Subject: Last of the Line Chapter 35 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 35 I thanked Wilbye, telling him I would think carefully about the property portfolio, but assuring him that I was happy to go along with his recommendation for the time being. He got up to go, and I told Dunstable there were domestic matters I needed to discuss with him. Once Wilbye had left I explained about Dodo. “He isn’t happy with Byrd’s job, and he’s clearly keen on Sebastian. I’ve said he can leave immediately, but I’ve no doubt he’ll be back pretty often, not least because he feels bad about leaving Jack. However that’s not the point. We need to find a replacement for Byrd, and we still need a replacement for Jorrocks. I’ve been thinking for two days and I can’t see a quick solution.” “Does it need to be quick, Dab? Jorrocks shows no sign of giving up – I take it Jack will carry on with him – and Byrd could be persuaded to stay on a few months, I’m sure.” I said I wasn’t keen to make the Dowland mistake again, but I couldn’t see a way of ensuring that whoever we employed would accept the unorthodox household. “I see what you mean, but unless you and Billy are planning to … include any new staff members I don’t see the difficulty. Let me think about it, and we can talk again on Monday.” ***** Sebastian’s – no, Seb’s – arrival the next day was keenly anticipated for all sorts of different reasons. Dodo’s excitement was obvious, and as he made no attempt to conceal it. Billy and I spent the morning (as Dodo grew increasingly like a 6-year-old waiting for Christmas morning) smiling fondly. Jack was torn in three directions: he was about to lose his brother; he was about to move in with Billy and me; and, perhaps the most immediate, he was about to enjoy time in the Sling Room fucking what (though he didn’t yet see it like that) would effectively become his brother-in-law. I went to meet Seb as he drove up in his sports car. “Is it going to ne OK?” were his first words. I nodded. “Jack will move in with Billy and me – we’ll be a threesome. You and Dodo will have to work out how he and Jack keep in touch. Zipping’s fine, but Jack will need to feel he’s not being forgotten.” “Of course, Dab. If Dodo shows signs of forgetting I’ll remind him. Besides, I’m sure he’ll want a rest from being fucked by you two all night.” “If that means he’ll be fucked by you two I don’t see him getting much rest.” “Ah, but you’re forgetting I won’t be fucking him, Dab.” I grinned. “We’ll see,” I said, “the two of them may gang up on you.” While I was out greeting Seb Billy had rounded the other two up, and all three of them were waiting in the Dining Room, as was another bottle of champagne. “Fizz first, then beer,” said Billy, pressing a glass on each of us. I saw that he and Dodo and Jack already had a glass. “Well then,” I said, seeing that all eyes were on me, “here’s to the happy couple.” Seb went to stand beside Dodo and the two of them looked at each other. “Hello,” said Seb softly, “I love you.” Dodo smiled. “Yeah, me too, Seb,” he whispered. “Say it Dodo, it’ll bring you luck,” said Jack, “go on.” “I love you, Seb.” Two pairs of lips joined gently. I felt Billy hold back, as I was doing myself. Nothing would have been more natural for us to kiss as well, but there was Jack to consider. Nothing must let him feel he was the odd one out. Billy turned to Jack (who was standing between us, his champagne glass already almost empty) and took his hand. “We love you, Jack,” he said softly, and kissed his lips. I, having no lips upon which to bestow anything, went round instead filling up the glasses. Five teenagers can cope with a bottle of champagne easily enough, and it was soon a dead man. We helped ourselves to lunch from the sideboard and sat down to eat, and sort out the new arrangements. By the time Billy and Jack took the plates away, and came back with coffee, the beer was beginning to make its presence felt. But by then Dodo and I had agreed about his move. He would go back with Seb that evening, and Seb would bring him back the evening after. Rivers and I would take him over to Seb’s a few days later with all his possessions. Though these were fairly meagre he still had more clothes and bits and pieces than would fit in Seb’s little car. I wasn’t willing to let him have any of James’s first editions, but I planned to let him borrow books when he wanted to. The first editions he could read here. That way I felt sure he would go on visiting. The twin lures of sex with all of us, and intellectual stimulation from Mr Waugh and others would see to that. Coffee is a good diuretic, and its action on bladders already well filled with beer made us leave the table fairly quickly. ***** Since Dodo was making what, certainly on a regular basis, was likely to be his farewell appearance there was an unspoken emphasis on the remaining three of us making the most of what he had to offer. Seb, who would normally have occupied the sling throughout, sensed that on this occasion he should kilis escort take a back seat. Billy said that in the months since Jack and Dodo had been there he had never fucked Dodo. “Not even when I was away?” I said, amazed. “Nope. But today things are going to change. In you get, Dodo, and stand by to be attended to.” Dodo hopped up and wriggled comfortably in the sling. I watched as Billy began to attend. Seeing