Life as a Sub Ch. 03 Pt. 05



This is the penultimate part of a true-life account of a party I had in my early twenties learning how I was born a submissive. This part was a time in my life when I was being guided and conditioned to discover my true position and purpose as a beat male.

I was about to leave college to enter the job market. Bob and Claire gave me and my girlfriend a farewell dinner party, even though Ruth had another nine months to go at the college.

This dinner party was everything I had expected and what happened didn’t really shock me, but it turned out to be a lot more educational that got me wondering if I wanted any other Dominants than these two.

* * * * *

The trouble with Ruth pushing my plug into my bum, in time with Bob and Claire fucking, was that they were getting faster. The plug obviously wasn’t moving in and out of me as much Bob’s cock was with Claire’s vagina, but Ruth was trying by pushing it harder inside me. Her pushing motion was making me move my hips back against her. I was the one being fucked now. I felt like I was having a cock pushed in me and my girlfriend was loving it.

Ruth whispered into my ear, her voice sounded breathless and turned on. “Look at his cock. Look at it. Fucking her in and out. Mmmmmm Aunt Claire’s pussy. Mmmmmm ohhhhh yesss.’ She breathed loudly into my ear. Yessss, he is stretching her cunt, mmmmmmm she is sucking his cock into her.”

I swallowed and pushed my bum down on her hand, then watched Bob’s cock slide so easily in and out of Claire, faster and faster. Their grunts and groans told me that they were close to cumming,

Claire was shouting, “Yes, oh God Yessssss.” As Bob was groaning, straining, holding the weight of her body so he could fuck her at a very fast, short stroke, pace, making him sweat and puff out loud.

Ruth continued whispering in my ear. “Both of you are getting fucked. You and Claire …. you both have Bob’s cock in you …. sliding in you …. nnnnnnnggggggg …. yesssss …. fucking you.”

I knew they were both getting close. Bob was going to cum. Claire was going to cum and I wanted to watch and join in with their orgasm.

Bob’s balls were tight and ready. Ruth stopped fucking me with her fingers and reached out and touched Bob’s crinkled ball bag with a feather light stroke. She timed her touch with his fucking, but the look on her face was pure hunger with a depraved admiration.

I had to touch my plug and so I bucked my hips as I fucked myself, clenching the silicone cock inside me. Looking at Bob’s cock sliding inside Claire, I was convinced I was squeezing his cock in me, feeling him use me for his pleasure. I was thinking perhaps this was what Claire was feeling.

And then it happened. Claire held Bob tightly, pushing her breasts into his face. She sank down on his cock and couldn’t stop shaking. Wow this was big. Her cries and shouts of, “Aaaaahhhhhh. Yeesssssss. Nooooooo. Mmmmmmm,” filled the room.

I stopped playing with myself just as Bob held Claire tightly, feeling his wife’s powerful orgasm. He stopped fucking, grabbed her hips and pushed her down onto his cock, trying to get deeper into her.

“Nnnngggggg.” He grunted. “Nnnnngggggg.” Again, he shoved deep into his shaking wife. “Nnnnggggg.” He joined Claire in their vocal ecstasy, his orgasm matching hers. It was so loud and wild.

I looked at Ruth with raised eyebrows. I had never seen two people just let go like this when having sex. It was amazing. For me, this was so real and intense. Bob and Claire let their feelings totally explode, and I bet they loved to do it in front of me and Ruth. Of course, yes, that was it. They loved fucking infront of other people, showing their watchers just what an orgasm really is.

I didn’t know how they did it. They shouted and groaned, and I thought for a moment that Claire lost consciousness as she went all floppy. But then, wow, she shook uncontrollably again, scrunched up, threw her head back, yelled then thrust her breasts into Bob’s face.

I quickly glanced at Ruth again, only to see that she was frigging herself and it looked like she was having an orgasm as well. She was trying to be quiet, but I saw her face scrunched up, the orgasm ripping through her.

Noooo. What was happening. Everyone was cumming and here I was, kneeling and only getting more and more frustrated.

I looked back at the noisy couple on the sofa, staring at Claire’s shaking bum sat on Bob’s squashed balls, then down at my erect sticking out dicklet.

I had to stroke it. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to at least edge and get on the cusp of my own orgasm. I saw Ruth out of the corner of my eye. She had lowered her head to the floor, her arm firmly stuck between her closed legs.

