Little Packages Ch. 12


Thank you to everyone for their patience for this latest chapter, and for those who dropped a kind word to make sure I was ok in these pandemic times. I am, life just got very hectic. I hope you enjoy it and that it was worth the wait.


(Kitten, approximately five months since Chapter 11. Wedding Day)

“I’m too young to die, Meg,” I said, feeling like I was about to pass out.

Meg gave an exasperated sigh. She’d been putting up with a lot of melodrama from me in the last 24 hours….everyone had. This was just the latest chapter in it. However, this time, I really did feel like I was about to die.

I was in Meg’s hotel with the morning light coming in through the balcony. The room was old, but everything in Venice was old. However, it was well kept, classic, and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I was in her room with the balcony door open and there was a fan spinning overhead but no air conditioning of any kind. Most of the buildings in Venice didn’t have any sort of AC. Daddy warned me that while getting married in Venice would be memorable and romantic, the downsides would be the massive crowds, the heat, and the humidity.

“Venice used to be a swamp, Kitten,” he told me. “The swamp has spent the last millennia trying to reclaim it. Which means you better be ready for 150% humidity.”

I laughed, thinking there was my Daddy being silly and exaggerating things. I’ve lived in Southern Ontario in the summer for the last couple of years. I could handle some heat and humidity.

Wrong. So very, very, very wrong. I thought the two months in Prague had prepared me for insane heat and humidity, but Venice was otherworldly. The heat was pushing towards 40 C. It felt like moving through soup. My corset seemed like a good idea in the design stage, but now it felt like it might kill me. And, oh yeah, I was getting married. To my Daddy. Forever.

When you’re 22, thinking about 30 seems like forever. Thinking about being with someone for the rest of your life… well, realizing what that meant hit me a little late in the proceedings.

I flopped on the bed, the dress spreading out around me and tried to remember to breathe. I ran my fingers across the pearl choker that Daddy had sent over as a ‘surprise’ wedding gift this morning. The note said it would be a more appropriate collar than my usual heart lock chain on our wedding day.

“Such a good Daddy,” I thought to myself and managed to breathe a little easier.

Meg sat next to me and looked a little more sympathetic to my situation. Perhaps looking like I might pass out will do that. Or maybe she was enjoying watching me suffer as some small payback for all the teasing and mocking I’d inflicted on her the last couple of years.

“You should drink something,” she said.

“I’m in a wedding dress. You know what a pain in the ass it is to go to the bathroom to pee in this thing,” I said.

“Who said anything about water?” she said, opening her small handbag to reveal a small flask. Since Daddy and I got together, we hadn’t had anything alcoholic. Originally it was to support Daddy after losing his wife to a drunk driver, but it evolved. I drank too much as a teen and was scared of what might happen if I started again. So Daddy told me he didn’t think his little girl should drink; it wasn’t appropriate. And that’s all it took to make it stick.

When I tell people, they think it’s nuts, but it has been easy. I’d been relieved to have an excuse to stop. Even the non-stop drinking on the movie set had been easy to handle. But for the first time in almost three years, I was deeply tempted. Still, it wouldn’t do to have Daddy taste booze on my breath for our first kiss as husband and wife, so I shook my head.

“Your loss,” Meg said and took a quick sip. “I got bombed during my second wedding. Which probably explains why things didn’t work out. But I maintain that being drunk is the only sane way to get through one of these things.”

I laughed, which centered me a bit more. This wasn’t a panic attack, but just an above-average freakout. I bet most brides have them. Today, I just happened to be the bride in question.

‘Bride.’ Me. I am a bride. Oh, holy fuck.

Meg must have seen me swing back from calming down to freaking out again.

“You’re going to be fine, Kitten,” she said. I glanced at her. She rarely called me anything other than Kit. Well, there were other words, but she usually stuck to Kit. Hearing her say Kitten worked at easing the anxiety.

“I don’t feel ok.”

“You’re a nauseatingly beautiful bride, and you’re about to marry one of the few decent men I’ve known in my life. Which you are never to tell him. Plus, the two of you are perfect for each other, which I will never repeat outside of this room,” she said, reaching out to rest her hand on mine. I looked over at her. “So yeah, you’re ok.”

