Lihn’s Story: The Attorney and the Intern Ch. 3


When I walked into Sean’s master bedroom I glanced around quickly.  The room was huge.  I still had not seen Sean’s entire loft apartment, but from the rooms, I had seen the apartment was very large. The master bedroom was like the rest of the apartment, neat, clean, and very organized.  There was a door that led to his master bathroom and another door that would open into a walk-in closet.  The bedroom was furnished with a comfortable-looking chair in one corner of the room; against one wall was his large chest of drawers with a large mirror attached to the back.  The bed had a nightstand on each side.  Atop one nightstand was a lamp and on the other a digital alarm clock and a cordless landline phone.  The bed was a large king-sized bed with an ornate cast-iron footboard and headboard.  The bedroom floor was carpeted and not hardwood floors like other parts of the loft. Sean was still dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed; I was completely naked.  Both the overhead room light and the lamp on the nightstand were turned on, making the room bright.    I grinned at Sean and walked toward him and stopped when he held up his hand.  “We need to discuss a few things,” he told me and I nodded.I was not embarrassed to be standing naked in front of the clothed man.  He had already seen plenty of my body.  I was not ashamed of my body at all.“Are you on birth control?”  he asked.“Yes,” I answered as I nodded my head.  I had an IUD implant.“This question may offend you but I do need to ask.  How you sucked my dick earlier, I can tell you have more experience than I would have thought for a girl of nineteen.  I won’t ask how many men you have been with sexually since that’s none of my business, just like how many women I have been with is none of yours,” Sean told me as he looked into my eyes. I breathed a sigh of relief.  I did not keep count of how many guys I had fucked or just given blow jobs to, but it had to be over fifteen but no more than twenty.  The number of girls I knew because there had not been many of them; the girl total was three.“Do you have any STD’s or have you ever had any?”  Sean asked as he continued his questions.“No too both,” I answered as I shook my head.That was true.  I had dodged the bullet on STDs.  I normally practiced safe sex when it came to one-night stands I had with guys I met in a bar or club or at a party, but there have been a few times when I rolled the dice.  After those times, I did get tested.  Guys I dated casually, I was not as safe as I should have been, but so far I had been lucky.“What about you?”  I asked.Sean smiled, “Not on birth control.”  I giggled at that.  “I am clean.  I have even been tested for Covid.”“Oh, me too,” I smiled.I got tested a week prior to that night.  Derrick was an EMT and while he never had symptoms, on one of his calls he had been exposed to a person who had Covid.  We both went to the hospital he worked for and got tested at the same time.  We both tested negative.“Turn around,” Sean told me, and with more giggling I did.I knew what he wanted to do and I did not mind in the least.  He wanted to look at my body.  Maybe he needed time to recover from his previous orgasm and get hard again.  Sean was older than the other men I have had sex with and I did not know what his “recuperation time” to get an erection again was.  I also got aroused when a lover looked at my body and I would pose for them.  I put my feet about shoulder length apart and bent over slightly for him while I looked over my shoulder.“You are so small,” Sean commented.“Good things come in small packages,” I replied and giggled and Sean laughed.“Indeed they can.  Place your hands on your ass and spread yourself apart for me,” he told me. I reached behind me and did as he told me.  Sean telling me what to do and ordering me around was a huge turn-on for me.“No, put your hands higher up on your ass.  I want you to spread that tight, little asshole apart.”I grinned at him and did as he told me.  I did flinch and let out a soft whimper when my fingers pressed into the flesh of my ass.  I was still tender from the paddling.  Still looking over my shoulder, I saw Sean stand up and unbuckle his belt and he pulled it from his pants and I heard the leather “swish” against the material.  Sean then folded his belt.“No, please, Sean!”  I whined out as I stood up and turned around.  “Please, don’t spank me with that.”    Sean looked at me and then his belt in his hand and then at me and he laughed hard.  “I was not going to spank you with the belt.  