Let’s Play a Game


My mom’s sister had two girls, Kimberly and Paige. Kimberly was a fat, pimple faced slob with this real frizzy hair and thick coke bottle glasses. Paige, the other daughter don’t look nothing like Kimberly. She’s gorgeous. She’s got long blonde hair, dark brown eyebrow, yeah, just one, over both eyes, big brown eyes and the sweetest smile ever. Honestly, I’ve got a big crush on her, even if she is my cousin.

“Hey, Stacy, keep your boy away from my daughter, huh?” Aunt Vickie was always saying.

“Aw, what’s wrong with a little incest?” my mom would always answer and they would both cackle like idiots.

The truth is, I was totally in love with Paige. And she was crazy in love with me. Our birthdays are three days apart; she turns eighteen right before I do.

Right now, she’s dating this guy, Brian and I want so bad to hate him. But the truth is, I really like him. I’m dating Debbie and Paige and Debbie are BFFs.

Brian is about as tall as me and kind of skinny like me. He has dirty blond hair that really needs a haircut and this slim nose and light green eyes and a nice smile. Debbie has blonde hair that’s almost white and light blue eyes and titties that are a 29C, just perfect. From the neck down, she and Paige could be twins. In fact, they’re both five three and a hundred and ten pounds. And of course, both are always saying they’re so fat.

Me? I’m a lot like Paige. I got blond hair on my head, but my eyebrow is dark brown and my pubic hair is dark brown. I have brown eyes; Debbie calls them puppy dog eyes.

Mom and Aunt Vickie go out almost every night to this hole in the wall bar and drink until they’re so damned drunk they can’t even walk. But they really don’t need to walk; there’s always three or four guys willing drive them wherever they wanting to go. Honestly, I’m surprised I don’t have a hundred brothers and sisters; I know those guys aren’t driving them around for nothing.

Mom rarely comes home before it’s time for her to turn around and go to work. She works at this sandwich shop in the back of a bank; they’re open from ten to four and then she’s home getting ready to go out and do it all over again.

One time she was so wrapped up in getting ready to go out partying, she completely forgot it was my sixteenth birthday. It was my dad calling her cell phone to talk to me that reminded her that it was my birthday.

I’m Trey, by the way. Trey Lott. It’s actually Abner Myron Lott the third but no one calls me Abner or Myron, thank God. They call my dad ‘Abe’ and a lot of people think its short for Abraham. He and my mom got married when he got her knocked up, but her drinking and his drugging was why they got a divorce. They got a divorce before I was even two years old so I really don’t remember nothing about their marriage.

Anyway, escort izmir two weeks after my eighteenth birthday, Debbie, Brian, Paige and me went out to Johnny’s for their ‘Sweep the Kitchen’ pizza. We tell them hold the anchovies. Honestly, anchovies are so nasty; who the fuck said they needed to put fish on their pizza anyway?

Debbie had turned eighteen about three months ago. Paige’s birthday is right before mine, and Brian had already had his nineteenth birthday. Kind of sucks. We’re all old enough to join the Army, we’re old enough to vote, but we ain’t old enough do nothing.

After pizza at Johnny’s, we all walked back to my trailer; my mom and Aunt Vickie are out partying. We could have gone to Aunt Vickie’s trailer, except Kimberly would be there and would tattle on anything we did.

Brian and Paige make out a little; Brian snagged the recliner the minute they come in and pulled Paige onto his lap. Debbie pushed me down on our couch and lay on top of me and we made out. She ground her crotch against my dick and giggled when I let out this long moan.

“Ya’ll, hey, ya’ll want play a game?” Brian asked.

“Like hide the salami?” I asked and got a slap from both Debbie and Paige.

“No. Like strip poker,” Brian said.

Paige was all for that, and after a minute, Debbie agreed. I found a deck of cards and after checking that it had all fifty two cards, had all four suits, we went into my room and locked the door, just in case my mom came home. Honestly, I don’t ever remember her coming home before three o’clock, even though the bar closed at one o’clock. I don’t have think too hard what she and Aunt Vickie are probably doing for all that time.

Brian and I explained the rules to Paige and Debbie and we even played a couple hands just to make sure everyone understood how poker is supposed be played. We did five card draw; we weren’t about do that Texas Hold-um stuff.

We cut the deck to see who would deal first and agreed we’d go clockwise. I got the high card and shuffled. I gave the deck to Brian and he cut them like eight or nine times to make double sure I wasn’t cheating. Even if I was cheating, cutting the deck two or three times would take care of it.

Paige was on my left, Brian sat across from me, and Debbie was on my right. I dealt out the five cards and looked at my own hand. God, I dealt myself a handful of crap. After everyone did their draw, I drew another hand of crap.

“Shoes count as two?” Debbie asked.

“You wear one shoe at a time?” Paige answered.

Brian won that hand and I, Paige and Debbie took off our shoes. When Paige dealt, I got a great hand.

“No fair!” Debbie squealed.

