Lending a Helping Hand – Chapter 2


Lending a Helping Hand – Chapter 2This is a work of fiction meaning it only happened in my mind and I pass it on to you with the hope that you find some entertainment in reading it. If you have not read the first chapter I suggest you start there https://xhamster.com/stories/lending-a-helping-hand-9927678. A quick reminder that Larry was told by his mother to go next door and give their married neighbor a helping hand. It turns out that the neighbor, Helen, needs more than a hand to take care of her needs while her husband is away on a construction project.“Do you find me sexy?” Helen asked as I crawled onto her bed. Her wet panties were still in her hand as I ran my hand over her wet pussy. My cock throbbed from her sucking me to the edge twice without finishing me. Now I wanted to be inside her. I rolled close to her and cupped her small tit in my hand and she moaned. “I can touch myself there and it never feels the same as when a man does it.” Helen said as I felt her press her tit firmly against the palm of my hand.I felt her move her arm and she touched my cock with her wet panty. “Your mama said that you love being touched with a panty,” She said as she caressed my sensitive cock tip with the slick nylon. “But maybe it is more about the scent of a woman than the touch of the smooth silky fabric,” she suggested and brought the soaking wet panty to my nose.“Can you smell my scent?” she asked as the wet fabric touched my nose. I wanted to suck her juice out of the wet crotch panel but also didn’t want to be a creep. Instead I nodded my head that I loved the scent and then in one fluid motion I spun around in the bed and put my head between her legs and licked her pussy.She jerked as if I had poked her with a pin, “Oh yes baby, you know this mama wants your tongue on my little kitty.” She said with that sexy southern drawl. Calling herself mama seemed strange yet I found it arousing none the less. Helen wrapped the panty around my cock and slowly massaged the silky fabric against me. Her wet crotch panel seemed cold against my hot cock as it would pass across it.But between her legs there was nothing but heat and thick creamy fluid that carried her womanly scent into my brain. Her nearly bald pussy was soft and unlike the college girls I had eaten in this way, Helen seemed more open about allowing me full access to her pussy. The first girl I had gone down on did not enjoy it that much and I blamed myself at being inexperienced. I remember fumbling bahis şirketleri around and going strongly after her clit and she stopped me saying, “it is too sensitive, sorry,” and I finished by her riding me to what was a disappointing fuck.But I learned some oral skills and it seemed that Helen had a particular desire for a man to own her pussy with his lips and tongue. She spread her legs wide open as I ran my tongue between her labia. I was rewarded with a tongue full of her creamy discharge that clung to me like honey. “Oh yes babe,” Helen said, “right there, I love your tongue sliding into me that way.”I pulled off for a second, “well it isn’t a helping hand but I think must be helping you with your needs.” I continued lapping up her fluids as I pulled her ass apart exposing her rosebud that was tight and wrinkled. My nose would bump against it and she moaned each time I contacted it. I had never done any ass play and wasn’t sure I wanted to. But she seemed to be coaxing me in that direction with the movement of her hips.I ran my tongue past her hole and got brave enough to pass it over her ass. She moaned loudly and replaced her hand and panty with her mouth around the tip of my cock. Her tongue swirled around the tip and I pushed gently into her mouth. I licked her again from her clit to her ass and she seemed to swallow my cock as her fingers found my asshole and probed inside of me.My inflamed cock had been close to exploding twice when she sucked me before I went down on her and now it seemed that she would finish me as I continued eating her hot cunt. My head was completely between her legs and I licked and sucked all her delicate parts and her moaning became a constant vibration on my cock. Then I felt her stiffen and a flood of fluid came out of her pussy and coated my face as she pressed her legs against my head.I knew I had made her cum, the orgasm seemed to last so long as she trembled and moaned through it. My cock was in her mouth but she didn’t do anything but hold it there as she humped her orgasmic pussy against my lips and tongue. She relaxed and parted her legs as she pulled off of me. “Take me Larry, make me yours with your cock.” She whispered as she rolled around on the bed facing me.Her nipples had hardened to prominent nubs and her areola had all but vanished as it had wrinkled up into her nipple. I ran my thumb over one and she trembled with the sensation. “Don’t tease me Larry, it has been months since I felt a man between bahis firmaları my legs, I need your cock inside of me.” She said as she pushed me onto my