Billy preparing to fuck someone else always gave me an odd thrill: I was there and not there. The me that was watching could almost feel what Billy was doing to the other person – it was a very odd feeling, and one which seemed to make the subsequent fuck which Billy gave me all the more intense. Billy, desperate to piss as we all were, managed to delay the inevitable for several minutes which he bent forward and rimmed Dodo’s clean-shaven arse. (Rivers had given him a farewell going-over, and as the rest of us were there watching he gave us goings-over as well.) “Mmm,” you’re like a 12-year-old down here, Dodo,” he said, snacking his lips appreciatively. “None of the nasty hairy bits, just luscious juicy arse.” Billy could be quite crude sometimes. I had my arms round Jack while this was going on, and I leant to whisper to him. “After Dodo’s gone you’ll get a lot more time in the sling, Jack. Look on the bright side.” He turned to me, smiling. “Thanks, Dab,” and he put his arms round me. I held him tight, both of us watching Billy. I felt a warm trickle on my right leg. “Mmm, that’s hot, Jack. Keep going.” I loved the feeling of Jack’s piss down my leg, and I didn’t move until he finished. I went in holding him tightly. “Thank you,” he whispered. “What for?” I said quietly. “Looking after me, loving me, just … oh, I don’t know, Dab, just being Dab, I suppose.” It wasn’t going to win a prize for the most elegant sentence, but it said so much of what the boy felt. In so many ways he seemed so much older than his 13 years that it was sometimes hard to remember he was so young, and so vulnerable. “Listen Jack,” I murmured, “you are very easy to love. If it was just that fine cock and your pretty arse that would be enough reason to keep you, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Jorrocks has got you worked out – you are special. He sees it when you’re out in the garden; Billy and I see it when you’re in bed; and I see it all the time, in your eyes. You belong here, Jack, and you’re letting yourself believe it.” He nodded, and suddenly knelt in front of me. He took my cock in his mouth and I felt his tongue perform magic. He looked up and whispered, “I want it in my mouth, Dab.” He put his lips round my cock again and I cradled his head. I began to realise that I really did love this boy – could I love him and Billy at the same time! Billy and I had said we loved him, but did we mean that we loved him in the same way that we loved each other, or that we loved him as we might love a son? Cherish, protect, all those things? I stroked his short hair and bent forward as my bladder started to empty. I heard Jack give a little moan as my piss flowed from my cock. He swallowed the lot. I made a promise to myself that when it reappeared I would do him the same courtesy. While all this was going on Billy had finished preparing Dodo, and had rid himself of the beer in Dodo’s arse. Arses being less good at retaining pints of recycled beer than stomachs the bulk of it had leaked out, as usual, and Billy’s legs were soaking. Seb had watched it all. “You don’t see much when you’re up in the sling,” he said, “watching you pissfuck Dodo was really hot, Billy.” He moved beside Dodo. “How would you like to be filled at the other end?” Dodo opened his mouth. Seb obliged. Billy, hard now that he’d finished pissing, watched amused for a few seconds before touching his cock to Dodo’s arse lips. A muffled `mmm’ from Dodo was all the encouragement Billy needed, and those inches I loved so much inexorably pushed into Dodo. I saw Dodo’s toes curl at the same moment that Jack did, but he was quicker off the mark. Brothers know the signs, I suppose, and he got his mouth round Dodo’s cock just in time. This time it was Dodo’s hands caressing Jack’s head. Billy gave them time to enjoy it before starting one of his fierce fucks, coming deep inside Dodo after only a few minutes. Dodo lay in the sling smiling goofily. “I’m going to miss this thing, Seb, can we get one?” The Seb smile (which Dodo couldn’t see) gave the three of us the answer. “What makes you think we haven’t?” he said, “now out you get, it’s my turn.” “On you go,” I said to Jack, “see how long you can keep it up.” I hoped his balls would deliver before his bladder did. Only Dodo still had his beer on board, and I imagined he would let Seb have it in due course. I should have known that the brothers might have something up their sleeves, for Dodo contented himself with kissing Seb while Jack was fucking him rhythmically, pulling almost all the way out and plunging in hard with each stroke. Groans from Jack intensified after several minutes and he started to accelerate, still with long deep strokes. “Soon, Dodo,” he muttered. Dodo moved and aimed his cock at Seb’s cock, untouched while all this was going on. Jack pulled out and with three quick strokes started to pump cum out over Seb’s belly. As soon as it started to jet from his brother’s cock Dodo aimed a stream of piss – he’d pulled his foreskin back, so the stream was forceful – directly onto Jack’s belly, from which it ran down onto kıbrıs escort Seb’s cock. Billy and I, standing on either side of Seb, added what we could to the pool of fluids collecting on Seb who, needless to say, was smiling happily. “Wank me, Dab,” he whispered. I was happy to oblige, and found that my services were needed for only about 30 