Katherine Takes Control Ch. 01


Chapter 1. Katherine begins to take control…..

Most of her friends could not imagine why Katherine ever married John Prendegast. They were, many would say, opposites. He came from a suburban working class family whereas she had been borne into a wealthy English family who lived in a grand house in the Wiltshire countryside. His father was a plumber, and although very good at his job, was not a man of great initiative. John was not particularly bright nor ambitious. He worked in the local library as an assistant librarian where his hours were flexible; but the downside was that he was not particularly well paid. This did not worry him; he was an easy going chap who enjoyed an uncomplicated life.

Katherine, on the other hand, was highly intelligent, had a first class degree from Lancaster University and had a challenging job as an associate to a legal firm, which she enjoyed tremendously. She worked hard with long hours and had plenty of responsibility. To cap it all, she was eight years older than him and was certainly the ‘senior partner’ in the relationship. John was content with this; in fact he got a secret enjoyment out of her authority over him.

Katherine also kept herself fit with plenty of exercise. She was a reasonable horsewoman and an accomplished tennis player. She often went to the gym and her muscles were well toned. Her enthusiasm for sport helped keep her body in trim. She had a good figure for a woman of 38, with a generous 34 C bust which had retained its shape from her late teen age years, a slim waist and good hips. Perhaps her bottom was slightly too generous, but it was firm with a good shape and tended to compliment a tight skirt or tight trousers. John loved how her firm bottom protruded from a tight skirt or slacks. He observed that other men also seemed to take note.

Regardless of their differences Katherine loved John deeply. He had a super sense of humour and they got on well together. She knew that he adored her. She once overheard a female friend say: “She probably likes a bit of rough.” But Katherine knew that was not the case. John, although standing at six feet with a well filled developed body, was not rough. On the contrary he was as malleable as a kitten. And that is what she really liked about him.

Although not badly treated as a child she had been beaten by her father, and, after he died, embarrassingly by her uncle, well into her teen years. Her last punishment, at the age of 19, had been for being rude to her mother when her uncle gave her 10 strokes of the yard rule on her bare behind. That had really hurt. But it made her respect her uncle and, secretly, and confusingly at the time, she had been sexually aroused by it. Her vagina had tingled.

On a normal working day Katherine would leave for work each morning at exactly 7.00 am driving her top of the range BMW to the office in town. She always dressed conservatively with a hint of enticement. Sometimes the skirt would be a little short, or her blouse would be tight with the top couple of buttons undone, or, when wearing trousers, they would be tight around her bottom and tight up the crotch. Generally she aimed to, and was successful at, looking to be a thriving well polished executive, but with a hint of a seductive woman at heart, who any man would long to conquer.


It was a Sunday morning and they had just made leisurely love. “I did not come,” she told him as he fell off her to his side of the bed. He had been in too much of a hurry and had shot his load into her too early. ‘God,’ she though ‘that was so frustrating.’

“I’m sorry,” he replied.

Her fingers went to the lips of her labia which was leaking his sperm. “Why couldn’t you have just…….” She did not finish the sentence.

There was a short lull while her sloppy fingers got to work on her clitoris. But it was not going to work for her. She was frustrated and angry. Her breathing quickened again. “Use your tongue,” she told him.

He turned towards her moving down the bed so that his face was lined up with her vulva. She smelt of sex. He looked at the folds of her labia which were oozing his semen, dribbling on to the sheet. He kissed the open lips then pushed his tongue into her wet folds. He swallowed the mixture of her juices and his semen and worked his tongue as deep as he could. For the next ten minutes he worked on relieving her tension. He licked and sucked paying special attention to the hard knob of her clitoris. Suddenly she grabbed his head and pushed it into her. He could barely breathe but was rewarded with an enormous bucking of her hips as she cried out in ecstasy. “Oh, good. Wow..ye… Oh…. so good. Good boy.” she told him as she patted his head and more juices flowed from her vagina. Her frustration had been satisfied. He licked frantically.

