Lesbian Magic Part Three


Rose was led to another room, and then downstairs by a beautiful black woman with bronzed skin. Her black hair fell to her shoulders and was a little wavy at the bottom. She was tall and had a strong but kind face.Her eyes were dark brown and hinted at the fact that there was something misleading about her face. The girl was good when she wanted to be and would never hurt anyone but she liked corrupting young girls. She had a talent for spotting a girl’s hidden desires and twisting them around in order to seduce them. The girl was a copy of a real person that Belinda picked up and seduced in 1832. She was an escaped slave that was born on a  Georgia plantation and was given a Christian name. The owner named her Agnes and not only did he force his belief on his slaves, but also used them as his personal whores. She ran away before he could try anything with her. She was only sixteen when she ran away and it was two years later when Belinda found her. Anyone near or within the house could have a clone made of them but clones didn’t know that they were clones. Everyone within the house thought that they were real and acted as if they were real people.The real Agnes had spent a week with Belinda and was dropped off somewhere safe where she wouldn’t be a slave again. For the rest of her life, she lived happily in a tropical village and had a love affair with a girl there.Agnes shared the same personality with her human counterpart and through the years changed not just her looks but some of her sexual interests. The Agnes of today is a lot kinkier than the real Agnes was and always finding new ways to explore sex with women. The house kept things modern within it and had a magical store where the clones could pick their own style of clothes to wear. Rose and her friends already had clones made out of them and they would be used to seduce future girls into lesbian sex.The different between Agnes and Rose was like night and day. Agnes wore a white tank top that was thin enough to outline her nipples and tight blue jeans. She never wore a bra and she didn’t need too. She would never age and her breasts would stay perky forever. Her ass was nearly perfect and had a nice round shape to it.Rose was wearing a stylish black dress and was carrying a Prada purse. The high heels that she wore made her legs and ass look much better but at the price of some discomfort. Her blonde hair was braided in a ponytail and was hanging over her right shoulder. When she was nervous she sometimes would play with her hair for comfort and she was playing with it now. It was obvious that she came from money and she gave off a princess-like vibe. Rose was nicknamed Elsa by her friends because she resembled the princess from that Disney movie. She secretly envied that character and wished that she could let it go like she did. She was raised to be proper and to act in a certain way. She didn’t just envy Elsa but also her friend Sarah and wanted to be more like her. Rose watched Sarah earlier that night as she led a guy into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later smiling. She knew just what she did because she followed them and saw Sarah on her knees in a stall. She imagined for a moment that she was giving that guy a blowjob and was wondering what it would be like actually to suck a dick. She was still a virgin and had only kissed a few guys over the years.Rose’s mother brainwashed her with the value of how a proper girl should act and she was too afraid to go against her mother teaching. Only when she was alone did she ever push herself to cross that line and be a little bad. She wanted to have sex but a proper girl waited until she was married before doing that.She secretly watched porn and masturbated to almanbahis şikayet it but felt shameful afterward. She liked playing with her small breasts before moving down to her pussy and making herself cum. No matter how much that she enjoyed it she always felt shameful and unladylike.                                                                   ******************Agnes watched Rose with much interest and could see all of her secrets that she was hiding. Her talent of seeing a girl’s desire was less than a skill but was more a magical ability. She had sensed everything sexual about her and even what kind of porn that she liked to watch. Agnes could see that she would not have to work too hard twisting this girl’s desire around to seduce her and decided to use the girl’s fetishes against her.                                                                  ******************The room that they were in had one door and a table by it. The house always changed for each girl to set up their seduction and a place that would work best for them. The house revealed everything to Agnes; what was behind that door and would make Rose think that she knew all along.The clones knew that the house was magical and that it not just kept them alive but also gave them everything that they needed. The house didn’t tell them how to seduce someone but left it up to them with the knowledge of their prey implanted in their heads. They all had a strong sex drive and a sexual desire for any woman that walked into this house.“Why did you bring me down here?” Rose asked while playing with her hair and was acting like she was annoyed by it.“To ask you some questions,” Agnes replied without emotion.“What questions would those be? If it is what I am thinking of then the answer would be no, and I have no interests in that kind of thing. A proper girl would never do those type of things and I will marry a man one day,” Rose said with a mixture of annoyance and fear. Rose wasn’t sure if she was trying to convince the woman that she was straight, or herself. She had enjoyed a few fantasies about girls and especially her friend Sarah, but wouldn’t do anything about it. She started having them after one night during a campus party where she saw two girls kissing when she was looking for Sarah.She got turned on by it and watched them have sex while she hid in the shadows. She couldn’t get the image of out of her head and when she finally found Sarah, she just had sex with a random guy and was now sleeping in bed naked. She started looking at her body with an uncontrollable lust and felt shameful for wanting her like that.Rose held her purse close to her chest like it would shield her from this woman and knew if she wanted her there would be nothing that she could do to stop it. She was stronger and looked more aggressive than she was. They were alone and no one could hear her if she started to scream.The girl never showed any signs that she was that type and it was more Rose’s fear of her own desires that she was frightened of. When she heard Agnes laugh at what she said, she soon felt foolish by her words.“I was going to ask you what was your name and I already knew that you were straight. Well, I should say straightish. I am Agnes and don’t worry because I would never touch anyone that wasn’t willing,” Agnes said with a smile and stared into Rose’s eyes.“My name is Rose and what do you mean straightish?” Rose said a little puzzled.