Late Night With Jerry

By Darin 2b Naked

Story codes; Mb(9), oral, anal


My wife and I were sitting in the livingroom watching television, my 9-year-old son Jerry was taking his bath before bed, we could hear him splashing and making noises playing with his bath toys. It sounded like a big naval battle was going on with his ships and submarine, we heard loud splashes as imaginary bombs were dropping on the ships.

“I”m going to go check on him.” I told my wife as I stood up. She was on her 2nd glass of wine, I knew she would have at least one more and me, being the loving husband, would happily get it for her. I walked to the open bathroom door and peeked in, my son was in the process of launching a torpedo at a battleship. “Hey, that was a direct hit, good job honey.”

“Yeah, hi daddy.” he said, smiling up at me. “What you doing in here?”

“I came to check on you to make sure you”re clean, plus I have to pee.” I said as I walked to the toilet, taking my cock out.”

“Can I watch daddy?” he asked excitedly, standing up in the tub, trying to see.

“Shhhhh, mommy might hear you.” I told him as I turned so he could get a good view of my cock. I looked over at him as I started my stream, he was smiling watching me intently, I didn”t say anything, but I noticed he had his little cocklet between hid thumb and fingers. He was getting hard as he stroked it, his little balls jiggling as he stroked. I slowly stroked mine as I watched, still pissing. When I was done, I pushed out 3 final squirts and shook the drops off.

He looked up into my eyes and smiled, as I put my cock away and walked over to him, he was fully hard now, his skinny 3-inch cocklet standing proud as he continued jacking off. “Daddy, do you want to watch me pee now?” he whispered. I smiled and nodded my head, he grunted and started pissing, his yellow stream arcing through the air splashing into the bath water. I reached over and took his hard pricklet between my fingers, I could feel the power of his flow as it passed through his little pisser. I waved it back and forth making his stream move from side to side. When he had pushed out his final squirts, instead of shaking the drops out, I leaned down and took his hard little rod into my mouth, sucking hard to get the dregs out of his tube, then ran my tongue through his slit and around his ridge.

“Ohhh, daddy, you shouldn”t be doing that!” he whispered in surprise. I did notice his cocklet jumped in my mouth though, so it wasn”t like he didn”t like it.

I pulled my mouth off, “Shhhh, don”t tell mommy, we would be in trouble.” I whispered, smiling at him. I grabbed the soap, and started lathering up his package, fondling his soft little sack, then his hard cocklet, stroking him froom the root to his perfectly shaped helmet head. As I stroked him, he put his hand on my shoulder, I looked at his face, his head was back, eyes closed, breathing hard and fast through his open mouth. I knew I shouldn”t be doing this either, but I heard no complaint from him. I wanted to see if I could jack him off to orgasm, but I didn”t know how long that would take, and I didn”t want his mother to come in to check on us.

I let go of his throbbing pee pee and ran my hand under his sack to his pale bubble butt. I soaped his firm little globes, feeling the softness and silkiness of his hairless skin. I ran my soapy fingers between his cheeks, through his split. I rubbed up and down slowly, feeling his forbidden valley, my fingers bouncing over his rubbery, puckered hole. As I rubbed over it, I heard a quiet hiss, and thought I felt him push back against my hand.

“Turn around and bend over baby, I need to make sure this is nice and clean.” I whispered as I rubbed his pucker again. This time I did feel him push backward. He turned around presenting his butt to my face, he bent over at the waist, his crack opening to expose his soap covered hole. “Spread your butt open so I can see.” I whispered. His little hands came around and grabbed his globes, spreading them wide. His brown hole spread, a dark little hole appearing in the center. leading into his small body. I started rubbing it with my soapy finger, lathering his cute pucker, I heard a sharp intake of air and watched his asshole wink as I “washed” it.

After a few seconds, I started pushing my finger inside him, watching the hole stretch as my finger slipped inside him.

“Ugnghhh, daddy, my butt!” he hissed.

I started moving my finger in and out up to the second joint, “We have to make sure this is nice and clean, you don”t want a dirty butthole do you?”

“Ohhhh … ugnghh … no daddy … ughnghh … I want it … clean … ugnghhh … deeper daddy.” he whispered as he pushed back against my hand as I pushed in as far as I could. I started finger fucking him with long, slow strokes. He was giving little grunts each time I bottomed out in his hole. I heard my wife make noise in the living room and decided I needed to stop, I slowly pulled out of him seeing his hole gaping for a second before slowly closing, my cock was hard as steel throbbing in my pants.

“Are you sure it”s clean daddy?” he asked, sounding a little disappointed when I told him yes.

I filled my hand with water and rinsed the soap off his asshole, it was pooched out from the stretching it just got, it was quite beautiful, so full and puckered and clean, just like a little boy”s asshole should be. He was still holding his butt open, I leaned in and started licking and kissing it for a few seconds.

“Daddy! You are licking my butthole!” he whispered loudly in surprise.

I turned him around, noticing his cocklet was still hard and covered with soap, he was looking down at me, a surprised look on his face. “I couldn”t resist it, it looked so nice and squeaky clean, but don”t tell mommy, we would really be in trouble if she knew about THAT.” He gave me a sly, conspiring grin, nodding his head. I stood up letting him see me adjusting my hard, 7-inch cock, I saw him watching intently so I stroked my hand along its length a couple times. When I stopped, he looked up at me with that sly grin, then grabbed his standing pricklet slowly stroking it up and down, watching me to be sure I was watching him doing it.