I took some more deep breaths and, for some reason, Dory from “Finding Nemo” started talking in my head and said, “Just keep swimming,” which made me giggle. casino siteleri Ok, now I felt better. I walked over to the massive, weathered mirror along the room wall. Yeah, ok, even I had to admit this worked, and I looked good. Maybe even sexy for a bride. One more deep breath, and then I stood up a little straighter. Meg came up behind me and adjusted my cat ears tiara with a smirk on her face.

“You ready now?”

I nodded. She held out her arm and I looped mine into it. We started walking towards the door.

“Well, let’s go. We’ve got a gondola to catch. Time for you to get chained down for the rest of your life,” she said. I glanced up at her with a horrified look. She was smirking.

“I would cheerfully murder you right now, but it would get blood on this gorgeous dress,” I snarled at her.

“There’s my girl. You’re all feisty and pissed off. Now you’re in the perfect mindset to get married,” she said.

I shook my head and laughed.

“Ok, let’s go do this,” I said. One last deep breath as we headed downstairs.

Here we go.


(late April, three months earlier)

I did it. I survived and graduated from LaSalle despite the best efforts of the professors and everything else going on this year to drive me insane. It had been a near thing. I wanted to call Daddy more than once to tell him I was dropping out and coming to live with him. I’d just be barefoot and pregnant all the time.

I didn’t, though. I toughed it out. I was a big girl when I needed to be. And when I walked out of the last exam, Daddy was outside with flowers. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. It’s probably why he was leaning against a light pole while waiting for me; he knew my reaction.

“I haven’t graduated yet,” I said into his shirt. “I might not have passed.”

“Oh, please. After all of the work you’ve done, if you don’t graduate we’ll just come back and burn the place down,” he said. I giggled.

At this point, I’d essentially moved out of my flat in Montreal. Kris had moved out without a word after our confrontation about Daddy in March. I didn’t hear anything from her for days and was about to do the unfathomable and reach out to people I knew in Saskatchewan to see if they knew anything when one of my classmates said they saw her working at a bar on Crescent Street. It got back to me that she was couch surfing with some of her co-workers until she could find a new place.

She never bothered to tell me. Never reached out, so I wouldn’t worry. I spent a few days not knowing how to process it until Daddy pointed out the obvious.

“She’s a grown-ass woman, Kitten,” he said. “It doesn’t sound like she’s losing sleep about her choices. Why should you?”

I’m marrying such a wise Daddy.

Anyway, once I put Kris out of my mind, I focused on my final projects and exams. Yeah, it sucked and it was hard. I asked Daddy if I could just move to his place in Kingston for the last few weeks as I was going nuts in Montreal. He agreed, but I had to swear up and down that it was so I could study. Other than making meals for me so that I ate and letting me sleep in the same bed, he wouldn’t agree to anything else so I wouldn’t get distracted.

There were times when I wanted some release, but any time I even vaguely hinted at it, he pointed at my box filled with vibrators and other toys. His sole concession was promising that he would “make it worth my while” when I finished my last exam.

So after finishing that last exam and having Daddy meet me at the school with flowers and looking good enough to eat, I was fully prepared to find an alley near the school to drag him into and have my way with him. Or rather, let him have his way with me. Instead, he sadistically insisted on taking the train back to Kingston. It meant having to wait nearly three hours to get him alone.

I thought I might die on that train ride, especially since Daddy kept teasing me. The train wasn’t too crowded, so he ran his hands up and down my legs. When I turned to complain that he was being mean, he looked me in the eye and then ran his thumb along my jawline, then traced my lips. Between the mental exertion of the exam and now this, I could feel my brain melting away. It felt amazing.

Naturally, that’s when my phone made a noise. A particular noise I couldn’t ignore. My eyes deglazed, and I shook my head a few times. It wasn’t fair. I was finally starting to get into a good headspace, and now this. Daddy leaned over and kissed my head.

“We’ll have weeks to play, Kitten,” he said. “It’s ok.”

“I know, but I want to play now,” I sighed — such a whiny brat. I focused and looked at the phone. It was a message from Susan asking if I had a moment to Zoom. Relying on the stability of Via Rail’s wifi for a Zoom call was pushing it, but I said we could try.

“So, how’d it go?” she said.

