Subject: Leo and His Boys Part 03 Incest The story you are about to read is a total fabrication. Perhaps some of the names are real but that’s because there are only so many names in the world! For those that read this, if you like it (or have some suggestions or complaints) feel free to email me. My email address ota Like most authors on here and in the outside mainstream world, feedback is important to us. If we don’t hear from people, we can’t improve! Thanks for the messages, they are making me want to write more! Keep them coming! Hope you all get some enjoyment out of this, it’s planned to be a multipart story about a man and his four sons and a second cousin who is a friend of his father. If you like any of the Nifty stories, and can afford a donation then send it in and help sustain Nifty with your fty/donate.html Leo and His Boys – Part 03 We ambled back to the living room and it was empty. It was about 1130am now. Sheesh, I’ve had sex with 4 boys in 2.5 hours. I should be tired out but that ass fuck really has me primed for a lot more. We went in the kitchen and made sandwiches. After eating Jackson had to go, it was his time to check on the pigs. He asked me if I wanted to come, I said I was just going to relax here. I really have no interest in a pig, except to eat it. I’d say I sat there on the couch, almost dozing, my intermittent small dream states were all focused on the boys I had just met. It was a warm day and the house was kinda hot so I was sweating just a bit as I dozed off and on. I heard a noise and Leo came in. “All the boys seem much happier now” he said, with a laugh. “They aren’t the only ones. I’m happier too” and I laughed. He made himself a sandwich and we just talked for awhile as he ate. “How come you never knew me when I was a teenager?” he asked. “Well for whatever reason you never were at any of the family dinners.” “Yeah my mom was a bit of a loner, she didn’t like occasions much. Plus they both drink and you know how that goes, you gotta keep it secret.” He walked over to a picture and handed it to me. “Here’s what I looked like at 14” he said. “What do you think?” The boy in the pic was gorgeous. His hair was a bit short, he had those blue eyes and I could see that Jackson looked the most like him of the boys. “You were hot then. I’d have sucked your dick all day long but I suspect Danny would kill me.” “My dad told me he really regrets how things went with you. He thinks he just used you and that you got nothing from it. Then when he just cut it off he thought that would be better” Leo said. “Well, I was hurt when he stopped. I never wanted him to stop. I actually loved Danny, hell I still love him and not just like a cousin. Even though he never touched me he was my first love.” I mused. “I’m not sure I would have ever stopped sucking his dick, even if he never did anything back to me” “I need a shower, bad. Also I want to shave. This was a winter beard (he had a bushy black beard, not appealing at all) and it’s too hot for facial hair. How about coming with me, I want to keep talking and we can do that in the bathroom and shower.” “Sure, I can always use another shower to make sure I’m clean.” and I wondered what he was up to. I mean I guess he was okay looking but beards just turn me off and I suspected he must be pretty hairy under his clothes to have a beard that thick. We went into his master bedroom and he stripped off his clothes. I was pleasantly surprised, he wasn’t hairy. He had just a touch of hair on his belly and was hairy on the pubes, you could tell he never manscaped. His legs were really hairy too but he seemed not so bad on his ass and his chest was smooth. I stripped as he did and I did notice he was looking at every part of me as it came into view. “Come on, in here” he said and we both went into the bathroom. There was actually a vanity in there, I suppose a leftover from his wife and I sat there naked on the chair while he got the clippers out. He hacked off most of it, then lathered up and shaved the rest. During this we just talked about family and innocuous things. I have to admit I snuck a peek at his soft dick. He looked to be about the same size as me, maybe a bit smaller than his dad. I wasn’t totally paying attention and suddenly he was done shaving. He had a towel over his face, cleaning it off and when he took the towel away I was surprised. He looked so much younger. I mean not like a teenager or anything but maybe 30 or so. Not the over 40 I knew he was. “What do you think?” he said, sticking out his chin. “Better or worse?” “Oh much better. I hate facial hair, actually I don’t like body hair much. The only place I have any is pubes and as you can see I keep them cut short.” I answered. “Is that all you shave?” Leo asked. “Yeah, I just don’t have leg hair, ass hair, chest hair” I lifted up my arm “even no hair here.” “That’s cool. When you’re working outside you often wish you had no hair, it just gets all smelly. How hard is it to do the pubes?” “It’s easy. You have clippers, just use the attachment and bam, they’re all gone!” and I laughed. “I’m scared I might hit something necessary.” he said “How about you do it for me?” I could tell for sure this was a seduction attempt but hey, he was nice looking. Even if he was older than I wanted and how