I gave him a big smile, nodding my head in approval. “Ok, buddy, rinse off, and dry yourself, it”s almost bedtime, when you get your pajamas on, you can come out and cuddle for a few minutes before bed.”

“Ok, thanks daddy.” he said, giving me that sly grin as he sat back down in the water.

“Honey, will you get me another glass of wine?” my wife asked, holding out her glass as I came back into the living room. I took the glass and walked out to the kitchen, I popped the cork and poured a half glass of wine. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small pill case, I took out 2 small, white tablets, dropping them in the glass. I swirled the wine around, watching them dissolve. I walked back into the living room and handed her the glass, “Thank you baby.” I sat beside her on the couch, a minute later, Jerry came in, dressed in his Toy Story pajamas and climbed up on the couch, laying down on our laps.

His head was on my lap, his legs and butt on my wifes, My wife casually rubbed his butt through his pajamas, “You all ready for bed honey?” she asked, patting his butt. He nodded his head yes, when he did, the back of his head rubbed my cock, causing it to start growing. “Look at this cute little butt, I could just eat it up.” she teased, bending over and nibbling it making “yum, yum” noises.

It made him giggle, crying, “MOMMYYYY.” as he squirmed and laughed.

“How about this?” she said, pulling his pajamas down, exposing his soft, pale butt, again nibbling on it.

He was squirming and squealing histarically, “MOMMMYYYY, STOP!” I was watching and laughing at them. His little butt was small, hairless and perfect, I thought about what it would be like if my wife spread his cheeks, exposing his brown hole and me bending over to suck and lick it, my 7 incher was expanding in my pants. In his squirming, I felt the back of his head bouncing against it and I imagined he was doing it on purpose. I could feel my cock leak making a slippery puddle in my underwear.

They had settled down and she was just softly rubbing his cheeks, they were still uncovered. After about 5 minutes I reached over and patted his butt, my God, his butt was so smooth. “Ok buddy, time for bed.” I told him. As he started to get up, he pressed his face hard into my crotch, pushing against my hard 7 incher. As he raised up, he gave me that sly little smile as he looked down at my crotch.

He pulled up his pajamas facing me, he got the elastic waist band caught underneath his little sack, I noticed his 3-inch pickle was standing at attention, he stared into my eyes as he slowly adjusted the waist band and covered his sweet, hairless package. He leaned over and hugged his mother and kissed her goodnight.

He turned to me and I pulled him to me by his butt for a hug and kiss, when he hugged me, his ear was next to my lips. “Take off your pajamas before you get into bed.” I whispered very softly into his ear, giving his globes a big squeeze. “Goodnight buddy.” I said as I patted his butt. He gave me a huge smile then padded off to bed.

My wife leaned over and lay her head in my lap, “I just love that cute little butt. I hope he has your ass when he grows up.” She had finished her wine and I knew the sleeping pills would be kicking in soon. She turned her head and pressed her face into my crotch, she found the outline of my standing cock and nibbled at it through my pants. “She looked up at me, “Ooooo, daddy”s hard for mommy, do you want to put this big stick into mommy”s hole?” I smiled and nodded at her. She stood up, I noticed she swayed, “I”m going to go get a little more wine to take to bed, come to bed in about 10 minutes, I need a slow hard fuck.” she whispered. She stumbled on her way into the kitchen, she came back a minute later, she had her shirt off and was unbuttoning her pants. As she walked past me, she stopped to swing her big tits, “Meet me in there and you can play with these, I might even suck your cum out of you.” She always got super horny when she drank, something that caused a few fights when we got home from a party where she had rubbed against every man there.

I watched her stepping out of her pants as she walked to the bedroom, she did look good from behind, and she was right, daddy is horny, but not for pussy, I thought to myself as I squeezed my hard prick. I knew she was going to be out as soon as her head hit the pillow. I heard her get into bed, when she got settled, I heard her call out, “Come fuck me daddy.” My cock jumped in my hand when she said that as I imagined it was my little boy that said it, wanting his daddy”s cock deep into his puckered little asshole.

I waited about 10 minutes, not hearing anymore out of her I got up to check. When I walked into the bedroom, I saw her lying on her back, on top of the covers, her feet were together and knees splayed wide, her hairless pussy crack was wide open and drooling down to her asshole, her arms were out at her side and her big tits were spread across her chest, hanging over her sides. With the wine and the sleeping pills I gave her, I knew she wouldn”t be awake for 12 hours, which gave me plenty of time for what I planned.

I took my clothes off, my thick 7 incher was hard and ready to go, I stroked it as I walked out of the room, my slimy precum was dripping from my open slit, collecting on my hand, where I would lick it off. Between my cum and my precum, I didn”t know which tasted better, either way I was delicious. I have a big man sack that sways between my legs when I walk, I was rolling my big balls around in it with my other istanbul travesti hand.

