Subject: Kid Finds His Home Chapter 3 Kid Finds His Home Chapter 3. “You two have enough? You want anything all you need do is ask.” “What’s going to happen to us?” Danny asked. “Well I won’t be sending out into the cold. How did you end up out there where we picked you up?” “We ran from a Group Home. The older boys said they were tie us down and do us after lights out, so we ran away.” I knew that was the case in a lot of group homes. Older boys abused the younger ones. With probably only one or two attendants that are probably Gay or just loved to abuse boys, meant the younger boys were always picked on. “Well I will tell you that Kid is my stepson. Steven is my live-in servant and housekeeper. Keanu was home alone this weekend, so I brought him over to stay. As you may have already guessed, we are all Gay.” What are you boys?” “Oh we’re Gay and even out at school.” “What school are you boys at and are you going back? Without a place to stay you will have problems registering.” “We go to Wallace. Davy is in grade 11 and I’m in 10. We both skipped grades in elementary and junior high.” “So a couple of smart boys. Kid is in advanced courses too.” “I think what we will do until Tuesday is that both you boys stay here. I have a friend in Social Services and I will try to sort out someplace for you boys. Maybe even here if that’s what you want. None of these boys will bother you unless you ask.” “There are only two bedrooms in the house, although that couch opens into a hide-a-bed.” “Can I ask a question Sir?” Davy said. “Anything you want Son.” “How come their dicks stick out so much?” Davy was obviously the bold one of the two. “They are wearing cock and ball rings. They push the balls forward and that makes their cocks hang forward.” “They look really cool.” “Would you like to have set on Davy?” He looked at his brother. “Well Bro, if I get a set, will you?” “I guess so.” “Steven, go downstairs and get two sets.” “Yes Master.” Steven came back and handed me the two sets of cock and ball restraints. “Come over here Davy.” He was very nervous as he stood in front of me. I pulled down the boxer briefs. Slid the ring over his cock. Damn he had big balls, I thought. “This might hurt a bit son.” He groaned as I forced his balls through the ring. I pulled up his Boxer briefs. He looked down at his now restrained cock. “Oh Wow bro. That feels really nice and look.” “Well Danny?” Danny leaned close to me and whispered. “If you touch my dick I might cumm Sir.” “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” He stood up and I slipped his boxer briefs down. Instead of pushing the ring on I leaned down and slipped his cock into my mouth. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! SIRRRRRRR!” He thrust his hips forward and blew a big load of sweet cumm into my mouth. He also slumped forward, and I held him up. I quickly slipped on the cock and ball harness. His cock stood straight out. “Well how was it Bro? You lucky you got hair trigger.” Davy laughed. I guided Danny to the couch beside me and put my arm over his shoulder. He snuggled into my side. I realized right then and there that these two boys were starved for love of any kind. My sucking Danny off had opened a whole new world for him, and he was going to take advantage of it. “You can fuck me if you want Sir.” Then he started to cry. I pulled him onto my lap and wrapped an arm around him. In a flash Davy was on the other side of me, both crying. I shifted my eyes to the boys sitting watching. I flicked my head at them, thy nodded and left the living room, leaving me with the two boys. It took about 15 minutes before the boys could sit back. “Feeling better boys?” “Yes Sir.” “Okay. Danny, I’m not going to fuck you. I might sometime in the future make love to you but fucking you now would be almost rape. I’m presuming you both have screwed each other.” “Yes Sir. We’ve done each other. Davy prefers to top and I like to bottom.” “So you are both versatile but have preferences’.” “Yes Sir. We sucked each other lots too.” “Well my three boys are also versatile although that’s not what they like.” “I need a promise from you two that you won’t talk about what goes on here in my home.” “OF course, Sir. You saved our lives, and we will always owe you that.” “Do you boys know what BDSM is?” “Yes Sir. Me and Davy done some stuff to each other.” “Well I do tie up my boys and I do whip their bottoms with a cane and ALL three love it. I like to hear boys cry and scream.” “You mean they like to get hurt by you?” “Yes.” “I don’t think I would like any part of that Sir.” “Me neither Sir.” Davy said. “If I said I think you are both lying, what would you say?” Neither boy said anything. I reached down and gripped both their hard cocks. “These tell a different story.” “WE was hoping you wouldn’t notice Sir. WE both done lots to each other. I like my butt and balls done stuff too and Danny likes his dick and butt hurt. WE both like our nipples bitten and pinched.” “WE told Steven and he told us if you asked, we better tell the truth coz you would know if we were lying. He said you hated people who lie.” “You lied on purpose, didn’t you Danny?” “Yes Sir. When Steven told us, we decided that if you asked, we wouldn’t tell you we liked stuff done to us.” “Don’t you boys ever lie to me again or you won’t sit for a week.” “Yes Sir.” They both said. “Okay, take off your underwear and T-shirt. Leave your runners on.” Both stood very hard in front of me. I didn’t think they would be hard for long. I figured they needed a lesson. “Come on, follow me.” I led them down to the basement. The three boys were sitting talking. “You three come along too.” I led all into my dungeon and turned on the lights. “Oh Wow! You got lots of stuff.” Davy said. “This is what happens next boys. Steven grab that Police whip.” “Master?” I turned and winked at him. “Yes Master.” “Okay, going to put you both in those locks. Then Steven will give you ten swats on each cheek of your ass. I don’t like liars and you boys lied to me. After he’s done I’m going to let these boys fuck you. Maybe their bigger than you ever had but I don’t care. After they are done you get put in my double fucking machine to get you big enough to