Subject: Little Bully (adult-youth, domination) Please consider donating to . Request and feedback can be sent ail ________________________________________________________________________________ Duff stripped down, sat himself at his desk and popped open the browser. He settled on a video of a devil’s threesome and watched until his rod was hard, slipping it out through the fly of his boxer briefs he stroked his decently sized uncut rod until he busted in his hand and quickly exited out of the browser. He washed up quick and padded to his bed, turning off his bedside lamp and knocked out for the night. ________________________________________________________________________________ Duff woke up late, it was the start of his three day weekend. Light streamed in through the single window of his converted garage, rented out by the family who owned the property, he’d been staying there for nearly a year. He got on well with them but kept mostly to himself. He pulled on a pair of track shorts put on his coffee and hit his weights. By most standards he was an attractive man, dark hair, toned body, dark stubble over his healthy pale skin. He was about two cups in and had worked up a sheen of sweat before he got a knock at his door. Pearl may have been named like an old hag but she was a drop dead stunner with golden blonde hair and knockers so perfect that he had trouble believing they were natural. He answered his door just in his track shorts to find her gripping her left arm with her right, looking pensive and subtly pushing her breast up at the same time. “Duff, I hate to impose but the sitter fell through. Would you keep an ear out for Colt? I’ve got food set up for him, I just can’t leave a nine year old alone with out some sort of security, you understand?” “Sure, sure.” He rubbed his head, ran his fingers through his dark unkempt hair, not quite awake enough to socialize. He didn’t mind so much. The kid never bothered him in his studio, though he was a bit of a punk and would annoy the hell out of Duff every chance he got his parents must have told him long ago to respect their tenant’s space and leave him alone when he was in his studio. All keeping an ear out for Colt meant was he had to plan to stay home today. “When are you coming back?” He asked over Pearl’s gushing thank yous. “Really shouldn’t be out later than six, if I am, I’ll call you.” “No problem. When’s Kyle coming back?” “Monday, I know, I’m sorry his trip is inconv-” “Seriously Pearl, don’t worry about it. Colt may be a bit of a handful but he pretty much stays completely out of my hair when this happens. He’s a good kid.” The smile he got in response to that should have been what was in his head as Duff moved to his heavy bag after she left but all he could think about was her Husband. Kyle left for a work trip to the east coast several days before and Duff had been in a bit of a funk since he left. Too repressed to realize that he was attracted to his landlord and not self aware enough to realize that his overly excited friendship sometimes wore on Kyle as much as Colt’s unwanted attention annoyed Duff, he pounded the bag thinking he was missing his friend and not grumpy because his male eye candy wasn’t around. Duff was a little surprised when a knock came at his door a bit later, he answered it to see Colt standing there, in similar gym shorts and a matching wife beater. Duff felt his cheeks flush red as he noticed the boy was sporting a small erection in his shorts, and pointedly looked over the head of the boy who was a foot and a half shorter than him. “What’s up bud?” “I know your secret.” The kid blurted it out, voice cracking on “your”. The statement caught Duff off guard enough that he didn’t answer at first, but he looked down to meet the boy’s eyes. Colt’s expression was a lot more confident than his wavering voice implied. His deep red lips pulled up into a half grin and blue eyes looked up at the grown man in front of him defiantly, and he lewdly grabbed at his stiff rod. Duff’s head reeled at the sight and he pulled his vision away from the boy again. “What are you talking about?” “I know you’re gay.” A little more confident now, Colt’s gaze never wavered from Duff even as the man couldn’t hold looking at the boy. “I don’t know what you’re talking about little dude.” Duff turned away and closed the door, unintentionally closing the door on Colt’s foot which the boy quickly stuck in the doorway. “Fuck,” the boy pushed his way in the studio, “I saw you Duff, I saw you looking at that video of a guy sucking another guy’s wiener, that’s gay. You’re gay.” “No it’s not- that was- damn it Colt I’m not talking to you about this, go back to your house, I don’t want to ever talk to you about this again, any of it, not at all.” “You shot semen when the guy in that video-” “Were you watching me? You little weirdo, were you looking through my window