When I got to his door I opened it quietly, it was dark in his room except for a small night light in the corner, lighting it up just enough to be able to see him snuggled under the covers. I closed the door and walked over to his bed, “Jerry?” I whispered. Getting no reply, I carefully slid back his covers, sure enough, he took his pajamas off, such a sweet boy. He was laying on his back, his perfect, hairless body on display. I looked him over, his skinny little chest, I could see the ribs showing, expanding as he breathed. His pink little nipples, were just the slightest bit puffy, making the little areola stick out, the cute little nipples in the middle were hard and pointed. His stomach was rising and falling as he breathed, his belly button was an inny and I wanted to stick my tongue in it and lick him all the way to his backbone. As my eyes travelled further, his mound was hairless and pale and stuck up quite a bit, it would have been beautiful if he were a girl, it would display the slit nicely. His little grub was curled up inside its skin, only the very tip of his cocklet peeked out, his little closed slit showing. It was hanging over his smooth little sack, I had to move my head to get a look at his little marble sized eggs inside. As I stood there watching, I saw his eggs moving slowly in his sack, the tip of his cocklet was starting to poke its head out, probably from the cooler air. I looked below his balls and could see his crack, but I couldn”t see that puckered hole that I wanted so much. His legs were smooth and hairless, well developed from all the running and playing he did. I wanted to roll him over, but if I did, I was afraid I would wake him.

As I looked at him, stroking my big man cock and balls, I realized I had forgotten lube. If I was going to fuck that little boy cunt, I couldn”t do it dry. I quietly opened the door and went into the bathroom, I found the vasaline that my wife likes to use when I fuck her asshole and grabbed a towel and tiptoed back into his room, quietly shutting the door behind me.

I carefully sat on the bed beside him and reached out to find his pricklet. I took it between my finger and thumb and slowly stroked it until it hardened up into a steel hard little cocklet, standing at attention and ready to play. It was beautiful, a nice helmut shaped head, the slit at the tip was spread open now that he was hard, his shaft was nice and straight, he was going to have a beautiful man cock when he grew up. As I stroked, I saw a shiny drop of boy dew gathered on his slit, I leaned down and carefully ran my tongue through it, collecting his nectar on my tongue, he tasted delicious, better than mine, more fresh. When I did that his cocklet jumped and he groaned, his head moving on the pillow. I couldn”t wait any longer, I had to have this little boy. I knew it was wrong, but when you really need something right or wrong doesn”t enter into it, I just had to have him, period.

I moved up and found his little lips with mine and kissed him, I licked his lips with the tip of my tongue then pushed between them. I heard him give a loud sigh, then felt his tongue press against mine, his arms came up around my neck and pulled me to him. We kissed for about 5 minutes, our tongues chasing each other from one mouth to the other, moaning quietly as we made out.

When I pulled my mouth away, he looked into my eyes, “Is mommy asleep?”

“Yes baby, I gave her two sleeping pills plus she had four glasses of wine, she will be asleep for 12 hours.”

“Mmmmmm, goody!” he said, smiling. As he moved over, he said, “Lay down with me daddy and hold me.” I lay down beside him and pulled him close, he put his arm across my chest and his leg over my hip. I hugged him to me feeling his warm, smooth little body against mine. His leg was across my standing cock and he would rub his leg across it, rolling it back and forth. We bought him a queen-sized bed some years back, he was rolling around in his sleep and in the single bed he would often fall off onto the floor, so we had plenty of room to cuddle together.

“Baby, would you like daddy to suck your little noodle?” I asked him.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I like that, will you suck me until I get that good feeling?” he asked hopefully.

“You bet I will partner; you know I like feeling your pickle wiggle in my mouth when you get your feeling. Then you can suck daddy”s big man cock, but I”m not going to squirt in your mouth this time, I have a better place to squirt it.” I said as I reached around and burrowed my fingers between his cheeks and found his puckered exit, rubbing it.

“You are going to put it into my butt?” he asked excitedly.

“Yup, you like it in your butt don”t you little horny boy?” I asked as I pushed against his hole.

“Mmmm, I sure do, it feels wonderful especially when you rub my pickle at the same time and give me my feeling, it just feels better than I can describe, will you do that too?”

“I would love to, but if you want your good feeling now, roll over here on top of me, put your head down there and you can suck my daddy cock as I suck your boy pickle.” I said, turning him around. He lay on top of me, I adjusted so that his cock was directly above my mouth, I could see his brown puckered hole above me. As I sucked him into my mouth, I spread his cheeks and started bumping his hole with my finger. He sighed loudly as he gobbled my daddy cock into his mouth and started giving me a very good blowjob.

He loved sucking my cock, he would run his tongue up and down it, swirl it around my head and through my slit, he would fondle it in his little hand, pressing it to his wet lips as he slid them along the length of it. He also liked my precum, sucking it out of my tube and moaning when he got a mouthfull to swallow. He absolutely LOVED my cum, he would let it build up in his mouth as I came, then when I was done he would show me the puddle of white cum on his tongue, then swish it around in his mouth, savoring the flavor and the slick thickness. I would watch him and it looked like he was tasting the best milkshake he ever had as he smiled at me, swallowing it down. My wife would give me blowjobs and let me blow in her mouth, but she always had to chase it down with wine, making a face like it was acid or something, it just wasn”t sexy like my son is.

