Little Bound Riding Hood


“Need you to sign off on the contract for the hall, catering and costume shop, Gil.” Shelly, my assistant with the shapely legs and long, golden locks, smiled at me as she knocked on my office door and entered. “Didn’t I sign another one of these contracts just two months ago? How much are we spending annually on these company social events?” I replied with absolutely no enthusiasm. I don’t like attending company parties and avoided them whenever I could. Shelly laughed and replied, “You did. This is not a party, Gil. This is a Masquerade Ball. We had record second quarter profits, and the COO wants to reward the employees.” I grumbled and grunted under my breath as I signed the contract. “Thanks boss,” Shelly snickered. “Enjoy,” I flatly replied. “Do you have any ideas for a costume, Gil? If you don’t, I have a few.” Shelly teased me, knowing my dislike for company social functions. “Appealing as dressing up and mingling with my beloved employees sounds, I have a pressing, previous engagement that I must honor, Shelly. Please inform and apologize to the staff for me.” I smiled, letting her know I had no intention of attending. Shelly narrowed her eyes, placed her hands on my desk and scolded me, “Listen up, mister bah humbug. It wouldn’t kill you to let down your hair down for a few hours and actually talk to the people that report to you, about something other than work!” I turned my eyes to my monitor and calmly replied, “They’ll live, Shelly.” Shelly slouched her shoulders and threw her head back as she pleaded, “Pleeease, Gil! Pretty, pretty please! Everyone would love to see you there.” I chuckled at her antics and replied, “Everyone, Shelly? We have five hundred employees, occupying five floors in this building.” Shelly placed her hands on my desk again and shot back, “You know what I mean, Gil.” She lowered her voice and coyly whispered, “I’m going dressed as a kind of slutty, Goldilocks,” and batted her big, baby blue eyes at me. “Nope, no way, no how, Shelly. I’m busy. But I definitely want to see your pictures.” “What’s so important? I know your kids aren’t visiting you this month. Oh, wait, I know. Of course, how incredibly dense of me,” she slapped her forehead with the palm of her hand, signaling the start of a sarcastic rant, “Please forgive me, Gil. It all makes sense to me now. How could I have been so selfish?” “Here it comes,” I thought to myself, no one does sarcasm better than Shelly. “You’ll be busy doing what you do best, outside of work. The James Bond song, ‘Nobody Does It Better’ by Carly Simon, was written for you,” she brought her hand to her mouth and tapped her lips with her index finger. “Now, what was that again? Wait, wait, don’t tell me! I know this!” I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the performance. There was no way Shelly would be interrupted till she finished saying her piece. “Oh! I know!” she exclaimed, and then glared at me with an expressionless look on her face and said, “Nothing. Nada. Zilch. The big zero!” I started to reply to her. She held out her hand with the palm facing me and said, “Don’t. I’m upset with you.” She turned around and walked out of my office. A few minutes later, I received an email addressed to all employees with the details of the Masquerade Ball. I deleted it without reading it. My phone rang, it was Shelly calling. “Yes, Shelly?” I answered. “Your schedule is free for two hours tomorrow. Would you accompany me to the costume shop to reserve our costumes?” she asked in a matter of fact tone. “Give it up, I’m busy planting turnips on my balcony the night of the party,” I chuckled. “If you would have read the email, you would know that you’re giving the speech. Mr. Dawson, the COO, your boss by the way, is leaving for Europe tonight for his fiftieth wedding anniversary; he named you Master of Ceremonies,” Shelly gloated. I could picture the wicked grin on her face. “I’ve booked our appointment for the costume shop for tomorrow, at one PM. ” She snickered and hung up the phone. “Fuck,” I mumbled to myself. ~ “Gladiator. Lion Tamer. Tarzan. Zorro. No, wait! I know, Superman! You’d look sexy in tights and a cape,” Shelly rambled off random costume suggestions as we drove to the costume shop. “Superman it is,” I replied in a serious tone. Shelly squinted, turned to me and asked, “Really? That was too easy. What are you up to, Gil?”  “I am not up to anything. I like the idea of dressing up as the Man of Steel.” “Hmmmm, I don’t trust you for a second, Gil. Give me your word that you will dress up as Superman.” “I promise, Shelly. You have my word.” ~ Shelly stepped out of the dressing room wearing a very skimpy, frilly, white tube top, and a very short, frilly, micro mini skirt. Matching six inch stilettos, white stockings and garter belt. She looked smoking hot. She twirled around and excitedly asked me, “What do you think?” “That’s not what Goldilocks looked like in the books I read my kids, Shelly. To answer your question, you look extremely sexy.” “Thank you,” she coyly snickered. “Do you think Amanda will notice me at the party?” Amanda is a senior manager that Shelly had a crush on. Shelly is bisexual, and Amanda is openly gay. “I think everyone is going to notice you, Shelly.” “Awwww, you’re so sweet. Thank you, Gil. Let me change, and you can be fitted for your costume.” “Already done, you missed it. Sorry,” I grinned. Shelly stopped mid step towards the dressing room and turned around to look at me. “What are you up to, Gil?” “Ask the sales clerk. It fit me off almanbahis şikayet the rack. I asked her if the costume made my ass look fat, she said no. I’m good to go.” ~ As we were leaving the costume shop, a group of our employees were entering. Shelly and I said hello to them. I didn’t recognize one of the young ladies. She looked out of place. Her red, wavy hair was tied back tight in a bun. She was dressed in very loose fitting slacks, and her blouse was completely buttoned up. A stark contrast in style, compared to the bright colored, body hugging, revealing outfits that the other girls she was with wore.  I extended my hand and introduced myself. She hesitated, briefly gripped my hand and withdrew it quickly. I barely heard her say hello. Her eyes never made contact with mine. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” I politely said to her. She adjusted her thick framed glasses with the tip of her index finger and turned her head as she replied, “Macie, Sir.” “Pleased to meet you, Macie Sir,” I smiled at her. She smiled at my joke and quickly followed the other women on their way to be fitted for costumes. ~ The day before the party, I ran in to the frumpily dressed, shy young lady in the elevator.  Her eyes shot to the floor when I stepped in. “Hello, Macie Sir,” I smiled at her. She glanced up at me briefly and replied, “Hello, Sir.” “Have you a picked out a costume for tomorrow’s party?” I asked her, in hopes of making her feel more relaxed. “I won’t be able to go. Something has come up,” she meekly replied. “Lucky you. I am not a fan of parties. Perhaps you could give the speech, while I look after what you have to do,” I chuckled. She fought back a chuckle as she replied, “My surname is not, Sir, Sir. It’s Doucette.” “Good to know, thank you, Macie Doucette. And please, call me Gil,” I smiled at her as I stepped out of the elevator. A wicked smile slowly formed on Macie’s lips as the elevator doors closed. ~ I arrived at the party minutes before the speech was scheduled. Shelly spotted me entering the ballroom. She threw her arms up in the air and she shook her head. I was wearing a suit, black rimmed glasses, and a reporter’s hat. I was dressed as Clark Kent, who was in fact, the Man of Steel. “Very clever, Gil. I am not going to give up on you,” Shelly scowled at me. “You look stunning, Shelly. What have I missed, and why isn’t Amanda worshiping you?” I smiled. Shelly grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, “She’s getting me a drink. Wish me luck, I might get laid tonight.” “Good luck, but, I doubt you need any,” I grinned, “Now, where’s the mic? Let’s get this speech over with. I am sure the employees are anxious to start working on their hangovers.” Shelly waked me to the DJ’s both and introduced me. The DJ waited for the song that was playing to end and asked for everyone’s attention. I gave the speech that was prepared for me, thanking everyone for their hard work and loyalty. Everyone cheered and clapped as I walked off the DJ booth. The DJ asked for everyone’s attention over the PA, “Not so fast, Gil. Your employees have a surprise for you.” I looked at Shelly; she shrugged her shoulders at me as she crossed her heart and mouthed, “I have no idea.” A spotlight lit up a chair that was in the middle of the dance floor, as the Edwyn Collins song, Girl Like You, filled the ballroom. I felt two small hands grab at my arm. A