“Good boy,” she said again as she brought his head up to hers and kissed him, tasting the sex on his lips. Later they laid in bed and talked. She turned towards him and took his limp cock in her hand. She caressed it purposely. kütahya escort He held her breast. “After seven years of marriage you should by now know how to pleasure me properly with this.” She gave him a squeeze. His cock stirred. “Although I love your tongue in me I need your cock and I need you to last with it inside me. Understand?”

His cock was hardening again. “Yes, I am so sorry.”

She carried on emphasising that his initial performance was just not good enough. To have a husband who would only consider his own pleasure was simply not acceptable, she told him. “After all, my pleasure is just as important,” she told him. He had to agree. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s get down to breakfast. We need to talk.” She gave his cock a slap with her hand then jumped out of bed, slipped on a sweatshirt and shorts and went downstairs.

Later, after he had cleared the dishes they were sipping their coffee. She was browsing on her lap top.

“Well, darling, there are going to be some changes to our lifestyle,” she told him.

“How do you mean?” He asked.

She started by discussing her job and the fact that, since she earned nearly three times his income she ought to be the one in charge of making decisions on their behalf. He had to admit that she had a point. For example, she explained, in future it would be her decision when they would go out, her decision what they would watch on TV and her decision when they would make love. She would take on the roll of leader in their lives. For some reason or another her words made him feel sensual. As she talked he gently ran his hand up her inner thigh until it was just short of the bottom of her shorts.

She continued: “Since I work longer hours you need to take more responsibility for the home. So from now on you will be responsible for cooking all meals, tidying up afterwards, doing the laundry and for the cleanliness of the house. Of course I will help when I have the time but you will have to take on the bulk of the work.”

Although not all that happy about the way this was going he had to agree that what she proposed was reasonable.

“So, can we make love now?” As he slipped his fingers up her thigh inside the leg of her shorts he promised that he would last longer.

She pushed his hand away. “No.”


From that day their life changed and John became what can only be described as a ‘House Husband’. This was not a problem for him and he took to the role without difficulty. Katherine seemed to be relieved to have got it all out in the open and that she now had a man at home to look after her home and other interests.

The following Monday evening she returned to the house from work as normal at 6.00pm. In his new role he was ready with a Gin and Tonic poured for her, the table laid and a simple supper of pasta on the stove.

After supper and after he had cleared the dishes he joined her on the sofa. She continued looking at her lap top.

“Well what did you do today?” she asked.

He felt buoyant. “I cleaned the kitchen floor,” he told her. “And I changed the sheets on the bed.”

“Let’s have a look.” She went into the kitchen. As she lifted the peddle bin his heart sank. The floor was still dirty under it. She went to the corner by the cooker. She bent down and ran her finger over the floor in the corner. She showed it to him. It was covered in brown dirt.

She washed her hands and they returned to the sitting room. She sat on the sofa. “Did you change the pillow cases as well as the sheets?” He had to admit that he did not. “Not a very good start then,” she announced.

She picked up her lap top. “Yes, I think that I need to take more control over you.”

“I’m sorry?” He queried.

“Stand there,” she told him. He stood in front of her as she worked her laptop which she half turned towards him. The website on display was entitled ‘Domestic Discipline’. She knew her way around the site hitting an icon marked ‘Disciplining Husband’. There were some photos of men standing looking subdued in front of women sitting on sofas or chairs, just as he was now standing in front of her. Then a picture of a man over the woman’s lap with his pants around his ankles. The hairbrush in her hand was descending on his bottom which was red. She enlarged the photo; “That’s the one I wanted to show you,” she said as she turned the lap top fully towards him. His stomach turned and his knees felt weak. Surprisingly, his cock started expanding.

“Oh my God,” He stammered.

“Well I told you that there were going to be changes to our lifestyle and now it is necessary to move on to the next stage,” she said as she put a hand on his hip. She flicked his cock through his trousers. He put his hand on her shoulder. “You do see why this is necessary, don’t you?” Her hand went around to his bottom and gave it a gentle caress.

He shivered. “Yes,” he croaked. His cock was now forcing itself erect within the confines of his clothes. They said nothing for a moment or two. lara escort The hand on his bottom gave him a slap. It was not hard but shocked him enough to make him jerk towards her. The bulge in his trousers was inches from her face. She looked at it.