I sucked his whole package into my mouth, my tongue played with his little balls as I rubbed his head on the roof of my mouth. He was groaning around my cock, pushing into my mouth and swirling his hips around, trying to get as much stimulation as possible. I popped his package out of my mouth and pulled his butt down to get at his asshole.

His puckered little hole felt wonderful, so soft, but hard like a thick rubber band. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and wiggled it around inside his hole, even though he had recently had a bath, it had been long enough for him to build up that asshole taste, the earthy taste of little boy ass and sweat, it made my cock throb. I had his cheeks spread wide as I pushed my face into his crack and inhaled the smell of little boy ass, it was wonderful.

“Ugnhhhhh … ohhhhhh … dadddyyyy … mmmmmmm … yesssss … lick my … butttt.” He moaned around my hard daddy cock in his mouth.

“Honey, remember to use the dirty words I taught you, the dirty words that you and I only use when we love each other like this.” I said into his ass as I continued to lick and suck his rubbery exit.

“Ohhhh … fuucckkk … daddyyyy … that”s it … lick my asshole … suck my ass daddy!” he moaned as I continued rimming him. I had told him that dirty talk enhances our play and that it was ok as long as it was just him and me when we were playing sex games.

“That”s it baby, tell daddy what you want, tell daddy what you want him to do to you. Mmmmmm … your ass is so goood baby.” I moaned while I licked the length of his boy crack and nibbled his sweet little globes. I sucked just his sack into my mouth and ran his little balls around and around my tongue, sucking the loose bag deep into my mouth, making him moan again. I could feel him trembling on top of me as he sucked my big, hard cock, I knew he was close to cumming.

I moved and took his cocklet back into my mouth, I found his little head and started working it with my lips and my tongue, working my tongue on the sensitive underside and I felt him tense.

He pulled off my cock and I heard him, “Dadddyyy … I”m … gonna … do it … daddyyy … ugnghhh … mmmmm.” I could tell he was about to have his sweet dry boy cum and I wanted it to be a nice as possible for him. As he tensed, I shoved a finger deep into his tight asshole as I licked his little cock head. His back arched and his head went back, I felt his pickle expand in my mouth,

“Be quiet baby, I know you are going to cum, but do it quietly, cum for me honey, cum for daddy.” I groaned as I started licking his hard boy stick.

“OHHHHH … DADDDYYYY … I”MMMMM … CUUU … CUUUUU … CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGG!” He whispered loudly as his body started shaking, his cocklet throbbing in my mouth trying to deliver non existant sperm. His asshole was chewing on my finger as I rubbed his small prostate. “UNGGHH … UGNGHHGGG … UNGHGHH … FUUUUUCKKK … OHHHHH FUUUUUCKKK!” His little body shook with each shock of his orgasm, I had his cocklet as far into my mouth as I could get it and I was rubbing my finger hard and fast across his sweet spot.

He was having a massive orgasm, his body shaking, his head swinging back and forth, he was growling like a small animal as his orgasm took over his small body. When his cock stopped pulsing in my mouth, he flopped forward on top of me, his head moving back and forth across my cock. I took his little stick from my mouth and slowly pulled my finger from his asshole. I pulled his butt down to me and started licking his little asshole to prolong his orgasm. He was moaning into my crotch, jerking every once in a while as aftershocks went through him.

I remember the dry cums I had at that age that my own daddy gave me, I remember how good and strong they felt, how they just took over my whole body and it would buzz all through me. My daddy would hold my small pecker in his mouth and moan around it and then he would just lick my asshole until I had enough, I remember the dry cums felt like they went on forever, making it all that much better when I felt his big cock slide into my boy hole, so I knew what my little boy was feeling and was happy for him, and I knew how much happier we would both be shortly.

He turned around and brought his face into my neck, hugging and giving me soft kisses as he tried to catch his breath. “Thank you, daddy, you made me feel so good.” he whispered.

“So, you liked that huh? Your cock was really throbbing in my mouth, you must have really cum hard.”

He raised his head and looked into my eyes smiling, “I sure did, that was one of the best cums ever.”

“What made it feel so good?” I asked as I rubbed his back.

I saw him think for a minute, “Probably because you had your finger so deep inside my bu … uhh … asshole, and then you rubbed my spot. Then when you ran your tongue around my cock head and through my slit, it just made me explode. I love how you make me feel so good daddy. How do you want me to make you feel good daddy?”

“Hmmm.” I said, pretending to think, “How do I want you to make me feel good? What do you think daddy would like?”

“To suck your big daddy cock and squirt your daddy seed in my mouth so I can drink it?”

“No, I don”t think that”s it.”

“Ummm, you want me to push my hand inside your big asshole and rub your spot until you squirt your white, slimy cum onto kadıköy travesti your belly so I can lick it up?”

“Hmmmm, as nice as that sounds, I don”t think that”s what I want. But I do want you to eat my asshole tonight. So, I wonder what I would like?”

He gave me a sexy smile and ran his hand down my stomach until he found my hard cock. Wrapping his hand around it, slowly stroking the length from root to tip. “Do you want to bury this in my little asshole and fuck me like your little bitch, then fill me with your, HOT … WHITE … SLIMY … SEED?”

