Kelly Wants Anal

Cum In

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

“Are you sure honey?” I asked. I was in bed with my daughter, we were both naked.

“I’m sure Daddy,” my daughter Kelly said. “We’ve done pretty much everything else, right?” When she looks at me with those big brown eyes I can’t say no.

“All right then, you win. I’ll fuck your virgin ass tonight.” She wins? More like we both do!

I’m Alex, I’m Kelly’s father. Ever since her mom passed years ago it’s just been me and her, we share everything. And I do mean everything. It’s no hardship on me, my daughter is a fit twenty-two. She’s 5’8″ with brown hair and a slender build that makes her nice rack and big ass all the more impressive.

When she turned eighteen she’d confessed how horny she was for her dear old dad. I admitted that I found her sexy as well, and well, here we are. Naked on our bed with her asking me to probe her pooper. Seems the men she’d been dating talked a good game when it came to anal, but none of them followed through.

“And if there’s one thing I know about my Daddy, when he says he’ll do something he’ll do it.” She was right, I’ve always been good with my hands. And cock. And mouth, and tongue and you get the idea.

“Tell me hun, have you tried any experimentation there? A finger, butt plug, anything?” I was getting harder than granite listening to Kelly talk about wanting anal, I’ve never gotten all the butt sex I want. If my sometimes fuck-buddy daughter ends up liking my technique I could be set for life!

We were lying side by side, up on our elbows so we could talk better. Kelly noticed my erection and placed a friendly hand on it, gave me a squeeze. “Well lately I’ve been noticing when I cum I get those good feelings not just in my pussy.”

Now it was my turn to reach a hand out, stroke my daughter’s firm thigh. She lifted a leg so I could play with her cute little escort izmir cunny. “Like where else, hun?” She was getting wet already from our naughty talk.

“Like my nipples, Daddy. Mmm, yes, I love it when you pinch them hard like that.” Kelly’s a 32E, narrow back and massive knockers, with small brown nipples that stood tall and proud when I teased them.

“And in your ass too now, huh?” I asked, before I bent to suck one of her beautiful globes as far into my mouth as I could. I love Kelly’s tits, they’re perfect for fucking too, just like every other part of her we’d tried so far.

“Yes, Daddy.” My two favorite words. “I was with Jeff the other day, I came really hard and my nips, my ass, even the back of my knees felt that orgasm. When I asked him if he’d like to fuck my ass after that he said he was tired, had an early morning.” What an idiot. If my hot-as-fuck daughter wants your cock you just count your blessings mister.

“I see. Well, yes, there are nerves in common, erogenous zones and all that…” I was having trouble concentrating, Kelly was jacking my cock now, I had to lay on my back and think about baseball.

“Yes Daddy, I know. You taught me well.” Kelly smiled at me before licking her lips and swallowing the head of my dick. I moaned, her mouth is always so hot and soft. I knew she was just teasing, if she was talking anal she’d want me at my hardest.

“Kelly hun, if you want me to fuck that ass you’d better… Oh god, oh God, okay, damn, almost made me cum there, daughter!” She released my tool with a pop and it waved at her, wet with her saliva. She caught it and held it in her warm hand.

“So how do we start, Daddy?” Kelly can be kind of an airhead sometimes, it’s kinda cute, especially when we’re fucking, she comes off as a bimbo. She knows better, maybe she also knows her old man gets off on it.

“Well lube, of course,” I said. I reached into the nightstand escort izmir and got out a bottle. “You want to start in your pussy first, love? Or go straight for the ass?”

“Straight for the butt, Daddy!” Kelly was excited to try something new, I was excited to take her anal cherry! “My pussy’s always hot for you, you know that Daddy, but tonight I want this.” She leaned over and kissed me, our mouths melted together and our tongues slid sensuously across each other.

My cock throbbed in her hand and she squeezed me hard without breaking our kiss. Man I love fucking my daughter, we know each other’s bodies so well, know just how to launch each other into space with a word or a caress.

“Well if you want to jump right in, then get on all fours, what do they say? Face down ass up?” I grinned at my sexy kid. She scrambled into position, crushing those melons into the mattress, waggling her heart-shaped behind at me.

“Mmm, Daddy. I can’t wait! I’ve been thinking about this for ages now!” Her cunt was drooling juice down her thigh, her tight rosebud was winking at me. I could tell how turned on she was, she smelled like sex.

I coated my cock with lube, dropped a bit on Kelly’s puckered sphincter, making her shiver. I grabbed her hips tight and socked my rod into place, nudging her backdoor. “Ready honey? Cause here it comes!” I shoved forward slowly.

Her sphincter resisted me for a moment, then the head slid in and I had to pause, good god she was tight! It’d been too long since I’d fucked a virgin ass, I’d forgotten how tight it is. I was throbbing against her, Kelly was quiet, she’d gasped once when the head went in, now she was letting her body adjust.

“Oh god honey, you are tight.” I started shoving in a fraction of an inch at a time, letting us both get used to the incredible feelings.

“Oh Daddy!” Kelly’s voice held wonder. “It doesn’t hurt at all, it just feels sooo goood!” She shoved her butt back at me, slowly, taking control of how much of my cock she was getting. “The deeper it goes the better it feels, oh Daddy!” She shoved back hard and I was suddenly balls deep in my lovely daughter’s ass.

“Oh my GOD! Oh Daddy!” My daughter’s ass was suddenly clutching at my cock as her sphincter pulsed with her orgasm. “Daddy! Oh Daddy yes! YES!” She started fucking her ass back at me, I grabbed her hips and started railing her shitter. If my baby wanted her first ass-fuck rough I’d sure be happy to help.

My balls slapped her cunt as we rutted, Kelly’s tits were grinding into the sheets, she was biting her lip and clutching the sheets as I pounded her tight hole like a pile-driver. Her hot guts gripped my shaft, I could feel the cum boiling in my balls.

“Gonna cum, Kelly! Gonna shoot my cum in my baby’s tight butt,” I panted. I was pounding her hard, shaking the bed, it was so damn good for us both!

“Oh Daddy, yes! Shoot it in me! Give me your hot Daddy cum in my tight ass, oh yes!” Kelly’s dirty talk drove me over the edge, I pulled her tight to my crotch and began filling my gorgeous daughter’s butthole with my seed.

“Take it Kelly! God yes, take your Daddy’s cum up your butt! Yes! Yes!” I felt my load shoot up my shaft and blast my daughter’s insides with creamy spunk. Five, six, seven pulses jetted as her tight ass gripped me like a vise, it was incredible.

“Daddy, oh Daddy! My pussy’s cumming too, my titties, oh Daddy!” Kelly wailed as she shook under me. Suddenly hot juice jetted from her cunt as she ejaculated against me, soaking us both in her passion liquid. She was trembling with the force of her cum, I leaned against her back as my own orgasm subsided.

Finally she quieted. I pulled myself out of her ass and we cuddled together on the sheets. I love having Kelly’s head on my shoulder after we fuck, totally under rated pleasure.

“Wow, Daddy,” Kelly said. We were quiet a moment, then my beautiful daughter kissed me and we drifted off in each other’s arms.

The End.

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