last night?” “Yeah, so?” Colt’s eyes finally darted away. “How about you drop this and never bring it up again or I’ll tell your mom that you were spying on me?” “No!” Colt’s eyes darted back to Duff’s, “I know your secret, that you’re gay, you gotta do what I say!” “I’m not gay! And it doesn’t matter anyways, no one would care if it was. I’m serious, get out of here or I’ll tell your mom what you did.” “You’re not going to do anything homo, cause if you say anything to anyone I tell them you made me touch your wiener.” The boy began to play cry, “It was so weird looking, it had all this extra skin” Duff sat down on his bed, looking on at Colt with a confused, uncomfortable expression. He’d never seen the boy like this before. Sure he’d bully Duff the way a headstrong kid tends to do but the attempts at manipulation were something Duff had never seen Colt try to do to an adult. He was angry at the violation and the threat at the same time as he felt helpless and exposed. Try as he might he couldn’t find words to respond. Colt just starred the bigger man down, now looking down on Duff sitting on the low framed bed. “Suck my wiener.” the boy demanded, stepping forward. “No, little man, you are out of your mind-” Colt tugged down the front of his gym shorts, exposing his erect cock and tight balls to Duff and stepped forward again. Duff couldn’t help looking, and once he saw it he couldn’t take his gaze away. It was surreal, the last time he’d seen an erect nine year old rod was his own and he hardly remembered. But it came back to him the longer he looked, the narrowness of the rod, the hairless pubic mound and equipment, how damn small it was. He felt certainly he was never that small and at the same time knew he must have been at some point. Colt stepped forward again, still holding the elastic of his waistband down, his stiff two inch rod giving a subtle wag as he walked. Somehow despite the immature smallness of the boy Colt’s stiff little rod made Duff feel small. The man had backed up enough that he reached his bed and he sat down, bewildered. “Colt, you need to get out of here right now. This is bad.” But Colt took another step forward, climbed on the bed, standing over the sitting man, presenting his hard cock in front of Duff’s lips. “Come on Duff, suck my wiener.” Duff leaned his head back, partially looked away, but couldn’t keep his eyes off the threatening little rod. His heart was thundering and his stomach was in an anxious knot. “Suck my wiener” Duff wanted it to end, the nasty feeling in his stomach, the tightness of his chest. If he used force to end it no one would believe him about this if he got caught. And more, he’d wondered for years what it would be like to get off with another man. Not a boy, and not like this. But he told himself he couldn’t be blamed if he was forced. Duff turned his head back, leaned in, and took the stiff two inches of the boy in his mouth. Lips tight around the smooth root of Colt’s cock, the boys hard rod barely long enough to jab at the roof of Duff’s mouth, he sucked, ran his tongue along the silky shaft and head. The experience was so intense he felt like he was having a panic attack, arms and legs going numb, vision tunneling, breathing heavily as he inexpertly sucked his first cock. It seemed like it was going on forever, Duff tried to get the boy to cum quick and get it over with even as he wondered if Colt could even shoot yet. The feeling of taking Colt’s stiff little cock in his mouth has Duff to the point of panic. His heart was thundering, his breathing through his nose rapid and shallow. He thought of the boy’s father Kyle and that had denizli escort his head spinning. After a couple minutes, Colt’s little rod started twitching, knocking against his tongue and roof of his mouth. Colt slammed his little hips forward leaning heavily into Duff, yelping and moaning. The boy slipped his slick little rod out of Duff’s mouth, stepped off the bed panting for a moment as a grin spread across his face. “Told you that you’re a homo.” Duff followed the boy’s gaze to his own groin. His cheeks burned red as he realized what Colt meant. Without realizing it he’d shot a load while he was sucking Colt, his white gym shorts were transparent soaking in his cum, exposing his semi hard cock to the boy. Duff cupped his hands over his crotch, covering his spent equipment. “Will you get out of here now Colt?” Alone in his studio Duff didn’t feel any better. He quickly stripped out of his soiled shorts and took a cold shower. Duff hit his heavy bag for a good hour before he exhausted himself. But it seemed he couldn’t exert himself enough to stop his thoughts from racing. There was no denying he was curious about what other men were packing, how it felt to suck a cock. But never once had he fantasized about sucking a boy. When he was that age himself he’d compare with other boys but was too