seconds before Seb twitched in the sling and a massive amount of spunk flew out, the first jet catching him in the face. Billy and I, good hosts that we were, instinctively knew that Seb’s offering was intended for Dodo, who needed no invitation. It was only right that he made no distinction between his lover’s spunk and his brother’s. ***** Jack was subdued when Seb drove off with Dodo. Billy and I knew this was likely, but beyond making him welcome in bed – about which there was no doubt – there wasn’t a lot we could do. I remembered my first few days away at school when I was 8, and how adrift I’d felt. I also remembered that it hadn’t taken long before all the new and exciting experiences blotted out the feeling of having been abandoned. “Cheer up, Jack, he won’t be away for long,” I said. Jack smiled wanly – a smile so unlike those to be seen on Seb’s face that they hardly merited the same word. “Yeah,” he said. What would cheer you up?” said Billy. Of answer came there none. “Food,” I said, and in truth that did seem to banish Jack’s gloom. By bedtime he had perked up considerably, doubtless helped by the proximity of bedtime itself. When Seb and Dodo appeared the following evening it was clear that they were bursting to tell me something. All five of us were in the Library and Billy had brought coffee. Dodo could wait no longer. “You’ll need someone to take over from Byrd, Dab, and I was no use to him anyway. Seb and I have an idea. Jorrocks and Jack will need someone too, someone who knows all about gardens and stuff, and who will train Jack.” I agreed. “And?” Seb took over. “We have a discreet notice board in the shop where people who want to hire gay people can put notices. Usually it’s for a so-called ‘houseman’, but I don’t see why it can’t be for a gardener.” “What are you suggesting, Seb?” “You write an advert and I put it up. Something like ‘couple wanted for work on estate: gardener and handyman’. You know what you need.” I wasn’t sure what Seb was suggesting. “Will they be expecting to live in as a couple? That could be tricky. It’s one thing for me, as their employer, to live openly with two boys, but I don’t think another queer couple would be acceptable.” Billy stirred, but didn’t say anything. “Rivers is all right though, Dab, isn’t he?” “Yes, Jack, but he lives outside the house, and he lives on his own. I doubt if the presence of two men openly living together would be on. Mrs Morley might up sticks, and I’d rather the grass needed mown than I went hungry.” Billy stirred again. “What is it, Billy? You solved the Jack problem easily enough: have you solved this one?” “Who said anything about two men? Surely if two lesbians were competent to do the work you need there would be far less tension. Neither of them is going to fancy one of us, nor the other way about. There’s far less difficulty with two women sharing a room than there is with two men. Seb, would that work, with your notice board, I mean? If it was clear that lesbians were what was wanted?” Seb laughed. “I don’t see why not. We get lesbians in the shop, and it’s worth a try.” I said I would think about it – a feeble answer, but one which gave me time. Seb got up to go. “Let me know when Rivers brings Dodo on Wednesday.” Dodo and he took a prolonged farewell of each other – their last, perhaps – and when Dodo came back to the Library he was quiet. “I’m being a real pain in the arse, aren’t I, Dab?” “Yes,” I said, “but that was always part of your attraction. Now stop moaning and apologizing – we all have our lives to lead. You love Seb; he loves you. Only a fool would apologize for that.” ***** In the end Seb’s idea worked like a charm. Dunstable, to whom I mentioned it the next morning, was rather tickled. “It’s worth a try, Dab, and it has its attractions,” he said, and we concocted a suitably-worded notice. Two weeks later he had been contacted and interviews had been arranged. Jorrocks had been wary, but on learning that the applicant was as experienced as she claimed to be he relented. All that remained was for me to be satisfied that they applicants would fit in with our unorthodox set-up. Dunstable suggested that they be invited to meet me over lunch, I agreed, and the lunch was duly fixed for the following Saturday. ***** Lunch would be five of us: Billy and me, Dunstable and the two women. He had given me details, and I had read them carefully that morning. They were both in their 30s, and had been together since they were students. At the time of the Rupture they had been studying in the north of England. Hester was at an agricultural college and Pam at a technical college, and they had met at some student party. Luckily their training and skills meant that they were never unemployed in the terrible 20s, and each of them had gained a lot of experience. Provided they fitted in they sounded ideal, and it would be up to me to make the decision over lunch. I’d asked Dunstable if he had mentioned the situation in the household. “No, I thought it best to leave that to you – nor did I ask them about their own position, although it must have been obvious to them that we knew, given where the advert was kırıkkale escort placed.” “And therefore they must have felt the same about us.” “Exactly. But nothing was said.” The two women arrived and I’d asked Billy to take them to Dunstable’s office. He would spend a few minutes