cool would it be to know I had sex with three generations of the same family? “Sure, just hand me the clippers and stand up.” and he handed me the clippers and stood up. I got back on the chair so I was at eye level with his crotch. He wasn’t hard but he wasn’t totally soft anymore. His dick looked more enticing by the seconds. I took the clippers and ran them all over the areas I could reach easily. “Umm, your dick is in the way, do you want to move it or shall I?” “Do what you need to do” he said so I just pushed his dick from side to side so I could clean the pubes up. Finally he was at the same length I was, it made his dick look more substantial since all that hair wasn’t in the way. He had good self control, he still hadn’t got any harder. “I got a question. Do you have an enema kit? I know there’s going to be fucking with the other boys at some point and I’d like to get cleaned out. Better than someone ending up with shit on the dick. That might gross the boys out.” and Leo laughed. “Look behind the door” and there it was, just hanging there. “Ryan gets constipated sometimes and I have to give him one. I had to do it last week.” “This is awkward but it’s hard to do it to yourself. Do you think you can help me out?” I asked. “I can understand if you think it’s too weird.” “Nah, it’s okay. I mean I’m used to doing it for him so why not?” He got the bag full of warm water and motioned to me. “Get over my lap” and I just laid on him. He lubed up the nozzle and pushed it in me, released the water and I got up and sat on the toilet. After a minute I let it out, then we did it twice more and the last time the water was clear coming out. Just the feel of that nozzle in me had made me get about halfway hard, plus I could feel his still mostly soft dick pushing on the side of my ass. I was getting hornier by the second. I still had no idea exactly what was going to happen, I thought he wanted sex and now, after the shaving, he was pretty hot to me. I wanted whatever he wanted to do. We got in the shower and started washing off. He handed me the soap “Can you do my back for me? It’s a bitch to reach it all” and I took the soap from him and lathered him from his shoulders to the bottom of his legs. I ran my hands over his ass and even inside his crack, making sure he was clean. “Now you do me” I said and when he turned around I noticed he was on the way to full hard, maybe about 70%. No curve to his dick either. He soaped me up and paid special attention to my ass. I felt his finger enter me and I couldn’t help it, I pushed back against it. He moved it slowly in and out, kept soaping it up and then pushing it in. I was braced against the wall and I leaned farther forward, opening myself up for him to continue. “Somebody or somebodies fucked you today already didn’t they” he said, in a soft but husky voice. “I don’t kiss and tell” I said “but it’s pretty obvious since I’m still a bit open.” “That’s so hot. My boys fucking your ass. Shit, I haven’t seen a lot of asses except in the gym showers in high school and college but I swear I never saw one as smooth as you are. You’re smoother than my wife was and I can tell you never shaved it” and as he said this his hands were rubbing my ass, the soaping up forgotten as his real intentions became clearer. He took the shower nozzle and rinsed me off, making sure he got all the soap off me. I did the same to him and we got out of the shower. Both of us were 90% hard now, both of us were leaking precum like crazy. I wasn’t going to start this, it was up to him to initiate it, to lead me. I’d willingly do anything he wanted but I wanted to make sure he wanted it too, not just that he did it because I wanted it. “Come here” he said, holding the towel for me. He dried me carefully, lifting each leg, softly drying my ass, nuts, hard dick. I took a towel from the stack and did the same to him except that I got down on my knees to dry his legs, dick, ass and nuts. “You want to go to bed?” he asked and I just nodded my head. By now I was so horny that I’d do fucking anything he wanted. He led me to the bed and guided me on, laying me on my back. He leaned over me and kissed me. This guy wasn’t some virgin, he knew what to do with his mouth and tongue and the way he kissed made me want to just hold him. Our hands were rubbing all over each other, he was up and down my chest, under my ass, my legs. I was feeling his strong back, he had a great ass on him, I spent more time there. All this time our mouths were locked together. “Fuck man, I’m so horny I’m about to die. It’s been 4 weeks since I came last, I’m losing my mind” and he almost whimpered as he dove back on my mouth. “You’re too horny to enjoy it properly.” I whispered when my mouth got free. “I’ll suck a load out of you and then we can take our time, see what happens next.” Leo just flopped over, his hard dick slapping against his stomach. Now that he was totally hard I could see he was 7″ and not quite as thick as me. Perfect for sucking. I didn’t make him wait any longer. I wanted to taste him and then get on to whatever came next. I took his dick in my mouth, laved it with my tongue, got it all wet. I left as much precum at the top as I could and then just slammed my face down, taking him all the way into kocaeli escort my throat. He