innocent to try anything. But the older he got the more curious he was about other men. He’d finally gotten the opportunity to try sucking a cock, only it was the last one he wanted to blow. Still, Duff couldn’t help thinking of the way that rod felt in his mouth. How incredibly stiff it was, how smooth the skin. He always wondered how a cut cock would feel in his hand compared to his own and guiltily wished he’d stroked Colt so he could know. The memory of the boy’s stiff rod had his own stiffening in sympathy. Duff changed into sweats, laid out on his bed. He wanted a drink but had to wait until the damn kid’s parents were home to run to the liquor store. It was about two hours out from Colt’s visit when he heard a knock on his door again. The boy was waiting there, same clothes as he was wearing before. “I want you to suck my wiener again.” “Christ, Colt, that’s not happening, I shouldn’t have let you make me do that.” “You liked it!” The boy protested. “I didn’t- I don’t want to do that stuff with you. You shouldn’t have blackmailed me like that Colt, it’s wrong. I don’t know what you think is going on here but I’m not sucking you again.” “You made sperm, that means you liked it. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone you’re gay, just suck my wiener again.” “I’m not gay damnit, you’re the one who wants a blow job from a man.” Colt shrugged and walked passed Duff into the studio, seating himself on Duff’s bed. “It feels good when you shoot yeah? Just like when I get that feeling in my wiener but sperm comes out when you do?” “It’s called an orgasm. I don’t know if it feels the same for you but it’s gotta be similar.” Duff sat down at his desk, sighed. Perhaps if he talked to the boy he could distract him from what he’d been asking for. “When am I gonna shoot stuff too?” “Maybe a year or two. It’s different for every guy.” “And when is my wiener gonna get big like yours?” “Alright already, stop calling it that. Most guys call it their cock. Or dick. And there’s no telling how big you’ll get, it’ll grow all the time until it stops. Mine’s not actually all that big, yours might be bigger or smaller when you’re my age.” “I want to see it up close, take it out.” “No.” “Come on. Look, I’ll show mine.” Colt tugged down the elastic of his shorts again, exposing his tiny stiff cock. Duff couldn’t help but snap his eye’s to the boy’s stiff little rod. It was surreal seeing it, never in all those days passing Colt in the yard had he expected to see his cock, let alone erect. Now he not only new the way his stiff little cock curved up towards his smooth belly but knew it intimately, knew how that curve made his smooth head jab at the roof of his mouth, knew that even with his lips to the base of the stiff smooth cock the boy didn’t reach his throat, knew how that rod twitched and spasmed when the boy dry came. “Let me see.” Colt nodded at Duff’s groin, still lewdly exposing his stiff two inches. Duff followed Colt’s gaze to the tent rapidly forming in his sweats. Dammit if he didn’t want to compare. Almost on autopilot Duff reached down, lowered the elastic on his grey sweats, and exposed his hard cock to another male for the first time in his adult life. Colt’s eyes widened softly, impressed but trying not to show it. “You’re big.” Duff stood up, rod still out, and knelt directly in front of Colt. His cock stood stiff besides the boy’s. Colt put one thumb on his cock and Duff felt his rod throb as he realized he was easily twice the kid’s size. “Pretty average actually, yours just still hasn’t grown.” “Why do you got all that extra skin?” “It’s not really extra, yours used to have it too. It’s called a foreskin, some guys get it cut off when they’re babies. Usually if their dads are cut too.” Duff was silent for a moment wondering if that was true, if his landlords cock looked like his boy’s, if this is what it would’ve been like comparing with him if they’d known each other as kids. Colt reached down and touched it before Duff could even register what was happening, he breathed in sharply, felt his heart thundering as the boy gently tugged on his hood, gave his cock a couple exploratory strokes. Just as curious Duff reached down and took the boy’s cock in his hand, feeling the bare head and incredible stiffness of his shaft. He saw the blank pleased expression of the boy lost in being stroked for a few moments and the small hand fell away from his cock. Duff couldn’t bring himself to let go, tugging gently on the boy’s penis, fingers grazing his smooth tight ball sack. He was ashamed by how disappointed he was when Colt stepped away. The boy stepped past Colt and stood on his mattress. “Suck my wiener Duff.” Lost in a lusty haze Duff shuffled forward on his knees, took the boy’s little rod into his mouth. He guided Colt’s hands to his head, put one hand on the boy’s rear and pushed his hips forward towards