Subject: Little-Alex-And-Johnny-Experiment-1 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. Feedbacks welcome at ota. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! You might wish to give a look to my other stories on Nifty: https://www.//gay/young-friends/little-alex-friends https://www.//bisexual/incest/little-alex-jenny-and-the-machine https://www.//gay/sf-fantasy/a-romanian-in-paris/ Thank you! *** Characters starring in this episode, in no particular order: — LITTLE ALEX, son of Jim, almost 12 y.o – 4’5″/70 � Neck long blond hairs, deep blue eyes – He is completely hairless, and his dick is just a little over 3″ long when hard, shoots watery cum, has a nice, round ass and a very white complexion – He is a 5th grader at Primary / Elementary School. — JOHNNY WILLIAM CLINTON, Little Alex’s younger brother – 10 y.o. � 4/60 – Short cut light brown hair, hazel eyes and his dick is just a little over 2 1/2″ long when hard – He is a 4th grader at Primary / Elementary School *** From previous Part 16… “WOW, Dad, that was intense! The best cum ever!” declared a smiling and thoroughly fucked Alex. “Yes, it was, hon'” said Jim with a warm smile. Then, looking directly into his son’s blue eyes, he added “I love you, little sluts!” and kissed both his sons lovingly. “I love you too, Daddy. Please let me always be your slut”. “Me too, Daddy” piped in Johnny, still a little zoned out by his first dry orgasm. “Sure, my boys. Whatever will happen, I will never stop loving you. And possibly fucking you as well!” Jim added with a wide grin. “Now, let’s take a dip into the pond and wash out all this cum and sweat, or your Mum will smell it and go shit crazy!” The two kids and their father just did so and, after some roughousing and splasing around, they headed home, their sexual urges finally sated. … for a little while at least! *** Little Alex *** – Part 17 – Little Alex and Johnny Experiment – 1 On the way back home, Jim spoke to the kids, both in the back seat, just in shorts. Firstly, and most important, he told them to never spill the beans with their mum or friends. ANY friend, or BIG BIG problems may ensue for all of them, including jail for daddy. Only the Moore and the Jameson (the male ones, that’s it) were safe to talk to, as all of them had similar life styles and able to keep a secret, as Alex had already experienced first-hand… and first ass and mouth as well! “Promise?” The two kids did the three-fingers- salute, like boy scouts do, and answered “Yees Daaaddyyyy… Promise!” Then, Jim spoke to his elder. “Alex, hon’, you are the older one, almost 12 already… I entrust you with Johnny’s safety. He is too young to start doing what you do… taking grown-up dicks and stuff up the ass, I mean… let’s put down a few rules to follow, ok?” Of course, Johnny was in strong disagreement about the “too young” issue, he was ten already, “… almost ten and a half…”, but Jim just smiled and ignored the little kid complains. “And how old do I have to be before I can, Daddy?” “Twelve, hon’, not any earlier than that.” “WHAAAT? TWELVE? That’s like… AGES!! Even… even if I’m like… super cute?” “Yeah, even you are super cute, son… Now, the rules… Rule Number 1. You two can do whatever you like to each others, as long as it is what you REALLY want to do… I mean, you both must want to do it, no forcing or tricking on each other, ok?” Both boys answered a “Yeeesssss Daaadddyyyyyy!” grinning at each other, already looking forward to all the nasty things they might do during summer break thanks to their newly found bro-bond… Their little “traitors” started to inflate a little already… “Rule Number 2,” continued Jim, “no ass play for Johnny with ANYONE older than… let’s say … 12? Like Darnell, ok? No strangers, no older Jameson or Moore… Forget Danny or even Ethan!!! şişli travesti They are too big for Johnny’s untrained baby hole. Got it?” “They are not!” complained Johnny, anxious to emulate his older brother in everything. “And I’m not a baby!” “Yes, they are!” answered Jim and Alex, together. “Believe me, bro, they are!” added Alex with a dreamy face. “Mphhh… Okey… maybe they are… I don’t know, I’ve never seen them nakkid… But I want to do stuff like Alex… the butt stuff and the daldos and all…” “Dildos, it’s