Claire and Bob’s vocal ecstasy had died down, but they were still enjoying their big orgasms. Claire was still shaking but now giggling as Bob held her tightly. He too couldn’t stop giggling as he took one of her nipples in his mouth.

“Noooooooooo.” Claire shouted. güvenilir bahis “Ah, ah, ah sensitive.” She kept still, then giggled again as Bob turned his suck to a gentle kiss. He laughed, nuzzling his head between her breasts.

They were visibly relaxing, but they continued to hold each other. He was whispering something to Claire that I couldn’t hear. Her head slumped forward onto the back of the sofa, nodding and also whispering.

Ruth turned her head to look at me. Her forehead still firmly on the carpet, her eyes looked like she was drunk. They closed then opened. I smiled at her, knowing that she had given herself a little orgasm. Lucky girl, I thought, still tugging my dicklet.

I looked at the arch of her naked body, a glimpse of the side of her hanging breast, then along her back to the start of the crease of her bum. Oh, she was gorgeous. I wanted her, to fuck her. I wanted to hold Ruth like Bob held Claire and feel her pussy grip my dicklet and then …. cum like they did and explode into Ruth’s wet sloppy and tight cunt. Yes, her tight, hot cunt, mmmmmmm, her tight wet deep cunt.

Oh wow, I was getting so close. I could feel that I was just on the edge of cumming so I let go of my cock. I was worried that I would splash it on the carpet and make a mess. I thought that it would be such a large amount, but then what would happen. What would they say if I messed up their sofa or carpet?

I swallowed and reached over and placed my hand on Ruth’s bum crease.

My eyes stayed nervously on Bob and Claire, just to make sure they were still busy, then I traced my fingers down Ruth’s bum and touched her puckered arsehole. She didn’t move at all but kept looking at me. I stretched out my hand to cover her bum cheeks, with my middle finger rubbing and tapping her arsehole. I moved my hand down further until my fingers reached …. oh yesssss, there it was. Her hot wet vagina.

I wanted to stick my finger inside her. I wanted to feel how wet and turned on she was, to feel how juicy she was.

Bob and Caire were still whispering so I quickly looked at her face but then down at her hand as she reached over to hold my dicklet. Oh yeeessssss. Thank you. Hold me, I thought. Feel just how hard and ready to cum I am.

I started to slide my now wet finger just inside her wet pussy. She squeezed my finger, so I smiled at her. My hand now looked like I was holding a bowling ball. Ruth just kept looking at me, her mouth becoming a smile as she gently and slowly pushed back on my hand as she felt my invading finger. She was studying my face.

I must have looked like a depraved panting sex maniac. All I could think about was her face, her breast and how she was feeling as my finger got as deep as I could get it.

Mmmmmmm. She clenched her muscles again to squeeze my finger, making me swallow with lust. Trouble was, my finger was only as deep as I could get it at this angle. I felt her hand squeeze my dicklet but then she pulled my foreskin back.

I looked down. It hurt a little as she pulled it right back, but now my cock head looked so bulbous and purple, and it looked like it was going to burst. Oh wow, I was that turned on.

A heard a cough to my right.

I froze while my eyes darted over to see Bob’s head looking round Claire’s body. He lifted his left hand from Claire’s hip and made a come here signal with his fingers.

“I hope you two have been paying attention. Get over here.” He said, squinting his eyes.

I felt Ruth let go of my dicklet and I slid my hand over her bum back to my side as I turned my attention to where it was supposed to be, to their joined bodies. Ruth lifted her head and joined me, and we were back to concentrating on Bob and Claire. They once again had their two kneeling subs, looking directly at her bottom and his balls.

Bob whispered something to Claire and with his help, she lifted. Bob’s semi hard cock flopped out of her pussy and fell onto his stomach, covered in his and her slime. A drop of cum slid out of Claire’s vagina and landed on his leg as she rolled off him and sat down onto the sofa. She lifted her legs to try to curl up, probably still feeling the effects of her orgasm.

On the floor, we both looked at Claire’s pussy and we were presented with red and bright pink, slimy looking pussy lips, white bits hung around her hole. I didn’t know what was going through my mind, but her wet lips did look sexy.

I went back to looking and admiring Bob’s cock as Ruth leaned forward and kissed Claire’s pointing toes.

“Mmmmmmm, oh yes, my little one. You know what I like.” She said looking at Ruth.

Claire turned to Bob. “I need to freshen up.” She said, kissing him then turning to Ruth, smiling as she watched each of her toes getting kissed.

