Lake Pleasantview Adventures Pt. 06


The next morning Nicole woke up with a small puddle of cum and juice between her legs.

Matt was still deeply asleep next to her.

She got out of bed, noticing a dull ache in her nethers.

As she sat down on the toilet for a pee, she saw cum still leaking out of her pussy.

‘Damn, James really did a number on me last night.’

Her pussy still seemed stretched open. Nicole put a finger into her red pussy and felt no resistance.

She added another 3 fingers before feeling some tightness.

Her cunny was definitely stretched out, but should return to normal in a few days, or so she hoped.

Her fingers inside her was waking up her sexual desire, but she resisted and finished up and got into the shower.

By the time she was done with the shower, Matt was busy with breakfast in the kitchen.

“Good morning my little sex fiend.” Matt greeted her.

Nicole blushed slightly. “Did you come to bed late?”

“No, shortly after you. Kate and I 69nd and then we all were done for the evening.”

“Hmm sounds fun my love.” She gave him a devious smile, but asked no further questions.

Matt continued. “So James phone me earlier.”


“He explained to me that the guys are going on a trip this afternoon, and he wants me to join them.

Apparently, it’s a getaway that happens every year with some of the local men.”

“You know, I remember someone telling me about it. How long is it?

“About a week, I think and it’s just guys. Would you mind if I went?”

“Not at all love, it could be a good opportunity to hang out and get to know the guys better.

And besides, if it’s just the guys then I can still hang out with Kate and the girls.

I won’t get too lonely.”

She joked with him.

“Cool, then I’ll let James know I’ll be joining.”

“You will have fun, just try and relax a bit.”

“Thanks, I will.”

They shared breakfast and each other’s company for a time longer.

That afternoon, Josh came around to pick up Matt.

Matt was naked still and only carrying a small backpack with food and other essentials.

Besides for the bare details, like how long they would be gone for and to pack some food and toiletries, James had said very little about what they would actually be doing on the trip.

Kate had come with Josh and asked to stay over for the night.

“Thanks for letting me sleep over tonight, I just get lonely without Josh around.”

“No problem Kate, you’re welcome over anytime.”

Nicole poured them some drinks and they settled on the couch.

Just as they started watching some Netflix, there was a knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” Nicole looked at Kate.

Kate was smiling back at her. “I invited some friends over, hope you don’t mind?”

Nicole just frowned at her, wondering what she was up to.

She opened the door and was surprised by a very large set of knockers staring back at her.

“Rebecca! She greeted warmly.”

“Howdy Nicole!” She returned the greeting with a big hug that kaçak iddaa mushed her large bosom into Nicole.

Jessi walked in after Rebecca.

They were all naked as per usual.

Once they were all settled in and had drinks in their hands Kate explained to Nicole what was going on.

“So as you know, the men are away for a time and us girls aren’t just gonna sit around and twiddle our thumbs.”

Rebecca chipped in. “Nicole, are you and Matt gonna have a baby anytime soon?”

“Yea Nicky, with a bod like that, what’s been taking Matt this long!” Jessi added her 2 cents.

“Alright, alright guys! We’re not in any hurry, but we definitely want to have kids.

So that’s what this impromptu get together is about, planning my pregnancy?”

“In a way.” Kate answered.

“We just want to help you get prepared.” Rebecca continued. “Physically, you know, to help Matt see your true potential as a child barer.”

“Child bearer?” Nicole asked sounding a bit unsure.

“Don’t mind her, she’s just old school.” Kate explained.

“Just show her Bec.”

“Alright then.” Rebecca said motioning for Nicole to come closer.

Rebecca leaned back on the couch and spread her tanned legs apart to reveal her own luscious pubes.

“What exactly are you showing me?” Nicole asked, not following what was happening.

Rebecca parted her hair and tugged on her brown labia.

Her inner lips flopped out and hung down a good 2 inches.

“See here.” Rebecca explained as she pulled her lips open to reveal her experienced pussy.

“This is a pussy that has done its job. It’s enticed Jacob to bear me 3 children.”

Nicole stared into the large mound that was gaping open in front of her.

Rebecca’s vagina definitely looked like one that had birthed a few babies.

“Alright…” Nicole said not sure what else to say.

“What’s she’s getting at Nicky, is that if there’s one thing we all here know is how to make ourselves more desirable to our men. I guarantee you that Matt finds a good looking woman attractive and fantasises about planting his seed in her.

What we are offering is a way to make you irresistible to your man.”

“Think about it like this, have you guys been having more sex lately, since you moved here and gave up on clothes and since you stopped shaving your pubes?”

“Yea, definitely.” Nicole answered.

“And your growing bust, has that improved things again further.”

Nicole blushed, but she had to agree again.

“I’ve seen Matt checking me out and know he’s into a woman with a grown-up body and a pussy that looks like a proper cunt that can handle any cock.” Kate explained.

“OK, so what should I do, I already stopped shaving and my hair has grown pretty wild down there.”

“You are pretty bushy, I must say.” Rebecca commented.

“The pool we go mudding in can have that effect on woman. It does something to women to make then more virile.”

“I figured as much. I must say I kinda like it letting my hair grow wild.” Nicole giggled.

“Get the cream.” kaçak bahis Rebecca instructed Jessi.

