Lesbian girl dominated me by pushing the gas pedal

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Lesbian girl dominated me by pushing the gas pedalI met Roarie after she called inquiring about a pedal pumping video shoot. I ran an ad on craigslist looking for local fetish models in clearwater to drive and or rev up cars for a video shoot. She was interested and showed up with her girlfriend Leslie. Roarie was not really that sexy at first but once I showed her how to rev up a car and that it would not break the car she was all for pedal pumping. We immediately became best friends and were doing just about everything together minus fucking. We even made halloween horror videos that went virul me playing Michael Myers and her being the innocent female driver with a car that won’t start until the last minute. We worked good together and we started a partnership on a seperate video clipstore from my clipstore that we split 50/50. She also found some of the best models that I worked with who were natural car girls or just awesome fetish models with a following. Ashley Grace and Sabrina were two of them. The reason I worked well with her was in my opinion because she was a lesbian and there was no chance on us having sex or her touching or having anything to do with my dick. She made it clear that she does not like the penis and if I could refrain from touching it or moving it around in my pants. Something I did if it would get halfway hard and I had adjust it around in my boxers or briefs. She kindly asked me not to do that in front of her because it made her sick thinking about a dick. Other than that we were awesome friends and when it came to video production we were like a hand in a glove. She started revving her girlfriends late model Gallant really hard ridiculous it was to the point I was sure she caused some engine damage it started knocking a little. Her girlfriend was all for it she would tell her rev it harder. Her girlfriend attended the first couple shoots we did. I thought her girlfriend was cool. They both worked at Best Buy but her girlfriend was like a manager and she slashed the price on a camcorder I was purchasing and a few other things she used her mark down power and gave me almost half off remarking open box or something. Roarie was just a part time cashier. Roarie started on a new thing she wanted really good lotion for her feet. She also wanted me to rub the lotion on her feet and when we were hanging out at her apartment she started tapping her foot on me usually my side my leg never anywhere near my certain area that would cause excitement or arousal but it was weird. It would usually be when I was sitting at the end of her bed using my laptop on a little table she had and she would be laying down in the bed. I just ignored it because I did not know what to do. She got fired from Best Buy and I guess her and her girlfriend had got into some kind of a fight at work. I stayed neutral her girlfriend was trying to get back with her but Roarie was not having it. She said that she got violent and broke something and that was the end of it. The girlfriend still let Roarie use her car for video shoots amazingly. The crazy thing about it Roarie treated the car like it was a tool for her to take her anger out on abusing it everyway possible. I did not like the idea because it was almost like she was trying to break the car and ruin the engine. I mentioned it to her several times and she just blew me off. Around this time I started to be very careful with my own car. I still was not 100% sure how much high revving and aggressive operation it could handle. I had recently added a race header and removed some emission stuff. I felt as though it made a little bit more horsepower and the CAI made it sound louder but it needed to be dyno tuned and the ecu needed to be reprogramed because it was running rich. I was told it running rich not only would hurt my fuel economy real bad something I was not even concerned about because I was happy with the gas mileage. I was concerned about the second issue I was told it could foul up the plugs and damage a piston or burn a valve. I found out later that it was not a serious issue to be concerned about. The only thing to be concerned about was someone mis shifting at a high rpm and going into a lower gear causing the engine to over rev by spinning it faster than it was mechanically intended from the drive train thus the fuel cut off in the rev limiter would not protect it because it was being over spun by the transmission going into 2nd gear instead of 4th gear. This could be an immediate engine failure and about $2000.00 at the least engine damage would occur. I did some more modification with some very expensive aftermarket engine mounts and high performance incerts. I installed the most expensive spark plugs they sold but then had to take them off and go back with the OEM spark plugs. Everytime I did something to my car I was more and more hesitant to let a female get behind the wheel. I was at the point were nobody drove my car except me and occasionally my roommate Kelly who I lived with in Clearwater and that was because I parked behind her Jeep that was parked in the garage because if I parked on the other side of the driveway the tree would drop leaves and these seed things all over my car. So if I was gone or sleeping she would just take my car to the 7/11 or to run around to take care of whatever she had to and for the most