Little Tsaritsa Ch. 09


Despite the fact that it was still technically summer, the morning was heavy with the crispness of autumn. Nadezhda strode along one of the sidewalks that crisscrossed campus, a book tucked under her arm as she headed to class. She’d done well over the summer, acing her Russian proficiency test. She didn’t admit it out loud, but not having to worry about making and saving money for rent and tuition certainly helped.

For the first time in her time in college, she had a full semester, and on top of that, an extra class. Though much of her work was done online, she still had to go to campus two days a week for a couple of classes.

“Nadezhda!” she heard someone call out. She turned to see a lanky young man approach her, weaving around several other students as he did so. She stared at him for a second, trying to place a name to the face.

Shit, it hadn’t been that long ago, was there? About three years? “Anatoly?” she asked. He’d apparently had a growth spurt after he graduated from high school since the last time she’d seen him, he was about her height.

She’d gone to high school with Anatoly Cunningham, at least for as long as their school careers overlapped as he’d been two years ahead of her. Their mothers had been friends, and Mrs. Cunningham had visited her several times since Mom’s death.

“Wasn’t sure it was you, but really glad it was! Funny thing is last week Mom was asking me how you were and here you are…”

She let out a soft laugh as he went to her side, and they started a slow stroll. “You still pre-med?” she asked. He nodded.

“Last year here before I go to med school.”

“Wow, how exciting! I bet your parents are proud of you!” Anatoly’s mother, very much like her own father and uncle, came over from Russia as a child. She’d married out of the Russian-American community, finding herself an American husband and having five children with him, Anatoly being the second oldest. As they’d inherited their father’s Scottish last name, Mr. Cunningham generously given his wife naming rights, so all of the Cunningham children bore distinctly Eastern European or Russian first names.

Anatoly mock puffed out his chest. She chuckled and shook her head. “So what are you going to specialize in?”

“Hm. Part of me wishes I could do it all, but that’s impossible. I’m thinking of cardiology. What about you, what’re you studying?”

“Languages. I’m going into interpreting or translating. I know Russian and Ukrainian, and I’m currently studying Polish and Chinese.”

“Wow. I can’t imagine studying all these.”

“I can’t imagine cutting open a body, so I guess we’re even,” she joked back. He guffawed.

“Class is this way. I’ll see you around,” Nadezsha commented cheerfully before she veered away to a building. She got a wave of his hand and a friendly bye in return.

As she settled into her seat and waited for the professor to come in and begin her lesson, she pulled out her phone to check her messages. There was one from Arkady.

‘Wear the black dress tonight. Be ready at 6.’

She smirked slowly to herself, thinking about what he’d done to her the last time they’d been together. She’d been barely able to walk in the morning. Dressing up meant he would take her out tonight. Sex was all but guaranteed. Bring it on, Arkady.


At 5:45, Nadezsha was showered and dressed, all ready to go. It’d been a few days since she’d seen Arkady and had used that time to study, and she welcomed the break. Dear god, Arkady and that magnificent cock of his…

She shivered, running her fingers along the emerald necklace that he’d gifted her in what seemed almost like another lifetime. The weight was now familiar around her neck, and whether it was worn with one of her nice dresses, or with nothing, it had become something of a symbol of their relationship, a sort of collar that Arkady used to signify his possession of her.

At the very least, it was a gorgeous collar, and if she was his pet, she was a very much doted-upon one. Reclining on one side of the sofa, she read a chapter in her textbook, waiting for Arkady.

And in his prompt fashion, he entered at 6:01, letting himself in without so much a knock, but she’d become used to that. She did not miss the way he perused her as he draped his jacket over the back of the chair before closing in on her as she rose from her seat. The fabric hugged her curves, the front dipping just enough to reveal a tasteful amount of cleavage. The diamonds and emeralds glittered around her neck as she turned around slowly.

“Ah, the very sight of you, my little tsaritsa. It is enough to inflame a man’s passions.” Arkady rumbled as he looked down at her, a handsome sight in a dark gray suit with a red and blue paisley tie. His hands slid to her hips before pulling her in for an embrace, pressing his lips to the side of her face and neck. As she pressed against him, she felt a familiar hardness against her lower stomach and pressed further as she hooked an arm around his neck.