After a long minute, Debbie decided to take off her jeans. She made sure her tee shirt covered up escort izmir her panties when she sat back down. Paige had been wearing tennis shoes so just took off her socks. Debbie screamed again when Brian dealt and I won and Debbie and Paige and Brian lost again.

Paige also wiggled out of her jeans; why do women wear jeans that are that damned tight? Debbie had on this really pretty pink bra and panties and I really liked what I was seeing.

“Ya’ll, I lose this one?” Debbie said as she did a terrible job of shuffling the cards.

“What? I ain’t won yet either,” Paige reminded her.

Debbie did manage to win so I took off my socks and Paige took off her tee shirt. Her bra and panties were just plain white but they looked good on her. I smiled as Brian took off his tee shirt and flexed some muscles he didn’t have.

I dealt and Debbie won again. I hadn’t seen Paige’s chest since she started wearing a bra; when we was younger, we lived in a trailer park had a swimming pool and she and I would go swimming in our undies. Her nipples were nice and kind of a dark brown on her two pretty titties. At first she tried to kind of hide them, but since she was the one had to deal, it was hard for her. My dick was hard as I stared at my cousin’s titties. They’re perfect; kind of cone shaped with them dark nipples right at the tips.

Paige finally won and she actually stood up and did a stupid little dance. But now Brian and me, we’re down to just our undies and Debbie had to take off her bra; damn but she’s got titties almost as pretty as Paige’s titties. Hers are a little rounder than Paige’s titties and her nipples are nice and pink.

My briefs are tented and, looking across from me, Brian’s briefs are pretty tented too. He smiled at me as he shuffled the cards.

Right before Brian dealt, Paige and Debbie decided they was thirsty and left my bedroom. Brian and I just sat and talked; we both agreed that Debbie and Paige had the nicest titties we’d ever seen. Honestly, Paige and Debbie had the only titties we’d ever seen.

When Paige and Debbie came back, they’d found my mom’s bottle of Everclear and my stash of Fanta orange soda water. They’d also found couple cans of Welch’s grape soda water. I don’t even remember how long we had that grape soda water just sitting there.

Paige handed me an orange soda water and Everclear. I noticed she had snagged an orange soda water for herself. Debbie gave Brian a grape soda water and Everclear and had her own grape soda water.

Damn, those drinks tasted some nasty. I mean, honestly, I love orange soda water, but I couldn’t even taste none of the orange in that cup.

Debbie demanded that Brian shuffle again. She leaned up against me and kissed me after telling Brian she didn’t trust us not to stack the deck so she would lose.

“My Trey wouldn’t never do that,” Paige defended me.

“Oh? But I would?” Brian asked.

“Who’s been wanting see me naked like forever?” Paige asked.

Brian shuffled again then dealt. I had garbage and asked for four more cards. And when I got those cards, I had garbage again.

Debbie won and after a long minute, I wiggled out of my briefs. Brian shrugged and pulled his briefs down and off and I hate to admit it, but I looked at his whang. I got right at six inches, not five and a half or six and a quarter. My dick is exactly six inches long when I’m hard. Which really is most of the time. And, according to my mom’s sewing tape measurer, it’s five and a half inches around. It’s pretty thick.

I don’t know why my mom has a sewing tape measurer; I ain’t never seen her sew anything. She even has a sewing machine, but it don’t work. She said it was a good thing; if it had worked, my dad would have sold it for money get him some cocaine.

Brian’s whang is a little longer than mine. But he’s not as big around. His balls are pretty big too. I thought I had pretty big balls; they’re about the size of two big eggs, but looking at Brian’s dick and balls, I guess mine are about average. He’s also got a dark brown patch of hair on his crotch, just as dark as mine.

Paige finally let out this big breath and wiggled out of her panties. I was expecting to see this big old bush of brown hair, but Paige was completely smooth. She didn’t have a bit of hair at all and I just couldn’t take my eyes off that pretty little slit, all fat looking. And when she sat back down and crossed her legs, her pussy opened up a little and I could see her inner lips, all wet and pink and honestly? It had to be the prettiest pussy I ever seen.

Okay, it was the first pussy I ever seen, other than in magazines. Paige ought be in magazines. I took a big gulp of my drink and almost spit it out. That was a strong, nasty drink.

Debbie did this stupid little dance; she’d won. I laughed and kissed her. She slipped her hot tongue into my mouth and we made out for a long minute. Then she took another big gulp of her grape soda water and Everclear and then wiggled out of her pink panties. Debbie had the second prettiest pussy I ever seen. She had this nice patch of blonde and that patch wasn’t covering nothing; I could see her inner lips all fat and wet and just as pink as her panties.

Announcing that they had to pee, Paige and Debbie left my room. Brian and I just sat on the floor of my bedroom and tried to pretend we wasn’t checking each other out. He was circumcised and I could see little beads of spunk forming on the head of his dick. My mom said she didn’t see no reason have me circumcised, but I’m willing bet they told her it would cost her more money have me circumcised and she told them don’t.

“Okay, ya’ll,” Paige said, holding up the bottle of Everclear. “Let’s play another game.”

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