part it would be less than a mile. I trusted Kelly she was my best friend who was there for me no matter what. I wouldn’t mind her if she did hot rod my car. Although she did make a comment about barking second gear this one time she had to do it and I was even a bit concerned about that but knowing Kelly she was probably just goofing with me she was around 40 years old and was very mature. Whenever I rode with her in her Jeep Cherokee she would drive so slow that I would consider jumping out and would think I could damn near Jog faster than she would drive. Anyways I ended up buying a Dodge Daytona that was suppose to be for shoots but another model I had just started working with Lexi was the only girl who could start it up. It was fucked up it needed some work. I also would try to work out deals through a friend of mine Cici she worked at the original hooters in Clearwater her brother sold used cars one at a time and she would be the person who would meet the buyers she also did this for other car sellers who were trying to get away with selling one car at a time without a dealer license. She was able to put together some older car’s we could use to shoot in but it was usually only if she was the model driving it. Roarie ended up with no car eventually her ex-girlfriend took the car away for good and Roaie had no car. She did not know how to drive stick shift and she started to hint the idea to me about teaching her how to drive stick. I gave her one lesson but she stalled and she started to get mad and I felt like she was going to do something drastic out of anger and hurt my car so I was able to get out of it when a police car entered our little practice area and she freaked out because her license had expired or been suspended. We hung out for a minute until the police officer left and Roarie had put on these really sexy brand new stripper heels that were super sexy. She said one of her fans bought it for her. She had just started back working at the Doll House in Clearwater a couple nights a week for extra money. She even had this sexy outfit on that was under what she was wearing and she revealed the sexy outfit and she asked me what I thought about her sexy new heels. I will never forget this day because I was praying the whole time that my cock not get hard in front of her because I was only wearing like some loose basketball shorts and boxers. It got warm so I took off this large over shirt that I had on and only had a tank top and nothing to hide it. She started to give me these crazy looks then all of a sudden she told me to get out of the car. I was sitting in the drivers seat. She started to order me around with orders like Get your Camera ready. She sat in the drivers seat and she said show me how to fix this damn seat so I can be comfortable again. I had to show her the seat adjustments. She was ordering me around and before I knew it she said give me the car keys. I handed them to her without thinking. I was under her spell and did not even realize it. I was never planning on letting her do a revving video with my car. I would have never agreed to it I could not risk her right foot being in control of the gas pedal and her being able to press it down really hard. I was still not even thinking at this point. I was getting my camera ready to film her doing whatever it was that she was going to do I was mesmerized by her and under her spell. I don’t even remember if my dick was hard and it might of been something that was pissing her off and I did not even know. She looked a bit upset but then she had a nice sweet voice. She said ” ok 3 2 1 start filming. I did, ” She pushed the clutch in and she said am going to softly rev your engine with care because you have been good. You have done everything I asked so perfect Sean I am going to be gentle with your car. Don’t worry I am going to softly rev the engine with care I won’t hurt it. She had this strange tone in her voice it made me feel relaxed and chilled out. I was filming her sitting in the drivers seat amazed at how sexy she looked with her sexy outfit and the new heels that were super sexy. She started the engine and did not bahis siteleri even tap the accelerator for a while. When she did she very carefully and gently nudged the pedal and lightly revved the engine. I remember looking at her lightly push the pedal with her sexy high heels on and felt another relief that she was going to do a soft revving video and not go crazy like she did to her girlfriends car. I started to think about it I could imagine her sexy high heels that she had on the stripper kind with her toes exposed and a high heel and platform could easily pound my car into submission ruin my motor and all the time and work that I had recently put into it would go down the drain. Her heels may have been ultra sexy and all but could stomp my car’s gas pedal into the floorboard maybe even drilling through the pedal with the heels of it if she was mad and wanted to do that. Roarie was talking to me but I was not even paying attention to her. I was mesmerized by the sight of her sexy heels on her pretty foot she had beautiful toes and a soft slender foot with amazing arches her legs were skinny but tan she was a sexy pedal pumper her feet did all the work but I was in a trance. I liked the way she lightly touched the gas pedal and just barely made the engine work hard revving it lightly each time. I almost wanted in the back of my head for her to just