“I isveçbahis know very well how I can do just that.” Boldly, she reached down with her other hand to rub the front of his pants, feeling his biceps tighten against her.

“Want my cock, hm?” he asked, fixing his gaze upon her, the icy blue eyes promising intense heat in their depths.

“Yes. You know I do,” she purred. He placed his hand over hers, pressing it against his groin further.

“Then have it,” he said before pulling back, undoing his belt. She watched, transfixed, as he opened his pants and released his manhood from its confines. Coming to full length, it saluted her proudly, and she felt her breath catch in her throat. “Use that pretty mouth of yours.”

He stood there, staring down at her. Silently, she sunk to her knees and moved forward, letting the head of his penis rest lightly against her cheek for a moment, returning his stare as she lightly cupped the side of his shaft in her palm. It was as it always was in times like this, warm and hard.

She turned her face, pressing her lips along the length. “What a nice cock you have,” she purred as she wrapped her fingers around him, slowly sliding her hand up and then back down.

“Only for you, little tsaritsa.” He reached down, running his fingers through her hair. Running her tongue along the tip of his penis, she felt the organ twitch as she flicked her tongue firmly. She closed her eyes, letting the clean scent of his male musk surround her as she opened her lips, sliding his flesh past them. The thickness slid down her tongue and nudged firmly at the back of her throat before she hummed.

“Yes. Have it all, just for you, love,” he urged as she sucked more firmly, her head bobbing up and down as she placed one hand around the base of his organ and the other one on his hip for leverage. She felt the flex of the muscles in his side and thigh as he shifted his stance, the grip in her hair tightening as she heard him growl her name.

She did the little things she knew he enjoyed, such as twisting her hand around or running her tongue along the ridge of his swollen glans. When she looked up at him, his gaze was intense through half-lidded eyes, his jaw tightening as he approached orgasm.

“My love…” he growled before she felt the sudden spasm that passed through his body. Digging her fingers into his hip, she braced herself for the thick load that splashed violently into the back of her mouth. Humming firmly, she quickly swallowed what he had to offer while still sucking him off, slowing her pace as she squeezed the base of his shaft.

“You do a very excellent job of pleasing your tsar,” Arkady said with a purr. She slowly disengaged from him, giving his cock a kiss on the tip before standing back up. He tucked himself back into his pants, straightening his clothes.

“Do you intend to return the favor then?” she asked, her pussy tingling warmly at the thought. The act of touching and pleasuring him certainly had her engine revving, and she’d hoped he might want to fuck her.

“Not at the moment, no. I had something else in mind.” He went over to his jacket, pulling out something in a palm-sized plastic case. Lifting the lid off it, Arkady showed her a bright pink vibrating egg and battery pack.

“But aren’t we going out-?” she asked before her eyes widened in understanding. “Oh Arkady, that isn’t fair.” A blush rose to her cheeks.

“Trust me, darling. Turn around and bend over.”

After a moment’s hesitation, she obeyed, placing her hands on the arms of the sofa as he came up behind her. He ran her hand along her ass, rubbing one cheek and then the other in slow, firm circles before giving a light spank. She gasped softly at that before she felt the fabric of her dress slide up her hips and ass, revealing a pair of black cotton bikini panties that were edged in red lace.

The crotch of her panties was pushed aside, and she felt fingers probe her gently, knowing that Arkady was fully aware of her arousal as his fingertips slid along slick flesh. His fingers probed deeper, pushing the egg down a considerable depth. She bit back a moan and pressed back against his hand. He leaned down to nibble along the side of her neck.

“Please, Arkady…” she whispered as his fingers wiggled, thrusting in and out several times before he pulled his hand away.

“Lift your foot,” he commanded. She felt the cord that connected egg to battery sway lightly and clenched in response as she complied. She looked down to see what looked like a wide black garter, siding up her right leg before he secured the battery within it, nestling it snugly against the front of her inner thigh. With intimate precision, he straightened her underwear before rubbing his fingertips against her cloth-covered mound.

“I am going to pound that pussy. But first, it must be ready for me.”

“It already is,” Nadezsha protested. He pulled her skirt back down and pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her middle.

“I know you want me. isveçbahis giriş It brings me no end of delight knowing you feel that way about me. And I assure you that I want this as much as you do. I am sorely tempted to bend you over that couch and fuck you until you can not walk.” His hand slid down to her ass, cupping and rubbing it. “But I have arranged a lovely evening out for us, and I am determined to make the most of it.”

