Like Mother Like Daughter


This story has a bit of incest.

As a single retired teacher I have a lot of time on my hands. I do the occasional subbing at local high schools to pay for incidentals but enjoy my new freedom. It seems everywhere I go I run into former students. After thirty years teaching I had two generations of some families.

Last Monday I went for breakfast at my usual place where the wait staff know me and I always have the same thing. They usually start my order when they see me walk in the door. Today however, this young bubbly brunette greeted me handing me a menu. The other waitress laughed and told her what my order was.

When the cute teen brought my food she was blushing and apologized for not knowing my order. I told her it was no biggie and since she was new there was no reason she should have known. I offered for her to sit and have a cup of coffee. She again blushed and said she couldn’t as she was working. The other waitress told her to go ahead it was dead and that maybe teach could help her!

She looked confused and I told her that everyone called me teach because I was a teacher for thirty years. As she sat down I started to notice her figure. She was about 5’4″ tall with soft full breasts a tiny waist and a very cute ass. I realized I was staring as she focused on my eyes. I apologized and told her I was sorry but something about her looked familiar.

We started some small talk. She told me she dropped out of school at 18 to work because it was just her and her mom and they were trying to make ends meet. She said she was working on the highset which has replaced the GED but was having difficulty with it. She was hoping to start taking some community college classes while she worked.

I mentioned I taught at West High for thirty years and may be able to tutor her. Her eyes lit up as she told me that would be great but she couldn’t pay me. She also said her mom went to West, maybe I taught her?

As soon as Jenny said that I thought maybe that’s why she looked familiar. I asked what her mom’s name was. She said her mom’s name was Susan Cook. Wow what a trip! I remembered her mom. Her mom was quite a hottie and very flirtatious when I taught her. Trust me, she tempted me more than once when she was in school but there was no way I’d bonus veren siteler ever mess with a student, too many problems, ethically, legally, and emotionally although I came very close once. Susan came up to my desk for help and was seated beside me as her leg rubbed against me and she leaned in close her breasts smashed against me. I leaned closer for a minute or so then came to my senses and pulled away. She had that same blushed face as her daughter when I called up another student and that was the last of it. I knew I dodged a bullet when before the end of the year she was pregnant and dropped out.

I set a date to meet Jenny at the the restaurant the next day after her shift ended to tutor her. We sat in a booth at the end and we began our session. She was all business and an eager learner but every once in a while her leg would bump into or rub against mine as we went over something. A few times as she leaned over I checked out her cleavage. Damn, she was beautiful girl and looked an awful lot like her mom.

I tutored her for a couple weeks when one day she told me was off for a few days and could I come to her apartment because it was easier and cheaper for her not to travel to the restaurant. I agreed. The next day I showed up at 9 AM. Her mom Susan opened the door. When she saw me she gave me a big hug. At thirty six years old she was still smoking hot and I didn’t mind the lingering hug. She told me she was off to work and that Jenny was in the dining room waiting for me.

I walked in the dining room kitchen combo as Susan left. As I did my eyes almost popped out of my head. There sat Jenny in a revealing cut off sheer t shirt, no bra and what can only be described as boy shorts or underwear. I think I started to turn away thinking, maybe I walked in before she dressed when she said, ” Hi teach, sit down and make yourself comfortable.” She told me the apartment heat never shut off and it got really hot and that I might want to take my jacket off.

I was feeling a bit nervous but we got down to business and started telling my self she wasn’t really flirting that I was just a dirty old man. I was wrong!

About an hour into our session I was sweating from the heat. She asked me if I would like some lemonade. I said bedava bahis I would love some. Then this beautiful nineteen year old version of her mother walked to the cabinet opened it and started reaching up for the top shelf. Oh my, as she stretched I could see her cute ass cheeks falling out of her shorts. She was stunning. Suddenly she said, ” Hey teach can you help me? I can’t reach the glass.”

I walked over started to reach up over her as she fell backwards into me. As I started to fall backwards I reached around to keep from falling and my hands were quickly around her soft full breasts feeling everything through the tshirt. I fell unceremoniously on my ass with her sitting in my lap. I just sat there for a few seconds stunned, my hands still on her breasts my cock hardening against her ass.

Jenny giggled and said, “sorry teach!” but as I tried to release her she held my hands against her breasts turned her head and kissed me on the lips.

I succumbed for about a minute but as we broke the kiss I said,” Jenny, you are a beautiful young lady but we can’t do this, it’s not right!” but as my mouth said no my cock said yes.

She replied and said, “Teach if you don’t find my attractive I understand but I’m a legal adult. we aren’t in school, and you aren’t really a teacher anymore. I find you sexy and I want you to make love to me!”

At that she stood up, pulled me by my hand and led me to her bedroom, my mouth opened in silence. She led me to the bed, laid down and pulled me to her.

We started kissing passionately. I was gone no longer thinking. I kissed her head, her arms went above her head as I lifter her shirt off. I kissed her hands her arms her arm pits and worked my way down to her breasts alternating pinching one nipple while suckling the other. Her nipples got very hard and distended. I fit as much of her breasts in my mouth as possible as she rubbed my head.

I worked my way down kissing her tummy. I slipped further down and slipped off her shorts. She was clean shaven except for a tiny triangular patch above her pussy. I stared in amazement as she gently pushed my head into her soft wet lips. I lapped at her pussy like a ravenous dog in heat alternating between sucking her clit and sticking my tongue deep deneme bonus inside her. She began undulating and moaning her juices flowing heavily as she held my head there firmly. I could feel her body start to go rigid as her smooth thighs clamped around my head. Her back arched and she screamed in orgasm flooding my mouth with her nectar.

She began shaking uncontrollably and pushed my head away but I wasn’t done. I quickly pulled off my pants relieving my rigid hard cock and slipped inside her.

I barely began to thrust inside her when she shuddered with another orgasm.

I rolled over with me still inside her and she was on top riding my stiff manhood. I reached up and fondled her breasts pinching her nipples hard. I wasn’t going to last long. I told her I was going to cum! She got a wicked grin on her face and growled,” Cum deep inside me lover!” She clamped down hard on me and I thrust up hard and deep shooting rope after rope of cum deep inside her.

Jenny collapsed on top of me, me still inside her. I held and caressed her as we nodded off for a bit. I don’t know how long we were out but woke quickly when I heard a door slam. Jenny woke up as well. I said,” What to hell is that?”

She said, “Oh my mom comes home for lunch sometimes.”

I began to panic and scramble to get out of bed when she pulled me back in.

I asked her what the hell she was doing? As this happened Susan walked in and looking at Jenny said, ” I see you met your goal today hun.” and she began to undress. I watched in shock as Susan said, ” Like mother like daughter teach, I’ve always had the hots for you” as she slipped in bed with us.

Jenny smiled leaned over and kissed me as Susan began stroking me hard. Jenny said,” I told you it would be okay teach.” I looked at Jenny that at Susan they were both beautiful. Susan got me hard and mounted me as Jenny sat on my face. I wrapped my arms around her soft ass eating her pussy as Susan began slamming up and down me moaning when she said to Jenny, “Play with mommy’s titties baby while our lover fucks us. Jenny reached out and started fondling her mothers tits as she ground on my mouth and mommy rode me hard. I was about to erupt like a volcano as Jenny started flooding my mouth with pussy juice at the same time Susan screamed and squirted all over me. I erupted with cum like I was 18. We fell together asleep in a lumpy puddle. It was not our last time together all three or as two but that’s another story for another time

I was a satisfied man with two beautiful women.

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