lesbian bar


lesbian barThis was about my second or third time going to a lesbian bar. I usually just go there when I’m really horny. When I do go there I look for someone who has big tits red hair or a brunette.I’m a blonde so I don’t really like having sex with another blonde unless she has big tits or big ass. I like shaven pussy but I don’t care. So I walk in and sit at the bar and get a drink. I look around for at least two girls. I’m thinking hopefully o find a red head and brunette w/ big tits.that morning I booked a hotel for that night cuz if I do it sumwhere else the I get more horny. And I put a whole bunch of toys. A vibrator, dildo, and strap on.a brunette with average size tits like c cup cums up to me(by the istanbul escort way I’m wearing a short skirt with of course no panties and I just shave my pussy last night) and she ask if I was intrested in having a threesome. I was thinking thank god.she was sort of tall and she was skinny. And I said ya.I asked her with who and she said her friend. And she brought her friend over she was a blonde but she had a big ass. I mean it was huge.she was also tall but a little bigger than the brunette. so I told then I had a holtel not to far away and they said ok. We took my car there and went up to my room. I started to take my clothes off slowly and they ripped there’s off so I ripped mine of too.I threw them omn the beylikdüzü escort bed and started suckinh the brunettes nipples. And her tits were perfect I didn’t care if they real or fake they were huge with perfect nipples to suck on and I could tell she liked her nnipples sucked uz every once in awhile I would look up at her face and she would be biting her lip trying not to scream. While I was still sucking her nipples the blonde was playing with her pussy. I told her there was a vibrator in the drawer.she gra and stuck it in her ass. I was thinking I know wat I’m gunna do with her later. I stop sucking on the brunettes nipples and had her grab the dildo and stick it up me. So she grabed it and did wat esenyurt escort I said. I tolkd yer to go faster and she was good and pulling it in and out she stuck iit all of it me and she did it fast.she stopped and had the blonde eat her pussy and when she was doing that I was eating her pussy. She came like three times. He said that was a lot for her. Her juices were so sweet.and thank god both their pussys were shaven.when I stop eating her pussy I flipped her over and put on the strap on and started ficking her in the ass. She yelling loud”DON’T STOP, FUCK ME,DON’T DON’T!!!”I love it when I make girls say that.I stopped and went back to the brunette and put my pussy against hers and felt her juices touch my pussy.and I started rubbing them together. If felt so good.it unbelievable.I started moaning and yelling”FUCK , UR PUSSY is perfect, uuuhhhhh, yeds, yes,FFFFFUUUCCkK!!”After that we took a showeer and just rubbed up agianst each other.

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