My cock throbbed listening to him tell me what I most wanted to do; he was so sexy when he talked like this. I smiled, “Yeah, that sounds like what daddy wants, what does my little boy want?”

He rubbed me harder, he put the tip of his nose to mine and stared deep into my eyes. “I want you to shove this big daddy cock deep into my asshole and fuck the shit out of me and make me scream then fill me with the same seed you squirted into mommy to make me.” He whispered, rolling my big nuts around inside my sack.

“My God! You have GOT to be the sexiest 9-year-old in the world, I am going to fuck you so good.”

He gave me a big smile and a kiss. “Do you want me to go get the vasaline?”

“No sweetheart, I already got it, it”s on the dresser.”

“Daddy, why is your cum called seed?” he asked.

“Well, because it is kind of a seed, inside are little tadpole looking things, when I fuck mommy, I squirt it into her cunt, sometimes the little tadpoles will find one of her eggs and burrow into it fertilizing it and it starts growing a baby, like planting a seed in the ground grows a plant.”

“That”s how you made me, squirting your cum into mommy”s cunt?” he asked.

“Yup, that”s how I made you.”

“I wish I could have your baby when you squirt your seed in me.” He said laughing.

“Well, that would be a pretty good trick, but I wish I could too. Now, how about you lick and suck on your daddy”s asshole?” I said. He smiled and got off me so I could get up on my knees. I turned over and kneeled on the bed, I spread my knees apart to open my ass and lay my head and chest on the bed to give him better access to my hole. I felt his breath on my hole as he lowered his head, then I felt a warm, wet tongue as he ran it through my furrow, sucking my hole as he passed. He started eating my ass, in addition to a great cocksucker he was a fantastic ass eater, he licked and sucked my hole as I pushed out to give him more to suck on. “Ugnhghhh … ohhh baby that is soooo good.” I whispered as he sucked me. I felt his little hand go between my legs, he found my hanging sack and started fondling it, rolling my large eggs around inside with his small hands. My whole body was tingling enjoying his ministrations to my asshole.

I was moaning and I thought back on when I used to rim daddy”s asshole. It was hairy and I used to get hairs in my teeth, but he tasted wonderful, he would reach back and grab the back of my head and pull me into his ass while I stuck my toungue as far as I could into his dark hole. I would reach between his legs and find his hard pole and stroke it, sometimes I would make him cum just by stroking his cock and sucking his asshole, I would time it just right to give me time to get my mouth around his cockhead before the first shot. Daddy came a lot and sometimes would fill my mouth to overflowing. He told me mommy would never eat his ass, and she would barely blow him and she NEVER took his cum in her mouth, he said she thought it was disgusting. I didn”t care though, that just left more for me, I loved eating my daddy”s cum. I think out of all the men and boys I have had since then, his cum tasted the best, he certainly shot the most out of everybody.

When he would have poker night, my mom always went to a friend”s house or to a movie or something, she didn”t like to be around all the men he would have over and waited until they all went home to come back. Daddy would let his friends have me in my bedroom if they wanted, and they always wanted. It was usually only 4 or 5 guys for poker night, but I would usually get used by all of them, at least once. I loved it as much as they did but, when I started to squirt, there were only 2 guys that would swallow my emission. Most of them just fucked me in the asshole, my daddy told them that I was in my room waiting for them if they wanted me. I would cover my asshole in vasaline and just lay on my bed listening to them cursing and laughing, waiting for someone to come in. Sometimes they would make a game out of it, the winner would drop out of the game and come in and fuck or suck me, then when he was done, he went back to the game and the next winner would come in. I usually did all the guys, and loved every minute of it, they always made sure to tell me that I wasn”t to say anything about it to anyone, which of course I knew. I moved out of the house when I was 20, and up to then would service my daddy and his friends.

“Yesssss … babyyyy … eat daddy”s asshole … sweetheart … I love you to eat me … yeahhhh that”s it … stick your tongue … ugnghhh … wayyy up in there!” I moaned as he continued rimming me. He had my cock in his hand now, stroking me as he chewed on my shit chute. He stopped for a minute, then I felt 3 small fingers shove into my hole and root around inside. His fingers weren”t long enough to find my prostate yet, but when he fisted me, he would wrap his small hand over my P spot and rub and squeeze, causing my precum to run from my slit like a river. I could feel it oozing out of my slit right now and he would catch it and rub it around on my hard cock.

“Does this feel good daddy? I love your asshole; it tastes so nice and is so nice and tight around my fingers. I can feel how hard your daddy cock is, do you want to put it inside my little asshole daddy? Please fuck me daddy, I really need your big cock inside me.” He was whispering as he fingered my man cunt.

I could feel my cock close to cumming, “Ok honey, get lubed up, I”m not going to last much longer, I want your sweet asshole now.” I said as I got on my knees. He leaned over to the dresser and got the jar of vasaline, I saw him take a gob of it and put it behind him, greasing up his small, tight asshole, he was looking at me smiling as he was pushing it into his chute with his small fingers. When he was lubed up good, he got some more out and covered my hard cock with it. When he was done, he put it back on the dresser, wiped his hands on the towel then got in position, ass up, face down on the bed, the way a boy should be when getting fucked. He was well broken in, having been fucked since he was 3 years old, I would take him every week or two, whenever I got the chance when his mother was out of the house. He learned a long time ago that when I said I wanted to fuck him, it was his duty to get on his knees and let me have his ass. I haven”t let my friends do him yet, but I figured it might be time to turn him out. We had talked about it and he said he would love to do my friends while I watched or while he sucked my cock, so that”s coming soon.