almost roared out, lifted his whole midsection off the bed and held my head tight to his crotch and I felt his dick swell up and start to shoot. The first two shots went right to my stomach, I couldn’t taste it at all. I managed to pull up enough that he was shooting across my tongue, I kept moving slowly up and down as shot after shot of sperm came out of him. This wasn’t boycum, this was man sperm. Thick, salty, tasty as all hell. He must have shot 8 times before it slowed to an ooze, my mouth was full of his load. I slurped all the way to the top of his dick and sealed my lips shut so I didn’t spill any. I made sure he was watching me as I opened my mouth, I wish I could have seen it, there was enough sperm in there for 2 or 3 normal loads, I closed my mouth, swallowed a few times then captured his dick again. He had still been oozing cum, I cleaned off his belly and just let his dick rest in my mouth until he calmed down. I let his dick out of my mouth and it fell wetly to his stomach with a slapping sound. I climbed up beside him and he reached out to hold me. “Fucking hell Teddy. I don’t normally cum that quick, I just couldn’t hold back” he said, softly. “I loved it. There’s lot more sperm in here” and I cupped his nuts “and plenty of time to get you emptied out. You tasted really good.” “I know you’re probably not gonna believe this but that was my first ever blowjob.” I looked at him questioningly. “No, really. My first one. I got handjobs in high school, the bitches didn’t fuck or suck. By the time I got to college it was all fucking. I never knew a blowjob could feel that good or I’d have demanded them!” and he laughed. “Well, I guess that I’ve gotten a virginity from everyone in the family now” I said with a giggle. “I’ve loved it all so far and I look forward to whatever comes next” Leo’s dick hadn’t really gone soft. It wasn’t stone hard anymore but it was still at least 80%. Mine of course was at full hardness, this was fucking exciting as hell to me. I’d have been excited even if the sex sucked just because of the whole scene but the family aspect made it even better. Leo brought me down and we started to make out again. He was so good at this, if my asshole was a pussy I’d have been leaking juice all over him. I really wanted him to fuck me but I wasn’t sure he was up for ass. Then he moved his hands down my body, groping my ass. His fingers went in my crack and I felt him playing with my hole. I wasn’t lubed up at all but I was still a bit loose from the fucking, the enemas, the fingers from earlier and then he brought his finger up to my mouth. “Get my finger wet. I wanna play in your ass.” he said. I sucked his finger sloppily, getting it drenched in saliva. I opened my mouth and he pulled it out, then placed it on my hole and pressed it into me. Fuck it felt so good, I moaned out loud and arched up like a slut. He was moving around in my ass, I don’t know if he even knew about the prostate but he would hit it occasionally and every time he did it I moaned again. He zeroed in on that and kept just slowly pressing on that area, fucking his finger in and out. I just couldn’t take it anymore. “I need you to fuck me Leo.” and he growled at me and put his face by my hole. I felt him sniff then I guess he remembered the shower plus the enema and he just stuck his tongue right up me. I about jumped off the bed. His tongue felt like it went a foot inside me. He kept pressing in, fucking my hole. He put his fingers on both sides of my hole and just pulled it open. It was almost painful, I moaned like a little girl as he just tongue fucked me into submission. He ate me out for at least 10 minutes until I thought I would lose my mind. He turned me back over to face him and reached for the lube. He stuck a bunch of lube inside my hole and spread it around, then lubed his dick up. I had grabbed a pillow and put my ass on it, so I’d be at the right angle for him to fuck me face to face. I wanted to watch him as he did it. He brought his dick to my hole and stopped, looked at me “I’ve never fucked an ass before, what do I need to know?” and he teased my hole with the head of his dick. “Just go a little slow to start, don’t just ram it up me” and my breath caught at the feelings. “Then you can fuck me however you want. Slow, hard, it don’t matter. I’m not a girl and I can take a hard fuck” and with that I felt him slowly push into me. My hole opened up for his dick and he kept pushing until he was buried all the way inside me. “Shit you’re fucking tight as hell” he moaned and I clenched my ass muscles and he yelped and started to fuck me. My legs were wrapped around him and he was fucking me at a steady pace. I was glad to see he hadn’t cum yet, I was worried since he came so quick when I sucked his dick but this was a man, used to fucking a pussy and my ass was another hole albeit tighter than the one he was used to fucking. I pulled his face down and kissed him and we made out at the same speed as his fucking, our tongues dueling as his dick fucked away. It felt like he was getting deeper and deeper inside me, it was because he was starting to fuck harder. He lifted off me and pulled his dick out. “Get on your hands and knees” and when I did I flexed my ass at his gaze, causing my hole to open like a mouth beckoning