rev it hard one time before the end. I was going to be ok with it she could press it down all the way to the floor really fast once or twice I started to plan to tell her she could do this in my head. I was going to give her permission to rev it hard no more than two times really quick and not to hold the pedal down. She would just press it down and release it real quick making it rev hard but not dangerously and hurt damage or ruin my perfect Acura engine. It was funny because I felt all of a sudden like I was in charge of Roarie and I had the power and control. Suddenly Roarie’s foot made an aggressive move on the gas pedal it just like took control and she revved it no all the way down but she pushed it like halfway and held it for a minute working the engine hard. I woke up suddenly and she was telling me to get the Lotion out from the back and I was to get it and rub lotion on her feet. I froze she gave my engine a couple more slightly harder revs. Then she gunned it planted her foot all the way down. I was confused she was in control I was not in any control I was to serve her and do anything she wanted me to do. She must of held her foot down on the floor revving my engine at full capacity for a few seconds then she did it again. She said why aren’t you getting the Lotion from the back already you. Sean you better hurry up and snap to it and get yourself on task because the longer you take the MORE DAMAGE I am going to do to your car. The more Damage my heels are going to do to your precious engine. She pressed her foot all the way down again and did not seem like she was going to lift it up anytime soon my engine howled for mercy. I lunged quickly to reach in the back and grab the lotion but I grabbed the wrong one and she went furious telling me not that one I told you the Heart lotion and she slammed the pedal down to the floor and held it down. I felt like she was going to ruin my engine at any moment I remember reaching quick to grab the other lotion bottle and it felt like she punched me in the balls with her fist not really hard but hard enough to feel a pain in my balls. I did not see her hand make a fist or anything but it could have been her elbow. She was revving my car hard and harder I was nervous I now had the correct lotion in hand and presented it to her and she immediately took her foot off the accelerator and my car stopped revving hard and was able to take a break from her aggressive right foot. She put her left foot on my thigh and she said now take my shoe off and rub lotion really nice on my foot. I took her shoe off and was about to put lotion on her foot. She reached her right foot over and pushed the gas pedal down revving my car again. She said “Faster” “I want lots of lotion also and you better rub it in real good or your engine will get punished and maybe ruined. She tapped the gas pedal again and moved her right foot over to the edge of the car where she was turned out sitting in the drivers seat but her legs were out her left foot on my leg and I rubbed a lot of lotion all over her foot really good. She expressed how good it felt and that maybe my engine will not be punished so severly as long as I do a good job. My engine will make it but if I mess up and don’t do her right foot as good. It will be my car’s engine that will be punished and her sexy heels can easily ruin and destroy it forever with hardly any effort. My engine would be done for and I would never ever have a working car that I loved so much and cared about it would be a useless bucket of bolts and it would be towed to a junk yard to sit and rust out never ever again to be driven and enjoyed. I would have to get a bus pass and I would have to ride the bus with her. When we made enough money it would go first for her to get a car and I would be lucky if I could ride in it anywhere else other than the trunk of the car. She continued to torment me with words and after I was done lotioning her feet she started back revving my car lightly but then she wanted a foot massage. I did this but she taunted me with a couple extra hard revs and she would say that before she revved my car. She would say am going to give it now a few extra hard revs pay attention and learn from this lesson. When I fail her and do not do a good job it is my car that is abused. The longer I take the more abuse my car will get and I can not do anything about it I have to accept it and even say Mistress Thank you for revving my engine really hard will you please rev it again harder Mistress. I was ordered to do this several time or she was going to hold her foot down and rev my engine until the pistons blew up she was serious. She even made me run across the parking lot to a small grass median area were a tiny flower was blooming I had to run and go pick the flower and bring it back to her. All the while she was slowly revving my car from soft to harder and harder. I could hear my car’s engine revving under her aggressive powerful high heel foot or barefoot. She would take her high heel off and use her barefoot at times to push the gas pedal down. It was a strange and different form of female domination something that she was able to use to work me for about 20 minutes she had her way with me. The video clip turned out to be a top selling clip in our clipstore on c4s. It was a number one selling clips for almost a whole year. At the end of the clip I was totally trained and somehow brainwashed into being her submissive