She slapped him again on his trouser covered buttocks. “What do you think, darling?” She asked him in a gentle quiet voice.

“Erm… er …. “

“What.” She gently slapped his bottom again.

“I think that I ought to go upstairs and get your hair brush,” he replied.

She licked her lips, gave him another slap and said: “Good boy. Off you go then.” He wearily left the room and went up the stairs to their bedroom.

John had often been beaten by his mother when growing up. Usually it had been over her knees with a hair brush or a leather strop which she kept specifically for the occasion. On a couple of occasions he had received a more severe beating from his father who used a belt on him, and on one occasion a stick from the garden. So he was familiar with being on the receiving end of domestic discipline. As he got older he had been sexually aroused by these punishments. But he did not suffer cruelty and accepted the punishments as part of growing up; the feelings of sexual excitement were welcome. He often dreamed that he was back home in the corner, where his mother had told him to stand, waiting for his father to get home and administer another belting. His cock inevitably hardened as a result.

He picked up her hair brush and rubbed it against his palm. This was going to hurt he thought. But he was excited at the prospect and really wanted her to smack him. He removed his trousers leaving them on the bed. His cock was now able to get fully hard with just the light weight boxers restraining it. He took the cock out and rubbed it. It felt so good. He thought about going downstairs with his cock sticking out but then thought that could annoy her. He returned to the sitting room with the hairbrush in his hand, dressed in his shirt and the boxers, which failed to cover the obvious protrusion.

Katherine had rearranged things while he had been upstairs. She was standing in the middle of the room with her hand on the back of a hard backed chair that she had brought from the dining room. She had taken off her jacket, skirt and blouse, leaving her in a pretty flesh coloured bra, matching panties, black suspenders and black stockings. She looked fabulous. John stood at the door looking at her, hair brush in hand.

“Come here,” she said as she moved to sit on the chair. She sat and tapped her thighs. He stood in front of her. Her eyes were drawn to his erection under his boxers. She released his cock and stroked it. “Oh, my. You are excited aren’t you?” John, out of embarrassment, said nothing. He shivered with excitement, standing with shaking legs. “OK. Over you go. And get that cock between my thighs.”

He gave her the hairbrush and bent over her thighs with his hard cock hanging down between them. He felt her close her legs thus gripping his penis in her warm thighs. She eased the boxers down.

At first the strikes were painful. But gradually, as she continued, John’s bottom felt warm and comfortable. After ten strikes she stopped and gently ran her hand over his bottom. “Are you learning a lesson?”

“Yes.” She felt his cock stiffen further. ‘Was it growing more?’ She thought. John tried lifting himself to push back in between her thighs. She sighed as she realised what he was doing. She started to feel some wetness and a warm tingling between her thighs.

“Naughty,” she said as she continued with the hairbrush. After another six smacks John was well into the swing raising his bottom ready for the next one. He was humping between her thighs. On the nineteenth stroke he came. His sperm shot between her thighs and trickled down her legs. “Oh, that is so naughty,” she said. But she did not seem to be too upset. John got up and kissed her. They immediately went upstairs to their bed where they lay together gently touching each other. Unfortunately his cock was spent. Katherine laid on her back and opened her legs. She pushed his head down her body. “Now put your tongue to good use,” she told him.


The pair of them fell into a comfortable routine. John worked hard in the house to make their life comfortable and he came to look forward, albeit in some trepidation, for Katherine’s return in the evenings when she would question him on his tasks of the day. The hairbrush was used about twice a week, but they then got into the habit of saving up the punishment until Saturday mornings when they had more leisure time and she would administer a spanking after breakfast. John had learnt not to come during the punishment. When he felt the build up of a possible climax he would ask Katherine to pause the punishment. When he was back in control he told Katherine and she would continue adding additional strokes for the inconvenience. After the spanking they would go back to bed where lara eve gelen escort they would make passionate frantic love. It was obvious to both of them that these spanking sessions aroused them both. Katherine was always wet and ready for him. But she had a nagging feeling that she would one day like to be on the receiving end as she remembered the beating her uncle had once given her. These thoughts made her even more aroused. Maybe one day it will happen she would think as she touched herself.