He let her go and slid a hand into his pocket. She gasped quietly as the egg came to life, buzzing away inside of her. After a few moments, it stopped, and she let out a sharp exhale.

“You are a bastard.”

He smirked faintly before holding out his hand to her. “Come.”


In the car, Arkady pressed the button in his pocket again, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw her tense before taking a deep breath, trying to keep herself collected, one of her arms resting against the door and the other hand in her lap.

When they came to a stop, he placed his hand on her knee, rubbing it gently before moving upwards. She quickly placed her hand on his own to impede his progress.

“I am sure you are quite aroused,” he drawled casually as he waited for the light to turn green. The response he got was a deadpan glare. He laughed quietly. “As I have told you in the past, simply trust me.” He lifted her hand to press his lips to it, brushing them against her knuckles and fingers.

When the light turned green he drew back and pressed his foot to the gas. He heard another intake of breath as she squirmed around, and pressed the button, releasing her from the exquisite torment of the vibrating egg.

Arkady pulled into the well-guarded parking lot of an upscale restaurant and graciously held the car door open for his lover as she stepped out of the car. She was an appreciative sight in her fine knee-length jacket, the deep teal hue complementing the mixture of dark and pale that often marked Slavic ancestry. As he closed the door, he pulled her in for a lingering kiss, his hands sliding along her sides and back. It’d been months now, but Nadezsha still thrilled him as she had the first night.

The hostess wasted no time in seating them in an alcove that overlooked the courtyard. A red candle sat in a bowl in the center of the table, and per his instructions, wine and glasses were brought to the table along with the menu. With a curt nod, he dismissed the waiter after the young man had poured their glasses.

Nadezhda shrugged the jacket off, draping it across the back of her chair before she glanced at him.

“This place is known for its steaks among other dishes,” he commented before he took a sip of his wine. His hand slid down to his pocket, and he waited for her to taste the wine and put the glass back down before he pressed the button.

“Shit!” he heard her hiss before she picked up her glass again, taking a longer gulp of wine. “Why do I put up with this?”

“Because I have asked it of you, and because you know you will be well-rewarded,” he replied glibly. “Now, let’s choose something to eat, shall we?”

She let out a quiet hmph but picked up her menu, perusing it for several minutes as she squirmed around, sipping her wine.

“Sometimes I wonder if it is easier for a woman than a man, dealing with arousal. With a man, well, evidence of it becomes obvious fairly quickly, especially in certain situations, which I am certain you know can be embarrassing. Women on the other hand, well, everything is tucked away neatly inside, so…”

Nadezhda lifted her middle finger at him, and he smirked. When the waiter came, Arkady turned off the toy before he ordered a steak for himself, cooked medium while she chose a chicken marsala.

“I know it’s only September, but I was thinking we could take a vacation this winter. We could spend a nice Christmas here in the city with family or friends and then leave in February so we wouldn’t have to deal with the holiday crowd,” he said conversationally. She nodded slowly, sipping her wine.

“Are there any places you’ve dreamed of going?” he asked.

“When I was a kid, I had the usual dream places. Paris, Tokyo, New York, you know. The places cool people are supposed to go. But now…” She glanced up at the ceiling and shrugged. “I’d like to see some cool historical places, but not the ones where a lot of stupid tourists go to.”

He chuckled at that. “I will keep that in mind.” His hand slid beneath the tabletop, and her eyes widened before she shook her head slowly. His fingers grazed past the hard lump in his pocket. She narrowed her eyes, continuing to shake her head subtly, lifting her chin.

Arkady pressed down with a finger, and he saw her nostrils flare delicately as she reined herself.

“Nakhal’nyy ublyudok.” Cheeky bastard.

“O, ya znayu.” Oh, I know. He smirked at her, resting his hand on his lap, his finger close to the button. She took a deep breath and gave him a level stare. After several more moments, he turned it off and saw isveçbahis yeni giriş the tension slide from her shoulders as she relaxed.

“You think it’s difficult for you, hmm?” he whispered. “Here I sit, feeling my ache for you deep inside. And you know my ache very well.” He was semi-hard, his erection resting against his inner thigh, pulsing against the confines of his boxer briefs.

