Kim , Mark


Kim felt so lonely. Danny had left for a major swimming event and wasn’t going to be back for a couple more days. Janet joined him two days later to show her support for her son in his bid for a State Championship. Kim wasn’t even sure when Janet was coming back. And to top it all off, Mark was visiting his sister Jenny who was getting married. Kim had high hopes of filling the time that Danny was to be gone with Mark. She had yet to experience his monstrous member but felt it would be a good time to test him out. Besides Danny had suggested it and Janet didn’t seem to mind either. All these thoughts of Danny and Mark were making her even hornier than she already was. Kim let out a heavy sigh then reached for the vibrator sitting on her night stand. She had been giving it a serious work out with Danny out of town.

Kim was completely naked lying on her bed. Her body glistened with the sheen of the baby oil she had applied after her bath. Her long blond hair was still pinned up to keep it out of the way. She adjusted the pillows behind her back to prop herself up. She then turned on her plastic lover and it made a soft hum but Kim felt she needed its full power to quench her growing desire and pushed the selector to its max. It buzzed angrily in her hand as she touched it to her right breast. Her nipple came alive, sending tingling bursts of pleasure shooting to her brain as she circled it with her pink toy. The sensitive flesh stood erect on her massive 38E tit while Kim’s free hand squeezed her other breast. She could feel the fire burning in her pussy. It needed attention too. Her throbbing clit poked out from its hood as the first trickle of honey dripped from her wet valley.

Kim’s hand trembled as she ran the buzzing tip of her vibrator down between her tits, over her stomach and within an inch of her most sensitive area. The strong vibrations coming from her toy were being picked up by her clit like a seismometer. Her thighs quivered and her tummy felt like it was full of butterflies as the vibrator drew nearer to her aching bud. She wanted to touch it with the pink phallus but she also wanted the anticipation of orgasm to last. Kim knew the moment her vibrator came in contact with her clit it would all be over. She was torn by the need for release and the bitter sweet torment she was feeling. She brought her left nipple to her lips, sucking it hard as she was about to light the fuse to an explosive orgasm.

The sound of a car pulling into Janet’s driveway stayed her hand. Curiosity won out over desire and she rolled out of bed to see who had returned. Mark’s truck sat in front of her neighbor’s house.

“What’s he doing back here already?” she wondered out loud.

The last thing she had heard was he would be gone until tomorrow night. The aching need of her pussy was nagging at her for attention but now there was a better means of release. She turned off her vibrator and set it back on the night stand. ‘It looks like this might be an exciting Saturday night after all,’ she thought as a wicked grin spread across her lips. Kim quickly threw on a knee length cotton dress and very sheer yet very shiny nude pantyhose. She raced down stairs and found her 3″ cork heeled sandals and headed next door. She rang the bell. Kim could hear Mark talking to someone as he approached the door. He opened the door at the same time he closed his cell phone.

“Hello sweety! What are you doing home? Is everything all right?” Kim asked as Mark motioned her in.

“Ya…I guess. I couldn’t take being around my dad and that much family all together, so I took off right after the ceremony was over,” he replied but Kim felt there was more he wasn’t telling her.

“You seem kinda down…Is there anything I can do?” Kim asked following him toward the den.

“No…It’s just…,” Mark paused as if he was about to break down when he sat on the couch, “My ex-girl friend from high school was there with her new guy…what an asshole! She really messed me up when we were together and…well, never mind,” Mark fell silent.

Kim lara kendi evi olan escort decided not to press the issue since it obviously bothered him. Her heart went out to the young man as she knew how bad break ups can tear at a person’s soul. When she looked back to Mark she could see his eyes were focused on her shimmering legs. She slowly crossed them and began to bounce her foot, letting her heeled sandal sway as it liked. She could see a considerable bulge growing in his jeans and that stoked the fire between her legs. Mark was so mesmerized by what she was doing with her foot that he didn’t seem to notice Kim untying her top and exposing her magnificent boobs.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to take your mind off her?” Kim said in a sultry voice, scooting closer to him on the couch.

Mark tore his eyes from Kim’s gorgeous legs and met her lustful gaze. She released her hair from its clips and it cascaded down her shoulders to her waist. Mark smiled then leaned in and kissed her full lips while his right hand cupped one of her enormous breasts. Kim squeezed Mark’s throbbing dick through his jeans, marveling at its impressive size. Their tongues coiled around each other as the passion between them built. Mark stood up suddenly and unbuckled his belt, letting his jeans fall around his ankles then stripped off his shirt.

“My goodness you ARE a big boy,” Kim exclaimed leaning forward as his cock sprang free from its confinement.