him. They both gripped the other tightly, pressing their flesh together, Colt slowly building up a rhythm, fucking his tiny cock into Duff’s mouth, rubbing his smooth groin into his beard. Duff’s hand found its way to his own stiff cock, slick. The rush of being dominated by this boy was like nothing he’d ever felt. His slick stiff cock only confirmed what deep down he already knew, he was a fag and all he ever wanted was to service men, he wanted it so bad that he felt like he belonged even being used by this boy. Duff came off the boy, panting. “Lay down for me.” Colt laid back, lazy half smile as Duff pulled his gym shorts off, exposing the boy’s solid smooth legs. Duff put their boyish bulk over his shoulders and dove back in, licking the prepubescent cock, worshiping it. The feeling coming over him was like being in love in highschool, a chemical cocktail of devotion and desperate desire. Duff took all of Colt’s boyhood in his mouth, tight balls, little smooth cock and all. The boy gasped, bucked instinctually into the warm went mouth enveloping the root of his sexuality, wholly trusting Duff with the entirety of his undeveloped masculinity between his lip guarded teeth. Colt’s little balls tightened uselessly trying to cum as the thin rod twitched and knocked on the roof of Duff’s mouth. Duff’s own cock shot out it’s load in surrogate for the boy as soon as Colt started dry cumming. When their waves subsided Duff began to slip off the boyhood but Colt’s hand’s snapped to his head, keeping the man on his still hard cock. Though hit with guilt after the release of his orgasm Duff couldn’t bring himself to say no to the boy. Even ashamed he was still flush with a feeling of devotion to Colt, and he sucked on the prepubescent rod with that love more than lust. Stroking the bare little shaft with his tongue, working it up and down with his lips. Smooth and stiff, Colt’s undeveloped cock felt almost animal to him, not a manhood but male nonetheless. Colt gasped and yelped as his second orgasm rocked him, bucking involuntarily, ramming his little cock into Duff’s mouth. Duff’s heart raced as he felt the boy dry cum a second time, feeling closer to Colt than he ever had felt to another. They shared something beyond intimate, those first boyish throbbings of his undeveloped cock, the tension of his balls dikimevi escort trying to push out cum that wasn’t there, the twitching of a rod building the stamina to one day shoot, the awakening of Colt’s own manhood. This time Duff didn’t pull away, he just carried on sucking the boy’s cock, felt how it was still stiff as it had been the moment he took it in his mouth, still just as desperate to breed. Incapable of truly getting that release it could only bring itself to throb and twitch, to make his balls tense and his body buckle. By the time Colt pushed Duff off of him his body had tried to breed the man’s mouth four times. By the third Duff was stiff again, and by the fourth the man had started stroking himself while sucking the boy. Taking his own hard manhood into his hand, stroking his hood over his slick head seemed like the ultimate admission of his enjoyment of taking a cock in his mouth- even if it was a boy’s. But Duff couldn’t deny his excitement at this twisted fulfillment of his deepest fantasy, when Colt’s little cock was twitching dry, knocking on the roof of his mouth, he came again with the boy, and when Colt pushed Duff off of him the man was so worn out he was asleep almost as soon as he laid back. The boy’s solid legs cast over his chest. Smooth skin to golden fur. ________________________________________________________________________________ Duff woke with a start, grabbed his phone and saw with relief Pearl still wouldn’t be back for a couple hours. Colt was still knocked out, his nude body on full display. Even nearly keeping pace with the boy’s dry cums and having unloaded three times himself he felt his rod thicken slightly as he looked the boy over. At nine years old he was completely hairless, well muscled for a boy but not toned at all, still holding onto some baby fat. His little rod was hardly an inch long soft, but proportional, it didn’t look like a chode just a miniature version of a man’s. Colt looked so peaceful sleeping Duff couldn’t bear to wake him up but wanted that rod in his mouth again. He’d quickly become obsessed with the feel of it stiff in against his tongue. He sucked it and felt it become hard between his lips. Duff knew the boy had woken when his little hands firmly griped his head and his hips began to lazily thrust. Duff let the boy penetrate his mouth until he felt the twitching and heard the yelps that signaled his dry cum. Duff lay beside the breathless boy. “Told you you’re gay.” Colt grinned, “I didn’t even ask you to suck my wiener that time.” Duff couldn’t think of a response to that, which got the boy laughing. “Don’t worry, not