice to a whisper, but there was no stopping the soft groan when his fingers sank in to the second knuckle–it just felt sooo gooood…he bit his lip and whimpered, imagining it was Marco pushing inside him. His balls pulled up tight as he continued, and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer: he could feel feel the familiar twinge as he got closer to the edge, and he pulled the ‘skin back to increase the stimulation on his head. A more few strokes was all it took and Greg was blasting away, head snapping from side to side as he coated his chest and pillow with jizz. He heard the growls he was making as he came, but at that moment he didn’t care if Andrew heard or not; it just felt so good. And to be honest, the thought of Andrew listening on the other side of the door, hearing him get off, was actually even more of a turn-on. There was no noise from the bathroom–Andrew must have finished showering while he was getting down and dirty. Greg pulled some kleenex from his bedside table drawer as quietly as he could, and commenced wiping up. He always felt sleepy after he came, and this time was no different; as soon as he was done he tossed the tissues on the floor and sacked out, satisfied. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Having gotten what it wanted, his dick left him alone the next day, and Greg held out hope that things would finally return to normal as the last of the drugs he’d taken cleared from his system. Not that it was bad, of course–those were some of the best orgasms he’d ever had, actually–but he just couldn’t imagine getting it on with a guy again. Not even Andrew, with that–no, better to just not think about that anymore. He bore down, focused on working out and pushing his clients, and stopped thinking about…stuff. That’d do the trick. By Friday his plan was in trouble. He’d forgotten that Derrick was his morning client, but when the blocky freshman walked in all of Greg’s lab fantasies came rushing back. Everything he’d told Marco, how he’d imagined it was Derrick inside him while he was strapped down in the chair getting fucked: it came roaring back, and he could feel himself blushing. He was able to cover it up with a remark about having just done a couple sets, and he didn’t think Derrick noticed, but for the rest of the training session he’d struggled to keep from checking his client out. The afternoon was worse. He had a few female clients, and he was already in the habit of being super-professional with them, but his last two were guys that were–he had to admit it–hot. His boxer briefs kept his chubby from being noticeable, but he could feel it down there wanting to start something up for real, and by the end of the day he practically sprinted to the showers so he could duck under the cold water. Even then his dick refused to shrink all the way, and when he soaped up his ass crack he couldn’t resist a quick poke in his hole. Cold water or not he had to bite his lip at the sensation; he shook his head and forced himself to finish the shower immediately, before he did something really stupid. Luckily his 5:00 had cancelled at the last minute. Normally he would’ve been pissed about losing his training fee, but he wasn’t sure what would happen if he had to spend the next hour watching Jacob’s muscular, sweaty body pumping weights while he spotted him. Time to head home and get some relief. Horny and exhausted from his workout, he was pretty out of it when he banged open the apartment door and tossed his gym bag on the floor. So it wasn’t until he’d closed the door and turned back around that it sank in: he’d just walked in on Andrew jacking off, big time. His roommate was sprawled out on the couch, wearing his usual gym tee–but his pants were kicked off to one side, letting his lean, muscular legs spread wide while his hands worked over his massive hard-on. His face instantly turned a furious shade of red [but not as red as his cockhead, part of Greg’s brain noticed], and after a pause that seemed to go on for 10 minutes he got out a strangled “You’re home early.” Greg nodded, mesmerized. “Yeah, my 5:00 cancelled,” he muttered. God, his throat was so dry. And he couldn’t stop staring at his roommate’s dick. How big was that thing? Seven inches? Eight? Nine? It was bigger Marco’s, and the things that cock had done to him…. He licked his lips and took a step forward–he couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to. As he did, he registered the porno playing on their TV: two muscular guys 69ing big time. Andrew saw him watching, and when their eyes met he gave a little embarrassed shrug: oops, whatcha ya gonna do? His hands hadn’t stopped moving entirely though, and Greg felt his gaze pulled towards them, fascinated at the sight of the glistening head disappearing and then reappearing in the lubed fist. He didn’t say anything, just took a step forward and slid a hand into his shorts, eyes hooded as he gave himself a good squeeze. Andrew didn’t say anything either, but he lengthened his stroke to let the top third of his shaft show, while his thighs moved farther apart. Two more steps and Greg was in front of him, hand moving up and down beneath his underwear while Andrew watched intently. His lean frame settled back onto the couch, and he shifted his grip so he was only holding the very base of his shaft; he tilted it towards Greg without a word. Greg stopped long enough to kick off his shoes and get out of his shorts. His own hard-on wasn’t in Andrew’s league, but the dark-haired jock licked his lips when he saw it jutting