I was just getting kaçak iddaa undressed.”I blushed and Sean made a motion with his hand for me to turn around again.  I did and posed for him as I was before.  I brushed my hair behind my ear, spread my ass apart, looked over my shoulder, and watched Sean get undressed.  Not only did I like men I was about to be intimate with see me undress or naked, but I liked to watch them undress also.Sean let his clothes fall to the floor and when he was wearing just his grey, boxer briefs he walked toward me.  It was easy to tell he was already fully aroused again.  Sean stopped just about two inches from me and I let out a gasping whimper when he ran his fingers from the small of my back and down my butt crack.  Sean cupped my pussy gently and placed his thumb on my butthole and then made circular motions with his thumb around the outside of my asshole.  It felt very pleasant.     “Do you like to get your ass fucked, Lihn?”  he asked.  “I know you enjoyed my tongue up your ass.”“Y…yes,” I nodded.  I was not embarrassed to tell him I liked anal sex.I was glad he showed interest in it because I loved anal sex.  I enjoyed getting fucked in my ass immensely.  Sean was above average in both length and girth and while it might hurt at first, I would gladly endure that initial pain that I may experience to feel the pleasure it would give me.  I liked the way a thick cock felt as it stretched my asshole or pussy open.I started moaning softly as Sean kept rubbing my asshole and ran a finger up and down the slit of my pussy.  He did use his fingers to enter my ass or pussy or even touch my clit; he just kept his touch gentle.  It felt very nice but I was so horny and wanted to get fucked.  I was tired of foreplay.  “Your pussy is so wet, Lihn.  You must be such a horny, little slut,” Sean teased me.  “I don’t think I ever seen a girl get so wet from just playing with her.”  Sean removed his hand from my body.I opened my mouth to ask him, no beg him, to fuck me now but before I could get the words out he placed his thumb in my mouth.“Suck it, Lihn.  Suck it like you did my cock earlier and get it all sloppy, wet with your spit,” he told me.I sucked his thumb into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down like I was sucking a penis.  As I sucked it I was allowing saliva to build up in my mouth.  When there was a large amount of spit in my mouth I parted my lips and my saliva poured out of my mouth, over his thumb, and covering his hand.  I kept sucking his thumb and my eyes opened wide in surprise when I felt a warm liquid drop on my butt crack and run down to my asshole.  I knew Sean had dribbled his spit on me.  I went back to sucking his thumb and slobbering all over his thumb and his hand.I knew what he was going to do and I was looking forward to it.  Once Sean felt his thumb was slick enough he pulled it out of my mouth, dribble more spit down my butt crack, cupped my pussy again, and I moaned in pleasure when he inserted his thumb in my ass. “Uhhh, God….uhhhh…God…yes…uhhh that feels so good,” I moaned and bent over a little more so he could easily go deeper into my butt.  “More…please, Sean…go deeper…please.  Uhhh, fuck…yes…uhhh fuck yes, that’s it.”Sean pushed his thumb deeper into my ass and started running his finger up and down my pussy clit again.  Once his large digit was in my ass until it could go no further he started twisting and turning it.  God, it felt so good!  I kept moaning and telling him how good it felt. Sean played with my asshole and pussy for a while and I could not take anymore.  “Please, Sean…uhhh fuck, that feels so good, but please fuck me now,” I whined.“But I am having fun,” Sean taunted me and I called out to God loudly when he shoved his thumb into my ass as deep as it would go.“Uhhh….fuck!  Uhhh, God…please.  I want to get fucked now….please,” I pleaded.  “Please fuck me until I cum again and…and then you can fuck my ass.”  I had entered my negotiating stage when I desperately felt the need to be fucked.  I would promise to do about anything, and I kept those promises.Sean laughed as he continued to toy with me.  “You have such a tight little asshole, Lihn.  Do you think it can handle my cock?” “Yes…Ohhh shit…that feels so fucking good,” I knew it could.  I get off on large things up my ass; well, appropriate things like a large cock, a large anal toy, or more than one finger. “Maybe I won’t fuck you tonight.  Maybe I will just play with your ass and pussy, not allowing you to cum, and just have you suck my cock several times kaçak bahis to get me off.”  