“Take Ruth.” Bob said looking at my girlfriend, his cock twitching with a renewed excitement. “Me and the boy are going to talk.”

Claire put her legs down, feet on the carpet and held her hands out for Ruth to pull her.

Ruth stood güvenilir bahis siteleri and pulled Claire but couldn’t budge her. It was obvious that Claire was still feeling like a big heavy lump of recovering female orgasm.

Claire giggled and instead, pulled Ruth down to her. I couldn’t help getting excited, seeing both girls squash their bodies together, their breasts and nipples rubbing while Claire opened legs and pressed her wet pussy against my girlfriend’s hip.

Claire held Ruth tightly and sighed, wrapping her legs around her. Claire kissed Ruth on the lips, and Ruth responded by kissing her back, loving the touch of Claire’s soft body against hers.

“Hey hey hey.” Bob said lazily. “Is that freshening up?”

Claire and Ruth laughed and giggled, and let go of each other. “Come on then.” Claire said to Ruth as she gently smacked her bum.

But just as Claire tried to stand, it was me and Bob who couldn’t stop sniggering. Even with Ruth’s help to get up, Claire’s legs were not functioning properly.

“Oh wow, you got me good hun.” She turned her head and smiled at her husband, resting her hand on Ruth’s shoulder and sofa arm and she tried to straighten her legs.

I looked up at Bob and he winked at me. I had to smile at him. Then we both watched Claire walk slowly and wobbly out of the room. It was like looking at a 100-year-old lady trying to walk faster than was physically possible. She held Ruth’s arm for support, but that made her journey look even more hilarious.

“My legs don’t work.” Claire shouted out in a shaky humorous voice.

I was trying to stifle a loud laugh, my body shaking and short snorts of air coming out of my nose. I looked at Bob who, with scrunched up lips, was also trying to hold back a loud howl of laughter.

Once they were out the door, Bob stood up, hands on hips, clearly proud of his conquest and performance and smiled down at me. He deliberately stood in front of me, his softening cock hanging down between his balls, so close I could smell his cum. He twitched it and it hit my nose. I flinched but didn’t mind because I couldn’t help but also feel proud that my Master was such a magnificent lover to his wife.

I was totally fixated with the shape, colour and look of his cock and balls. I couldn’t help myself. I was admiring it. His powerful and prominent manhood, sticky with white blobs, only centimetres from my lips.

The tiny distance between his cock and my lips made me very self-conscious that my little dicklet was hardening again. I licked my lips and I swallowed which got a laugh from him.

“You want to suck it don’t you.” He stated looking at my pointing dicklet.

He was right as my dicklet was betraying my feelings. I was hard and excited and now twitching by just looking at him. I turned red with embarrassment, my heart pounding in my chest because I felt depraved and dirty, having an attraction for this man’s cock. I wanted to touch it, hold it. I was unsure about tasting it especially after he had just fucked Claire, but I wanted to feel it, hold it and look at him as I did it, to see the satisfaction on his face.

I swallowed again, looking up at him.

“Show me I am right. Tell me you want to worship my cock …. kiss my balls to show me I am right.” He ordered.

Without hesitation, I leaned forward and with his drying but still sticky cock touching my cheek, I kissed each ball then looking him in the eyes, said to him. “I want to worship your cock Master.”

He turned, but he made sure he deliberately swiped his cock against my cheek. I felt some sticky wetness on my cheek and ear as he turned to walk out the room.

“Follow me.” He told me, without looking back.

I couldn’t help myself but look round to watch his bum as he walked away. I stood to follow him when I felt such a rush of relief. Ohhhh yes, that was good. Relief for my aching knees. What a reprieve.

But Bob stopped and looked back to me. He didn’t say anything he just pointed at the floor. I instantly knew what I had to do and reluctantly knelt again. It was ok I suppose because I did have a very brief leg stretch, so it wasn’t so bad that I was back to my kneeling position again.

Bob carried on walking for two more steps but then again stopped, making me pause crawling behind him.

He was looking down at the carpet in front of him. Then he did something strange, he stepped his right foot to one side, slid his feet apart, spreading his straightened legs wide, then leaned forward to touch the floor. I frowned and thought this was a very odd way to bend over, but then I got a very clear view of his hanging balls and arsehole.

He placed one hand on the floor as he touched what looked like a wet spot on the carpet with the other. He gave it a quick rub with his finger, then looked back at me between his legs.

“I think Claire is leaking.” He smiled at me with an upside-down grin.