him in. He brought his dick up and just slammed it into me. It knocked the breath out of me and I whimpered, we had been fucking for about 15 minutes and this, combined with his son’s fucking me earlier, had made my hole fairly tender. It was the type of tenderness I welcomed. “Fuck me hard Leo, fuck me like you’re trying to kill me” and my voice trailed away with an oof as he really started to pound all hell out of my ass. We were facing the back of the room and I thought I heard a noise. Then I didn’t hear anything but a minute later heard more noise. By now I’d been fucked pretty much senseless, I barely remembered where I was, who I was, all I felt was that big dick pounding me harder and harder. “Fuck fuck, this is so good. Fuck me forever dammit” my words were coming out without pauses, without sense on my part. I swear I could feel his dick getting bigger, harder and spearing into me over and over and then I felt him just ram in as deep and hard as he could. “I’m cumming Teddy, fucking hell I don’t wanna cum I want to fuck you all day” but it was too late and I felt him shoot inside me. My battered ass couldn’t have felt a little cum, he must have been pouring sperm into me. I remembered how much he shot when I sucked him, this felt like even more. Finally he lay on me and I just relaxed and lay on the bed, him following so his dick never left my ass. He grabbed my head and turned it towards him and kissed me deeply. He was sucking the breath out of me. “That was so good, so good. I never knew anything could feel this fucking good.” He sucked on my neck, hard and I knew he was marking me, marking his territory and that sharp tingle went right to my dick. There was a shuffling sound from over by the door and I heard a young voice say wow. I felt Leo jump and I quickly whispered in his ear “Let me take the lead on this, just don’t act like there’s anything wrong” and I felt him nod slightly so we both turned towards the door. We didn’t just see one son, all four of them were there, staring at the two of us, naked and sweaty on the bed. Their dad’s dick got soft quickly but mine stayed hard, I hadn’t cum twice after all. “Umm, we’re sorry Dad but the door was open and we just were looking for you and Teddy and we didn’t mean to look but we couldn’t stop looking once we saw you” Jackson said. “It was the most fucking awesome thing I’ve ever seen” Ryan said and the other boys nodded their heads. “Come over and sit on the bed. I’m sure you have a question or two” I said and the four boys climbed up on the bed. I saw Leo shake just a bit as Jackson rubbed against him accidentally. The feel of cloth on his skin reminded him that he was on the bed naked. Lenny sat down mostly on my lap while Ryan leaned against me. Jeremy got between Leo and I and he was pressed against both mine and his dad’s naked body. While all the boys were clothed there wasn’t a soft dick among them. Lenny took my hand and dropped it on his dick and just casually reached down to hold my hard dick like it was normal. I don’t think the boys knew what to really do, they were mostly looking at Lenny and me, glancing occasionally at their dad. “First of all, this was our fault totally. If we didn’t want to get seen we would have closed and locked the door. Let’s get that out of the way. Isn’t that right Leo?” “Yeah boys, there’s nothing wrong with what Teddy and I did, it was fun and I’m sure it will happen again.” and he leaned over and gave me a little kiss. “But dad, are you gay?” Jeremy asked. “I don’t think so Jeremy.” Leo responded “but I’m not totally straight anymore, that’s for sure.” “You guys ever heard of bisexual?” I asked, looking at the boys. Jackson said “That’s when you like both guys and girls right?” and I nodded. “Maybe until today your dad didn’t know. Maybe if I had never come, never had sex with you guys, he wouldn’t have ever tried it.” “Let me tell you boys” Leo interjected “I’m fucking glad this happened. I didn’t plan on doing anything with Teddy, he was just here for you guys but every time I thought about you boys and him doing things, I wanted to do things with him too. I did a clumsy job of seduction, I know Teddy knew what I was up to” and I laughed and nodded “but he let me go at my own pace. I was as much a virgin as you boys with another guy, until right now. I had never had a blowjob, fucked a guy, never even kissed a guy but I liked it and am going to do it again” and as he finished saying this he leaned over and pulled my head towards him and he and I shared a kiss right in front of Jeremy. He was so close you could feel his breath on our faces. “So does this mean we can do things openly with Teddy?” Lenny asked “If he doesn’t mind and you don’t mind. If anyone feels uncomfortable with it they can just say so” Leo responded. “Goodie” Lenny said and he took my dick in his mouth. I jumped, not expecting it even though he had been holding my dick. Leo’s mouth fell open as he saw his 12 year old going after my dick like it was candy. “Baby boy, I think your dad might not be quite ready to see this” and looking around the other brothers seemed just as surprised to see this as Leo. I pulled Lenny gently off my dick darıca escort and kissed him. “Let’s take this in easy stages okay?” and the boys nodded. “You boys head