I let out a loud squealing moan when he once again shoved his thumb deep into my ass but he also inserted a finger into my wet pussy. “Ohhh, My God….ohhh…no, please no…please, fuck me,” I continued to beg.“You sure are a whiney little thing when you get aroused, huh?  Much more so than you normally are.”I knew what he meant when he said, “Much more so than you normally are”.  I have a childlike voice that got whiney sounded when I wanted something or got excited about something.  My normal voice sounds like I am much younger.  I have had people I talk to on the phone I have never met mistake me for a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl.  When I would call customer service numbers to complain about something such as an incorrect order from something I purchased online or once when there was an unauthorized charge on my debit card, the customer service rep would ask to speak to an adult in the household.  I found it very annoying, but guys I date or have been with intimately never complained.  Some seemed to enjoy my childlike voice.  My pitch became whinier when I was trying to get something I wanted, and at that moment with Sean, I wanted to get fucked and have another orgasm.Sean ignored my pleas and continued to finger my asshole but he pulled his finger out of my pussy and once again just ran it up my slit.  I assumed he did not want me to orgasm, which I was close to doing.  He continued teasing me for several more minutes and then stopped.  He placed an arm around my waist and had me stand up straight and turned me around.  Sean bent his knees to squat a little, placed his hands under my butt, and lifted me off my feet.I giggled as I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders.  He started kissing me and I responded by parting my lips and letting his tongue enter my mouth.  As we kissed I moved my hips trying to position my body so his cock could slide into my pussy but Sean lifted me too high up his body.  He then carried me the short distance to his bed and gently sat me down on the edge.  I moved when he pulled the comforter and sheets down to allow him to pull them down and then sat back on the edge of the bed. Sean got on his knees in front of me, placed his hands on the back of my inner thighs just below my butt cheeks, and lifted my legs toward my body.  I knew he was going to go down on my pussy so I looped my arms under the back of my knees to hold my legs up and spread apart.  I sat up a little so I could watch what he was going to do and Sean looked at me and smiled.  I gasped out when he bent his head and placed his mouth on my pussy.He started by licking around my vulva, tasting my pussy fluids, while he slid one hand up my pussy and pushed my clit hood up to expose my clit, which was swollen and hard from arousal.  Sean’s other hand went under my ass and he used a finger to stimulate the outside of my asshole.  After he had enough of licking my vulva, Sean ran his tongue up the slit of my pussy and flicked it across my exposed clit, and started to tease my clit with his tongue as his finger entered my asshole.“Ohhh, fuck!  Uhhh…God…Ohhh God…that…that feels so good…Ohhh shit, does that feel good!”  I moaned between my panting. Sean took his mouth off my clit and looked up at me and smiled, “Your pussy tastes very good, Lihn,” he commented and placed his tongue back on my clit. Sean went to work on my pussy to make me orgasm again.  He used his hands, fingers, and mouth on and in my pussy and asshole.  He was very good at going down on a girl’s pussy; extremely good.  Sean was the best guy I’d ever been with up to that time and even after when it came to oral sex.  The only time I had better was a thirty-five-year-old woman I hooked up with a few times my first year in college.  I have had and after Sean had other guys who were great with oral sex, some were not; but Sean awesome at it.  It didn’t take me long to orgasm a second time that night.“Ohhh, God…Ohhh My, God…Uhhh…fuck….fuck…Ohhhh God…I am going to cum….Ohhhh shit, I am going to cum!”  I screamed out. By the time my orgasm hit, I had already let go of my legs but still kept them up and spread wide.  One of my arms was above my head and my hand clinching the bed sheet while my other hand was twisting, pulling, and pinching my nipples hard.  Sean had his tongue in my ass and one of his hands was on my clit and he was stimulating my clit furiously with his fingers.  He had three fingers from his other hand illegal bahis in my pussy thrusting them rapidly, hard, and deep into my pussy.  