servant. I am not sure how it happened but she came up with a final task that she was going to drive stick shift this instant. She was going to learn and at least be able to shift from 1st to 2nd and then to 3rd and drive around the parking lot. If not it was my car the engine that was going to be punished brutally that she would rev it until she was sure the engine was not perfect anymore she would not stop until she heard it making extra noises and could feel that the engine was weaker by the way it felt under her foot when she pressed the gas pedal. She was rather detailed in explaining this so detailed that I crinched as the words came out of her mouth. I was not even able to do something to protect it. All I could do was hope and pray that she would be able to learn to drive it. I was not even allowed to sit in the passenger seat she made me stand outside of the car almost to the front of it she allowed me to stand slightly to the right by the drivers side fender. I had to stand there in front of her and instruct her on what to do. It was a horrible spot because I stood right in front of her as she sat in the drivers seat looking at me in control of my car and I was right by my car’s engine so I could feel every bit of her working my car. I watched her sit there and work the engine accelerating it and I could almost hear her engaging the clutch and when she made it buck and stall I witnessed it first hand. The insane part was when she restarted it I didn’t know what she was going to do either rev it really hard in anger or what. Once or twice she must of gotten confused or forgot she had the gas pedal pressed all the way down when she turned the key and the engine roared to life and stayed revving until she decided to release her foot from the gas pedal after I told her to take her foot off the gas pedal. Another insane part was standing there when she was able to make the car go in first gear but she gunned it and when she let the clutch out the tires spun real fast doing a burn out and she drove past me laughing. She drove around in first gear the engine was almost redlining but she tried to go into second gear and she stalled it. She was now a short distance away from me about 200 feet or so and I was worried she was going to do something horrible to my car because she was unable to shift it into second gear. I tried to run over to wear she was across the parking lot as fast as I could before I could get there she started the engine and began grinding the gears like crazy. She forced it into gear somehow and accelerated in first gear chirping the tires she drove in first gear for a moment making a complete uturn and now the car was canlı bahis siteleri pointing straight in the direction I was standing and coming towards me. It sounded like she floored it and I realized she was heading straight at me. She put it in second gear while still pressing on the accelerator the engine revved slightly and she got second gear. I looked at her and raised my hand giving her a thumbs up. I heard the engine accelerate she floored it and she was coming right at me. I realized she was gunning for me maybe not on purpose but I started running in the opposite direction. She was right on me about a car length distance I could feel the heat from the engine she got so close at one point never letting up on the gas pedal. For a few seconds I feared for my life but she cut the steering wheel really hard grazing my right arm with the drivers door mirror. It forced the mirror to fold in she was yelling “that is what you get for standing in front of me while I am trying to learn how to drive stick are you stupid” She slammed on the brakes and forgot to push the clutch in and the car stalled making all kinds of horrible clunking and shaking noise as the engine turned off as she stopped with it in gear. She said “that it was totally my fault” Now i’ve done it since I want to get run over apparently I had to now stand in front of the car with my knee touching the front bumper and teach her how to go in reverse if she got it wrong my punishment might be getting run over by my own car she yelled. At this point I was actually up for the challenge. I stood there as she started the car it sounded like she put it in reverse like I explained it to her all the way over to the right and back. I was a little concerned when she started to push the accelerator that maybe she put it in a gear and she started revving the engine high I could not really think I was just a little bit nervous as to what was going to happen. She turned her head looking back. She turned and looked at me again gave me a short smile and I read her lips she said you are doing a good job. She revved the engine again then she revved it again and she slowly moved the car in reverse like a pro she went about 20-30 feet and then stopped did not stall put it in first gear. I heard the shifter linkage I moved out the way for good measure. She accelerated and drove forward she came near me put it in second gear and drove away she did a big turn in the parking lot and she even put it in third gear she punched it and it sounded like she was racing the car already. I could hear her yelling HELL YEAH I can drive stick. She drove all the way around the parking lot two times and came right up to wear I was standing and stopped without stalling and asked me if I wanted a ride. I said yes I would and she started to say something but she accidentally let her foot