“I think I pulled it off,” I said. And I did. Now that I had some distance from the last exam, yeah, of course, I passed. But when you’re in the middle of it all güvenilir casino and panicking, it’s easy to think you’re doomed. But unless I’d missed something or something catastrophic happened, I’d passed. My professors were worried about missing so much time earlier but said I’d bounced back nicely. So yeah, I passed. I graduated from fashion design school. Wow.

“It just hit you that you passed, didn’t it?” she said, smiling. I nodded. “Well, congratulations. I’m proud of you for sticking it out, Kit.”

I blushed. “Thanks, Susan.”

It was cool she was calling to congratulate me. I knew she was a busy woman. Then her face got serious, and I knew it wasn’t just a social call.

“So listen, good news/bad news stuff. The movie production is going ahead, but the start date is bumped back a few weeks. One of the stars is now not available until June 1. It’s annoying, but it happens. On the upside, you have a few more weeks to decompress after exams. But I’m not sure if it will mess up your wedding date.”

I glanced at Daddy. He didn’t exactly look happy, but I could tell he was doing some mental calculations. He’d been handling a lot of the preliminary wedding planning. Getting married in Venice wasn’t quite as simple as ‘Hi, we’re here. We want to get married.’ He worked with an Italian wedding planning company to help with the paperwork and bookings.

I held the phone back a bit so Susan could see him. She waved at him and he smiled.

“I’ll be honest, it’ll be a bit of a nuisance, but the company I’ve been working with said how smoothly this was all falling into place. So I feel like making them work a little harder. I was going to start booking plane tickets this weekend, so your timing is good.”

Two other things dawned on me, although I would only say one of them aloud.

“This means I can go to my convocation! I thought I would have to miss it because I was in Prague. So that’s good,” I said.

“Ok. Excellent! I was worried you might back out because of the delay. I’m glad this works, Kit. I have another couple of options for you this fall. Anyway, I’ll let you two go and celebrate. I’ll touch base with you again in a few weeks, Kit. Enjoy the break.”

I said thanks and waved bye at her. Then I turned towards Daddy and gave him a predatory look. He looked concerned.

“You understand that you’re mine for the next month, right Daddy? I expect to be fucked silly daily. I plan on wearing any kind of normal clothes under extreme protest. If I’m not pregnant by the time I go to Europe, it won’t be for lack of trying,” I said in a low purr.

He laughed.

“I said I’d take care of you. I might have bitten off more than I can chew,” he said.

I got off my seat and on his lap. A couple of rows down, an older lady gave me a disapproving look. I was almost entirely immune to them by now. Instead, I wrapped my arms around Daddy’s neck and kissed him.

“You have bitten off more than you can chew, Daddy,” I said once we broke for air. “But I look forward to you biting me and doing other things to me all month long.”


Except for the unwelcome return of my period a few days after getting home, I kept my word. The super nice thing about getting the shot was the lack of periods. When it came back with a vengeance, Daddy had to do some extra daddying those few days.

But other than that, I was naked and prancing around our house. Or I was wearing some of the slutty lingerie I bought from Rachelle and trying to seduce him. Or on warm days dragging him outside so we could fuck somewhere on our property.

But the special occasion was when I figured out I was ovulating. God bless technology and phone apps for letting me know when that would be. As if I didn’t know already. Since I came off the shot, I was getting extra horny at a specific time of the month. I knew the odds of getting pregnant so quickly were slim; it had only been a few months and things were still getting back to normal.

But this was my last chance before going to Europe and not seeing him for two months. So clearly, measures were required to ensure we took full advantage of the window.

I kept most of the lingerie and costumes in my work area. Daddy never ventured in there, and I liked to surprise him when I dressed up. I had a particular outfit that I’d been saving for the right occasion; A two-piece black lace bra and thong set that hid virtually nothing. I also put on my black lace collar that had a little bell.

A gold chain went around my waist and chains that connected that to my panties, bra, and collar. I did my make-up and added some whiskers for effect. I put my kitten ears on and fluffed up my hair. Then I put on my black lace pull-up stockings.

Just one last thing. I opened up the box that contained my new tail. The other one was brightly coloured and getting a little ratty. This one matched my outfit perfectly. It was long, black, sleek, and the plug was a little bigger. I grabbed some lube, got my ass ready and slowly pushed canlı casino the tail in, wincing slightly. I reminded myself that it might be uncomfortable now, but it would be amazing later.

