Kissing Cathy Ch. 12


Mike understood the effect of sight on sex. He loved to sit back, close his eyes and savor a blowjob from Cathy but it was even more enjoyable when his eyes were open and he could see his cock in her mouth and watch her head bobbing up and down on him. He realized the same thing applied to Cathy when he saw the look of lust on her face the first time he sucked her strap on, so he made sure that he put on a really good cock sucking show for her. He went down on her as if her dick was real and he wanted to give her the best blowjob ever. Looking into Cathy’s eyes while her strap on filled his mouth, he quickly understood the thrill and enjoyment of sucking a dick and realized why Cathy was so enthusiastic about sucking him off. In a way it was similar to eating her pussy, it didn’t give him any direct physical pleasure but he enjoyed it immensely and got a lot of sexual satisfaction from making her cum in his mouth. Masturbating while giving her head added to his enjoyment, not just in the pleasure he gave himself but knowing how much Cathy liked to watch him jerk off.

For Cathy, the fact that she couldn’t feel his mouth around her dick didn’t seem to matter, she got off watching Mike suck her dick, especially when he would deep throat her. She loved seeing her dick disappear past his lips. And the more energetically he licked, stroked and sucked her dick, the more they both enjoyed it. Cathy enjoyed it so much that she was able to cum. The fact that the strap on was engineered to stimulate her clit was a part of her achieving an orgasm but the most erotic sensation for her was seeing Mike with a mouthful of her dick. Watching him masturbate while he sucked her off was icing on the cake for her visual stimulation. Sex might not be all in the mind but a lot of it sure is.

After he’d sucked her off a few times, the next logical step was in the air and she gave subtle hints that she wanted her dick in his ass. Mike wanted it, too. The sight of Cathy with a big hard cock turned him on for some reason and the thought of being down on all fours while she fucked him from behind excited him but it was fun to play hard to get. There was the thrill of anticipation and he wanted to give her the extra satisfaction of a conquest when he inevitability gave in to her.

Seeing Mike’s enthusiastic reaction to her strap on, Cathy was 90 percent sure that she would get to slide it up his ass. She became 100 percent sure of it when she watched him masturbating while she fucked Carl’s ass. He was wide eyed and slacked jaw and could barely stroke his throbbing cock for fear of cumming in his hand. But even after that and seeing how much Carl enjoyed it, Mike still didn’t say he wanted it. Cathy decided to take different approach to make Mike ask for her dick in his ass.

Now the three of them were on the back deck and Mike was looking at the item in Cathy’s hand. It was curved and not as long or thick as her strap on dick. It was obviously a hand held device that would not fit into her harness. He realized he might have out smarted himself. It seemed he was going to lose the visual effect of Cathy’s cock in his ass, at least the first time around. Just like the fun of sucking Cathy’s strap on was that it looked like it really was her dick, some of the thrill he envisioned of having her take his ass was that it would actually be her dick inside him. He knew it was his own fault for waiting too long. Earlier in the day, before Cathy and Carl went to the porn store, she said she might buy something like this.

Cathy smiled at him and said, “This is scientifically designed to slide up your ass and stimulate your prostate.”

Mike smiled back. “Scientifically designed, huh?”

“Yes, by scientists who study this kind of thing.” She rotated the dial on one end and it started humming.

Mike raised his eyebrows. “That must be an interesting line of study.”

Cathy giggled and said, “I wonder how you get a job there. Maybe they put an ad online that says wanted, men who are willing to experiment with new ways of having sexual pleasure.” She turned the dial one more notch, the device hummed a little louder.

Mike shifted in his seat and adjusted the growing erection in his pants. “Yeah, that would be some, ah, interesting experiments.”

Cathy noticed Mike adjusting his hard on and knew she finally had him. “Apparently the experiments were successful, they discovered that stimulating the prostate causes intense sexual pleasure.” Cathy turned the dial another notch and the device hummed even louder.

Mike took a swig of his beer, he realized it didn’t matter that this didn’t attach to her harness. Cathy was going to enjoy sliding it up his ass and he was going to enjoy taking it. “Well, you know that I like intense sexual pleasure.”

“And you have a prostate,” Cathy added.