fist fuck you.” By the time I finished both boys were crying pretty hard. Neither were their cocks hard. I figured a good lesson. “Come on boys. Let’s go upstairs.” “You mean you are not going to do that?” “I wouldn’t do that to any boy. Bet you won’t lie to me again.” “Oh no sir. We promise.” “All of you come upstairs.” Danny and Davy, although not having anything done went to pick up their boxer briefs. “Before you two boys put your underwear on come over here.” “Yes Sir.” “Bend over and grab your knees.” When they did, I gave each boy five smacks with the bamboo switch. Both screamed and then cried wile rubbing their sore bottoms. “That’s for lying boys. I doubt you will do it again.” “Steven, take both boys and put some salve on their stripes.” “Yes Master, come along boys.” Both were yawning when they came back out. I figured might be a good idea to give everyone an early night. We had been up late the previous night so good sleep would help. “Okay. I told you boys we only have 2 bedrooms. Now Davy you could sleep with Kid and Steven and Danny you could sleep with me and Keanu. Or I’ll pull out the hide-a-bed for you two.” “I’ll be okay with Kid and Steven.” Davy said. Danny just looked at me. “Come over here Danny.” I took both his hands and pulled him closer. “Danny nothing is going to happen. You don’t need to be afraid of me son.” “I’m okay sir. I was just hoping you would want me.” I stood up and took his hand. “You boys damp down the fire, make sure the lights are off and the Security System is on. I’ll see you all in the morning. Keanu you can come with us.” “You got a big bed Sir.” Danny said. I kind of ignored him as I undressed. “Wow! You are real big Sir.” “Come on Son, got to clean ourselves out and shower before bed.” He pulled off his t-shirt and pushed down his boxer briefs. He was hard, but I just ignored it and headed for the bathroom. Keanu was already in the shower. “Did you clean yourself out Keanu?” “Yes Master.” Danny sat down and cleaned himself out and then jumped in the shower. By the time I was done both were waiting for me. Danny took a cue from Keanu and helped Keanu wash me in the shower. By the time we were done neither boy was hard and acting more like kids. After drying off I climbed into the center of the bed. Keanu jumped in on one side. Danny was standing next to the bed, not sure what he wanted to do. I lifted the comforter. “Come Son. I don’t bite.” He giggled and climbed in beside me. I used one hand to pull him closer. I turned my head and gave him a kiss on his cheek, then did the same for Keanu. Both just snuggled closer. Sleep came easy for me. When I woke up I was looking into a very blue set of eyes. “Good Morning Son. Did you sleep well?” “Yes Sir. Sir do I got to drink your pee now?” “What makes you think you have to do that Danny?” “Well Steven said one of your boys always does it for you. I guess I am one of your boys at least for now. I never done it before, but I will if you say I got to.” I’ll let Keanu do it Son.” “That’s not fair Sir. Keanu don’t live here. He’s just visiting. I live here so I should do it.” “Very well Danny. Knee on the floor.” I sat up and pulled his head to my cock. “Don’t miss any boy or I’ll warm your butt.” He took it all and made a face like Kid did every time. Never missed a drop. “Now go do Keanu. He’s a guest so should have it done for him.” Danny did Keanu with no problem. Figuring I could teach Danny a lesson I sent him to do the other boys. He just headed out of the bedroom. He came back less than a couple of minutes later. “They all already done Sir.” “Okay, wash your mouth out, use mouth wash and then clean yourself out. Keanu, did you clean yourself out?” “Yes Master.” After we were all done, I gave Danny a clean set of boxer briefs and t-shirt, we headed out for breakfast. After breakfast I checked both the front and back of the house. It looked like it snowed about 30 cm at the front and near the same at the back. The wind was still blowing and it had drifted in pretty good in back. The temperature had moderated a bit at only minus 15C. “Okay, Steven, you and Kid can clean the front. Also salt the walks when you are done. You two boys want to be part of our household so you can clean the back walks and deck.” “Okay Sir.” Danny said. Davy turned and headed for the basement. “Where are you going Davy?” “To get my jeans Sir.” “You won’t need them. In fact, both of you remove your boxer briefs and t-shirts. Boys in my house clean the back walks nude. One of you will need to go to the woodshed and grab two shovels. One you can place on the side walk, the other you can use to clean.” Both boys stood with their mouth open. “Well, what’s it going to be? You want to be part of the house or go and sit by the fire while the other boys work.” Danny was the first to remove his t-shirt. “Davy, I want this to be our home. I want someplace safe to live. I love Sir I want him to love me.” “You are right Bro. This is the best home we ever had.” He quickly stripped. Danny opened the door and ran out into the snow. He waded through knee deep snow to the shed, then found he needed a shovel to get the shed door open. He yelled at Davy, who then waded down to clean out the shed door. Both I noticed were laughing. Soon both were cleaning the walks and deck. Less than 15 minutes both came in and I helped dry them off before ordering both to grab a hot shower. I sent Kianu out to salt the back walks and told him to leave the salt at the side gate. I went to the kitchen and made a big pot of hot chocolate. IT took Steven and Kid about an hour to get the front done. Everyone sat around drinking the hot chocolate while warming by the big fire. I went into my office to check my e-mail and do a little work. About 15 minutes later I went out to refill my coffee. The only boy visible was Kid. He was in the kitchen. He had his eyes closed and was moaning. I looked around the edge of the counter. Keanu was on his knees giving Kid a blow job. I just stood watching. “I’m Cumming Keanu.” Keanu just sucked harder. “Oh, oh, oh…………….!” Kid moaned. “You boys got the work all done?” Both jumped like they had been swatted and stood up looking at me. konyaaltı üniversiteli escort “Just got the garbage to take out Brian.” “What did I say about playing around before the work was done?” “We’d be in big trouble.” Kid said looking very worried. “Master, it was my fault. Punish me Master.” “You Keanu go find Davy and Danny and send them to my office. You can help Steven finish.” “yes Master.” “After you have taken the garbage out, come to my office.” “Yes Sir.” Kid watched as I picked up the riding crop and walked toward my office. I just smiled. I sat down at my computer and brought up the Child Services Department of Social Services. I used an administrator’s password that I got from my friend in Social Services. It allowed me into the Juvenile records. Technically illegal, but the password wouldn’t be questioned. David and Daniel walked into my office. “You wanted to us Sir?” “Come in boys and sit down. What’s your last Name?” “Wright Sir, with a `W’.” I punched in their names. Damn they had a long Juvenile record. “You two boys were really bad when you were younger.” I saw both their faces change. “Does that mean you don’t want us Sir.” “Of course, not boys. Come over here.” When they got close, I pulled Danny close and kissed him. Then did the same to Davy. “I want you two to read these three pages and if you agree sign the bottom where indicated.” I handed each of them the contract. Both sat down to read. “It says here we got to do anything you want until we are eighteen or twenty-one depending on what the court says. Does that mean we are going to be your slaves?” “No Danny, just means you will be like Kid.” Both boys signed the contract. “What do we call you now?” “You can call me Brian, Sir or Dad. You choice boys.” When I said Dad, I had both boys crying on mt shoulder. I knew neither knew what happened to their parents. I did, I had read it in their records. “Do you boys know what happened to your Mom and Dad?” “No Sir. They just picked us up from Kindergarten and took us to a foster home.” “Do you want to know?” The boys looked at each other, almost like they were communicating mentally. Then Davy shook his head. “We don’t remember them, and you are our new dad.” “Can we still do stuff with each other or is that incest?” “Remember all the boys here have different last names, so there is no incest involved. But remember things have to be mutual. Never force anyone.” “Now as you will be part of the household, you will have to share in the chores. You two will help Kid every third day. In other words, you will all equally share. I’ll set up a calendar.” “For now you can both go out back and fill the wood holder at the back door. You will find lots of chopped wood in the shed. Remember no clothes out back boys.” “Yes Sir.” They took off and Kid walked in. “Close the door.” “Take everything off Kid.” He quickly stripped. He looked real scared. I took his hand and led him to my desk. With a lot of grunting and a few yelps, I removed the cock and ball harness. I picked up a thing from the desk. “This a sort of chastity trap for your cock. It won’t stop you from pissing or doing anything else but will stop you from getting hard. In fact it will hurt for you to get hard.” I showed him how it worked. “Shit, that’s really going to hurt.” He said. “Kid you are my number one Step Son. Davy and Danny are going to be your brothers. You should be setting an example for them. You know my rules about playing around before the chores are done. This will prevent you from playing around anytime for the next 24 hours.” I put a belt on him that was hooked to the cage, then slipped the cage on. His balls I pulled back and slipped them into another ring. Then closed the cage and put a lock on it. “Behave yourself Son. It will only hurt if you don’t.” “Yes Sir.” “Go see that everything is done.” “Do I wear my boxer briefs?” “That’s up to you.” Steven and Keanu both knew about the chastity cage. Both had worn it before and stayed away from him. The two boys were fascinated by it and after Kid got hard and yelled left well enough alone too. I walked into the kitchen while Kid was making lunch. “Brian, can I talk to you?” “Sure Son. What’s on your mind?” “Can we go into the office.” I followed him into my office and closed the door. “Okay Kid. What’s up?” “Well I know you put this thing on to punish me but it makes me horny when I think about it. Then I start to get hard and it hurts. The more it hurts the more I want it to. That just makes it even harder and hurt more. It’s like a circle, the more it hurts the more I want it to. Does that make sense Sir?” “Yes Son it does. Do you want me to take it off?” “No Sir. I just wish the pins things did the top of my dick too.” “I have things downstairs that will do that Kid. Would you like to try them?” “I guess so Sir.” “Yes or No Kid.” “Yes Sir. I like my dick hurt.” “Okay, after lunch we’ll go down and see if we can find something to satisfy you. Better go finish lunch.” I wasn’t really sure I’d ever figure Kid out. He liked pain some places but not others. He’d never mentioned he liked his dick hurt. Now he wanted some of the really hardcore things done to him. That made him more like Steven and Keanu. I went for lunch. The boys were sitting around telling stories or tales from school. “Danny, did you guys do stuff at school?” Steven asked. “Well I sucked a couple of boys, but Davy got screwed by two.” “No I didn’t. I wanted them to, but they said it was too gay. I sucked them off. Jimmy Ashton, he’s the real fag. Man, I saw him getting screwed by one boy and sucking another. They almost got caught by coach Samson.” “What about you Keanu? When did you get it first time?” Keanu laughed. “I lost my virginity when I was twelve by my best friend. From then on, I got screwed by lots of guys. Master saw me walking in the rain one day and picked me up. He screwed me and used my nuts as handles to hold me down. It felt really nice so I told him to do it harder. Now I like anything you want. Especially if you are going to hurt my dick or balls.” I checked the temperature and noted it was almost 0C. “It’s warmed up. Why don’t you boys go out and build a big snowman. It will blow the stink off to.” “I need some time with my number one Stepson.” “Steven, you and Keanu will be spending all