But before she could get Mark’s massive cock into her mouth, he knelt on the floor between her now open thighs. His hands moved up her silky hose covered legs until they met the hem of her dress at about mid thigh.

“Danny says you have a very beautiful pussy with a really big clit,” Mark said looking up at the lovely woman before him.

“He’s so sweet,” Kim replied grasping the material of her dress and slowly lifting it up, “But why don’t you judge for yourself.”

She lifted the hem of her dress up to her waist then leaned back into the soft cushions of the couch, massaging her tits as she watched Mark’s reaction. He stared at her drenched hairless pussy through the thin film of wet nylon covering it. Her hose didn’t have the typical cotton panel but a large nylon one that allowed and unobstructed view of her womanhood. Mark was in awe as he looked upon her large clit standing erect lick a miniature penis in her hose.

“WOW! He was right…You do have a beautiful pussy! And I’ve never seen a clit that big before…even on the internet. It’s huge!!!” Mark said with an admiring tone, his hands moving to her hips.

He pulled her lovely round ass to the edge of the couch; still staring at her throbbing clit.

“Thank you. You have an amazing…AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

Kim was cut off in mid sentence as Mark aggressively attacked her clit with his mouth. She shuddered uncontrollably when he sucked it between his lips while constantly flicking it with his tongue. Kim’s long awaited orgasm hit her like a run away bus. She clutched her breasts and pinched the nipples as she tried to remember to keep breathing.

Mark released her clit and lapped hungrily at the river of pussy juice flowing from her. He hooked his muscular hands behind Kim’s legs, spreading them wide and pushing her knees toward her chest. He was like an animal, tearing through the nylon crotch panel with his teeth and exposing her fleshy moist folds. His tongue stabbed into her tight clenching hole in search of more sweet nectar. Kim grunted and growled like an animal herself as she was consumed by another orgasm given to her by the young stud devouring her gushing sex.

“Oh fuck ya!!! Eat my pussy…mmmmmmm…that’s it…AAAhhhhhhh YES!” Kim cried.

Mark suddenly stood and forced her legs into her chest. He positioned the enormous mushroomed head of his throbbing cock at the entrance of Kim’s pussy and without warning, speared her with the full length of his steely rod.

“AAAAHHHH!” Kim screamed lara otele gelen escort as his cock stretched her unprepared pussy near to its limit.

The moment of pain was soon replaced by the pleasure of being filled to the max with the biggest cock she has ever had inside her. Mark’s cum filled balls slapped at her ass with each thrust. Soon Kim was in the throws of orgasm once more. Her pussy clamped down on the thick invader and squeezed it like a velvety gloved hand. Her finger nails dug into Mark’s firm ass as she tried to pull him deeper into her fiery pussy. Then his violent thrusts became erratic and he began to shudder.

“UUUhhhhhhh…UUUhhhhhh…UUUhhhhh,” he grunted, pumping his hot cum into her womb.

Each thrust he made sent more of his seed into Kim’s clenching over filled pussy and in turn it was forced out around his pistoning cock. Mark finally released her legs and braced his arms on the back of the couch, holding himself over his panting partner. Kim’s velvety legs closed around his waist as she tried to slow her breathing while his cock continued to twitch inside her. She reveled in its amazing thickness and length. Danny wasn’t exaggerating about Mark’s size in the least. She couldn’t believe that Janet was able to take this monster insider her petite little body. In fact had Kim not seen her do it, she wouldn’t have believe it.

Mark was getting fatigued in the awkward position he was in and moved to lay on the opposite side of the couch from Kim. When Kim released him and his rock hard cock slid from her warm wet grasp, it made an audible pop and a flood of their combined juices poured from her gaping pussy.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…,” Mark stammered.

“Sorry! Sorry for what? You didn’t mean to fuck me within an inch of my life? You didn’t mean to give me the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had? Why do you think I came over here? I wanted you to fuck the living day lights outta me!!!” Kim said with some anger in her voice, “There is one problem though.”

“What?” Mark asked with a concerned look on his face.

“I want more!” she said crawling towards him like a hungry big cat, “And it looks like you can still deliver.”

She began to lick his still fully erect cock, cleaning every drop of their cum from its surface.

“It will be like this for a while…mmmmm…unless you stop doing…aaahhhh…what you’re doing! Aaaaahhhh,” Mark replied.

“Well then let’s see if these have another load in them for me,” she said hefting his enormous tentacles.

Kim climbed on top of Mark and aimed his stiff pole at her dripping pussy. As she impaled herself, Mark thought, ‘This seems very familiar,’ recalling the first time he fucked Janet a few weeks ago right here on this very couch.

“Oooooohhhh Yaaaaaaaaaaa,” Kim purred, closing her eyes as his massive rod filled her once more.