dildoes, dumbass!” said Alex, slapping his bro on the back of his head and starting a little, harmless slap-fight and dick-grabbing session. “GUYS! Please… STOP NOW!” called out Jim. “You will, sweet pea, you will… just take your time, ok? Alex and I will guide you to all the funny stuff you can do with your beautiful body. You just need a little… a little training… first, ok? Promise you will wait?” Johnny pouted a little, his arms crossed over his bare chest. Alex rudely nudged him in the hips to urge him to answer their Daddy. He finally promised, but not before returning the nudge to the sender, with interests. “But I’m not a baby!” “Rule number 3. Alex, you can still fool around as you like… within reason anyway… but if you take Johnny with you, Rule Number 2 shall be followed. ALWAYS. I will hold you responsible on that, got that?” Both boys quickly accepted their father’s rules, somehow confident that they would be able to get around them without getting caught… After all they were two smart kids, weren’t they? Once at home, Jim sent them to take a quick shower and get ready for dinner, while he carried on with the day’s chores in the stables. “Let’s take a shower together, Alex” “Mhhh… I don’t know, bro… I’ve never showered with anyone else… you know…” “Guy, you are super dull, aren’t you? After what just happened, you are still shy with me? Come on! I want to… suck you… mhhh… your pee-pee, Alex… Pleeeaseeee… let meeee!!!” Traitor Willy made it a point of honour to wake up and make his presence known to everyone, tenting out Little Alex’s shorts. “See… you already like the idea…” Johnny grinned and grabbed his older brother’s hard dick with his soft hand. Alex gave in. “Ooookaayyyy… sup… meet me in the bathroom in five. And, Johnny… it’s a willy or a dick, not a pee-pee, you dumbass! ” Johnny made a funny face and showed his tongue to his older brother, then rushed into his room to get ready. A few minutes later the two kids met in the bathroom, naked as jaybirds, their little dicks hard and pointing north. Alex looked at his little bro with different eyes. In fact, he had not seen him naked in a long time and never, until that moment, had he looked at him in a sexual way. Johnny was cute, really cute, with a nice mop of unruly, short chestnut brown hair topping his round face, now flushed with excitement. He was a little overweight but not fat, absolutely. He was just… soft and cute. And smooth, with his blemish-free, slightly tanned skin and a little baby fat still present on his belly and “boy-tits”. His perky, meaty ass was absolute perfection, round and pale, framed by sharp tan lines and with a pair of cute dimples just above it, covered by a peach-fuzz of light blond hairs, as were his shapely legs and forearms. “Do you like what you see, bro?” asked Johnny with an impish grin, showing his missing front teeth. “Your… mhhh… dick?… seems to like me a lot!!” “Yeah, bro. We both like you…” answered Alex with a sweet smile. “You are really a cutie… I’m ashamed I never noticed before… in fact, we have never been so close since… I dunno… ages!” “And I want to be even closer to you, Alex. I can’t wait to do super fun stuff with you. I… I think I… I love you, big Bro!” added Johnny blushing furiously. “I love you too, Jo…” replied Alex and bent to kiss his little bro on the fore head. “But let’s take our shower now, before Daddy comes looking for us!” “Ohhh! That would be nice… Imagine if it’s Mom coming to look for us!!!!” said Johnny. “Seeing our willies hard like that”. “Suuuper embarassing!!” Alex gave a gentle slap on his bro’s ass and both kids moved in the shower in a burst of giggles and playful ass-slaps. They soaped each other but, as much as they tried to be quick, they couldn’t keep their hands away from their hard dicks and smooth asses, all the while gently kissing each other on the mouth. Alex gently beylikdüzü travesti wanked his little bro’s spike with a soapy hand, eliciting small moans and whimpers from the 10 years old kid. “Ohhh… Alex… that feels sooooo goooodddd… Yeeahhhh, bro…” At a certain point, Johnny knelt in front of his older bro and took his hard cock into his warm mouth and started to suck gently on it. Remembering the fun they had in their father’s shed when he fisted Alex’s