night downstairs.” That got a big smile from both. The four boys went to get dressed for outside. Steven loaned Keanu a pair of long pants. I took Kid downstairs to my dungeon. First thing I did was removed the Chastidy device from his cock. Then took him to the far back of the dungeon. There in a wide space surrounded by several chest high shelves was my Dentist chair. It was older model that I had modified. “Okay Kid climb onto the chair.” After he was seated, I strapped him onto it. Ankles in stirrup’s, thighs, just above the knees, waist and chest. I purposely left his arms loose. I slipped a bar into his mouth and tied it behind his head. “Now I am going to show you all the things I can use on you. You like pain in your cock so I’ll show you those first.” I picked up a Welding clamp, squeezed it open and pushed over his cock and let it go. It took about a half second before he was screaming. He tried to remove the clamp, but the spring was very strong. He continued to howl as I turned away and dropped several things into a bath of alcohol. Then turned back. I grabbed the clamp and twisted it. That brought a scream of pure pain. It made me hard. I chuckled and opened and removed the clamp. He grabbed his cock to look at it. You could see all the indentations from the teeth of the clamp, but knew they were not sharp enough to cut into his cock. “How was that kid? You want more?” Tears were streaming down his face and he was shaking but nodded his head. I picked a thick tube and handed it to him. “Look along the inside of the tube, then push that button on top.” When he pushed the button, thirty needles snapped out all around the circumference of the tube. He was so startled he let the button go and they snapped back. “If you hold the button down they stay out.” He watched as I lubed up the inside of the tube, then slipped it over his cock. “Take good hold on the tube Kid. Pull it toward yourself and push the button.” He looked at me and then at the tube. With a very shaky hand he reached down and gripped the tube. When I looked at his face, his eyes were closed tight and his teeth bit into the bar in his mouth. He pushed the button. He howled as all thirty needles penetrated his cock shaft. He let go immediately. He had them in his shaft for perhaps a half second. “Turn it a quarter turn and hold the button down longer.” He just looked at me. “Do it boy or I will.” I started to move my hand toward the tube. He reached down and gripped the tube. I saw him close his eyes tight and bite hard on the bar in his mouth. Then he yanked the tube tight against his groin and mash the button down. He howled as he held the button in for perhaps 15 seconds. Then released it and slumped almost faint in the restraints. I thought he had passed out, but he reached up and removed the bar from his mouth. “Fuck that was intense Brian.” “How come you turn it?” “Needles don’t go into the same place Kid. Do you want to do it again?” “What else have you got?” I slipped the tube off his cock. He looked real close at his cock. “You can’t hardly see where they went in.” “They are very sharp needles and real fine. Don’t show hardly at all. Try squeezing your cock.” “Oh Fuck! That hurts.” I handed him another tube. This one had 16 holes evenly spaced around the tube. “What do you do with this one Brian?” I picked up a metal tube, unscrewed the top and extracted a long needle. I inserted it in one of the holes and pushed it through and out the other side of the tube. “Oh shit. My dick will be like a pin cushion.” “It’s up to you Son. I’ll do the first one, but you do the rest.” He watched as I poured lube into the tube and then twisted onto his hard cock. The head of his cock was out one end and pressed into the corona of his cock. “Well, what’s it going to be Kid?” “I guess one or two.” “All or nothing Kid. Like I said I’ll do the first one, but you do the rest.” “You mean I got to put 15 needles through my dick?” Kid was shaking his head and I knew then he couldn’t do it. I strapped his wrists down to the chair and then inserted a ball gag into his mouth. I then taped his mouth with a strip of duct tape. With his taped shut mouth, I slowly inserted all sixteen needles through his cock. Even with the duct tape his howls as each needle was inserted was very loud. I stood back when I was done. I then undid one of his hands. “You can remove them Kid.” He shook his head no. “The longer you leave them in the more painful they are to remove. You wanted this boy now remove the fucking needles.” He looked at me with hate fueled eyes, but did remove the needles, screaming as each came out. I slipped the tube off his cock. This time you could see every place a needle went in. I let his other wrist free and he gently grabbed his cock. I took the duct tape off and removed the gag. His cock had gone soft, but when he grabbed it he started to get hard. “Oh that hurts.” He jacked his cock once and came like a fire hose. Splattering cumm as far away as 5 feet. “Fuck I never came that much before Sir.” “Do you want to carry on Kid?” “What else you going to do?” “Look Kid. I can keep you screaming for the rest of the day. I have several hundred things I can do to your cock, balls and ass. All I have done is a couple of things to your cock. By this time tomorrow you won’t even see those marks on your cock.” “I guess not Brian. Will you fuck me?” “That I will do Kid. Down here or up in bed?” “Well I just want to get fucked, so down here is okay.” For almost 2 hours I pounded Kid’s ass every position we could think of. He rimmed me and drank all my sperm and a load of piss too. Both of us were worn out when we stopped. We sat in the sauna for 30 minutes before going up and showering. Kid was walking pretty slow after having my 8 inch cock inside him so much. The rest of the guys laughed. I was sitting thinking about all the boys presently in my home. Keanu and Steven were simply pain pigs. I loved them because of it, but other than that both knew my feelings. Kid kurtköy escort I loved because he was a lot like me. Now I had or would have Davy and Danny. Both were about equal in everything and unless you knew would think the boys were twins. “Danny was an honor student, but Davy was close at B+ or A, whereas Danny was all A+ student. Danny was a swimmer and diver whereas Davy liked Soccer and baseball. I noticed that Kid and Davy were almost glued at the hip. They did everything together. They didn’t leave Danny out, but I could see he was almost a fifth wheel. He knew what was happening and wasn’t a happy camper. I guess I was daydreaming. “Brian.” I looked up into the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Right then and there I knew I loved Danny more than I loved all the others. “Yes Son.” “Do you want to play a video game with me?” “Love to Danny. Come on.” I led him across and into my office. Absently I closed the door, walked to the big screen TV and turned it on. When I turned Danny, he was just standing looking at me. In two steps I grabbed him and lifted him into my arms. He wrapped his legs around my waist. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. His very pink tongue came out and licked his lips. Then he mashed his lips on mine. I don’t know how long that lip lock lasted but it seemed like forever. When we broke apart Danny unhooked his legs and stood looking at me. I reached out and pulled up his t-shirt and off. I ran my hand down over his chest gently kneaded his prominent nipples. He moaned at my touch. I knelt and slowly pulled down his boxer briefs, freeing his thick uncut cock. I ran my tongue around the bright red head of his cock, tasting his sweet precum. He thrust his hips forward burying his cock in my mouth. His cock throbbed in my mouth and he filled it with his sweet nectar. I had to swallow quickly as he came twice more. I sat savoring the huge load he had given me. I quickly stood and held him then bent a bit and kissed him again. “Love me Brian please.” I led him over to my leather couch and gently laid him on his back. I stripped. When he saw my thick long cock he moaned. “Wow.” He moaned. I went to my desk and grabbed a tube of lube and then kneeled on the couch. He reached down, grabbed his thighs and pulled them back exposing his flexing pucker. I knew both Danny and Davy were not virgins but was a little worried about shoving my cock into Danny’s tight hole. “Look babe. When I tell you I want you to push out really hard.” I lathered my cock with lube and leaned forward. Line up my cock on the at pucker. “Push Love, push hard.” I shoved my cock at his hole and was shocked when my cock went in almost its full length. “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss.” Danny moaned. I had stopped when my cock went in so easy. “Fuck me Brian Fuck me hard. Breed me love.” He got his wish as I slowly started. It did not take long until I was hammering his snug hole to his continued moans. This kid had an ass to die for. Snug and talented. I hardly noticed the first time I unloaded into him but after almost 30 minutes stopped and felt my load over fill his cavity. When I pulled out he turned and sucked my cock, licking up everything that squirted out around my cock. I pulled him up and licked his face clean before we went into another long lip lock. “I love you so much Brian. I’ll only love you from now on.” “I love you to Babe.” We just lay there coming down from the rush. “Well that was a great video game Danny.” He giggled and then burst out laughing with me. “Got to play more games like that Dad.” I grabbed his hand and led him to the small bathroom off my office. A quick shower cleaned all the missed juices from us and we dressed. When we walked out of the office, no one was around. WE found Davy and Kid screwing in one bedroom. We didn’t bother them. I knew Steven and Keanu would be downstairs. “Steven and Keanu will be downstairs. Do you want to come down and see what they are up to?” “Can I try the fucking machine?” “I suppose you want to be fisted too.” I laughed, not serious. “I’ll only let you fist me Dad. I only want your hand inside me.” “We’ll see son, no promises.” When we walked into the dungeon, we heard alternate screams followed by talking. I headed for where the screams were coming from and found Steven and Keanu hocked up to the Electro Torture machine. They had rigged the dead man switch and were alternating electrocuting each other. They had the machine set for 500 volts. They never even noticed when Danny and I walked up. “What are they doing?” Danny whispered to me. “They have their cocks and balls wired to the electro torture machine. Every time they let go of that red button you see they shoot 500 volts into the others cock and balls. It is extremely painful.” “Let’s set it for 750 now.” Keanu said. When Steven moved to set the machine, he saw Danny and I standing watching them. “HI Master. This is really neat. WE can do each other.” I stepped forward and slid the control to 1000 volts. “Now do it.” I said. I didn’t wait, just over-rode their switches and shot a thousand volts into their cocks and balls. Both boys tried to scream as their bodies went ridged. I held the switch down for 10 seconds and released it. Both slumped almost faint. I switched off the machine. “You boys unhook yourselves. Danny wants to try the fucking machine and I need one of you on the other end.” “I’ll do it.” Keanu said. “Can I try it to Sir?” I turned at the voice. Davy and Kid were standing watching. “Danny doesn’t want to get fisted. Do you Davy?” “Oh for sure.” Well that got everyone talking at once. Danny whispered to me that he only wanted to watch. “Okay, Davy you climb on this end. Keanu, you get in the other seat.” When the machine was set up for one at a time the boy was placed on his back, with his legs pulled back. Double penetration was done doggy style. Both Davy and Keanu leaned over the leather seat. They gripped a bar in front. The machine stroked back and forth. While a cock was in one hole the other end was out. Speed, penetration depth were controlled from the side. It was possible to set it up so one could do it themselves. I figure Keanu would be on the machine he had bought all the time. Both agreed on 7 inch x 2 inch thick dildoes to start. I had dildoes up to 14 inches long and 4 inches thick. I also had three sizes of closed fist dildoes. We would get to them. The double fucking machine was fixed to an open