“Yes, I do,” said Mike as he put his elbows on the table and leaned towards Cathy. “You went to a lot of trouble of researching this, didn’t you? And all for my isveçbahis benefit. I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not but I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to have my prostate stimulated.” He turned to Carl and asked, “You enjoyed Cathy stimulating your ass, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” Carl replied with a big smile as he adjusted the erection in his pants. One of his new fantasies was to watch Mike take Cathy’s cock in his ass.

Mike smiled at Cathy. “You seem to be the expert on this so I put myself in your hands.” He took a deep breath and said what he knew she wanted to hear, and what he had been waiting to say. “Will you slide your toy up my ass and stimulate me? Please?”

Cathy sighed, she’d been waiting to hear those words for a while. “Do you really want it?”

Mike knew this conversation was making Cathy wet just like it was making him hard. “Yes, I really do want you to take my ass. Will you? Please? My ass is yours.”

Cathy smiled as she stood up and walked into the house. “I’ll be right back.”

Mike and Carl looked at each other quizzically. “Maybe she’s going to put on her strap on,” Carl said. He hoped she was.

“Yeah, maybe. It’s amazing how hot she looks with a big hard dick, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, incredibly hot. I never thought I’d be turned on by a chick with a dick.”

“Me either. Heck, I never thought I’d be turned on by a lot of the things we’ve done the past few days.”

“I know what you mean.” Carl gave a glance inside the house. “Do you think we should get ready for her and give her a nice surprise when she comes back?”

Mike knew what he meant and instinctively gave a look around the back yard. There was total privacy. In addition to the high fence there were no neighbors nearby and he and Cathy had been naked in the yard many times. “Yes,” he said and stood up and quickly stripped off all his clothes. Carl did the same.

Cathy quickly retrieved what she wanted from the kitchen and had almost reached the door when she saw her men get naked. She stopped in her tracks and backed up a few steps to stay out of their sight and see what they were going to do.

As Mike began pumping his already hard dick, out of the corner of his eye he noticed Cathy approach the screen door and then back up. He turned to Carl so she couldn’t see his face and mouthed, “She’s watching us.”

Carl smiled in acknowledgment as he began stroking his hard cock. “Should we sit back down or be standing up when she gets back?”

Mike moved next to Carl so they were both facing the door and said, “I think she’ll like it if we’re both standing at attention for her.”

Carl chuckled, “I’m standing as tall as I can.” He looked at Mike’s dick and added, “It looks like you are, too.”

“Yeah, we’re standing tall and proud,” Mike said as he looked down at Carl’s cock and matched his speed and stroking style. “Jerking off for Cathy has a way of doing that. Dang, this is fun.”

“It sure is. She takes masturbation to a whole new level. She even makes it fun to have a wank with you. I never thought that would happen.”

“I know what you mean. Only Cathy could get us to jerk off together and I like it. I really like it,” he said a bit louder than normal to make sure Cathy could hear him as he stroked his dick a bit faster. “Maybe we should do it more often. If she went out for a day, do you think we’d…,” he stopped in mid-sentence when he heard a noise from inside and shifted his gaze from Carl’s cock to the door.

Cathy was mesmerized watching her men masturbate together. She knew they were doing it for her benefit but from the strength of their erections, their words, the expressions on their faces as they looked at each other’s cocks, it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves even without her. In her mind she envisioned them doing so much more than just stroking their own dicks. When she pictured Mike bent over the table and taking Carl’s cock up his ass she gave an audible sigh and realized the guys heard her when they both looked towards the door. She smiled to herself as she walked outside and knew that vision of Mike and Carl would only be seen in her imagination but she was still overjoyed about all the other fantasies they were bringing to life for her.

The guys were slowly stroking their dicks and smiling at Cathy as she opened the back door and walked out. She wasn’t wearing her strap on but she did have a bottle of whiskey and three shot glasses. “I see you guys started without me,” she said with a big smile. “Should I join you or would you prefer to continue on your own?”

“Whatever you want,” said Carl. He was thrilled that he finally met a woman he could masturbate in front of but it was even more than that. He could masturbate with her and for her. She seemed to enjoy watching him as much as he enjoyed doing it. If she said she wanted to see him make himself cum he knew he would have a fantastic orgasm as he watched her watching him.

“Join us, isveçbahis giriş please,” Mike quickly interjected. He enjoyed jerking off in front of Cathy as much as Carl did but he wanted to feel her toy in his ass for his next orgasm.