out to the living room, Leo and I are going to shower, get dressed and then we’ll be out and discuss things more.” The boys all filed out and closed the door behind them. Leo just looked at me, I arched an eyebrow at him and he just laughed. “Did you see their faces?” he said, between laughs. “We have to handle this the right way. Let’s go shower and talk a few minutes before we go out so we can agree on things” and he nodded, kissed me again and off we went to the shower. I made him clean my ass out good, I didn’t want to leak his sperm all over the furniture, leaving that smell around with a bunch of horny boys would be like waving a cape at a bull, they would get hornier even if they didn’t know why. One thing I’m going to do is tell them about reciprocation, I’ve had 4 boys and 1 adult and I’ve only cum once, they’ve cum like 10 times and I need it too, occasionally! Leo and I went to the living room and he kissed me before he sat in his chair. I sat at a chair opposite and the boys were on two couches in the middle of us. It was around 3pm, the late spring/early summer haze looked almost like twinkling lights as I took a look out the window facing the farm. I knew we had to get this moving. “Okay, here’s the deal. I know you guys don’t want to do things with each other and I can respect that. I bet though that as you were watching Leo and I fuck that some of you wanted to come join in, either to get head from me, give head to me or just play with me while your dad fucked me. Am I right?” and I looked at each of the boys. They all shook their heads yes and looked a bit shamefaced by it. “Boys, don’t feel bad about it. Hell that’s exactly how you should have felt. In face, someone should have come up and fed me a dick, or sat on my face or did something to me. It’s not like I’m going to complain, threesomes are a lot of fun. I don’t know what you’ve told each other about what we did earlier. I haven’t told anyone, not even your dad. That’s up to you guys, what you want to share.” “So you wouldn’t mind us gangbanging you?” Jeremy asked. “Well, I probably wouldn’t complain. As long as you stopped if I said to. Not that I’d be likely to do it, I like dicks in me.” I could see the boys relaxing now that the talk had turned to sex. “There is such a thing though as reciprocation. So far today I’ve had sex with all 5 of you and I’ve only cum once. If I counted right the 5 of you came 10 times. Now I don’t want to cum every time I do something to you, I’m not able to cum 5 times a day like you boys but make an effort. Someday you’ll all have boyfriends, think of this as training!” “I was so horny to get off I never thought about you getting off” Jeremy said and Jackson nodded too. “It’s okay, that first time was all about you boys. What you wanted to do, what you wanted me to do. I think I did it good, right?” and all the boys nodded yes. “We are going out to eat right? About what time?” “Around 5pm” Leo said. “We generally eat early” “Cool, then here’s what I’m going to do.” I stood up and walked to the middle of the couches. “I’m going to take you” pointing at Jeremy “and you” pointing at Ryan “and we are going to have the best threesome you can imagine. So get ready” Jeremy jumped up and I just scooped up Ryan and tossed him over my shoulder, swatting his little 10 year old ass as we headed to Jeremy’s room. Poor Lenny looked so disappointed so I leaned down and whispered in his ear “I’m saving you for last” and he perked up. “Hey Lenny, swat Ryan’s ass. He’s got a nice little ass doesn’t he?” and Lenny swatted him. I then took Ryan over to Jackson and to Leo and had them swat his ass also, holding him tight cause he was trying to get away. Jeremy reached over and gave him a solid whack and Ryan squealed. He might be pretending to hate it all but his little dick was hard pressing into my shoulder. “We’re going to use your bedroom Leo” I said and Leo nodded. I tossed the boy on the bed and took Jeremy in my arms. “Are you horny?” and he nodded. I tilted his face up and kissed him. He met my tongue and we did battle, with Ryan just looking at us. I broke away for just a second “Ryan, undress Jeremy and me” and I felt his little hands at my pants. He unbuttoned them and took them to the floor where I stepped out of them. He got down on his knees and undid Jeremy’s pants. The boy was hot, that’s for sure. There was a little wet spot on his underwear at the head of his dick. Ryan turned back to me and leaned in and pressed his face against my underwear. I heard him sniff, taking in my scent. There wasn’t much, I had just had a shower. He took down my underwear and my dick flopped out and smacked wetly against his face. The boy just let it rub all over, leaving a slick trail of precum on that 10 year old’s cheek. He went over to Jeremy and did the same thing, I wasn’t sure if he would really get that close to his brother but my goal, eventually, was to have all the boys just sucking and fucking each other. Ryan sniffed Jeremy once, then again, deeper. As he pulled down his older brother’s underwear you could see he was focused on the dick, his eyes followed it as he took down the pants. I saw him move slightly so his brother’s dick slapped against his face and lips. I felt Jeremy groan into my mouth as he felt his youngest brother’s