metal frame so you could if you wanted to have someone suck your cock while the machine was fucking you. After both boys were strapped onto the machine, I set penetration at 5 inches and speed at 20 strokes a minute. Then cranked the dildo into Davy’s ass. Then cranked it the other way to slide it into Keanu’s butt. There were two dials on the side of the machine as well. By turning them I could increase depth and or speed. “Ready boys?” Both nodded and I flipped the switch to turn them on. Both yelped the first time the cocks went in but were both soon moaning as the machine cycled. I had started slow because I didn’t know how much Davy could take, but he was the first to ask for it faster. I turned the dial to 30 times a minute. That got both moaning even more. After about 5 minutes, Keanu asked if they could try a bigger dildo. “How about it Davy? You want it bigger?” “Okay.” I showed Danny all the attachments and told him to pick one. He picked on that was nine inches long and 3 inches in diameter. I stopped the machine and screwed on the double ended dildo. Then I cranked both in their bottoms. I set penetration at 7 inches and speed again at 20 per minute until they were used to it. Then flipped the switch. Both boys had been hard with the smaller dildo doing them, but had gone soft when the longer thicker dildo had started in them. Both groaned when the thicker dildo started to relentlessly fuck their holes. Kid climbed under Keanu and sucked his cock, then Danny sucked off his brother. That got both boys wanting it faster and deeper. You had to be real careful using the fucking machine. You could in reality fuck someone to death with it. The nine inch was the biggest I was prepared to use on Davy. I hadn’t fucked the boy so didn’t know how deep I could go. Keanu on the other hand could probably do the 14 inch one. I slowly dialed up both depth and speed until both were taking all nine inches at 60 a minute. Both were still moaning and had both got off without anyone touching them. I stopped the machine. “Okay, I need to know if you both want to get fisted?” Davy wanted Danny to do him. Keanu wanted everyone to do him. I got both boys off the machine. Keanu, we helped get him into a sling. “Steven you can show Kid how to do it. While you are doing that, I’ll set up Davy so Danny can do him. “Okay Master.” “Latex gloves and lube are on that shelf. Use plenty of lube and go slow Steven.” “Yes Master. I be very careful.” I left them and took Davy and Danny over to my single fucking machine. “How come we are not using the other machine?” Davy asked. “Well this is set up for one person and I thought you might like to see what Danny is doing. See the mirrors.” “Oh cool.” He giggled. I got Danny in latex gloves and told him what to do. Davy was moaning as Danny slowly worked his fingers into him. After getting almost four fingers in him I handed him a tapered dildo. It went from 2 inches to four inches, but was only about 5 inches long. “Okay Danny, slowly push it in his hole while twisting it. Go real slow. Davy if it hurts bad, say so.” Danny did as I said. He slowly opened up his brothers’ hole. AS he was sliding his hand in one time, his hand went all the way in. “Oh fuck bro you are inside me.” Davy said. “Wow! You did it Danny.” “What do I do now?” “Slide it in and out a few times. Let him get used to it.” “How does it feel Davy? Any pain?” “No pain, but it feels real weird.” “Okay Danny, I want you to slowly close your hand into a fist. Go slow Son, don’t wasn’t to scrape the inside walls.” “Okay. Now what?” “Pull back until your fist is near leaving and push back in. Push a little deeper each time.” It didn’t take long until Danny was sliding his whole fist in and out of Davy’ hole. Davy was almost in nirvana from the feelings. I had some feeling for what he was. In my younger days I had been the receiver at a fisting party. I think I took eight fist’s in my ass that night. “When you think its enough Danny, slowly open your hand and pull out.” “You want anyone else to fist you Davy?” “Yeah they all can. Will you Dad? I really want you too.” “Maybe after everyone else Davy. I have real big hands.” The three boys alternated between Keanu and Davy. I did Keanu once but never did Davy. After almost 2 hours I helped both boys up and into the shower. After we all crowded into the sauna. “I think bedtime boys.” Keanu, Davy and Kid slept in the second bedroom. Danny, Steven and I slept in the master bedroom. After a long day, sleep came easy for all. After breakfast the next day, Keanu asked if he could take Steven home with him. I told him as long as he was still going to be available to me when I wanted him it was okay. I told Steven the same thing. Both were happy. The three boys on the other hand seemed to be trying to avoid each other. I wondered what the problem was. I kind of figured Kid was in love with Davy and I was definitely in love with Danny. After dropping off Keanu and Steven at Kianu’s home I took the boys shopping. Another 2 grand in clothes, I took them to MacDonald’s for dinner. Home and after they had put their clothes away, I sat all three down in the living room. “Okay. First off I am very happy to have you three boys here with me. I love all three of you equally, however I love Danny more equally. I hope he will be my lover and someday my partner.” When I said that Danny almost flew across the room into my arms crying. “I know you and Davy; Kid probably want to be boyfriends and I don’t have a problem with it.” That got two more boys all trying to kiss and hug me. Once everyone was settled down it looked better with Danny on my lap and Davy next to Kid. “Kid you know what I like.” “Yeah, you like to use a belt on boys bottoms.” Kid giggled. “Dad, before you say anything, we talked about this. Davy and I want to be like Kid coz brothers should help brothers. If you want to smack our bottoms ankara kurtuluş escort just because you like to its alright.” “Well you two boys already said you like other stuff too. However, no one goes downstairs unless we all go down there. I don’t want you guys to get hurt, except where I paddle your bottoms. We can all do stuff together.” “Now as for the chores, Kid, you and Davy