welcoming hole, Johnny made a fist of his hand and slowly pushed it into his bro’s ass, still filled with Jim’s cum. His fist slowly sunk into the hot anal canal, literally swallowed by Alex’s rectum, his stretched ass ring wrapped around Johnny’s hand and, after a few hard pushes, closed on his thin wrist. He didn’t stop sucking on the older kid’s dick and started to pump his fist, and half of his forearm, into Alex. “Uaaaarghhh… Ohhhhh… Jo… Johnny…” moaned Alex. “Yeeesssss, fuck me… Fuck me with your hand lil’ bro… OOOOWIIIEEEE… Yeeaaahhh… more… Push further in… gimme mooooreeeee…” Alex was moaning loudly now, his senses overwhelmed by the simultaneous stimulation of his dick and of his immature, but sensitive, prostate. While Johnny pushed in deeper, Alex had to lean against the wall, as his trembling legs threatened to give out at any moment. He felt so good with his ass well stuffed again, and his hole gently stretched by and wrapped around Johnny’s fist and forearm, now elbow-deep into him and twisting and pumping in and out at slow pace. “Oohhhhhh… That’s sooooo good, bro… I’m cumming, bro… I’m gonna shot into your mouth soon…” moaned Alex. Johnny didn’t stop. He sucked on his older brother’s dick with renewed energy, and pushed his arm hard into his ass, stopping only when his elbow reached Alex’s stretched hole. “Uuurghhhh… Oohhhhhh… Yeeeeaaahhhh… Cumming, bro… I’m cuuummiiiiiing”. Alex grabbed Johnny’s head with both his hands and pushed his hips forward, shoving the last inch of his throbbing cock into his mouth. Soon, he shot a few volleys of watery cum into his little bro’s hot mouth, that Johnny eagerly swallowed, enjoying the sweet-salty taste of Alex’s cum. While Johnny slowed pulled his arm and hand put, an exhausted Alex dropped on his knees, under the warm cascade of water. The brothers kissed each other, swapping spit and cum in the process. “That was soooo super intense, Johnny, thank you… thank you bro… But let’s hurry up now… or Daddy will kill us… I will return the favour after dinner. Ok?” Johnny nodded and they both run to dry themselves and get ready for dinner, Alex on wobbly legs and Johnny with a wide grin pasted on his childish face, happy to have given his big brother “a cummy `gasm”. It was a warm early summer night, so the two brothers dressed only in loose running shorts and flip-flops; the thrill of going commando and bare-chested kept their little dicks at half-mast, something that didn’t escape Jim’s attention. Jim looked at his two sons, finding their half-naked bodies extremely cute, sexy and inviting. His cock stirred into his pants and he had to sneakily adjust it, not to be so obvious to Brenda and raise suspicions. Sitting at the table with Mom and Dad for dinner, the pre-teen kids continued to exchange affectionate glances and giggle between mouthfuls of food, sips of cold soda and furtive grabs at their half-hard dicklets. At one point Brenda even asked what had happened, since for once the two brothers weren’t arguing with each other. “Nothing, Mom, we just had a lot of fun at the pond today with Dad… and his BIIIG fishing rod and… and we’re happy that school is about to end… and Jo and I will have a lot of things to do… and the horses to watch!” Alex fired out like a machine gun. “Fishing rod?” asked Brenda, turning her head to Jim. “I didn’t know you had a fishing rod, Jim…” “Uh? What… I…” Jim was momentarily at loss, taken aback by Brenda’s question. “Oh yeah, Mommy. He’s got a really niiiiice BIIIIG rod and… And I think we’re going to have a lot of super funny things to do this summer, right Dad?” Johnny asked with a mischievous expression, pausing just for a moment to gulp down food as if there was no tomorrow. Grateful to little Johnny for deflecting Brenda’s question about the `BIIIG fishing rod’, Jim replied “Sure, sweet pea, sure… We’ll have a lot of BIIIG things to do, some funny and some that will really test your ability to do… istanbul travesti hmm… HARD work… and I mean really, REALLY super HARD… ” Jim answered with a wink. “Ohhhh Daddy… as long as we can play again with your rod… we accept the challenge, right Alex?” “Yeah, lil’ bro, sup! The bigger, the better!” replied Alex with a mischievous grin. “The challenge, that’s it… I mean… what else?”