lips touch his hard leaking dick. I pulled Ryan up and broke the kiss with Jeremy. I lifted the 10 year old up on the bed, that way his head was at the same level as Jeremy and I. I leaned in to kiss Ryan and pulled Jeremy in also. He seemed a bit unsure but I didn’t give him a choice, we both met at the little boy’s mouth and together slid our tongues into him. The boy shook as we ravaged his mouth, holding on to both of us so his legs didn’t give way. “Let’s undress him together” I said to Jeremy and we both took a side of his shirt and pulled it off. The boy’s chest was rising and falling as his excited breathing really set in. I leaned forward and kissed his nipple, then put my mouth over it. Jeremy did the same to the other nipple and the boy moaned, that high pitched prepubescent moaning was such a turnon. We both licked down the side of his stomach and then we met at the boy’s pants. I unsnapped them and we slid them down, he had on those same briefs from earlier. I just knew the odor would be incredible from the sex we had plus whatever he had been doing. I leaned forward to sniff the boy, fuck man, I wanted to just rip those underwear off and jam my dick up his ass. Jeremy was still following my lead and he smelled his little brother. I’m pretty sure it was the first time he had ever done that, at least in a sexual manner and he got that first sniff and then had to have another. I took the underwear down and his little dick just popped out. I licked up one side, Jeremy took the other and we kissed each other with Ryan’s 3″ dick between our tongues. The little boy had a deathgrip on our heads and his legs were trembling as we kept going. Up and down, then I took his dick in all the way, sucked it once, pushed it over to Jeremy who did the same. I think Ryan’s mind was gone, he never expected his oldest brother to be sucking his little dick and he couldn’t hold back. He felt the surges inside him, it came from his toes and he yelled “I’m gonna cum” and I made sure Ryan’s dick was between our two tongues. I felt him twitch and twitch and finally just a tiny dribble of cum oozed out, on both Jeremy’s tongue and mine. I saw Jeremy start just a little as he saw and tasted it but he kept right on sucking and licking as the boy slowly just fell on the bed, on his back. Both of us kept licking and sucking on him, softly, until his breathing we back to more normal. “What do you think Jeremy? Doesn’t he taste good?” I said, as both of us leaned down to include Ryan in a three way kiss. “Yeah, my first cum in the mouth and it was my baby brother. Good job Ryan, I couldn’t shoot until I was almost 12” and Ryan just looked so proud about it. “So boys, you’ve all had one experience. You’ve all watched gay porn right?” and both boys nodded. “Is there anything you’ve seen that you don’t want to do?” “Does it hurt when you get fucked?” Jeremy asked. “Well, it might hurt the first time. You have to remember that your ass is used to stuff coming out, not going in” and I laughed with the boys. “but it can feel really good once you get started. It depends on the person fucking you and how you feel about it.” “I wanna do everything” Ryan said. “Whether it hurts or not.” and Jeremy nodded yes too. “Let’s see how Jeremy tastes, okay Ryan?” and I saw the boy lean down to his brother’s dick. “Sheesh, you stink Jeremy” Ryan said and I have to admit I felt the same way. “It was my turn in the pig building” Jeremy said, “so I guess I do!” “Let’s all take a shower together and do something else together” and both boys said “What” at the same time. “Come on and see.” As we went in I closed the bathroom door behind us and pulled the enema bag off the hook. “Oooohhh” Ryan said “I like that” “What’s it for?” Jeremy asked. “Well, let’s say someone fucks your ass. What’s the worst thing you can imagine?” and Jeremy just looked at me. “You’ve heard someone say they were going to fuck the shit out of someone. It’s not good to have that when you fuck someone. It’s messy and smelly too.” and both boys went “Eeewwww” at the same time. “So let’s get you both cleaned out. I don’t mean you’re going to get fucked now, or even today. But you will sometime and you need to be prepared!” “I’ve never had one” Jeremy said. “I’ll show you!” Ryan exclaimed. “I have to get them a lot, I get all stopped up inside. It feels weird but it makes my dick hard every time” Nothing special to tell here, both the boys got cleaned out, there were lots of “eww you stink” as I did them three times each but it was all in jest. We got in the shower (I’m going to turn into a prune, this was the third shower in 5 hours) and it was fun to just wash each other. After a little tentative behavior the two boys really got into washing each other, as well as me. We dried off and added to the pile of towels in the bathroom. I did check to make sure there were enough for the next duo. “Okay, now Jeremy doesn’t stink” and as I said this I wrestled Jeremy to the bed, on his back, and straddled him. “See what his dick smells like Ryan” and the 10 year old pushed his face into Jeremy’s gölcük escort crotch. “Just smells like water now” Ryan giggled. “So, see how his dick tastes” and the boy took his brother’s semi hard dick all the way in his mouth. Jeremy’s ass lifted off the bed as he felt