I posed in the front of the mirror, moving back and forth, and did a quick spin to make sure I looked good from behind. It was missing something when I realized I needed my lace gloves. I slid them on up to my elbows. I didn’t bother with heels; it’s not like I would be on my feet long.

Now I looked perfect.

Was it a bit much? Probably. But I wanted it to be too much. I wanted Daddy to see me and lose his mind. If I didn’t get pregnant in this outfit, it wouldn’t be for lack of trying.

I walked out of the room and down the hall, holding the bell around my neck in my hands to make sure it stayed quiet. The last time I saw Daddy, he was reading with the fire going in the living room. It was a gray, chilly day with fog coming in off the lake. I had been frustrated this morning because I was in the mood to fuck outside. But I thought my Plan B looked pretty damn good.

I peeked around the corner and he hadn’t moved. I grinned and then dropped to my hands and knees. I moved into the living room, giving my hips a little back and forth. The bell around my neck made a quiet noise, but I knew he heard it. From a quick flicker in his eyes, I could tell he’d seen and heard me, but he was playing hard to get.

I slowly moved towards him, giving him plenty of time to pretend he wasn’t looking at me. When I got near his feet, and he still didn’t acknowledge me, I butted my head against his leg.

“Oh hello, Kitten. I didn’t see you there,” he said. I’m not sure what noise cats make when they’re frustrated and know their owner is a liar, but I tried to make that noise. He chuckled.

“Daddy’s very busy right now, Kitten. I’m not sure I have time to play with you,” he said, and then reached down with one hand and scratched my head behind my cat ears.

He was reading a Batman graphic novel that I knew he had read – conservatively – at least a half dozen times since we started dating. So my Daddy was a big fat liar. So what would a cat do in these circumstances? Not take no for an answer. I “jumped” up and then proceeded to curl up in his lap, disrupting his ability to read.

He huffed but put the graphic novel down. Then he ran his fingers through my hair and down my back. I made appreciative little purring noises. It wasn’t just for show; having his hands run along my body was amping me up nicely, and I was already revving before I ever stepped into the living room.

Judging by what I was feeling pressing into me, he was doing a poor job of acting disinterested.

A dramatic sigh. “What am I going to do with you, Kitten? You’re so disobedient and never listen to me.”

I looked up at him and made my eyes bigger, willing him into doing what I wanted. I knew the big eyes thing was a particular weakness of his. I try not to use it for evil, but how evil could it be if it got me knocked up?

“Maybe I should start squirting you with water when you’re disobedient,” he said, looking out the window in “deep” thought so he couldn’t see the disgusted look on my face. I butted my head against his chest instead. When he looked at me, I renewed my disgusted look, and he barely managed to avoid laughing.

I slid back off his lap a bit and began rubbing my face against the crotch of the pajamas he was wearing. It was the middle of the afternoon, and we weren’t going anywhere, so why not? Although he was overdressed for what I wanted. I put my teeth on the drawstring of the pajamas and gave them a playful tug, undoing the loose knot.

“Bad Kitty,” he said, but more of a groan this time. I was wearing him down. His hands moved across my body again, stopping on my ass. He reached for my tail and began stroking it, which had the benefit of shifting it around in my ass. I made a noise that was halfway between a purr and a moan.

I cheated a bit using my “paws” and lifted his t-shirt. I was then able to rub my face against his stomach and give him little licks and kisses, focussing around the waistband of his pajamas, hoping he’d take the hint,

He did. With a groan, he lifted his ass, then took his other hand and pulled down his pants. I smiled at the small victory and shifted my attention downward from his stomach to the lovely hard cock right there. I rubbed my face against it, making a purring noise.

“Christ, Kitten,” he said, and I knew I had won. No more of this “oh, what am I going to do with you” silliness. I knew what I wanted, and I knew just how to get it from him. I ran my tongue along the shaft of his cock, mixed in with some playful licks.

Daddy continued to play with the plug but wasn’t going near my pussy, which I wanted. But considering I had to work to get this far, I could be a little patient. I glanced up at him while licking, and he gave me a very hungry look. I paused and grinned at him.

“Meow, Daddy,” I said, then slid his cock into my mouth.

I dimly heard him mutter ‘Christ,’ but I was a little focused on the tasty, hard cock in my mouth. This wasn’t going to be a power suck; I wanted him hard and frustrated so that when we moved along to what we both wanted, I was going to get it hard and fast.

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