I got on my knees behind him and took my cock between my fingers, I seated my slit to his greasy hole and started to push. I saw and felt his asshole expand as he pushed out to give me better access to his boy cunt. I pushed and slowly my head popped into his hole, “Ugnhhhh, mmmmmm … yessss … daddyyy!” he hissed as I slowly slipped into his channel. He has been able to take my full 7 inches since he was 6 years old, he was so happy I was able to slide my whole cock into his hole, he said it filled him and that he loved it. Little by little I buried my hard pole, pulling and pushing, sliding through him, back and forth until I touched his little nut sack with mine.


“Fuck your what?”

“Sorry daddy … fuck my little boy cunt … fuck my cunt nice daddy.”

“Mmmmmm, that”s my little fuck boy.” I said as I slowly pulled out to my head, then back in.

“SSSSSST … MMMMMMMM … SOOOOO GOOOOD!” he hissed. I was so lucky to have a son that actually enjoyed and looked forward to a good, hard buggering, I guess he gets that from me. My wife doesn”t mind a nice slow ass fucking, but only once a year or so. I have loved being fucked in the ass since my daddy broke me in at 3 years old. In fact, I still do, my wife will sometimes fuck my asshole with a strap on, and although my wife doesn”t know it, my best friend Ron fucks my ass at least every two weeks. We will get together with him and his wife, he will always have something to show me in his garage or basement, we will go there and fuck and suck while the women are talking. We can get away with being gone an hour or 2 to service each other. Sometimes I will tell my wife he and I are going bowling, or fishing or something, we will meet at a motel and fuck each other”s brains out. We can usually figure out a way to be together for a few days or a week at least once a year, fishing trip, hunting trip, convention, something like that. I just love when we can do that, it”s not unusual for one of us to be full of cock while we cuddled up to sleep. To be woken up in the dark by your lovers” hard cock sinking into your cunt is always a wonderful surprise. Plus, he is a wonderful kisser and we will make out for hours while fondling each other”s packages and fingering our holes. Our next `trip” is going to include my sweet little boy, I can”t wait to see Ron”s big cock buried in his tight asshole or to spit roast him.

I was taking long, full strokes now, watching his asshole moving in and out with my cock, he was moaning steadilly as I fucked his stretched hole. I had my hands around his ribs, my fingertips raking across his hard little boy nipples.


“Ohhh … yessss … baby … daddy loves … your sweet … boy cunt … you are … sooo tight on … daddy”s cock. Do you like … having your … boycunt fucked baby?”

“OHHHHH YESSSSS DADDY … I LOVE YOUR COCK … UGNGHHH … LOVE YOU … OHHHH … FUCKING ME … I LOVE … UGNGHH … YOU DADDY.” He moaned loudly into the mattress, pushing his ass back into me. After I had slowly stroked my cock through his shitter for about 10 minutes, he raised up and turned his head to look at me. “Daddy … please turn me … ugnghhh … over and do me on my back … I can take you… ohhhhh … deeper that way.”

I stopped fucking him, “Sure honey, I would love to fuck you on your back, you go ahead and roll over, I”ll help you so I don”t come unplugged.” I held him tight against me by his bony hips, helping him turn over onto his back. He lifted his legs and I put my hands behind his knees, pushing them back to either side of his head, I pushed and got about an extra inch of penetration, making him groan loudly.

“Mmmmm … yeahhhh … fuck me … deep.” He moaned as he reached between his legs and wrapped his hands behind my neck, pulling his ass hard against me. I pulled out until just my tip was in his hole, then I pushed back in until my shaved pelvis crushed his hard cocklet between us, I fucked him with full strokes over and over. “MMMMMM … YESSSSS … DADDYYYY … YESSSSS … DO ME … DO ME DEEP!” he whispered loudly.

“Do what … honey … what do you … ugnghhhh want … daddy to do … ohhhh … to this … little hole?” I whispered to him, looking deep into his eyes.

I started pushing into him harder, “FUCKK … MY … UGNGHHH … HOLE DADDY … FUCK … ME … OHHHHHH … GOOD!”

I looked down at his hard stick, it was so engorged with blood, his beautiful little head was a dark purple, it bakırköy travesti looked hard enough to snap off, each time I rubbed across the bump of his small protate he would groan and his cock would raise it”s dark head, his slit opening like a little mouth. I backed up and pulled out of his entrance, his hole gaped open almost an inch, I bent down to look inside, I could only see the first inch or so, I put my finger inside, feeling his soft warm interior. I felt the bump of his P spot and rubbed it, making him moan, then I pressed, he cried, “AAAAGNGHHHH!” and his cocklet jumped and spurted a small amount of crystal-clear juice out. I smiled and bent down to take his hard staff into my mouth to suck the remnants out of his tube, then licked up what squirted onto his belly.