off the clutch with it in gear and it stalled. She blamed me and went from behing happy go lucky smiling to really upset and had the mean face on. She started blaming me then she said no its not your fault its your car that needs to be punished she told me to stand at the front and put both of my hands on the front fender while she decided what she was going to do. I could hear her pushing the pedals and moving the shifter around she was talking to herself. I could hear her she was going to punish the car and make its engine not be perfect when she was done it was going to be slower and make extra noises sounding like it was old and she was going to make it so I would not be proud of it any more. I feared but at the same time I knew there was nothing I could do and I felt powerless I could not do anything to save my car from its fate. She started it up and she began revving it I could feel each rev through my hands that I still had to have on the front fender. I looked at her and she appeared all powerful and in control and I felt like I was under her control powerless and at her mercy. She started to hold the pedal down revving it floored it went on for about 20 or 30 seconds I grit my teeth and cringed at any moment my perfect engine would be forever ruined it would be slow and not have as much power and everything that made it awesome. Suddenly she stopped revving it and she jumped out yelling at me that even if she wanted to she didn’t think there was anything she could do to wreck the engine by just pushing on the gas pedal I was awesome perfect and she gave me a huge hug telling me to stand the fuck up and get in your car and drive me somewhere she was going to reward me with lunch. She had two for one coupon for Boston Market. It felt so good being in my car driving it. She still had control over me though I could not break free of it. Everything she told me to do I was like on point. We got to boston market and she wanted me to park in a certain parking spot so we could see the car from eating inside. We got our food I got extra points because when she asked me what I wanted to drink I said just a water cup. She liked that she got herself a sweet tea. When we sat down she looked at me and smiled as I took a sip of my water. I felt something that almost felt like it was a dream. She sat across from me and just before she did she said don’t you say one word or move or make any extra motion about anything YOU . She squinted her eyes at me a little and suddenly I felt her foot rest between my legs. She was barefoot her heels were in the car and she walked in with flip flops. I did not move an inch I pretended nothing was happening. I ate my cream spinish and slightly glanced down and saw her right foot resting between my legs and that same moment she flexed her toes and lightly pushed my cock and balls my cock was hard and the sole of her foot pressed it back making it point straight up under the sole of her foot. She just sat there with it like that under her foot. Omg I tried so hard not to but it started to throb and flex on its own. I knew that she must of felt it under her foot. I was worried she would get upset but she just continued eating her foot and she looked at me smiled and said I don’t see it so am good but I have been wanting to do this for the longest time. I don’t know why but I may not ever do it again and don’t ever ask me to. My cock was going throb crazy and she pressed it a little harder and it stopped. I seriously felt like I wanted to cum. So I started to eat my chicked and focus on eating my food and drinking my water. She pushed her Ice Tea towards me and told me to help myself. Her ice tea was in a huge super size like cup bigger than the large soda cups. I took a sip of her ice tea and just tried to stay busy thinking about other things. She started talking about how we were going to use my car for shoots. She told me to make sure and stay on top of the oil change and that I should change the oil today after I dropped her home. She said as long as I stay on top of the oil changes and coolant the car would be a good revving car. She could get any girl from the club that has pretty feet and I would bring my car and we could always make a quick revving video. She mentioned this would be a regular thing we would do film a quick revving video 10 – 15 minutes every other day. I needed to figure out how to shoot at night with lights she ordered as a task I needed to jump on asap. I may have to leave my car at her apartment complex and catch a ride home the bus or use her bicycle and bike home since I lived only about 1 1/2 miles away. She had a boys bike so there was no excuse for me to complain. After work or early in the morning she could get a couple of the girls to come to her apartment and chill out and then in the morning early film them revving my car one at a time. She had the whole thing planned out. She continued “don’t worry about your car I have a perfect parking spot on the side of my building right next to my apartment actually.” “Its a safe spot” “a perfect spot for filming I could film them revving it as hard as they could without raising any attention from my neighbors. Don’t worry your car will be out of site but only a few foot steps from my back patio! “I will have them sign the 2257 and a content release” “You can edit two clips out of each shoot, one for your store and another one for our store” “Another thing we won’t have to pay the girls