“I can see in your eyes that you have thought about being with another girl before and I bet you even fantasize about one of your friends. Let me guess that it was the redhead. Am I right? She is a beautiful woman and I can see why you would want her. Those lustful breasts almanbahis canlı casino and a nice little ass that could make any girl wet from excitement. Why don’t you just tell me all about it? Tell me your dirty little secret and get it off your chest. We are alone down here and your friends will never know that you are a little bi-curious,” Agnes said excitedly as she was getting off making Rose squirm from revealing that she knew about her secret. Rose was going to try denying what she said was true but she gave up and felt her body burning with shame. She didn’t know just how Agnes knew this and wonder if she was reading her mind. She figured it must be something more realistic like a telltale sign only a lesbian could see and was glad it wasn’t this obvious with her friends. She was too scared to admit that she was right and stood there in silence.“Don’t feel shameful for what you are feeling and it is only natural to feel this way. The truth will set you free and now tell me about your desires,” Agnes said sweetly but seductive voice.Rose started talking and didn’t know why she was telling a complete stranger about her lesbian desires but it was something in her voice that was so damn alluring. It was almost hypnotic and she couldn’t help but tell her just what she wanted to know. She explained about seeing two girls that were kissing and that she watched them have sex. She was so turned on by what she saw and after finding her friend lying naked in a bed made her want to do some sexual things to her.“That isn’t all is it? I bet you masturbated while you watched those girls and you enjoyed it. You get off by watching other people having sex and do you know why? I do and it is written all over your face. You were raised to be a proper little princess and they don’t act like a whore. I can see in your eyes that you want to be bad and you are too afraid to go beyond just watching. Watching lets you live out your desires without losing your precious virginity and proving that you are still a proper little girl to the world,” Agnes said with a devilish smile and had a mocking undertone in her voice.Rose couldn’t believe that this woman she just met knew things that no one else should have ever know and everything that she was saying was true. She did masturbate watching those girls and she did like watching other people having sex too. She had to be proper around people and it was how her mother trained her to be but she wished to be freer.She had watched Sarah having sex a few times and before that party, she never thought about her in a sexual way. After seeing her first girl on girl action, it implanted something in her brain. She didn’t have a crush on Sarah and just wanted to be her lover. She felt like she was betraying her friend and felt shameful that she masturbated while fantasizing about her.Agnes didn’t wait for Rose to answer her questions because she already knew the truth. She walked into the next room and left the door open for Rose. Rose wasn’t sure what to do but was a little curious and she followed Agnes into the room.The room had what Rose first thought were four windows, ten feet apart from each other on two different walls. There was a door on the other side of the room and had a table by it. Agnes was looking through one of those windows and it was curiosity that made Rose look too.What Rose saw both shocked and excited her. She figured that these windows weren’t really windows at all but were two-way mirrors. She watched as a woman was showering and her body had soapy residue all over it. Rose couldn’t stop staring at the woman soapy breasts and her wet hard nipples.Rose sucked on her lips from excitement as she watched the woman starting almanbahis casino to masturbate and when she had an orgasm. The mirrors weren’t really two-way and were a magical window that let anyone see another room in the house. The woman knew that she was being watched and was giving Rose a show.Jumping to each window to see what was behind each one of them, Rose became more excited by each one that she saw. She watched a cute blonde inserting a vibrator and felt herself becoming wet. The next one had two girls kissing with a third one tied to a bed and when she got a clear view of her it made her question her sanity. The girl looked just like her and she couldn’t turn away as they fucked her. The last one was an empty room until she saw two girls walked in and Rose recognized Angel as one of them. She was shocked to see her friend obviously flirting with another woman and was taking off her clothes. She couldn’t hear what was being said and it wasn’t hard to see on Angel’s face that she wanted to fuck that woman.Rose looked at her friend’s body like she never did before and started to touched herself but stopped when she remembered that she wasn’t alone. She hoped that Agnes didn’t see her touching her breasts and how turned on that she was now.                                                                 ************Agnes did notice her touching herself and how she was swaying her hips around. She could see that Rose was getting into watching these women and was almost where she wanted her to be. She knew that she must start small and push Rose in the right direction to get her to submit to her. She was almost there and knew just how to get her to strip a little bit before entering the next room.                                                                  ************“Behind the next door you can see if your redheaded friend will fall prey to lesbian desires but this time it will cost you. Leave your purse and high heels here but don’t worry you can have them back later,” Agnes said softly almost like a whisper, like she was the devil on her shoulder seducing her into doing something wicked.Rose wouldn’t normally accept her request but seeing those women and her friend’s naked body had aroused her sexually deviant side. She never had any lesbian thoughts before and it was a month now since she started having them. She was having a hard time dealing with her new desires and was trying to remain the proper girl that she was raised to be. She so much wanted to be like Sarah and give in to her desires.Rose found herself wishing that Sarah would be seduced and started fantasying that she was the one doing the seduction. It was amazing when she saw her with two guys that one night and was wishing that she was that free with her sexuality. She didn’t mean to spy and she just walked in the wrong room at the right time. Sarah was like an artist sucking on that guy’s dick and got very into it. When Sarah drank too much her inner slut came out and Rose wished that she could do the same.Rose took off her heels and place them next to her purse on the table. She was turned on just enough to go a little further down this rabbit hole but not too far. She wasn’t at the point where she would let this stranger fuck her but was turned on enough to let herself to be pushed to do something a little kinky. The proper side of her was still in control but it was losing power with each new thing that she was experiencing now.The next room had one window that was the size of an eighty-inch tv and could see a bar full of women behind it. There was another door at the other end of the room and a table by it. Rose could see that Sarah was drinking at a table with a group of women and was playing a card game. Rose could tell that her friend was a little drunk and knew that she could get a little crazy when she drank. Rose felt Agnes’ hot breath on the back of her neck and the heat that was coming off of her body as if she was offering her an indecent proposal.

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