are responsible for the kitchen laundry and walks. Danny you do the beds and bathrooms. If any of you are finished, you can help the others.” “Now none of the chores except the kitchen was done today. So before bed change the sheets on the beds and take out the garbage.” The boys took off. I mixed myself a drink, tossed another log on the fire, sat down and relaxed. This was perfect as far as I was concerned. I could still use the boy’s downstairs. I knew at least two, Davy and Kid wanted it and Danny was such a great fuck I could almost live fucking the young man. But there was something else about Danny. I loved the boy from the bottom of my heart and would anything to please him. The three finished pretty quick. “Grab something to drink and relax boys.” “Can we have a beer Dad?” Davy asked. “Sure. Help yourselves, but if I ever catch any of you drunk, you won’t be sitting at school for a week.” Kid and Davy set up the Xbox to play some games. I took Danny’s hand and led him into my office. “I know you have something you want to say love but figured you didn’t want the other boys to know.” “Well Kid and Davy know, but said I got to tell you. I’m just scared you won’t want me after I tell you.” “You don’t need worry about that happening Danny. I don’t care what you do or want. I will always love you.” He sat looking at me for a long time. “You got to promise Dad.” “I promise Son.” “Well I want you to tie me up really tight and gag me so I can’t make any noise. Then whip me really hard with a regular belt. Then do my dick like that. After you can rape me.” “Is that it Son?” “Well I like to get peed on, but I already drink pee so it don’t matter. I’ll lick out your bum if you want. But mostly I like to be spanked with a belt really hard and then fucked.” “Okay Son. I’ll do everything you want but, I won’t do it unless you have at least two days to recuperate. Don’t want you going to school hurting in any way. As to getting the strap, you will get it as much as the other boys. If you want, I can give a few swats every night before bed. Or I might just feel like whipping your sweet butt and do it.” “Okay Brian. Will you fuck me now?” “Well if we are going to be lovers, I think it’s time you made love to me.” “I never did that before except with Davy.” “Same thing love. Come on.” I stood up and removed my jeans and underwear. Then I laid on my back on the couch. He shucked his boxer briefs and t-shirt. “There’s lube on the desk Babe.” He bounced over to the desk, grabbed the lube and was back in a flash. He knelt between my legs. To help him I pulled my thigh’s back. He shuffled forward and put my by legs on his shoulders. I felt his fingers lubing my hole, then the tip of his cock. He then leaned over and pushed his cock at my hole. It was then I thought that damn I hadn’t had a cock up there for a long time. I gritted my teeth as he pushed into my hole. Once in all the way, all the old feelings came back. “Love me Danny. Make me your one and only.” “Oh I’m not going to last long Brian. You are so hot inside.” He moaned and I felt his cock throb inside me. “Now fuck me Danny. Make me your own.” Well he went at it as if born to fuck. Fast long strokes for almost 20 minutes before he yelled and came inside a second time. He collapsed over me. I kissed him really deep. WE just lay coming down from the rush. “Brian I used lick Davy’s bottom after I screwed him but got other stuff in my mouth and it made me sick. I’ll do you if you want.” “Well that’s why we clean ourselves out. Then you don’t get anything but cumm and some juices in our mouth. Only do it if you want love.” “Well I want to.” He pulled out. I squeezed my hole closed as I turned around. I took his slimy cock into my mouth. As I did he moaned and ran his tongue over my hole. I just relaxed it and he groaned as my stuff ran from my hole. I felt his tongue and almost came. When he was done he sat up. “Wow, that was good.” “Here’s something else for you Babe.” I slid my soft cock into his mouth. Then pissed. He chocked once and then swallowed. As he licked my cock after draining me I started to get hard. He just continued to suck me. I was sort of fucking his face when he grabbed my hips and pulled me forcibly into his mouth. Si I held his head and started to fuck his face hard. He gaged and chocked but didn’t want me to stop. Lucky for him I was real horny after getting fucked by the boy. I came like he did, a cannon going off and some squirted out around his lips. He swallow and swallowed getting all of me. I backed out and sat down beside him. “Wow Babe. You really wear a guy down.” I turned his face to mine and licked his face clean before going into another long lip lock. We just cuddled together for a while, both lost in our own thoughts. “Are you going to use your belt on me before bed Brian?” “Do you want me to love?” “Well I do but don’t. I guess I’m scared. I felt really weird inside when I think about it and get hard. Sometimes when Davy fucked me, he’d smack me with his belt. It hurt but felt good too. Oh fuck I don’t know Brian. I guess I’m going crazy to want you to hurt me.” “I’m far crazier than you are Danny. I love you from the bottom of my heart, but at the same time I want to tie you down and whip you front and back until you pass out from the pain.” “Problem is I’m scared Danny, really scared I’ll never see you again if I did that. I want to make you scream and I’m scared to do it.” “Brian, I’ll never leave you. I found someone to love and someone to love me. Someone to make me feel good inside and someone to hurt my outside. Davy was always the dominant one, but even he craved having his butt or dick hurt. He did me lots but being brothers, we were careful.” “You don’t have to be careful. Well I don’t want to die.” He giggled. “You know what I mean.” “Kid told Davy and me that you took him downstairs and stuck needles into his dick. Can you do that to me Brian?” “Look Danny. You three boys fulfil my greatest fantasy. I can make boys scream and cry when I torture their young bodies. Not only that, they come back for more. The flip side of that is that I really love you boys and do feel guilty when I hurt you boys.” “Dad you don’t need to feel guilty coz