because I will tell them it is an audition shoot and if our customers and fan base show an interest I will schedule a paid shoot with them.” She went on about another thing I needed to do tonight was come up with a fix mounted floor camera that we did not have to charge battery, I needed to come up with a way it could operate off the car battery and it needed to be mounted to the seat so if the girl was tall and needed to move the seat back it would move with the seat and if she is short and needs to move it up it would move with it, she added that it needed a wide angle lens and if it could automatically start recording when the door is opened or when someone moved to sit in the drivers seat. I agreed with her that would be a good idea and I would come up with something. I liked her idea and felt comfortable with her she started talking about how my car needed to be utilized as much as possible right now. Instead of it just being parked doing nothing it can be used for producing video clips thus making us money money money we need money right now that is very important she firmly stated. I felt her foot even press a little pressure on my cock that was still under the sole of her canlı bahis foot. I started to get real horney but had to resist. I started to think the way my cock was under her foot at the moment it was almost like how the gas pedal of a car is under her foot but its my dick wow. I like it she did not know but at that moment if she had applied any extra force or pressure with her foot I would have cummed so hard it would have soaked through my shorts and everything getting her foot wet. I do not think she had even considered that would happen. For the next 3 minutes I had to focus with everything I had in me not to start cumming. She started talking again about my car making it sound like it was going to be some kind of tool that she was going to use and her only concern was about making video clips and it being available for her when she planned on needing it. She may need it and have me leave it there and she may not even get around to using it for any video clips it may just sit and do nothing but she wanted to have the option. If she had other things going on and a girl that was capable and willing to sit there and rev it she said she could put it on auto pilot. Get the girl situated inside the car and show her how to press the gas pedal and then she could leave her for 10 or 15 minutes and go inside and take care of other things. When the girl was done via a timer or something she could simply turn the car off and bring the key back inside. The floor mounted camera would do all the work as it would automatically turn on and then off when the girl exited the car. She said “If I see a woman out and about with cool heels on or boots or whatever I could just ask her to come by my apartment and I need her for 10 minutes to just sit and rev up this car and film her foot in the heels I think are cool for my website. We don’t have to film every womans face anyways.” “A lot of our fans just want to see the foot push the pedal down” “I may also film some gay foot fetish why not for my clipstore am sure you don’t want to put any male feet videos in your clipstore I totally understand” “I have no problem filming and posting in our clipstore gay clips are very popular gay guys have foot fetish also and if I decide to film guys I will edit and post the clips i won’t make you suffer and have to look a guy feet and edit those videos. I don’t really see the big deal its money for us!” I started to lose my erection I could feel my cock getting soft. Roarie continued on the subject of gay and male clips. I wanted her to stop and move on but she started getting excited saying “omg I could film so many guys revving your car!!” “I think it would be fun I could run a contest who ever revs it the hardest after we review the video at the end of the week gets some kind of prize” hmm maybe a prize could be “a weekend with the car the winner could use the car for a whole weekend to drive it around take it out with his or her friends” “Maybe not a whole weekend but the winner gets the car and can use it Saturday night” I didn’t really like the idea and I think she knew it but she kept going on and on. I lost my erection and all of a sudden Roarie had a change in attitude. “WTF are you doing I told you not to make a move or do anything” She started to toy her foot around my crotch area with minimum movement and she said What have you done? She pressed her foot down and my previously hard cock was gone. She reached her foot all she could and she could not find it. It was wierd big time wierd. She stopped and moved her foot down I noticed she was putting on her flip flops. She just stared at me with this wierd look squinting her eyes. In a low voice tone she said “Give me your car keys Now!” I reluctantly handed them to her as my mind raced imagining what she was going to do. She got up and told me to wait here do not move and fix that so I can put my foot back there on that if I come back in here. If I decide not to I will text you and you may have to find a ride or walk but we will see.I watched her walk out and just before she made it to my car a young man was walking into the Boston Market and he asked her if that was her car pointing at it. She said yes it is my car I just got it today. Its an amazing car am just going to go sit in the drivers seat and rev up the engine a little my instagram