She wiggled side to side once her hosed ass was touching Mark’s thighs. She felt his hands roaming over her legs again and opened her eyes to see him starring at the gleaming material encasing her thighs. She smiled and leaned down to kiss him, but something sticking out of his open travel bag, sitting by the coffee table, caught her eye. She reached out and removed a pair of sheer black pantyhose.

“What’s this?” she asked holding the hose up in front of Mark.

“Um…Well I…Um…” he stammered; his face flushed red and he was having trouble meeting her gaze.

“These are way to big to be Janet’s and they’re definitely not mine so where did you get them?” she pressed her question.

They weren’t cheap hose but not of the quality Kim was use to buying. She could smell a woman’s perfume on them and the distinct odor of dried pussy juice. Mark had fallen silent.

“Well!” Kim asked sternly, clenching his cock tightly with her pussy for emphasis.

“They belong to one of the bride’s maids. My sister and a couple friends came back last night from her bachelorette party drunk and Jenny didn’t lara rus escort want them to drive home like that so they stayed over. Sue, one of Jenny’s co-workers, was a bit horny and she had this short little mini skirt on with those pantyhose and well…one thing led to another and…” Mark trailed off.

“And you fucked the shit out of that young drunk horny woman with this monstrous beast,” she finished for him then squeezed his cock again with her talented pussy.

“She’s like…in her mid thirties,” he shot back in defense.

“Really? Well at least you’re consistent,” she replied.

“What do ya mean?”

Kim leaned down nose to nose with him, “You go after horny older women in pantyhose,” she said with a smile then kissed him quickly before sitting up again.

“I bet she was walking funny the next day,” Kim said with a laugh.

“She did have a hard time walking down the aisle, now that you mention it but I just thought it was because she was hung over.”

They both got a good laugh at that then Kim held up the hose again while looking back at Mark as that wicked smile appeared again. She stood up and tossed the hose onto Mark’s stiff cock.

“Put them on,” she said.

“WHAT?” Mark exclaimed.

“I said put them on,” Kim ordered, crossing her arms and looking at him sternly.

“I can’t do that…come on…why?” Mark fidgeted uncomfortably in front of her; his face now a bright red.

Although Kim could tell he was embarrassed, she noticed his cock was visibly pulsing which told her the idea of wearing the hose was turning him on more. Mark finally gave in and awkwardly pulled the pantyhose up his legs. Kim had him stand and made some adjustments. She stepped back to get a better look. His hard cock strained against the flimsy material while the head was above the waist band leaking pre cum down the front. His massive balls were smashed tightly against his thigh which looked very uncomfortable, but Mark’s muscular legs were even better defined by the subtle shading created by the shimmering hose.

“That looks so HOT!” Kim said finally, “But we’re going to have to do something about that cock and those balls.”

She knelt in front of him and ran her tongue up the trail of clear liquid on the hose to its source. Mark shuddered at the new sensation. Kim tore open the crotch allowing his balls to drop free and with some difficulty managed to extract his cock through the same opening. She straightened the waist band then stood up. His remarkable prick pointed at her defiantly from the hole she had made.

She pushed him back down on the couch and straddled his cock. As soon as it was back in her pussy she began moving her feet and legs against his. Mark’s firm muscled legs incased in nylon felt so different from Janet’s but the friction gave the same delicious sensation she remembered. She hadn’t even moved up and down on his cock but she could feel a wave of orgasmic pleasure cresting. His hands gliding over her legs and ass was the final bit of stimulation she needed as her body quaked with rapturous release. Kim ground her pussy hard against Mark’s pelvis, increasing the intensity of her orgasm. When it subsided she took Mark’s hand and pulled him from the couch.

Kim led him to the middle of the room and pulled him down on top of her. They began rubbing their hosed covered legs together and wrestling around on the floor. Soon nearly every inch of their pantyhose was covered in pussy juice or pre cum. The sound of hissing nylon and giggling filled the room. Kim needed to have her pussy filled again though and quickly rolled onto her hands and knees beside Mark. She reached between her legs and parted her dripping pussy lips as an invitation to her lover. Mark was behind her in a flash, still needing to cum again himself. He eased the purple head of his throbbing dick into her creamy folds.

“Aaahhhhhh…Fuck me baby…Fuck me hard!” Kim groaned, bracing for his furious onslaught.

Mark pounded his stiff cock into her savagely as she thrust back into him. Her feet locked over his calves and moved back and forth to stimulate him more. His grunts and her cries of passion were rising in volume as both were getting closer to a mutual explosion.

“Well…Well…Well…What have we here?”

Mark and Kim froze, looking to the entrance of the den where Janet stood leaning against the doorway.

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