When I orgasmed my legs fell on his shoulders and my entire body contracted and my legs involuntarily clinched around his neck.Sean kept using his fingers and mouth on me until my orgasm ended.  When my body relaxed and as I lay on the bed panting Sean got off his knees, pressed his body to mine, and started kissing my lips.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back, licking his mouth and lips to taste myself.“I thought you were going to squeeze my head off,” he teased me after he broke our kiss.“I…I’m sorry.  I couldn’t help it,” I replied.  My voice was low and husky sounding from the blissful state of post-orgasmic pleasure.  “Fuck, Sean, that was awesome,” I added.Sean didn’t say anything but did smile.  He stood back up and removed his boxer shorts and I scooted up on the bed and placed my head on a pillow and watched him as he got in the bed, my eyes focused on his erect, large cock.  Sean kneeled between my spread legs, so close to me that his erect cock was laying on my stomach, and I propped myself on my elbows and looked down.  His large penis extended up past my belly button.  I lay back flat on my back and closed my eyes and made a slight whimpering moan at the thought of how deep he was going to be inside me.  It was not a whimper of any type of fear or worry, but one of excitement at the thought of how far he was going to penetrate my body.I lifted my legs, spread them apart, and bent them at the knee as Sean took his penis in his hand and lined it up with the entrance of my pussy.  He lay on top of me, supporting his body with his elbows at my sides, and entered me. “Ohhh, God!  Ohhhh…Uhhh, fuck!”  I moaned and gasped out as he penetrated me in one steady, slow thrust.He slid easily into me since I was so wet, but I could feel my pussy spreading open to accommodate his thick cock.  God, did it feel so good!  My arms went around his back; I clenched him tight, raised my head, and started kissing his neck and moaning into his ear as he thrust into me.  I gave a loud gasp when his long cock hit my cervix and then pushed past it as he penetrated deep into my body until he was fully in me. Sean moved his arms and placed his elbows by the sides of my head, held onto my head with his hands, and started kissing me as he started to rotate his hips.  I did my best to kiss him back, but I mostly just moaned and gasped into his mouth.  As he kissed my lips, face, and neck; Sean moved one hand to my small breasts and started playing with my nipple as he kept rotating his hips.“Ohhh….Oh, My God…Uhhh God…Sean…Ohhh fuck…please, baby, fuck me…uhhh God…fuck me,” I begged between my moans of pleasure.Sean did start to fuck me but started slow and gentle.  It was like he was afraid I would break since I was so small.  That was nothing new to me.  It happened sometimes when the guy was large.  I don’t mean his penis size but his body in general.  Whether he was tall like Sean or shorter guys with larger body frames, they seemed scared I would break.  It did feel great the way Sean was fucking me, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to be fucked hard and rough. I started moving my hips and soon we got into a great tempo as Sean continued to fuck me gentle and slow.  He kept kissing my lips, my neck, and kept playing with my nipples.  I began to realize he was just not afraid I would break, but he was also getting a great deal of enjoyment in the way he fucked me and he did so for his pleasure as well as mine.  He would slowly pull out of me until just the tip of his cock was inside me and then thrust and rotate his hips into me as I lifted my butt off the bed to meet his thrusts.  He would then push his cock deep into me, hold it there, and again rotate his hips. I was moaning and gasping and whimpering in pleasure and kept rotating my hips in rhythm with his.  It was slow but very intense.  While we were fucking Sean would tell me how good my pussy felt, how wet I was, how tight my pussy was, and how he liked how tiny I was.  I would talk dirty back to him; telling him how big his cock was, how deep in me he was, and how great his cock felt in my pussy.   After about maybe seven or eight minutes, I cried out I was going to cum again, dug my fingers into his back, and my body went rigid as I orgasmed again. Sean did not stop fucking me.  When my orgasm ended he reached under my butt, slid his hand down to the back of my upper thigh, pulled my left leg up, and placed it over his right shoulder.  The man thrust his large cock deep inside me.“Uhhh fuck!  It’s so deep,” I screamed.  With my leg over his shoulder, his cock penetrated me even deeper.

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