He shook his hips making his balls jiggle. I couldn’t help look at them as my attention iddaa siteleri was also drawn to his slightly hairy arsehole. I swallowed.

There was an opportunity to do something I had never done. What if I kissed his bum? My heart was pounding in my chest. What would happen if I did it? What will it taste like? It’s another man but it’s a bum so will it feel like Ruth’s?

Then as if he knew what I was thinking, he pulled his cheeks apart and said.

“Go on then. Do it. Yeeeeees. You know what to do. Go on …. you know you want to …. DO IT.”

Again, I couldn’t help myself. It was ok because it was just me and him, so I swallowed nervously, then leaned forward and got a closer look at his puckered skin, his hole, the tiny amount of dark matted hair that surrounded it, obviously from the sweat of fucking Claire.

As he held his cheeks apart, he clenched his hole, making his balls gently lift and fall.

This was so depraved, but I took that as a signal to do something, so I leaned forward. I kissed his arsehole. OMG what was I doing. I felt his fingers holding his bum cheeks against my face as I pouted and touched my lips to his puckered hole. I kissed it, making a mmpppaaa noise. I kissed it again, then licked my lips, and there was that familiar stinging tang on my tongue of salt and sweat.

I swallowed. My heart still pounding wildly. This was something that wasn’t the done thing, it was weird and taboo but something in me wanted to do it again. But this time I wanted to do more, to lick his arsehole and taste his salty sweat again. I was feeling like a depraved slut. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to do it again. No one else was around so why not. I wanted that feeling of embarrassment and excitement, knowing it was just me and Bob and he was waiting for me to do it again. I felt the humiliation sweep over me, I was a submissive bitch boy, my dicklet hard and twitching, so I leaned forward.

And there it was again, the thrill of that feeling as my face pressed against my master’s cold bum cheeks, the taste of his sweat, oh yessss, I wanted the shame of it all to sweep over me.

I leaned back, swallowed, then went for it, leaning in. I used the flat of my tongue and with one slow small upward stroke, licked another man’s bum hole. Wow. I had done it.

I sat back on my heels, my dicklet pulsing because it was such a naughty yet erotic thing I had just done, but I felt proud I had just done it. I admired my wet tongue trail around and over his hole.

I did it. I had tasted him, but I wasn’t finished. I leaned forward and kissed each ball.

“There we go, that’s it. You really are a hungry submissive little bitch aren’t you. That’s it, pay your respects to my balls.”

I swallowed again; my excitement was now obvious. That praise from my master, made me think about what I had just done. I had totally let myself go and I went for that new experience, and it was amazing. I wanted to do it again and again and again because it obviously pleased him.

“Good boy.” He said standing up. “Let’s go.”

Bob walked into the hallway, and I followed, my tongue now feeling a little thicker from the sweaty salt taste I had just received.

We got to the downstairs bathroom and Bob entered leaving the door open. He raised a finger to me, making me stop. I sat back on my heels outside the small room and listened. I heard him lifting the lid and then he peed into the toilet. He flushed.

“In you come boy.” He ordered.

I joined him as he stood in front of the sink, his cock and balls hanging over the basin.

“Wash me.” He commanded as he ignored me and looked at himself in the mirror, turning his head from side to side.

Shuffling up closer to the basin, I ran the hot and cold-water taps, feeling the temperature from the nozzle, getting it just right. Bob looked down at me and wiggled his cock from side to side, hurrying me.

My hands were really wet so I soaped them up and made a lather. I then took hold of his semi hard cock and started to wash him, working his foreskin back and forth, feeling his big soft yet gristly thickness in my hand. Bob moved closer to the sink trying to let me wash as much of him as I could without getting the floor wet.

He was enjoying me holding and caressing him, because he was smiling as I delicately stroked my hand from the tip to the base of his cock, sliding his foreskin back easily with the soap. I knew how I like to wash my dicklet so I did the same with Bobs, but this was different. This was another man’s penis, and embarrassingly, I was washing it. I wondered what was he feeling as I held and caressed him?

I swallowed because I was enjoying this. His cock was semi hard in my hands, soapy and slippery but I was totally aware of the power his manhood had over me. I washed his balls, carefully cupping each one, washing around and under them, then with a cupped hand, I splashed the soap off them with the warm water.

I went back to holding, gently squeezing, pulling, and working his slippery foreskin back and forth. It was like I was milking him. The feel of his cock head, and then the thickness and length of him was amazing. I cupped my hand and splashed water over him one last time to wash the soap off.

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