gonna tell anyone.” “You can’t, I’ll get in trouble.” “I know. I said I’m not gonna tell anyone. And I’ll let you suck my wiener as much as you want.” Duff fondled the boy’s still hard rod, thoughtfully. “I can’t when your parents are home.” “After school?” Colt asked. He got home an hour before his parents got home from work. “Yeah. And on the weekends if your mom goes out again.” “Good. Now do the thing where you put my wiener and my balls in your mouth again, that felt good.” Duff worked his way between the boys legs. “Last time, your mom is coming home soon.” Colt moaned appreciatively when Duff leaned in, licking his head and taking his boyhood and tight balls into his mouth. Duff’s manhood was sore from how much he’d been stiff since Pearl had left but he couldn’t help getting erect, legs spread beneath him Colt was trusting Duff with the entirety of his masculinity, stiff little rod, undeveloped balls and all. His tongue licking tight balls and lips locked around a boy cock at the command of a nine year old. His desire for it was totally out of control, the small undeveloped penis hard in his mouth had broke him as a man, turned him into a subservient pedo. It had been forced in his mouth under the threat of a false accusation, and now that he’d submitted to it there was no going back, he had to keep that boy cock satisfied or risk being accused with the truth now. And somehow he couldn’t bring himself to feel bad about it. Being owned by this boy was bliss, worshiping the undeveloped equipment that would make this boy a man felt right to him, he’d found his place, lower than a boy, a cocksucker and pedo and he couldn’t be happier. _____ Colt came in without knocking, throwing his backpack down, fishing his little rod out of his fly as he spoke. “Hey Duff.” “Hey Colt,” Duff met the boy halfway through his room, sitting on the floor in front of him, facing the exposed stiff boy cock “how was school.” “It was dumb, suck my wiener already Duff.” The man smiled and leaned forward, wrapped his tongue around the thin little rod, stroking it with his tongue, savoring the clean chalky taste of Colt’s undeveloped manhood. Duff and Colt had been waiting for this all day, quickly falling into a rhythm of taking advantage that hour window after the boy got home from school when they were alone. Colt caressed Duff’s head almost lovingly as the man worked on his little rod, gazing down on the sight of this bearded man he generally looked up to on his knees in total submission to him. No matter how many times he got Duff in this position it put him into a state of awe. He was twitching and dry cumming in the man’s mouth fast, not needing a recovery time he hadn’t even considered trying to put off that moment of release yet. He pulled out of the warm wet mouth and stood on Duff’s bed. “You like sucking my wiener Duff, I know you do” little nine year old voice taunting, he walked to the man’s bed, pulling off his shirt as he walked shucking of his pants and briefs confidently. “I do” Duff said quietly. “Say it gay-lord.” “I like sucking your wiener Colt.” And he crawled to the bed till he was on all fours in front of the boy’s little rod, still stiff as when it was first pulled out. Duff did like it, he even found he liked the way the boy ordered him around, that he was being used like a fleshlight by the nine year old. Almost as soon as Duff had him in his mouth again Colt gently pushed the man off his wiener, their eyes meeting, Colt’s narrowed with thought. “Don’t move Duff.” And he walked around the man, stood behind him, curiously pawed at his ass, roughly yanking his sweats down. “Wait Colt, no, I know what you’re thinking, stop” “Shut up” Duff felt the nine year old cock prod his cheeks, still wet with his saliva, his head swam. Poking a few times before it lined up properly in his crack, then jabbed painfully from a few hard thrust, each missing the mark, searching for his hole. “Colt, I don’t want to do that-” Duff voice rising, panicked before he was cut off. “I said shut up Duff!” Colt’s boyish voice snapped in frustration, slamming his hips in almost violently against the man, till it finally found its mark. A slight jab of pain, the cock penatrating him the size of his thumb, but Duff’s face contorted realizing what was being done to him more than the sensation of it. His head swam with a mess of emotions, every thrust of the little cock jabbing in his ass making him feel violated, degraded, compromised. The fact that it was an undeveloped boy cock ramming his tight hole only intensified these feelings, leaving his cheeks burning with shame. Duff collapsed his body into his bed, ass still up for the boy, mumbled “no” more in disbelief than as further protest. The stamina Colt had built face fucking Duff showed, he humped the older man like jack rabbit thumping his boy rod into the tight furry hole as Duff’s heart