sexy, scantily clad woman strutted out in front of me and led me to the dance floor. She placed me in the spotlight, in front of the chair, and walked seductively in a circle around me. Swaying her hips and taking long graceful strides to the pounding beat of the song. Her fingertips brushed against my chest. She was dressed in a sexy, Little Red Riding Hood outfit. A bright red tuxedo jacket, complete with tails, and a big red hood that covered the porcelain, Venetian Masquerade mask she donned. Red stilettos, red stockings and matching garter belt. I noticed her left ankle was bandaged, as I took in her toned, slender, muscular legs. The mask was an expressionless white face, with the lips painted blood red. The spotlight shone in to my eyes, it made it impossible to clearly identify any of her features. All I was certain of was her height and that she was in incredible shape, and one hell of a dancer. This girl had very sexy moves. She had strutted around me full circle. She lifted her left leg slowly in to the air, and placed her ankle on my shoulder. She lowered her head and looked at me. I could sense the sexy grin beneath the mask, and feel the heat of her stare. I grinned back at her, letting her know that I wasn’t the prey in this scene. I slowly bent my knees and sat in the chair. The music changed, Joe Cocker’s, You Can Leave Your Hat On, blasted through the speakers. My cock was semi erect and straining against the thin material of my pants. Little Red, I didn’t know what else to call her, began to slowly unbutton her tuxedo jacket, while swaying and gyrating her hips to the secductive beat of the music. She removed her jacket and revealed a red, lace bra, holding her medium sized breasts against her chest. The hood was not attached to the jacket; I couldn’t even make out the color of her hair. She spun around gracefully and sat on my lap. The spectators cheered, and whistled, and woo-hooed. She felt the hardness of my cock on her ass, leaned back slowly, placed her head on my shoulder and purred in my ear, “Man of Steel, very impressive.” She turned around and straddled me. She threw her head almanbahis canlı casino back and gyrated her hips on my lap, like she was fucking me. Slowly she took off her mask, stared at me and smirked. Her face was painted exactly as the mask, and most of her visage was covered by the red hood. “I’m not going to make it easy for you, Gil,” she teasingly purred in my ear. I remained silent. I didn’t recognize her. The loud music made it impossible to recognize her voice. She slowly leaned in and brought her lips close to mine. This was the part where I was supposed to try to kiss her, and she would quickly pull away when my lips were close to hers. I remained still, studying her features the best I could, in hopes of identifying this sexy dancer that had my cock throbbing. “You have great self-control, Gil,” she pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, as she seductively removed my fake glasses and hat. “Have we met,” I whispered back. “Not saying. If you want me, you are going to have to find me. I can assure you that I’m worth it,” she cooed as she loosened my tie and undid the top button of my shirt. She leaned in, kissed me hard and tore open my shirt. Exposing the Superman t-shirt, that was hidden beneath my shirt, to the pleasure of the cheering crowd. She jumped to her feet and offered me her hand. I discretely pushed my cock down as I stood up. Little Red bowed to the crowd, got up on to her toes and whispered to me, “Find me, please. I have already given myself to you, Nawashi.” She bolted in to the crowd and disappeared. The DJ announced the dance floor was open and the crowd flooded to it. I made my way to Shelly. Shelly smirked, “There you go, Gil, you had some fun and it didn’t kill you.” I laughed and asked, “Who hired the dancer?” “I don’t know. Maybe the DJ will know,” she replied. I made my way to the DJ and asked who had hired the dancer. He slid the earphones off one ear and replied, “Don’t know dude. She asked me if I could play the two songs she had on this flash drive. It was the first I had heard of it. It wasn’t in my contract.” “Thank you,” I replied and went back to Shelly. “Well?” she asked. “It seems, Little Red, is a mystery girl,” I smiled. “Little Red?” Shelly asked and laughed. “I should have dressed as Sherlock Holmes,” I chuckled. Shelly took my hand and pointed towards the dance floor, “Dance with me, Gil. It