Jessi pulled out a large plastic tub from Rebecca’s bag and brought it over to her.

“Alright Nicole. Lay back and spread your legs.” Rebecca instructed.

Nicole did as she was told and laid down on the couch and spread her legs open wide.

Everyone had a clear view of her hairy snatch. Her dark pubes seemed to be emanating from her pussy and growing outward onto her lower stomach and inner thighs.

“Very nice.” Rebecca commented.

“Are you turned right now?” She asked Nicole.

“Yes, I’m always horny of late, it’s crazy. That’s why we have towels on most of the furniture. I tend to leak a bit.”

“Nothing wrong with that. You’re in your prime breeding age.” Rebecca winked at her.

“So we’re going to massage this cream into your labia and over your entire vagina.

It will help your lady bits develop to their full potential and Matt won’t be able to keep his hands off you.”

“I like the sound of that. It doesn’t hurt does it?”

“Not at all.” Rebecca answered as she scooped out a generous helping of the clear cream and started massaging it into Nicole’s already aroused pussy lips.

“I want you to do this every morning and evening for a week. At least until the guys come back.”

“It tingles.” Nicole said.

“Feels good right?” Kate asked from experience.

“Right, now because the men are away, and you have needs like any other healthy young woman.” Rebecca continued as Jessi handed her another object.

“This is one of my toys. You can have it for a time until you don’t need it anymore.”

Rebecca was holding one of the largest dildos that Nicole had ever seen. It was a giant purple monster at least 15 inches long with a big bulbous head. The shaft appeared to be 3 inches thick and the head even larger still.

“That thing is huge!” Nicole exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to use it right now.” Rebecca calmed her, but the woman all gave each other mischievous glances, like they knew something that Nicole didn’t.

“Let me help you out.” Kate said as she started rubbing Nicole’s slit with 2 fingers.

After a minute Kate inserted her 2 fingers into Nicole and started fingering her wet hole.

Jessi made herself comfortable on the other couch and started applying her own helping of the mysterious cream that they had brought along. Her labia was considerably larger and darker than Nicole’s.

By now, Kate had worked 4 fingers into Nicole’s pussy and felt that there was still room for more, so she started pushing her thumb in as well.

It was tight at first, but after being stretched out last night by James, Kate’s small hand wasn’t too much.

Nicole was lying splayed on the couch, legs apart and eyes closed with her head back just enjoying the feeling.

Her fist orgasm hit hard as she felt something large push into her.

Her pussy gushed around Kate’s fist to the applause of Rebecca and Kate.

Nicole opened her eyes and illegal bahis glanced down to see Kate’s arm buried up to the wrist in her love tunnel.

“Oh my gosh! Your whole hand is in me!”

“I know, isn’t it kinky?” Kate replied.

Nicole felt shocked, but couldn’t deny the magnificent feelings emanating from down below.

“Want me to take it out?” Kate asked.

“No, no you can keep it there. It feels really good.” Nicole smiled back at Kate.

Kate then proceeded to fist fuck Nicole to another 2 strong orgasms.

Rebecca and Jessi were busying themselves with their own delights.

While Nicole was busy catching her breath, Kate dislodged her hand from the wet hole it was in, and replaced it with the massive dildo. There was no need for lube as Nicole was wetter than a mermaid’s minge.

The dildo went in easily into her pussy as it was still gaping open from the fist.

“Ahhh yes! That’s the feeling!” Nicole was brought back out of her daze to the same amazing feeling that James had given her last night. She felt completely full and satisfied all at once.

Kate was busy fingering herself while pounding Nicole with the dildo in her other hand.

Their orgy carried on in a similar fashion for the rest of the day.

All the ladies took a turn with the giant purple dildo.

Afterwards when they were relaxing again and drinking some tea, Nicole joked saying that she would be walking bow-legged for the rest of the week after the hard pounding her pussy had received.

After saying their goodbyes and cleaning up the mess, which was largely caused by Nicole’s squirting pussy, Rebecca left Nicole the tub of cream with instruction to use it until the men came back, but to not overdo it.

Nicole also got to keep the dildo for the time being.

Nicole made herself a nice hot bath to clean up before bed.

As she climbed into the tub water actually flowed freely into her gaping pussy. It was the strangest feeling, but Nicole wasn’t altogether surprised. Her pussy had remained gaping open since the dildo had been in her.

Her pussy was still red and stung a bit, but she knew that she was hooked on large things now.

She wondered how the men were doing and if Matt would mind her pussy being stretched open like it was now.

After relaxing in the steamy bath for a bit, she got out the razor to shave her legs. Nicole loved her new golden tan and her legs had never looked better. It was tricky to decide how far up her thighs to shave before the started shaving off pubes.

Nicole couldn’t explain why, but she really liked her new wild and hairy look.

Her entire crotch was taken up by dark curly hair and her bush was growing out in all directions.

She even liked the little treasure trail leading up to her navel.

Nicole admired her boobs and noticed how large her nipples looked. They had enlarged along with her boobs the past few weeks, but her areolas seemed to have outpaced the proportional growth and covered a considerable area on the end of each tit, they also appeared to be darker.

She resisted frigging her clit as it started to poke out from the forest down below and finished up her bath.

She fell asleep the instant her head hit the pillow that evening.

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