the lips on his pubes and I watched over my shoulder as Ryan tried to keep the fast growing dick in his mouth. He gagged some, then fell off coughing and Jeremy’s dick just slapped against his stomach, covered in thick saliva from the throat of the 10 year old. “How come I can’t take it all!” and Ryan pouted. “You will, but it takes some time and a lot of force. We don’t want you puking all over the bed. Let me show you.” So I got off Jeremy’s chest, dragging my leaking dick across his face. I felt his lips open and the touch of his tongue as I did this. Jeremy was at his full 6″ hardness. I leaned over and sucked him in and the boy hissed. I went down until I felt my lips touch his pubes, then back up and down. “See? You can do it too you just have to really want it.” Jeremy pushed me off and on my stomach and then picked up my dick and looked at it. “I’m gonna do all of yours” he said and tried to stuff my entire 7″ in his mouth and throat at once. He fell off coughing and choking. “Fuck, why can’t I do you like you do me?” and he almost whined. “You remember the way you did me the first time?” I asked and he nodded. “It’s a bit easier to take it all down that way, your mouth and throat make a straight line for the dick. It’s hard to take a dick much over 6″ just the way you did it, unless someone just forces you.” “Lenny took all your dick, at least he said he did. Said you fucked his face and came in his mouth” Jeremy said. “I wanna do it.” “Me too” Ryan added. “Okay” hearing this from the two boys really made my dick leak more. How to do it I wonder? I obviously can’t cum in both their mouths right now. “The next time we are alone we’ll do it. It would be easier that way okay? In the meantime, I wanna get fucked. Who wants my ass?” “Me, me” I heard, in stereo. I had to laugh, the enthusiasm of youth. “Let’s do it this way. Jeremy, you get me ready to get fucked and Ryan can fuck me first.” I pulled Ryan over in front of me and, to give Jeremy a hint, tossed him on his stomach and started to eat out his ass. “You got a nice tasty ass. I’m gonna fuck you soon.” and I moaned as Jeremy ran his hands over my ass, cupping my cheeks and pulling them apart to see my hole. There’s no way I was tight, Jackson had fucked me and then Leo had really fucked me with a decent cock. The boy leaned in and softly touched his tongue to my hole. I pulled Ryan’s cheeks apart until he whined, then stuck my tongue right through the resistance of his hole and up his ass. “Fuck his tongue is in my ass” Ryan moaned “it’s so fucking good” “Don’t cuss so much” Jeremy said and I just had to laugh. Here he was, eating my ass, me eating his brother’s ass and he’s worried about the 10 year old saying fuck? Jeremy dove in on my hole, I felt him push his tongue against my hole and I just flexed and he slid in full length. “Fuck my hole with your tongue Jeremy” and the boy did that. I guess it was pheremones, there couldn’t have been much taste to my ass, I had been cleaned out good after Leo fucked me but whatever it was Jeremy was after it with his tongue. I stopped eating Ryan’s ass and turned him over, his dick was hard as a nail and I sucked him in. He grabbed my head and started to fuck the hell out of my face. I felt his pubic bone hitting me over and over, it was almost painful. “Fuck me Ryan. Push your brother’s face out of the way and ram that dick up me and fuck me hard.” I didn’t want lube with the little boy. My hole was covered in saliva and open anyway and his dick was slick with my saliva. Ryan basically had to drag Jeremy off me and he took his dick, found my hole and pressed in as far as he could go. Shit, it was so fucking good. No lube meant I felt all of his 3″ dick and as soon as he was in, he pulled back, fell out and then pushed all the way in again. He was lost in how it felt, you could tell by the jerky way he was fucking me. Jeremy just sat on his legs, watching his baby brother fuck me. “Jeremy, put lube on. As soon as he’s done, fuck me.” Jeremy put the lube on but his eyes never left my ass as he watched Ryan. “Give it to him Ryan, fuck him good baby brother” “I’m gonna cum all up inside him” Ryan said, breathless, and the boy’s legs tensed up and he just slammed in as far as he could. His body shook over and over as he came inside me. I didn’t feel fluid, I doubt he had any left right now, he had cum his little bit not that long ago but you’d never know it by the way he acted. If he had shot as much as he shook I’d have been filled up. He rolled off me after a minute and Jeremy parted my cheeks, put his dick to my hole and slammed his 6″ right up me. I yelped in surprise, his dick was lubed but my ass wasn’t and I could really feel him as he started to fuck. There wasn’t tenderness, how are you, this was just my dick needs a hole and your ass is it. I pulled Ryan over and took his dick in my mouth to clean him. There was a bit of a taste to him, maybe he did shoot just a drop or two. His dick was still hard so I sucked him and let Jeremy’s fucking of my ass push me back and forth off Ryan’s dick. “Fuck your ass is so hot. I don’t know how long I can hold out from shooting” Jeremy moaned. “Just fuck me, fill my ass up with your sperm. You’ll fuck me a lot more.” and the boy just kept slamming away. He was fucking my ass