was very exciting watching her rip your shirt open. Play your cards right and you might get laid tonight. There are a lot of hot girls here that work for you. And, you’ve been divorced for over two years now. Time to get back on the horse, don’t you think?” I laughed and shook my head, “I don’t dance, Shelly. Thank you for the offer. Where’s Amanda?” “She’s on the dance floor, shaking her sexy ass for me. She invited me back to her place after the party.” “Go dance with her. I’m heading home, Shelly,” I kissed her on the cheek and made my way out of the hall. I tried to think of who, Little Red, might be. She knew who I was, and that I was practiced in the art of Kinbaku. It had been years since I had let my rope bite in to a woman’s flesh. She was smart enough to secretly orchestrate the performance, which meant she knew about the Masquerade Ball. She might be an employee, or knows an employee. Or, she might be an employee at another company that rents office space in our building. I had very little information to begin my search with. One thing for sure, she was a very talented dancer. There was no doubt she had dedicated years to formal training. Her left ankle was bandaged; she might have a slight limp. I would be paying closer attention to the women in the building. ~ Monday morning, Shelly and I, were in line at the gourmet coffee shop in the lobby of our building. “Hey Mace,” Shelly called out. Macie was a few people ahead of us in line; she turned and said, “Good morning. I have the final draft of the Business Requirement Document. I’ll send it to you once I’m at my desk.” “Thank you, Mace. It wasn’t due till next week. Don’t tell Gil, or he’ll give you more work,” Shelly chuckled. “Good morning, Macie,” I greeted her as I chuckled at what Shelly had said. Macie lowered her head and looked up with her eyes at me as she replied, “Good morning, Sir. I don’t mind getting more work.” She paid for her coffee and headed for the elevators. Shelly smacked my arm and gave me a look. “What?” I asked her. “Stop scaring your employees, and call her Mace. She said that she likes having a nickname,” Shelly chuckled. “I told her she could call me Gil. She’s very shy and quiet, that’s all,” I replied. “Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones. Did you know she has a tattoo?” Shelly chuckled. “How could I? I am not privy to the lecherous rituals of your girl’s cub,” I chuckled. ~ Just before noon, Shelly and Macie, walked in to my office. “Hey boss, I need you to sign something. And no, it’s not another social event,” Shelly jokingly informed me. “What is it?” “Mace should be moved to our floor. All the projects she’s working on are ones you approved. The poor girl spends most of her day riding the elevator,” Shelly explained. “Sure, makes sense. Let me sign the work order for the IT team. Anything else?” I asked as I signed off on the work order. “Nope, that’s it for now,” Shelly cheerfully replied as I handed the signed work order back to her. “I will miss our lengthy, heated and animated elevator chats, Macie,” I smiled at her. Macie fought back a snicker and replied, almanbahis casino “Thank you for allowing me to move floors, Sir.” I watched her as she walked away, and wondered where on her body she had gotten the tattoo. As shy and quiet as she was, I had never seen her blush. She controlled her reactions and emotions with a great discipline. She displayed all the traits of a sub, the more I thought about her behavior. I watched her as she walked out of my office. There was no sign of an injured or sore ankle in her step. I recalled what Shelly had said to me, “Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones. Did you know she has a tattoo?” It hit me. The bandage on Little Red’s ankle, it could have been used to conceal a tattoo. Macie did not attend the party. She was about the right height. If Macie was, Little Red, I still didn’t know how she had knowledge of my rope skills. ~ Tuesday morning, Macie knocked on my office door. “I am sorry to disturb you, Sir.” The possibility of Macie being, Little Red, and the way she called me, Sir, made my cock twitch. “How may I help you, Macie?” I smiled at her. “Shelly asked me to confirm with you, if we can test the new storage platform in the live environment at end of day?” she asked in her usual soft tone. “Sure, any time after our west coast offices close. Eight pm, our time, at the earliest. Anything else, Macie?” “No, Sir,” she