raced and a familiar panicked feeling swept over him. More from the intensity of the experience than anything else his cock twitched, and he sprayed his sheets with cum. The rapid pulsing of his hole on Colt’s sensitive boy rod coupled with his rapid thrusting and his cock twitched in tandem as he dry came inside the man, breathlessly chanting oh fucks as he felt the bliss of orgasming in a hole for the first time. His small smooth body collapsed on top of Duff’s half undressed furry form, and Duff relaxed his rear under the kid as his little cock slipped from his ass. “That felt so good Duff.” He murmured, gently and lazily holding the man while he lay on him, nuzzling his face against his back. It felt good for Duff too but he was in stunned silence, he’d never felt so degraded, so out of control, so low, but his orgasm still radiated through him, his load cooled between his body and his sheets. Colt might have fallen asleep on him like that, bare little cock soft against dikmen escort the man’s cheeks, till their warning alarm that Colt’s mom would be home soon went off. Colt pulled himself off the man and started getting dressed. “We’re definitely doing that again.” “Colt wait,” Duff stopped the boy at his door, “I don’t want you thinking you can do that. If someone tells you no or says they don’t want to do something when it comes to sex you have to listen to them.” “But I knew you wanted to, you were just saying that.” “Even then Colt, I’m serious you could get sent to jail for that.” “So could you!” Duff raised his hands in submission. “You’re right, and I get that it’s different when it’s you and me, but other guys, girls, you can’t do that to. I just don’t want you getting in trouble.” “I thought you liked it.” Colt actually seemed disappointed. “I did, and you’re right I wanted even though I said no. I’m just telling you you gotta listen to what people are saying when it comes to sex.” “Okay.” Colt relented. “Come here.” Duff rubbed the boy’s hips, “You want me to suck it one more time?” “It was in your butt.” Colt giggled. “I know, I don’t care.” “You’re so gross,” grinning Colt pulled his cut little rod out of his fly. Colt sighed and tilted his head back as Duff took his boyhood in his mouth, it felt different now that he’d fucked the man. Not the incomparable sensation of Duff’s golden beard brushing against his smooth hairless groin, which was as exciting as ever, or the warm silky feeling of a wet mouth on his little rod, the bliss of that wasn’t diminished even knowing how good the man’s ass felt. But the rush of feeling that man submit to him even though he was a boy was transformed now, Colt felt more of a man himself now that he’d fucked Duff. He wasn’t being treated by a superior, but taking what was his right from a beta male. Though the boy was outsized in every way by the man there was no question in either of them who the inferior male was. Colt gently caressed Duff’s ears and bearded cheeks, looked at the man in loving awe, the man he knew belonged entirely to him. For his part Duff sucked on the child’s erect penis with what was almost reverence. This undeveloped little cock was now the one that broke him in, he belonged to it. The boy he was now servicing had seen him for the bitch he was and just raped his hole, fucked him despite his protest like fucking the handsome muscular man was his right. They both knew now, Duff was less of a man that this little boy, to passive to fight him off, only capable of begging for him to stop when he was used in a way he didn’t want. ______ Over the months their dynamic solidified, Duff, developed, bearded, a man, was there to fill Colt’s needs whenever they were alone. A couple weeks before Colt was going to start summer vacation he came in with a hard-on. Without a word Duff got to his knees in front of the boy and began to undo the button on his jeans. “Wait Duff, I gotta go pee first.” “Go for it.” Duff took the boy’s nine year old cock out of his fly. “What?” “Piss.” And with that he put his lips around Colt’s head. Not sucking, not caressing the sensitive little rod with his tongue, just waiting. Colt, desperate to relieve his bladder didn’t need further encouragement, a brief moment of difficulty relaxing held him back till the piss flooded from his cocklet. A half grin was on his face as he saw Duff beneath him, lower than the boy had ever seen him before, gulping down everything the boy’s cock produced. “Fuck yeah, that was hot.” The boy laughed. Duff clearly was turned on by it too, his modest tent pitching in his sweats. “You’re so dirty.” Duff popped his mouth off the little cock and grimes sheepishly. “Just for you bub.” “Put it all in your mouth Duff.” Not needing to be asked twice Duff took the boys tiny cock and little balls in his mouth, running his tongue across the tight hairless sack as Colt’s stiff rod slid across the roof of his mouth. Eyes