Laurie the Dirty Virgin


I had been dating Laurie for about three months and I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was. She was smart and funny and fun to be with, but she was also the hottest girl I had ever dated, by a long way. She was tall and slim with a beautiful face and short brown hair. Her breasts weren’t too big and they were pert and firm, but her best asset was her perfect arse. She had a great fashion sense and everything she wore served to accentuate the perfect round shape of her sexy bum.

The only problem was that Laurie seemed a bit reluctant to do anything sexual. Don’t get me wrong, we were definitely attracted to each other, and sometimes we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. She was always kissing me and stroking me. She wanked me off a few times and she was certainly talented at that. She let me finger her while she was stroking me but she wouldn’t let me get her panties off. Her pussy felt absolutely amazing and although I had never seen it, I could feel her tiny patch of trimmed pubic hair leading down to one of the tightest wettest pussies I had ever felt.

One Friday she asked me to come over late in the evening and when I arrived, she answered her door wearing an extremely sexy silk dressing gown. She practically dragged me in and quickly started kissing me, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She dragged me straight to her bedroom and sat me down on the bed and straddled my legs. Her dressing gown rode up her legs and I could see the fabric of her dark purple panties. She kissed me again and said “so I need to tell you something.”

At this point I didn’t know whether to be happy or concerned so I just said “okay.”

She smiled as she looked me straight in the eye and said “the thing is, I’m a virgin.”

I furrowed my brow slightly in a look of confusion. Laurie was is her late twenties and was absolutely gorgeous; I found it hard to believe that a girl like that would still be a virgin. Seeing my confusion, she continued “well, I’m technically almanbahis şikayet a virgin. I um, I do it the other way, you know, in the bum.” At that point, my eyes widened in surprise and a smile spread across my face. She also smiled, obviously now feeling more at ease, and added “I want to do it with you tonight, is that okay?”

I smiled wider at the somewhat silly question and kissed her passionately.

She suddenly became more excited now that the big conversation was out of the way and she jumped up and started to undo her dressing gown. As she dropped it to the floor, I could see she was wearing a skimpy dark purple bra and panties, she looked absolutely stunning. She immediately unfastened my belt and started to yank my trousers down my legs, so I stood up to help her take them off. As I was taking my clothes off, she slipped off her bra and dropped it to the floor, revealing her perfect firm breasts. I barely had time to admire them before she pushed me down on the bed and knelt in front of me, plunging her mouth down around my dick.

The feeling of Laurie swirling my cock around her mouth was unlike anything I had ever felt before, it was absolutely amazing. She stroked the shaft with her hand while licking the tip and then sucking it into her mouth. After a minute or so, I had to stop her for fear that I would cum too soon, so she stood up and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties. As she slipped them down, I saw the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen, it was tiny and pink with a small patch of trimmed hair just above it. I quickly threw my arms around her waist and swung her around, pushing her down on to the bed on her back as I knelt between her legs. She moaned as I gently licked her wet pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her.

I continued to eat her sweet pussy to a loud orgasm before she rolled over and moaned “okay, I need it now, I want you inside me.” She jumped up and grabbed a bottle of lube from the bed almanbahis canlı casino and as she was squeezing the contents onto her hand she said, “just so you know, I’ve never had anything that big, you’re gonna have to go really slow.”

With that, she reached a hand down and rubbed the lube between her arse cheeks and as I knelt on the bed, she reached out and rubbed some on my already stiff cock. She giggled excitedly as she turned away from me, positioned a pillow in front of her, and lay down on her front with the pillow propping her hips up slightly.

As I looked down and admired her perfect firm arse cheeks, I briefly wondered how I could possibly be so lucky. The sexiest girl I had ever dated was lying in front of me waiting for me to fuck her tiny arse. I straddled her legs and spread her smooth cheeks to reveal her puckered little hole and rubbed the tip of my stiff cock over it, eliciting a soft moan from her. The moan turned to a loud gasp as I gently pushed the tip in and felt the head of my dick slip into her arse. The feeling was amazing, I had never felt anything so tight.

I continued to push forward a couple of inches until Laurie shouted “ah fuck that’s big.” I stopped and asked if she was okay and she moaned back “yes, ah, don’t stop, just go slow.”

I continued working my cock into her, slowly thrusting back and forth until I had managed to get all but a couple of inches into her. At that point, she clasped the duvet tight in her hands and moaned “ah, okay okay, that’s it.”

I slowly pulled back a couple of inches and pushed forward again a few times until she started to loosen up a little. As I gradually sped up, I was able to build up a steady rhythm and start fucking her arse a little harder. I could feel my orgasm approaching so I slowed down a little and rested my body down on top of hers.

I rolled both our bodies slightly to one side and reached a hand down to rub her clit and she let out a loud almanbahis casino groan of pleasure.

For the next few minutes, I stayed buried inside her arse, just thrusting about an inch in and out while rubbing her clit until she reached down and pressed her hand against mine as she screamed her way through an intense orgasm.

As she was recovering, she turned her head back and softly moaned “that was amazing, do you like my arse?”

I kissed the back of her neck and replied “I love it!”

“Good” she moaned “it likes you too.”

Eventually, I couldn’t hold out any longer and told Laurie that I was going to cum. “Do inside me” she moaned, “do it in my arse, I want your cum inside me.” She had barely got the last word out when I tensed up and buried my cock as deep as I could as I started to shoot a huge load of cum inside Laurie’s arse. We both lay there for a while until my dick softened and I was able to gently pull it out of her.

I fucked Laurie in the arse again that night and ate her pussy to another orgasm. Then in the morning, we showered together and she gave me the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. When I announced I was going to cum, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it furiously until I shot several ropes of cum over her perky breasts.

Over the next few weeks, Laurie seemed to almost take it as a kind of personal challenge to see if she could take the full length of my dick inside her arse. She eventually managed it and began to get used to taking me harder and faster.

Sometimes she was really passionate and loving with me and I spent hours slowly plunging my dick into her tight arse. Other times, she just wanted to get fucked and she would scream at me to do it faster and harder. Either way I was happy to oblige of course, and I even convinced her to let me pull my dick out and cum on her face a few times. At first she wasn’t really in to the idea but after a while, she actually started to enjoy it. For me, it was even worth not having sex for a few days so I could save up a huge load to spray all over her pretty face. I wondered if I would ever get inside her virgin pussy but for now, I was happy with her tight little arse. Not to mention her extremely talented mouth.

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