KELLY GARRETT 1KELLY GARRETT                                                                                  Birth Name Kelly Marie GarrettDate Of Birth 11/11/46Marital Status – Single Domestic Partner – David Newmark 1976-1977Astrological signs – ScorpioSexual Orientation – StraightSiblings – NoneAbout Kelly Kelly Garrett Was Born on November 11 1946 in Houston Texas and was rasied as a orphan,She is the most sensitive person in the world.In 1975 Kelly Move from her home Town in Texas to Los Angeles for a new begining,she became friends with Jill Munroe at a Marina Del Ray suf club store then she starts dating Televison prodcer David Newmark.What I Like About Sex I love sex so much that i can desire no better it really rock my world the best sex i like to peform before intercourse is oral sex my man and he does it on me but one thing because i have very strong sex drive and i can make a man cum very quick.At one time i was peforming oral sex with David he came too fast he can shoot a big load,There was so much cum on the bed and on my cheast i had to clean my self off as we started to have sex i had my first orgasm like i never had before My Favorite Sex PositionSexual Position are very importaint during sex the best sex position is on top of your man also know as the cowgirl position which i like very much and don’t forget the Missionary Position,Doggy style or the Kneeling variant.What Turns Me On With David David Newmark is a very unique man quite hard to find my first Relationship with my old boyfriend was not interested in me he always took part with guys very much and sports clubs,the worst part is that we never had sex but when we did atfer insead he would rather go out with the guys then to be in bed me.When i met david he was güvenilir bahis the most handsome man i ever met nice shoulder lenght dark hair nice skin and plus he is a gentelman,are first date was at the marina del ray club we party all night long before i never like to go partysor party iself.Then we went back to his house owned by KOKO GOLDSTINE it was a nice house with a pool outside me and david went for a swimoutside i was a midnight swim it was the beging of that moment.We got back inside to dry are bodies of the water in my mind eyes i could see hispants, jeans…no not jeans,khakis maybe hitting the deck with a small clack as the button bounced on to the cement. He would pick them up and foldthem nicely over the back of a chair.Then his shirt buttoned to nearly the top,He’d start with cuffs, pulling them open. Then with the buttons on thefront of his shirt. I liked undressing him. I liked to run her fingers down his chest,to dart her tounge over his nipples. To move my mouth down his neck and over his lips, never quite letting him catch Me. I liked kissing down his stomach further and further until i kneeled in front of him, my handsstopped on the fasten of his pants. He would look down and watch me. Watch her fingers move slowly over his erection, pressing hard against the zipper. Straining to be free and in me. In my mouth, with her tongue sliding back and forth up and down the shaft. In my hot moist tight pussy, that him a like a velvet glove. I moved a little. His cock grazing against my slit. My laugh turned to a moan. I rested my lips against his shoulder. He movedagain. My mouth opened, and my moan was warm against his skin.He felt my tongue slide over the droplets of water within its reach. Gently he pushed my away, then güvenilir bahis siteleri pulled my arm. A silent signal to follow him. I followed him until she saw he was standing easily. My feet touched the slightly rough bottom. The water just barely covering my breasts. He reached out, touching one of my nipples. It beaded even tighter under his caressing thumb. He sought out the other with his mouth.I gasped at the contrast of his mouth and the water. Hot and cold. My hands held tightly to his elbowsas he pushed her further onto her back. He stopped. Pulling me so i was nearer to him. He directed my arms around his neck. His mouth met mineswith demands.His tongue demanded, as it pushed through the seal of her lips. He stroked my tongue with his.My fingers twined themselves in hishair. Pushing him closer to me. He turned, pressing me against the wall. Pushing her legs apart and himself into her. I moaned, squeezing the walls of my tight entrance around him. He moved against me.Tiny pockets of air popping between them, breaking against my clit. I squeezed hiscock again, inside of me. He groaned from deep within his throat. I felt it against my mouth. I wiggled a little, situating herself more comfortablyagainst him. He graoned again and i couldn’t stifle a small moan.Yes,’ i whispered as he thrust harder into me, making me bump against the wall.He was beginning to spiral, i knew it. I was controlling it. He thrust into me again. ‘Yes, more yes…. yes..’ my sighs and moans were coming out fast.My breathing was turning more shallow. ‘Oh yes.’Faster faster faster. I always did this to him. Never allowing him to take his time to make it last for me. He was under my control. He knew it. I was beginning to come. Strong spasms rocked iddaa siteleri my body against felt as though she were flying. Myeyes opened, finding him staring at me. Absorbing my climax He felt a large burst of cum through him into me. My muscles squeezing himtightly in climax. Still coming. His was like molten lava inside of me. Making me shiver as she indulged in it. Liking it inside of me. I sighed softly as the last of my spasms ended. One more thrust, one more burst and it would be over for him. I was beginning to relax around him. I tensed feelingone last burst from him.He was breathing slowly. Catching his breath,He slid his arms under me, walking me to the steps in the shallow end. Isnuggled tightly against him as the night air brushed me bare skin. He walked the deck to her towel. Rubbing it lightly over my skin as she sleepilyheld onto him for balance.He slipped my arms into his shirt, it hung open to my thighs. He buttoned it enough for me to be covered.Not bothering withthe towel he pulled on his khakis. Zipping them, forgoing the button. My arms slid around his neck as his arms caught Me up against his chest. I yawned and lay against him. My bag hanging from the crook of his elbow.I could hear the soft whirring of the elevator as we rode down to are floor. My eyes stayed closed. He liked me when I was sleeping. Especially in his arms. I could never be close enough. He unlocked the door and carriedme to the bed. It had been turned down. I slid willing under the covers, turning for a minute from my back to my side then to my other side. Curled intoa tight ball. He folded his pants over the back of the chair, near my bag. Staring at me in his bed.I felt the bed dip slightly as he slipped in beside me.I uncurled and pressed herself against him, sighing softly as his arms slid automatically around her and his head onto the pillow she lay upon. ‘I loveyou,’ he whispered in my hair. I shifted closer, murmuring back. ‘I love you too                                    

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