closed and head tilted back the boy let out a sigh of ecstasy. “You make my wiener feel so good Duff.” Duff had long since stopped being irritated by the boy’s word for penis. Wiener was a fitting word for the narrow little cock that owned him. He could only moan in pleasure on the boy’s rod at Colt’s words. As had been happening lately Colt’s first orgasm came on quickly. The boy’s body tensed up, his balls pulled in so tight they would have retracted if Duff’s lips hadn’t locked them in place, and his cut little rod twitched relentlessly in Duff’s mouth. Colt gripped Duff’s head hard, crushed the man’s face into his groin, let out his usual high pitched squeaks and moans as his immature equipment tried desperately to shoot the cum that wasn’t there yet. As his spasms subsided the boy gently patted the man’s cheek. “Get on the bed, on your back” Duff stripped as he moved to the bed, totally to the buck while Colt just had his junk exposed out of the top of his trousers. Grabbed his legs and exposed his hole to the boys stiff prick. Lubed only with his own saliva on Colt’s rod, Duff felt himself get penetrated by the boy’s little wiener. The boy fucked like a jack rabbit these days, but was small enough even his rough fucking could only feel good. “Cum for me Duff.” Duff didn’t need asking twice, gave his hood a couple tugs and started shooting, letting go of his cock as soon as he reached the point of no return so the boy fucked the load out of him, hole spasming on Colt’s little rod and sending the boy into a dry cum while he sprayed his chest with his own cum. ________________________________________________________________________________ Duff was a changed man, and Colt was not the same boy he’d been since he started fucking. Duff didn’t go more than day without taking the boy’s little rod, he sucked on it so frequently and relentlessly his lips chafed. He still boxed and kept fit but he felt smaller knowing he’d been out manned by a kid. He questioned briefly if he was just so desperate to submit to cock he did so to the first one presented to him, but in reality it didn’t matter, he was hopelessly devoted to the boy now, adored his immature rod like he was a stallion, that wiener was the one that popped his cherry, that broke him in as a bitch. He loved the little guy in his own way, the way a player loves his coach or a squaddie his captain. He might have been a little man but Colt was his alpha and had Duff completely devoted to him. Colt was still a hell raiser. But an edge to his bullying nature had been taken off. He had nothing to prove to himself, he knew he was a superior male to his peers and had started fucking long before any of them had even started jerking off. He’d taught a few boys about stroking, and a couple that he felt were right for it he taught to suck cock. Duff didn’t mind finding out he was just one of the holes Colt would use, he was just honored to be intimate with such a stud from the genesis of his sexuality. Besides, over the year of constantly being used by the boy there was little room to doubt their bond. Colt may have popped Duff’s cherry but Duff was Colt’s first takedown and there was a closeness beyond words in that. Every time Colt’s rod was twitching from a dry cum, no matter how roughly he used the man he betrayed his affection for him in the way he cuddled and nuzzled at the older male afterwards. ________________________________________________________________________________ And long after the change in character dominating Duff had brought him, Colt went through other changes. His girth came before anything else, no fur but his little rod seemed thicker to Duff by the day and was nearly as thick as his by the time it was three inches long. Then his fur started coming in, that patterning a lot like Kyle’s that Duff admired so much, the first tufts appearing where his father’s was thickest. Duff took the boy’s first load in his mouth soon after, and the changes progressed, Colt’s cock growing longer than Duff’s own manhood. His musk as a man came in, he grew tall and his baby fat was in some measure traded for muscle even though he stayed pleasantly padded. They’d meet periodically even when they had long since stopped living so close, Duff belonged to Colt in the most primal way possible and the bond of their shared experience taboo breaking, that knowledge of Colt as a boy, and him developing as a man never completely faded. Even as Colt was taking down other men and women his first bitch always held a special place in his heart, and Duff’s devotion to that boy didn’t fade with age. At forty Colt would still say “suck my wiener” when they met for play, and Duff was happy to, the stud might have had a cock to anyone else but between them his now developed rod would always be a boy’s rod, the same one that broke Duff in.

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