and facebook friends want me to post a video revving it. Its all mine she pointed at me and said see that guy there he is the loser. She laughed he lost the car in a poker game last night to my roommate. My roommate made him title the car to me to clear up back rent so I got the car its all mine. Look at him he is all sad sitting there this is his beloved car he cheerished it so much. The guy was loud and said he was a dumb ass for wagering his car if he loved it so much why would he do that he has to be stupid put his car up in a poker game. Enjoy your car he said you should rev it all the way to the redline for kicks to see if he cry’s hahhaa. Roarie said ” I may just do that what a wonderful idea its my car anyways all mine!” The dude walked into the Boston Market and his two friends were already in there ordering as soon as he walked in he started talking about how dumb I was pointing me out to his friends and telling them about how I lost my car in a poker game and that chick out there got the car and he went on and on and on. I tried to ignore him but they sat down and he was staring right at me shaking his head and saying wow she is really revving the engine up his friend was like holy shit she is going to blow it up. He said no its an Acura RSX it can take just about anything its has one of the best engines. I told her to rev it hard and she thought it was a good idea. I don’t think he thought it was a great idea look at him he looks like he is going to cry. I sat there trying to ignore them and was wondering if Roarie was going to leave me and try to drive my car. I didn’t even care any more about how hard she revved my car. I was under her spell. She turned my car off and walked right back in she passed the dude with his friends and said how did my engine sound in my Acura. The guy said it sounded amazing. Roarie said Yeh really funny thing it felt amazing to me the feeling of that gas pedal under my foot as I revved it felt GOOD I like the way it felt under my foot mmm she walked away leaving them looking a bit confused him and his two friends were starring at her as she walked up sat down slipped off her flip flops and she sat on her left foot and stretched out her right foot and placed it between my legs right on my once again erected hard cock. She said kind of loud I like the way this feels even better under my foot. She drank her ice tea and just gave me a look i could feel her applying pressure to my cock with her foot though. The dude and his friends got quiet. The two friends looked away but he kept on looking I could tell he was somehow wishing that she had her foot on his cock. Roarie started talking loud about how that dude over there told me I should rev it really hard and maybe you would cry but it looks like you just got your own gas pedal in your pants I like this one more though it feels amazing under my foot. Roarie grabbed my hand and got up she said lets blow this popsicle stand she placed my car key into my hand and said I want you to show me what my new car can do. We left out of there and I flicked off the dude and his friends with the middle finger as I walked out the exit. Once we pulled out onto westbay Roarie started on about another idea with my car she came up with “She would set up a display and we would leave the car in a high traffic area with a lot of people walking through and the sign would read. Take a moment to sit in the drivers seat turn the engine on and feel what it feels like to rev this car up as hard as you want. Need to destress just press the accelerator down and rev this car’s engine up it will make you feel better try it its free. She also said are you angry at someone the display will also read Sit down in the drivers seat of this car and take your anger out on the gas pedal give it hell rev it hard as you can see if you can take your anger out on the engine! Disclaimer will read interior of vehicle may be video recorded and used for any purpose. Optional if the person wants to participate in a random drawing and contest they provide name phone number and email and can win a weekend joyride to enjoy full use of the car for a whole weekend unlimited miles to use as much as they desire drive across the state take it to the race track use it abuse it for a whole weekend the winner will have a whole weekend to see how much your car can take isn’t that a great idea imagine how much video footage we will get for free Sean. My idea is great isn’t it Sean we are going to make so much money with all the variety of people revving your car. She kept going on and on I was not at all excited about the idea I was not sure if she was serious but she seemed like she was and I started to get a litte nervous because I realized that she was serious she actually was my car that I wanted to stay perfect and everything was going to be nothing more than a carnival ride that anyone could put a quarter in and get in and rev the hell out of it trying to blow up my engine and I would not even be able to drive it. Roarie was in control and I realized if she really wanted to do it I probably could not do anything about it. I was powerless and she was in control if she was behind the wheel or even when she was not she had done something to take full control over me and brain wash me. She dominated me by pressing her foot down on my car’s gas pedal and now I was her submissive slave boy. to be continued….

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