“Hmph. Then I should put it on – or in – you next time?” Nadezhda replied in a mock challenge. He chuckled.

“I enjoy watching you too much,” he admitted as his gaze moved down to her breasts, eyeing the tasteful decolletage as he imagined peeling the dress off her and baring these gorgeous tits. “And having you squirm around under my ministrations.”

“You’re not even touching me,” she scoffed.

“Hm. Let me remedy that.” He reached across the table with his other hand. She scowled at him. He raised his eyebrow and wiggled his fingers. With deliberate slowness, she moved her hand across the table, letting him take hold of it. He rubbed the side of her hand with his thumb, staring at her, making note of the faint blush on her cheeks, and the slight tremble of her hand. She locked gazes with him for several lingering moments before looking away.

“Is this better?” he asked teasingly, squeezing her hand, gently massaging the area below her thumb with his finger.

“I don’t know,” she hissed. His fingers trailed to her wrist, savoring the softness of her skin.

“Feel the ache within you. The passion, the longing…” He squeezed her wrist. “Rest assured, I will relieve you of all that, and leave you sated… for a time. Then you will be aching all over for me again…”

He turned off the toy when he saw the waiter approach with their food.

“Looks fantastic!” Nadezhda said with a smile to the waiter, obviously happy for the distraction. He sat back, cutting into his steak and giving his lover some time to enjoy her meal.

“I hope that tastes as good as it looks,” he commented after she enjoyed several bites. She smiled and nodded. “I’ve never cooked chicken marsala before. Perhaps I should try making it at home.”

“Nothing you’ve cooked has ever disappointed me.”

“You’re too kind, Arkady.”

“Tsk, love. You know I do not give undeserved kindness,” he admonished gently. She smirked at that but offered no further argument, continuing to enjoy her meal. The steak was perfectly done, and the potatoes slightly crispy on the outside.

“Ah,” Arkady sighed as he dabbed his lower lip with his napkin after taking the last bite of his steak.

“You really know how to pick good places to eat,” Nadezsha said as she ran the last bit of her vegetables through the sweet thin gravy from the chicken.

“I do like a fine meal, but I do feel like you need a break from cooking now and then,” he teased. She stuck out her tongue at him but was quick to break into a smile.

“So I thought perhaps we could order dessert…” Arkady drawled, his hand sliding to his lap. Her eyes widened. “You’re quite aroused, are you not?” he added in a whisper. She nodded slowly.

“So perhaps it would be a good idea to have our dessert to go?” he asked. She nodded quickly.

“I’ll have the strawberry cheesecake.”

“As the lady wishes.” After he’d ordered the treats and asked for the check, he turned back to her, pressing the button. He imagined how it must feel inside of her, buzzing against her most intimate areas, her thighs pressed together, the desire she had to be fucked by him…

“Mmm. You’re more than ready, are you?” he asked with a purr. She glared at him, resting her chin on her hands and primly lifting her middle finger.

“Fuck me? Is that what you’re saying with your finger? I assure you, that is exactly what will happen. In due time, at least.” He lifted his glass, finishing off his wine. As they waited for the waiter, he slid his finger across the button and was gratified to hear a soft gasp from her. So far he’d simply used the low setting, not wanting to overwhelm her.

“That’s just the medium setting, dear,” he whispered as he watched her hands ball into fists against her jaw. “Should I go higher?” he asked.

“… please,” he heard her whimper. He gave the button a firm push, turning it off. She gasped and sighed softly, hand fluttering to her chest.

“Such exquisite torment, is it not?’ he asked. Through all of this, she had not uttered their safe word. He was wise enough to not point that out. “And you know very well how sweet the relief will be when I finally give it to you.”

The waiter approached with a medium-sized white paper bag and the slim little black folder containing the bill.

“I think we will have these treats after I have my treat,” Arkady said as he glanced down at the numbers and pulled some cash from his wallet.

“Yeah, I’m going to need some sugar to pick me up after whatever you’re going to do to me.”

“That’s the spirit, my love.”


She should have known that he wasn’t going to allow her an uneventful ride home. In the car, he set the toy to low, and after a minute, medium, leaving her squirming in the car seat. She arched against her seatbelt as she clenched around the plastic egg.

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