harder than he fucked my throat earlier. You’d have thought he was mad at it the way he slammed into me. Ryan lay down on my back, facing Jeremy and watched his brother’s dick fuck me. I couldn’t reach any part of him to suck now, I had to settle for licking his feet. Jeremy’s dick felt like a bar of iron mangling my insides he was fucking so hard. I heard his breath catch, then again and he shoved in so hard that my asshole walls ached from the pressure. I felt Ryan’s hands on my ass and he pulled my cheeks apart, forcing my hole open even more so he could see better. “I’m gonna shoot, I’m gonna cum” and his voice trailed off. I felt his dick throb and I could feel the liquid inside me as he emptied himself. He shook almost as bad as Ryan. He pushed Ryan off my back and lay full length down on me, dick still buried deep as it soaked in my ass juices and his sperm. “Motherfucker that was so intense” he whisptered. He slowly pulled out and I tensed my hole so his sperm wouldn’t leak out. I had him lay between me and Ryan. “Help me clean his dick off Ryan” and I started to lick Jeremy’s slightly softening dick. For a moment I thought Ryan might complain but he dutifully stuck his face beside mine and we both licked up and down. I pushed it towards Ryan, “suck it deep and clean all hit sperm off” I said and the boy obediently opened his mouth and slid all the way down. The dick had softened enough that Ryan just gagged a little as his mouth got overfilled, then slurped up the dick and pushed it to me. I did the same thing on my side and Jeremy was just twitching. I knew he was really sensative after that orgasm so I made sure I kept away from the head of his dick as much as possible. “You didn’t cum yet” Jeremy said “what do you want us to do to make you cum? You wanna fuck me?” and he got on his knees and lowered his ass down towards me. I reached up and bit the cheek of his ass and he yelped and fell off the bed. “Hey you bit my ass?” he said and then he laughed. “The next time we are alone with each other I’m going to cum for each of you. I still have two more to go, or three depending on what your dad has in mind. So I better wait, besides I promised Lenny I’d give him my cum again. I do want you two to clean my ass for me. So I don’t leak Jeremy’s sperm all over.” “How do we do that?” Jeremy asked. “Well, if I could reach my own ass I’d stick my tongue up there and eat your sperm out of it.” I said. “Ewww” came from both the boys. “So did the sperm on Jeremy’s dick taste good Ryan?” I asked. “Yeah it was cool.” he answered. “Well, it came out of my ass right?” and I laughed. “I hadn’t thought of that” Ryan said. “I’ll try it” and the 10 year old pulled my cheeks apart. My hole definitely hadn’t closed up completely but I had been trying not to leak, I really wanted Ryan to lick my ass clean. I didn’t know how much I’d have to push him to try it and I knew not at all because he leaned in and licked my hole. His tongue went right up in me, I was that loose from the fuck. I waited to see what he’d do next. “Hey it just tastes like Jeremy’s dick did” he said and licked again. I tried to push out a little, to see if I could get some of the sperm to leak out on his tongue and it worked, I felt him lapping at my hole as I gave him his oldest brother’s cum. “Can I try a taste?” Jeremy asked. “No, get your own ass to lick” Ryan said giggling and he leaned to the side. I felt Jeremy’s tongue hit my hole and go deep inside me. I moaned like a little slut, my hole was just a bit tender and his tongue was rough enough that it rubbed the rawer spots. They took turns then and I kept on trying to force it out for them. Finally I figured I was done so I pulled them up to me and gave them both a kiss. “One last thing, for me. Give me both your index fingers” and I put them in my mouth to get them wet. “Stick them in my ass and turn them around, then let me suck them clean”. The boys did as I asked and there wasn’t hardly any sperm taste. “You got it all!” Let me go wash my ass good and then we’ll head back out to your brothers and dad. As the three of us rounded the corner we heard applause. More to come……… Other stories by me on Nifty – Please check them out. The celebrity stories aren’t so great, in my eyes but maybe you like them if you can remember the people involved. Benjy – Highschool I actually knew Benjy, a story from long ago. Charlotte 1977 – Adult Youth (My personal favorite) A longish story about a summer spent in Charlotte in 1977 and all the teenage and preteen boys available along with the creation of a new family. Pretty Boy – Urination A kinda real story from when I was 11 years old and up. Corey and Eddy – Celebrity Set in Amsterdam, a long story about meeting up with Corey, other boyfriends and a real depiction of the Amsterdam scene during this time. Sunday At Zach’s House – Celebrity A story with the real life actors playing the kids in the Home Improvement show. KLM Flight 651 – Adult Youth Another story based in real events but just a bit hyperbolized in the sex department! Ben’s Dream – Celebrity Ben Savage and Rider Strong have a good time! Ethan and River – Celebrity Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix from the Explorers movie timeframe.

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