One Friday evening Katherine arrived home an hour and a half later than normal. She kissed John with more enthusiasm than normal and he could not help but smell the wine on her breath. She was a bit unsteady on her feet. She rejected the gin and tonic he had already poured for her. She wanted wine. He took her coat and she removed her jacket, before sitting on the sofa in the sitting room as he served her a glass of wine. “Take off my shoes.” John knelt down in front of her and did her bidding. His hands wandered up her leg to her knee. She drank her drink quickly and was breathing hard. He was on the floor in front of her and his hand continued up her thigh. “Go and get me another wine.” He was surprised at the brashness of her tone. Nevertheless he did as he was told.

John refilled her glass in the kitchen and returned with it. As he gave it to her she grabbed his head, pulled it to her face and gave him a deliciously long and tender kiss. “I do love you.” Her words were slurred. She took another sip of wine. She pushed his head back and looked into his eyes. “I need to beat you.”

He gasped. She kissed him again. He sat on the sofa next to her. “What about supper?” He asked.

“Fuck supper.” Her hand went to his limp cock under his trousers. She nuzzled his neck. “I need to beat you now,” she whispered in his ear.

“But,…. “

She interrupted him. “You know my riding kit on the top shelf of the wardrobe?”

Her riding kit had been neatly put away in the wardrobe shortly after they had moved into the house. “Yes.”

“Go and get the riding crop.” He gasped loudly. His cock stirred.

John stood and was leaving the room as she called out. “And I want you naked.” He shivered as he went upstairs. He reached up and found the crop then quickly took off his clothes leaving them in the bedroom. By this time his cock was fully erect. He took the leather crop and returned to the sitting room. She had taken off her blouse and skirt and was standing waiting for him in just her panties, suspenders stockings and bra. She saw what was in his hand. “My, what have you got there then.” She was playing with him.

He held up the crop to show her. “Oh, what a naughty boy.” She came across the room, put one arm around his neck, kissed him and gripped his cock. “What do you think that I should do with that?”

John felt a thrill. His heart quickened. “Erm.. er … I suppose that you will want to beat me.”

“And would you like me to beat you, darling?”

His heart thumped. His cock hardened in her hand. “Er.. Yes. If you want to.”

“Well, I want to very much. Bend over the back of the sofa then….. Right over….. Yes, that’s right. … Legs apart…… Good……” She touched his buttocks. He shivered. “Ready darling?”

“Yes.” He replied.

She gave him six hard strokes which soon made him loose his erection. She stroked his bottom again. Slowly John calmed down. “Good boy. You took that well.” She lent over and kissed him again. Her hand went between his legs and cupped his balls.

“Why were you late tonight?” John suddenly asked.

“I went out with Robert.” She whispered..

“Who is Robert?”

“He is my head of Business Services. I needed to discuss something with him so we went out to have a glass or two of wine.”

“Couldn’t you have discussed the matter in the office?” He asked.

Her hand was still working on his balls and started easing under him pushing up to his cock. His erection, having completely disappeared during the beating suddenly returned. She pulled on it.

“No, it was personal.”

“Oh.” John was stuck for any further response.

She stood up behind him again. He felt the crop on his bottom. “Six more hard ones for questioning me, and if you take them well we will go upstairs….. OK darling?”

“Yes, Katherine,” he croaked. He adjusted his position as his cock hardened again.


“Yes.” The first stroke landed. It hurt but John felt his bottom warming to the attack. After the second strike he was actually looking forward to the next one, raising his buttocks up as far as he was able to receive it. Katherine realised what was happening. He wanted to feel the strike of the crop. She slowed down the tempo taking a full minute between each of the following strikes and made sure that she hit him hard. She was getting excited at the action. She felt her vagina excreting. His bottom was getting very sore but she resolved not to let up. She was enjoying this and her breathing was ragged, not only from her exertion, but also from the excitement of seeing his bottom rise and fall in anticipation of each strike. Once done she put the crop down and ran her hands over the wounded buttocks. She was breathing heavily. She would have enjoyed giving him more.

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