Cathy didn’t respond but kept her eyes on their hands pumping their cocks as she walked to the far side of the table and set down the bottle and glasses. The guys turned towards her as she walked to keep her in view. “You guys like jerking off together, don’t you?” she asked coyly.

“Yes,” they both answered.

Cathy sat down and took her time pouring out three shots of whiskey. She put one shot in front of herself and pushed the other two towards the guys. She loved what her two men would do for her but as much as she would love seeing them cum at her command and splatter their seed all over the table while they moaned with pleasure, she needed some action, too. “If you guys could stop masturbating for a minute, I’d like to propose a toast,” she said as she lifted her shot glass and held it towards them.

The guys let go of their dicks, picked up the shot glasses and held them towards Cathy.

“Here’s to taking it up the ass,” she said.

“I’ll drink to that,” Carl said.

“Me, too,” said Mike. They clinked the glasses together and downed the shots.

Cathy smiled at Mike as she refilled the shot glasses. “I’m so glad you finally decided to take it up the ass.” She giggled and continued, “It sounds so nasty when I say it like that, doesn’t it? But it’s really an incredibly wonderful feeling.” The sight of her two men standing before her with their big, rock hard throbbing dicks pointing up at a 45 degree angle excited her and knowing they would do anything, well almost anything, for her turned her on even more. Her gaze shifted from Mike’s eyes to Carl’s cock. She spoke slowly, almost moaning between each sentence. “I know you’ll really enjoy it in your ass, it feels so good. And it looks so good, too. You’re going to cum so hard with a nice ass fucking. I can’t wait to see it sliding in and out of your ass. Oh gawd, that is so fucking hot.” Cathy let out another moan and squeezed her thighs together. She was dripping wet from where her mind had drifted.

Mike saw that Cathy was staring wide eyed at Carl’s cock while she was talking and easily guessed where her thoughts had wandered. He picked up his shot glass and held it out. “Here’s to experimenting with new and wild ways of having sexual pleasure and intense orgasms,” he said as he smiled at her and winked.

Cathy looked up at him and almost blushed. She wondered if he knew what she was thinking. “I’ll drink to that.”

Carl also noticed that Cathy was staring at his dick as she spoke. His first thought was that she was talking about how much she liked it in her ass but knowing how she thinks, realized there was a good chance that she had other wild ideas. He knew how much of a thrill Cathy got from her fantasies and he enjoyed helping her thoughts along. “Yes, here’s to experiments and orgasms,” he said.

Once again they clinked their glasses together and downed the shots.

Cathy set down her shot glass, picked up the anal stimulator and pointed it at Mike. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, I want you to take my ass.”

“I’ve been waiting to hear you say that. Let’s do it.” She stood up and walked inside, shedding her clothes as she moved. Her men followed right behind her. When they got to the bedroom Cathy turned to face her men. They were slowly stroking their shafts and looking expectantly at her, awaiting her commands.

Cathy couldn’t help but smile at her situation. She had two wonderful men who were willing to let her push their sexual boundaries. They did have limits they wouldn’t cross and she was glad about that, it showed they weren’t totally submissive, she didn’t like weak men. She realized when they did break an old boundary, it wasn’t anything she forced them to do. The open environment between the three of them allowed them to act on fantasies they’d had for a while and even discover new ones. In the past few days all three of them had done things they’d never done before and in the next couple days who knows how much further they might go.

She looked at Mike and said, “Get the lube.”

He smiled and walked to the night stand.

Cathy turned to Carl, “I want you to have a good time watching us, the same way Mike enjoyed watching me take your ass. I know how much you love masturbating but if you’re going to make yourself cum before we finish, let me know, okay? I want to see you shoot. But if you can wait until I’m done with Mike, I’ll help you pump that load of cum out of your balls, okay?”

Carl’s cock was pulsating in his hand as he nodded his head. Once again he thought how Cathy took masturbation to new levels of enjoyment. He loved stroking his cock while watching Cathy and Mike together. One fantasy he had was to make himself cum at the same time that Mike came. isveçbahis yeni giriş That would be a thousand times better than when he came while jerking off to porn but he was going to hold back this time. When Cathy was done with Mike, he wanted her to take his ass with the new vibrating strap on attachment they’d just bought.