back and mounted me. I smiled as she guided my cock between her legs and slipped my cock deep inside of her with a single movement.I loved women taking this position and I loved when they took charge of their own pleasure. This position always gave me full access to their tits as they brought pleasure to both of us. Her pelvis rock against my cock pushing it as far back as she could, “I love a young cock, it is so hard and can take a good fucking,” she said as she rocked furiously against my cock.Her small tits hung in my face as I reached up for them and suckled on her nipples. She moaned again and I lightly bit a nipple and she closed her eyes and I felt her pelvic muscles grip me tightly. She stopped moving on my cock for a second, “oh FUCK,” Helen shouted, “I’ cumming again,” and I felt fluid drench my cock and balls. This fluid felt different, it was hot, watery, and a lot of it. I had never felt anything like it but knew she was cumming hard and it was because I was fucking her. And that is all that mattered.“Oh shit Larry,” Helen said as she relaxed from what had to be a mind blowing orgasm, “I peed on you, you made me cum so hard I couldn’t stop it. Do you want to stop?”I didn’t answer with words. Instead I took hold of her hips and started rocking her back and forth on my soaking wet cock. She took the hint and bent forward until our lips touched. This was not a closed mouth kiss, her tongue and mine met before our lips touched and our breathing was ragged and the only other sound in the room was two wet bodies slapping together.I didn’t ask if she was on the pill in fact I didn’t care if she was protected or not. I felt my orgasm start and shoved my cock all the way in her and exploded as she shuddered and another orgasm hit her just seconds after my cock started pumping semen into her. My fluids added to hers and made a hell of a mess but I didn’t pull out until I felt her relax. Helen collapsed on top of me breathing heavily against my neck.The room was filled with the scent of sex, our bodies were hot and sticking together from the sweat from exertion. I ran my hands across her ass and pulled it open and pressed my middle finger against her rosebud. “Maybe the next time you come over to give me a helping hand,” Helen whispered in my ear, “you can take me there, I think I would like that.”My kaçak bahis siteleri cock faintly responded but I couldn’t get past the feeling I get when arousal begins. This woman had worn me out completely and based on her lying on top of me and not moving I knew I had done the same to her. “Let’s get a shower together,” Helen said raising up a bit so her tits just barely brushed across my chest, “I don’t want to send you back to your mama stinking of sex.” She grinned broadly and rolled off of me.Our shower was warm and soapy and as much as I would have loved to taken her there I was spent as was Helen. She kissed me passionately when I was ready to leave. As I turned to go Helen stopped me, “I want you to take these with you,” she said as she pressed her wet pink panties to my nose, “that way you can think about me later or maybe you have other panties you’d rather use for a little late night snack.”I was a bit shocked at first. Our sexual encounter had ended with thoughts of me coming back. But now she seemed to almost be asking me if I was using my mother’s panties as a masturbation fantasy. But her look was genuine as she stepped up to me and pushed the panties inside my underwear. The wet fabric touched my cock and I knew I’d be thinking of her later.I made my way back home and looked at my phone. I had been gone two hours and had no idea what to tell my Mom about what we did. A guy just can’t say, “Well I fucked the married woman next door for two hours.”Mom was not in the kitchen so I walked silently to my bedroom. I heard her voice in her bedroom and decided she must be on her phone. I stopped by her door and listened, “Well I am so happy Larry was able to help you out Helen. Do you really think he would help me the same way?” I couldn’t believe what I just heard, “perhaps I was just dreaming it” I thought. After all Helen and I just had some mind blowing sex and my mind could have been rattled from that experience. I hesitated a moment longer just in case Mom said something else that involved me.“So you are suggesting he may need some encouragement from me?” Mom said. There was a pause and she said, “Well Helen I certainly could use a helping hand just like Larry just gave you and I think I will give your suggestion a try. Bye Bye and thank you.” I moved quickly to my bedroom and closed the door and dropped onto the bed. I heard Mom leave her room and I closed my eyes as if I was asleep.I heard my door open for a few seconds and then close. I heard Mom’s footsteps down the hall and my mind raced with what would come next. I put my hand on my stomach and felt the wet nylon panty. I looked down, the panty was hanging half out of my trousers, “I was busted!” I thought.

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