replied and turned to walk away. “Why don’t you call me, Gil?” I asked her before she had a chance to take her first step towards the door. She took a deep breath, stopped, and turned her head to look at me, “I feel it is proper to address you as, Sir.” I stared at her in silence, observing her body. She was holding her breath, waiting for my next words. “Hmmmm, address me? That’s very formal and proper. You are a very polite young lady. Have a nice day, Macie. I need to complete the month end report,” I casually replied. She hesitated for an instant and made her way out of my office. I was certain I had found, Little Red. ~ Friday morning, Shelly emailed me asking if we could begin the summer schedule. I let my group leave two hours early every Friday, during the summer. I replied, yes. She replied and cc’d the group, announcing summer hours had officially started. At three pm, Macie appeared at my office door. I looked at her and smiled. “I wanted to thank you for the summer hours, Sir. Have a great weekend.” “You too, Mace, or would you prefer I continue to address you as Macie?” I asked her. Her lips curled in to a smile as she replied, “Your choice, Sir.” “I thought your intentions were to make it difficult for me,” I grinned. “Sir?” she asked, her tone implied that she didn’t understand what I had said to her, and that she wanted me to elaborate. “I am not your Dom. You are not in my service. You will cease to address me as, Sir. My ropes, how do you know about them?” I sternly asked her. Macie straightened out her body and stood at attention with her legs shoulders width apart, and her head lowered. She had begun her audition for the role of my sub. My cock hardened instantly. “I was in attendance at one of your demonstrations, at the KinShi Rope Studio,” she replied in between two deep breaths. “That was over six years ago, and the only time I gave a demo. My good friend owned that studio; I did it as a favor to him. I was quite brutal on the two young ladies that night; my ties were very tight and punishing. I apologize if I do not remember you, Macie.” She concentrated on getting her breathing under control and replied, “I always have been, and still am very shy around crowds of people. We never spoke that night. I knew you couldn’t possibly remember me. I was coaxed in to attending by a girlfriend of mine, whose boyfriend was taking lessons there. I was quietly observing women getting bound and suspended. The demos before yours were erotic and gentle, and very arousing. Then you appeared. I was shocked at how rough you were with their bodies. The look in your eyes frightened me at first. I became transfixed, watching the girls as they trashed, wriggled and squirmed in pain and ecstasy. The intense emotion and control behind all of your movements was mesmerizing. It was the first time I had seen anything like that. It excited me in a way I could never have imagined. How they clung on to you, quivering and sobbing, after they were free of the ropes, it thrilled me. You gently held them in your arms and nurtured them till they recovered. They trusted you completely. When I saw and recognized you, a few months after I started working here, the memories of that night flooded back to me.” “I must compliment you on your dancing. You were very exciting to watch, as I am sure you are aware of. Shy and quiet, isn’t the way I would describe the way you move your body. I trained those girls you saw me bind, at their request. They wanted to experience power exchange. It took many sessions, a lot of tears, and countless marks on their bodies, for them to be able to endure what I had trained them for.” “I am sure my ballet training will assist me in enduring all that you wish to do to me. My teacher was very strict, almost sadistic. She pushed everyone past their limits in every class.” Macie remained silent, she was anxious to know if I would take her up on her offer. “What now?” I asked her. “Now, I wait for your decision. I thought that I would never see you again. I have lost count of how many times I have made myself cum, and have cum with boyfriends, while fantasizing about being in your ropes, and all the things you would do to me,” her words were panted and heavy as they escaped out of her tight throat. “I’m flattered that you have offered to be my rope slut. But, I haven’t bound and suspended anyone in many years,” I replied.

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