Mike laid down on the bed, pulled his legs to his chest and let Cathy go to work on him. He felt the coolness of the lube being dripped on his ass and then her well lubed vibrator probing at his hole. He relaxed and felt it slip into him. There was no pain, in fact it felt good. He gave a slight moan and said, “Wow.”

Cathy smiled, slid the toy half way in his ass and wriggled it a little. She watched Mike’s dick throb and heard him moan again. “I think you’re ready to take it all,” she said as she slowly slid the vibrator further into his ass, leaving only about an inch outside so she could activate the control knob. “Do you like that?”

Mike squeezed his ass around the toy and wiggled his hips. “Yes.” The new sensation of being stimulated from inside his body felt different but good, very good.

Cathy smiled, turned the vibrator on and watched his eyes pop wide open. “Better?” she asked.

Mike looked at Cathy and nodded. He could see the lust in her face as she smiled at him and turned the dial on the vibrator another notch. The intensity of the vibrations in his ass was amazing, all he could do was moan as he wrapped his fingers around his dick and started stroking it.

“One more to go. Ready?” Cathy asked and turned the vibrator up to full speed before Mike could say anything. His eyes rolled in his head, his head rolled on the pillow and his hand moved up and down his cock a bit faster. Cathy was pleased with his response.

Now on to step two she thought as she moved from between Mike’s legs to his side. “Put your legs down,” she said. Mike complied and laid flat on his back. He wriggled his ass and felt the vibrator move as he did. It felt so good inside him and he could make it move by moving his ass against the bed. He was fucking himself. He moaned again.

Cathy looked at Mike’s moving hips, his hand pumping his throbbing cock, and then across to Carl. He was staring at her intently as he masturbated. She smiled at him and turned back to Mike. “Aren’t you glad you finally decided to let me take your ass?”

“Oh, yeah. Thank you,” he gasped.

“Does having a vibrator in your ass make jerking off even more fun?”


She turned to Carl and said, “Maybe I should have bought another one of these so both of you could take it up the ass the next time you two want to masturbate together. Would you like that?”

Carl couldn’t help but stroke his cock a little faster and say yes to her. He was under her spell.

“I’d like that, too,” Cathy said as she gave him a big smile. She turned back to Mike and put her hand on his wrist that was pumping his dick. “Would you like me to take care of that for you?” Mike said yes and pointed his dick straight up for her. She opened her mouth to a big O and positioned herself over his dick. She looked over at Carl, he looked at her wide eyed as he slowed the movement of his hand on his cock. He’s ready to cum from watching me blow Mike, she thought, just like Mike is when he sees Carl’s cock in my mouth. Again she loved how she could sexually please both of her men by sucking off just one of them.

She smiled to herself as she quickly lowered her head and filled her mouth with as much of Mike’s dick as she could. But instead of bobbing her head back up, she suddenly stopped and her eyes went wide. She could feel his cock vibrating in her mouth. She let out a muffled noise and held the dick tightly in her mouth. Yes, the vibrator in his ass was transmitting the vibrations to his dick. She lifted herself off Mike’s cock and gave him a wild look. “You’re dick is vibrating. I need it inside me.”

Cathy didn’t wait for any response but quickly straddled Mike, impaling herself to the hilt in one smooth motion and sat still for a moment enjoying the sensations of the vibrating dick inside her. It was incredible, sending tingles throughout her body. She slowly began to move her hips and relished her pussy being stimulated in a way she’d never felt before.

Cathy leaned down and kissed Mike. “Your vibrating dick feels so fucking good.”

“Yes, it does,” Mike managed to reply. The vibrator in his ass felt amazing. The sensations radiating from inside him were something completely new to him and he really liked it. The joy of being inside Cathy was one he was used to and always felt fantastic. Two different points of pleasure were forced on him, from his ass and his dick and the combination of them together was phenomenal.

Cathy glanced over at Carl. He was sitting in the chair staring back at her while slowly stroking his rock hard shaft. She stared at his pulsating cock as she rode Mike’s vibrating dick and another wild thought of pushing boundaries came into her mind. She turned to Mike, lowering herself completely on his cock, wriggled her hips and whispered in his ear, “Would you mind if I ask Carl to fuck my ass while I ride your dick?”

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