out. “Do me and I’ll do you,” Andrew whispered, and Greg was happy to oblige. He sank to the floor, leaned forward, and inhaled the sticky-salty-sweet shaft into his mouth, sighing in satisfaction as he did. As the smooth head slid over his lips and tongue he heard Andrew let out a long sigh, and felt muscular hands clamp his skull, guiding him down. He let it slip down his throat like Marco had taught him, until his nose was nested in his roommate’s trimmed black pubes. The warm musky smell made him dizzy with lust, and he ran his hands up under Andrew’s tee, caressing his torso as he milked him with his mouth. He began bobbing slowly up and down, and Andrew responded with a low “Oh God!” and a trickle of fresh pre-cum. Fuck, Greg thought, fuck yeah. The next few minutes were enough to convince him his love of dick was never going to go away. The smell and taste and feel of Andrew pumping in his mouth turned him on like nothing else. Each trickle of precum made him hunger for more, and he worked his mouth and tongue every way he could to encourage another pulsing throb, another sweet droplet. Without being aware of it, he’d started moaning more and more as he focused on the pleasure of giving Andrew head. He didn’t even stop to think when he reached back and slid a finger into his hole–it just felt like the most natural thing to do. And it felt so good to be penetrated back there while Andrew was filling his mouth. He hunched his hips in pleasure, and felt his dick dripping as his second knuckle made it in. Up and down he went, while his finger worked deeper and deeper inside. Part of him knew he was acting as slutty as the porn stars on the TV behind him, but he didn’t care: he wanted it, it felt good, and fuck it, he was going for it. Andrew sure wasn’t complaining. In fact, Andrew seemed to have some similar ideas, because after a few minutes of getting his knob polished he pulled Greg off. “I’ve got a better idea where I can put this thing–if you think you can handle it.” He looked down at his roommate, cocky but just a little bit uncertain. Greg pushed himself up; he’d take that monster or die trying. He stood up and grinned; “let’s do this.” And then he was kneeling on the couch straddling Andrew’s lap while the dark-haired jock smeared more lube on his dick. When he was done Greg sank down, eyes closed in concentration as he focused on lining his pucker up with that fat, slick head. He gave a small “unh” of contentment as they made contact, then sank lower, a low grunt rising to a throaty moan as Andrew opened him up, then slid deeper and deeper inside. Marco had shown him what he really wanted, but it was Andrew’s fat cock that gave it to him. When he finally bottomed out, ass grinding against his buddy’s bristly pubes, he felt a satisfied smile spread across his face. Letting his eyes slit open, he saw the same look on Andrew’s. Oh yeah, they’d be doing this again. He started sliding up and down, all those heavy leg days finally paying off–he hadn’t thought that doing so many squats would lead to this, but he sure as shit wasn’t going to complain when Andrew’s fat head worked his prostate over like that. He let his eyes slide shut again, focusing on the sensations in his ass. Pinching his nipples added to the pleasure, and when he felt the muscular grip of another hand stroking his hard-on he let out a long groan of appreciation. God, why had he waited so long to let Andrew do this to him?! He’d been an idiot. His thick thighs flexed, and he rode his buddy’s cock faster. He was getting close, and he hoped Andrew was too. It sure sounded like it. He could hear Andrew panting, and getting louder with each thrust. “Oh fuck Greg! Goddamn man, your ass feels so good! Mmmm…fuck yeah, ride it.” More panting, and then the grip on Greg’s shaft tightened Greg gasped when Andrew peeled back his foreskin and began rubbing his thumb over the bare head, the thick coating of precum making the perfect lube. “God! So–ahaah–fuckin’ tight! Ride me bud–I’m gonna fuckin’ shoot in your ass! Milk my cock buddy–aaaaahaaaaaa! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Andrew spasmed beneath him, bucking harder and harder, and suddenly Greg felt him come. He’d been so close all along, that was more than enough. His right hand clamped down over Andrew’s, stroking him off together while Andrew was still coming. Jets of hot white goo blasted onto Andrew’s face, coating his lips and goatee, but neither one of them noticed. All Greg could think about was the cock in his ass, and the hand milking his dick. He thought he might be saying something, but he didn’t care–he just wanted to ride this orgasm for all it was worth. His ass clamped down, squeezing out every drop it could get, while his roommate’s iron grip juiced him good. The two of them pushed each other on as long as they could–neither one wanted their orgasms to end. Eventually it did of course, when neither one had anything left. Greg slowed down, then worked Andrew’s grip loose: he was starting to get super-sensitive now that he’d cum. Andrew seemed to be in a similar situation, because he didn’t object as Greg slowed, then pulled off to flop down next to him on the couch. The two of them sat there for a minute, panting, as their breathing gradually slowed. “So,” Greg said, “you wanna tell me how you got into fucking dudes all of a sudden?” Andrew grinned sideways at him. “It’s a long story man–I never would’ve thought it. But I guess it started with an ad in the student paper….”

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