“Daddy, put your cock back inside me, my hole feels empty, I can feel cool air coming in, please daddy.” He pleaded, lifting his hips in the air.

I was stroking my cock, then grabbed his, stroking him with the lube I just got off my own cock as I popped my head back inside his little body. “Mmmmm, this little cock is awful hard baby, are you close to cumming sweetheart?”

“Yeahhh … not too far away … fuck me daddy … I still feel empty.” He whined.

I took his dark head between my greasy fingers, “Honey, you are so hard, mmmmm, your cock is just beautiful, I love feeling it.” I whispered, twisting my fingers around his ridge.


I still only had my cock head inside him, moving just enough to stimulate it and keep it hard. “It really is, it”s the prettiest boy cock I”ve ever seen, just like you. Are you ready to cum baby? Daddy”s gonna jack you off, I want you to cum for me sweetheart.” I told him as I started stroking his 3-inch hard little staff from root to tip. I pushed my cock inside him until my ridge rubbed across his prostate, I started fucking him just enough for my ridge to scrape across his sensitive bump. I was jerking his cocklet as he moaned and groaned loudly, I could tell by his face he was within seconds of cumming. “Open your eyes baby, look at daddy while you cum.”

He opened his eyes staring into mine, “UHHHH … HUHHHH … UHHHHH … HUHHHH!” groaned, nodding his head, his eyes pleading with me to make him cum. Suddenly his eyes got wide, his mouth opened, his face looking like he was in pain as his breathing stopped. “UGNGHH … DAAAA … DYYYY … GONNAA … GONNAAAA!”

“THAT”S IT BABY … CUM FOR DADDYYY … CUMMM SWEET BOY” I whispered loudly as my cock head rubbed his prostate, my hand jerking his steel hard stub.

He was staring deep in my eyes, “GONNAA … DO IT … GONNA CUMMM … UGHNGHH … DADDDYYYYYYY!” he groaned from deep inside as his asshole squeezed my cock, his little stick throbbing in my fingers. His eyes squeezed closed as his upper body started jerking in orgasm, he was growling, “UGNGHH … UGNGHH … UGNGHH!” as wave after wave of his orgasm slammed through him.

“THAT”S IT, CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR DADDY, THAT”S MY SWEET LITTLE FUCK TOY, CUM FOR ME, CUM BABY!” I hissed loudly, as I slammed my cock into his very tight cunt fast and hard. His small hands were grabbing at me, trying to pull me down to him as he came, I leaned down and we wrapped our arms around each other.

As I hunched into him, he continued jerking through his boy orgasm as he squeezed me tight, he was whimpering in my ear, “OHHHH … DADDYYY … UGNGHH … OHHHHH … MMMMMM … SO … GOOOOOD … I LOVE … YOU … I LOVE YOU.” He was giving my neck soft kisses. I continued to hold him as he floated on the afterglow of his strong orgasm, taking short strokes into his asshole to keep my cock hard.

It was about 5 minutes before he raised his head and looked at me, I smiled at him, “Was that a good cum baby?”

“Mmmmmmm … daddy, you always make me cum so good, I just love you fucking my cunt, are you gonna cum soon?” he asked as he felt my hard cock stroking through his shitter.

“Almost sweetheart, I want to fuck you the way I did that one time, where I held you laid back on my arms, my hands on your shoulders pulling you into me, remember that?” I asked as I made full, slow strokes through his soft, warm hole.

“Mmmmm … ohhh yeahhh … that was fun … ugnghhh … you gonna … uhhhh … do me … standing up?” he asked, his eyes closed, obviously enjoying my rod fucking him again.

“Yeahhhh … ugnghh … God your hole … feels good.” I lay him on the bed, unplugging from him, turning him so his ass was on the edge of the bed, he put his legs up to expose his gaping hole. I put my arms along his back, my hands wrapping around his small shoulders from the back. I slid my cock back into his hole, as he wrapped his hands around my neck, I stood up, taking him with me.

As I got us adjusted, he smiled up at me, “Fuck me hard daddy, like you did before, as hard as you can.”

I smiled and nodded my head, “Ok, you asked for it.” I said as I pulled him into me by his shoulders an punched my cock into his guts.

“OHH … YEAH … OHHH … LIKE … THAT … YEAH!” he groaned loudly as I continued to ram him.

“YOU … LITTLE … FUCKER … TAKE IT … TAKE … MY … COCK … YOU … MOTHER … FUCKER!” I growled, punctuating each word with a hard slam into his chute. His head was hanging back, a loud grunt each time I slammed into him.

“UGH … UGH … UGH … FUCK … ME … DADDY!” I was slamming my hips into him and pulling him into me as hard as I could, our meeting sounding like he was getting spanked. I was grunting, rutting into him like an animal, even though he was my little boy and I loved him more than anything, right now he was just a hole for me to fuck, a tool I was masturbating with bringing me closer and closer to a much-needed release. I started slamming into him faster, I was just seconds from cumming. “GONNA … CUM … OHHH … YOU … FUCKING … BASTARD … UGNGHH … GONNA … FILL … YOUR … CUNT … TAKE IT … TAKE … THIS … COCK … YOU … FUCKER!”