you are doing something we want, even if we scream our heads off when you do it. Kid said he was so scared and so horny When you made him use that needle thing.” “If you are crazy, then we’re crazier than you coz we want what you can do. Does that make sense Dad?” “Yes my lovely boy.” Real question is what am I to do with you three? I think we’ll just go along as before. None of you are allowed downstairs in the dungeon unless I am there, otherwise for now we just carry on. I’ll bring a few things up you three can try yourselves. I explain each and then if you want to use them I’ll supervise so you don’t overdo it.” “Okay Dad.” We left my office to see what the others were doing. We found them in the kitchen making snacks. “Waz up guys?” “WE figured we’d put a movie in. Just making some snacks.” It didn’t take long before the boys started to nod off. “Okay Boys. Bedtime.” I guided Kid and Davy to their bedroom and then Danny to ours. “Undress baby, I’ll be back.” I went and damped down the fire, flipped on the Security System and shut out the lights. Danny was almost sleep when I walked in the bedroom. WE went, cleaned ourselves out and had a quick shower. Danny cuddled up to me and both of us were almost instantly asleep. The beep of my alarm woke me up. Danny was draped over me and I had my hand around his smooth butt. “That feels nice Dad. Do we have to get up?” “School tomorrow. Want you boys all up and bushy tailed for school. Go make sure the boys are up.” I watched his buns bounce as he jogged down the hall. About 5 minutes later he came into the bathroom. He sat down to wash and pissed in the toilet. “Didn’t one of those boys do you Danny?” “No Sir.” “Well that will change Son.” We showered and he put on his boxer briefs. Then stripped the bed. He carried everything to the boy’s bedroom and stripped their bed. I was surprised he was so efficient. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. I just saw Davy’s naked buns going down the hall. “Where’s Davy going?” “To fill the wood box. He didn’t shower so he do that first. Good morning Dad.” “Good morning son. One of you boys need to drain Danny when he wakes you up.” “Okay Dad. Guess we forgot.” “How can you forget when he’s on his knees draining you.” Kid turned away without an answer. As usual Kid made a good breakfast. After everyone was finished, I said I had a few words. “I always set mt alarm for 6:15. That will give time for Danny to drain me and then make sure you boys are up or moving. After he does you boys one of you need to do him. Don’t forget or you will be going to school with a hot butt. Five smacks is what you both will get.” Look if you boys don’t want to drink each others piss, Say so.” “I like doing you Dad.” Danny said. Davy and Kid looked at each other, but Kid said they didn’t mind. “I guess we were just tired Dad. We’re sorry Danny.” “It’s okay Guys. I’ll survive.” “Okay, get your chores done and I’ll see what we can do today.” I headed downstairs to grab a few things the boys might like to try. After getting everything I stopped and added three spring rat traps. I didn’t have rats but had bought them as a joke. I knew they hurt if put the right place. I placed everything in my office and started my computer. Went out and grabbed my third cup of coffee. I made sure I had everything ready for Youth Services for tomorrow. Just finished that when all three boys walked into my office. Danny walked over to me and gave me a kiss. “You boys all done?” “Yup.” I handed each of the boys a rat trap. “What you need these for Dad. There are no rats.” “Well I can see three little rats that you boys can catch.” “You boys know how to arm them?” Danny didn’t say anything just quickly armed the one he had. It took the other two a few minutes. “Dad, your not thinking of? Ooooooooooh shit you are.” I laughed. “What?” Kid said. “WE got to spring the trap with our dicks.” Danny said. “Get your undies off boys.” They set down the traps and pushed down and off their underwear. All three had got hard. “You seem interested. Do you want me to spring the traps or do you want to do each other or do it yourself.” “I guess I want you to do me Dad.” Danny said. “Okay Son.” I took the trap from his hand, pushed it forward until it was it was almost against the trip. Just moved it slightly. There was a loud `SNAP’ followed by YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiii.” “Fuck that hurt.” Two more snaps and yells told me without looking that my other two had done it to themselves. “Now reload them and do it to yourselves.” After they had played around for a bit snapping each other, I told them they could keep the traps. “Now I brought a few things up you boys could try.” “Remember you don’t have to do anything unless you want to. Don’t worry about if one tries it that you have to. Only do things you really want to. Kid has done a couple of these and he can tell you how they feel.” The boys stood around looking at all the stuff I had brought up. Davy picked up a weird contraption from the desk. “What’s this Dad?” “That’s called Jaws. It is very much like the Rat Traps but very much more painful.” They watched as I used and Allen wrench to open it up. Inside teeth Criss crossed inside the jaw. The teeth were not sharp so anything stuck inside would be cut, but it would be very painful when the jaws snapped shut. “What do you do?” “Slide your cock into the opening. When it reaches the end there is a plate the head of your cock will touch. The trap will spring and slam down on your cock.” “However you won’t be able to open it without the allan wrench.” Davy looked long and hard at it, then set it down. “Okay boys you can look but I’m not doing anything until later. Anything you boys want to do today?” “Well I’d like to take a nap, if it’s okay Dad.” “Can we walk down to the Mall?” Kid asked. “You mean you and Davy or all of you?” “Count me out.” Danny said. “Guess just me and Davy. Can we borrow some money?” “Well I figured I’d give you boys 20 a week as an allowance, but here’s 40 bucks. Enjoy yourselves.” I got two kisses from the boys and they went to get dressed. “Guess just you and me Danny.” “Yeah…….”

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