. Luckily he stopped talking before spilling the beans… “We’ll see what you’ll be able to TAKE IN, Alex. I’m sure it’s A LOT already, but we could still enlarge… ehm… broaden your horizon and feed you gallons of… I mean… feed your mind with a lot of useful knowledge…” smiled back Jim. “Whoa Dad. I want to be super stuffed also, like Alex!!!” blurted out Johnny. “I mean… fill my mind… with know… knowl… that stuff you said! Would you… fill me, Daddy? Please?” Jim laughed at his younger son’s words. “Sure thing, sweet pea, whatever you want. But now finish your food and then help Mom to fix the kitchen, I’ve still a few things to do with the horses before bed time. Brenda, baby, I’ll be with Trey at the stables…” Brenda was a little confused by what her boys and her husband had just said, but by now she had given up on understanding the slang used by the two growing boys and her husband, whom she felt increasingly distant. Not that she didn’t love him any more, not that. But Father John’s sermons had lately shed new light on her marriage to the rough, beer-bellied horse breeder who had taken the place of the brilliant young ex-Navy, charming and fit guy she had married nearly 13 years earlier. She should have talked to him about her new feelings but… Jim was always busy with the fucking stinking horses and his damned bunch of black friends… and that insufferable biker covered in red hair… Dave … probably a perverted paedophile fucking that faggot red-haired son of him… “Mom… we’ve finished fixing the kitchen, can we go to my room to play with the PlayStation?” Alex asked, shifting his weight from one leg to the other as Johnny looked antsy. Both their shorts were showing a little tent on the front, Alex had even a small wet spot where his dick leaked a little pre-cum. Absently minded Brenda looked at the two children, clearly missing their little erections, and said yes. “Only if you have finished your homework, guys. But at nine you all go to sleep, tomorrow is school day, `kay?” The two boys didn’t answer and rushed upstairs, with other games in mind than those with the PlayStation. “And brush your teeth before you start playing …” Brenda’s last words fell into thin air, as Alex and Johnny were already upstairs, in Alex’s room, with the door safely closed behind them. “Oh Alex, I couldn’t wait to be alone with you again… I love you sooo much!” “You just love my ass; I know you little pervert…” answered Alex with a smile, gently ruffling his little bro’s hairs “Nooooo, honest! I love you all… with just a little preference for your ass…” answered Johnny, slapping his brother’s hand and smoothing his hair back “… and hard weeney… sorry… DICK!” Johnny grabbed Alex’s hard dick through the flimsy fabric of the shorts and gently squeezed it. Alex moaned softly and bent forward to kiss his brother. The two boy’s mouth met half-way and they started to kiss passionately; Alex was evidently more experienced than Johnny, but the little guy caught up quickly. They embraced each other, their little hands roaming all over their naked backs and chests, finally resting over their round and smooth bums. Both the pre-teens were flushed, their rosy cheeks burning with immature desire “Let us get nakkid, lil’bro” said Alex, panting a little. He then slowly moved his mouth down, dragging his extended tongue over his brother’s smooth, slightly tanned skin, leaving a thin snail trail of moisture. He stopped on Johnny’s throat and kissed his Adam’s apple as his hands pinched the kid’s nipples. “Ohhhh… Uaaaahhhh… Yeeeesss…” moaned the little guy, “… that feels super gooood, Alex…” “I know Johnny, I know … just wait for what’s coming next…” said Alex, finally kneeling in front of him. ********* Now that I’m a “junior” author I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind reader. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for a “thank you” to the author: please do the same everytime you like a story. Emails are for free and we authors live (almost) for your appreciation. Thank you to all of you that have provided a feedback! Please keep Nifty alive, donate to http://donate./donate.html … Seriously, do it. My stories on fty//gay/sf-fantasy/a-romanian-in-paris/

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