with them and bring them to the Dining Room where I would be waiting for them. Our little charade played out, and I introduced myself. Billy had a tray with sherry glasses and I noticed Hester’s reaction on seeing five glasses, but nothing was said. I made general chat for a few minutes, asking them about their journey and so on. I liked what I saw, as they seemed pleasant company. When we sat down it became even more clear to Hester that things were unusual. Billy was on my right with Pam beyond him; Hester on my left with Dunstable beyond her. The first course, a cold soup, was already at each place. I picked up my spoon and we were under way. “Mr Dunstable has told me about you both, and he feels that you are the right people to fill the two vacancies we have. I respect his judgement. But there’s more to working here than just being the right people. You’ve seen that the person who opened the door to you – a footman – is sitting with us. Billy and I are lovers. The household knows this, and none of the staff has any difficulty with it. Jorrocks, the gardener, has been training a lad we took in a few months ago, a lad who he says has great promise. His name is Jack, and he shares Billy’s and my bed. You are here because you saw an advert in a queer shop. Jack’s brother and his boyfriend work in that shop – you may have seen a good-looking black boy – and I assume that you, like Billy and me, are a couple. Am I right?” Hester glanced at Pam. “Yes, we are. What should we call you?” I hadn’t expected that. “It depends how formal the situation is. Other staff members call me `your Lordship’ or `sir’. I have no real preference.” “Well, Sir, you are right. Pam and I are, like you and Billy, lovers. If you engage us we would want that to be open, and we would want to live together.” I assured them that there would be no difficulty with their being accepted, nor with their accommodation. We got up to help ourselves to the salmon. When we were doing so Billy went round and poured glasses of wine. “You will be working with Jorrocks and Jack, Hester, will that give you any difficulty?” “I don’t see why it should,” she said, “but the grounds are large and I will need some time to familiarise myself with what there is. Mr Dunstable said that Mr Jorrocks is due to retire. When would that be?” I said that no date had been fixed, and that I was sure he would want to make certain that Hester had all the time she needed. “As for Jack I will train him in my own way. How old is he?” “13.” Silence. “I hope that isn’t a problem for you. He’s black too. In case you might say the wrong thing when you meet him, he and his brother are orphans and I rescued them from a gang of jillies earlier this year.” Silence. It was Pam who broke it. “Of course it won’t be a problem, Hester.” She turned to me. “I think Hester was a bit surprised that he’s so young,” and a beautiful Cunliffe-style blush rose on her cheeks. “Oh God,” she said. Hester rescued her. “Yes, it was his age, but not for the reason Pam feared. Sir, may I be frank?” “That’s why we’re here, Hester, but perhaps I can help? You have no view about my fucking a 13-year-old, but you’re not sure you can work with one. Right?” Hester grinned, “right.” “I think you’ll find the problem disappears when you meet him.” Dunstable had maintained a dignified silence throughout all of this. He had permitted himself the tiniest of smiles at the `fucking a 13-year-old’ bit, knowing that had either of the women bridled at that point they might well have fallen at the final hurdle. Billy got up and collected the plates, putting them on the sideboard and taking the rest of the salmon through to the kitchen. This was the signal that coffee should be brought in exactly two minutes later. By then Billy was back beside me and talking to Pam. I was asking Hester about her experience. Jack brought in the tray of coffee and set it down at the foot of the table. Then he sat down, as I had briefed him to do. Very carefully he poured six cups of coffee which Dunstable solemnly passed round. “This is Jack,” I said, “and these women are Pam and Hester. Hester is your new boss. They knew about our household arrangements.” Jack smiled nervously, but said nothing. Hester turned to Jack, sitting very still. “Will you show me round, Jack, and explain everything to me? That way I’ll know what needs to be done.” Jack nodded, sensing that danger, if it had existed, had passed. She looked at me, and I nodded. “I think we can agree that the job is yours, Hester. If Jack’s happy then I’m happy. When coffee’s done the two of you should go and explore. Pam, will you go with Mr Dunstable and see what the indoor duties entail. If you both come to my office when you’ve had the tour then I’ll introduce you to the Housekeeper, Mrs Tallis, who will show you around.” Jack was eager to get on with it, and Hester allowed herself to be led off on a tour of her new domain. I’d briefed Jorrocks that such a thing was to happen and he said he would be glad to show her. “No, not today. Let Jack make friends with her and show off what he knows. Maybe if you have some ginger cordial after the two of them have gone round everywhere … ?” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 36 as things get even darker in California. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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