I was blind with lust, owning his tight hole, posessing him, I made him and this is my hole to use, I barely heard him yelling, “FUCK … ME … DADDY … FUCK … MY … CUNT … GIVE … ME … YOUR … CUM!”

“OHHH … FUCK … I”M … CUMMING … GONNA … FILL … YOU … BASTARD … FUCK BOY … YOU … CUNT … UGNGHHH … HERE … IT … ISSS … AGNGHGNGHHHHHH … OHHHHHHH … TAKE IT … TAKE IT … UGNGHHH FUUUCKKKK!” I growled loudly as I slammed into him, holding him tight against me as shot after shot of white, thick, steaming man juice was squirted into his guts. I brought him to me, I wrapped my arms around him tight as I hunched up into him, jackrabbiting his asshole as fast and hard as I could as I emptied my nuts into him. When I was done shooting, I squeezed him tight, shaking and groaning as my orgasm continued, as I held him, I had cum so much, I could feel it overflowing his hole, dripping down my empty sack. I continued hunching into him as aftershocks went through me.

My son was kissing my neck and whispering, “That”s it daddy, give me all of it, cum nice in me, I love you, sweet daddy, my sweet daddy, you fuck me so nice, good daddy, my daddy.” As he rubbed my back and the back of my neck. He was such a sweet fuck, I just loved it when he soothed me like this as I came down from my orgasm, I could tell how much he loved me and how much he loved being fucked, such a sweet little boy.

I slowly fell to my knees on the floor, then lowering us both to the floor. I could have lowered us to his bed, but he was filled with a lot of cum and it wouldn”t do for his mother to find a large spot of dried cum on his sheets. “Mmmmm, baby, I love you so much, you are such a good fuck, I”m so happy that you enjoy our fucking, you”re a very special boy.” I whispered, kissing his neck and face.

“I love you so much daddy, I love how you fuck me and how you love me, I”m glad I make you feel good.” he whispered, his mouth found mine and we kissed deeply, our tongues entwined, going back and forth from one mouth to the other, catching it between our lips and sucking it like a cock. I was still plugged into him.

I broke the kiss, “I”m going to pick you up and carry you to the bathroom so you can empty yourself out, help me so we don”t come unhooked.” I stood up, his arms and legs wrapped around me, hugging me tight. I opened his door and walked to the bathroom, I pulled out of him and sat him on the toilet. He grunted and I heard my sperm plopping into the water. While he emptied the cum, I wet a washcloth with warm water, I washed my cock off, getting the cum and lube off my cock, balls and what ran down the inside of my legs. When he had pushed out all the cum and pissed, I had him lean over, his hole was gaping wide, I wiped off his asshole, running a finger inside to scoop out any remaining cream. I washed his crack, his cocklet and his small soft sack. I aimed my cock at the toilet, he reached out and wrapped his hand around it as I started pissing, he looked up at me smiling as I put my hands on my hips, letting him have control of it while I emptied my bladder. When I was done, instead of shaking the drops off, he pulled it to his mouth and started sucking the remains from my tube. I had enough for one more squirt, making him moan when I squirted it into his mouth.

When I was done, I flushed the toilet, then picked him up, my hand under his soft little butt, lodging a finger along the length of his crack. As I walked out of the bathroom I said, “Lets go check on your mother, if she hasn”t moved, you can see her open pussy.” He smiled and nodded his head. When I walked in my bedroom, I saw she was still passed out and she hadn”t moved, “Yep, still out.”

“Daddy, look at her open pussy.”

“Yeah, she looks like a whore waiting to get fucked. Honey, look what I have, I just got done fucking our son”s tight asshole and filled him with cum.” I said to his passed out mother, making him giggle.

He looked at me and whispered, “Daddy, can I smell her pussy like I did that one time?”

“Sure honey, you can smell your mommy”s pussy.” I said as I lowered him carefully to the bed. He crawled over between her legs, put his nose to her slit and sniffed loudly, “Mmmmmm.” I let him smell it a few times, then I whispered, “Lick it honey, lick your mommy”s slit.” He looked at me and grinned, then he turned back to her pussy and I watched his tongue lick from her open hole up to her hooded clit, he moaned “Mmmmm” again and took another lick. I let him lick her a few more times then, I told him we needed to go. “Well, did you like the smell and taste of your mommy”s slit?”

“Oh, yeah, it smells good, tastes good too, but not as good as your asshole does daddy.” He said, smiling up at me as we walked back to his room. When we got to his room, we went in and I closed the door behind us. “Daddy, will you lay in bed with me and hold me?” he asked as he climbed up on the bed.

“Sure baby, I will hold you until you go to sleep.” I said as I lay beside him, I got under the covers with him and pulled him against me. It wasn”t long before I heard his soft snoring. I carefully uncovered us and slipped out of the bed, I looked down at his naked body, I noticed his pricklet was hard again, standing up and bouncing with his heartbeat. I thought about sucking him off but decided I better get to bed, he needed to sleep anyway. I covered him up, and walked out the door, closing it quietly, I walked back to my room and looked at my wife spread out on the bed. I considered fucking her but decided against it, she wouldn”t be awake to enjoy it anyway. I rolled her over so I could get her under the covers, I slipped into bed and turned off the light, I thought about what a great fuck I had as I drifted off to sleep.


The End



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