Subject: Justins Dirty Secrets – Chapter 5b Chris, Alex, and I wake up before Brandon. We take turns showering, then have cereal together at the kitchen table. As we were almost finished with our breakfast, Brandon comes into the kitchen. He clearly hadn’t showered yet, his hair was a mess, he stood in the kitchen completely naked — except for a pair of black low cut ankle socks covering his size 11 feet. His giant dick resting low against his big balls. “Justin”, he looks over at me, “Take my uniform and put it in the wash, I’ve got practice later”. I walk over and scoop up his uniform from the floor in the living room. His smell still coming from them, which started to give me a chub. I walk them into the laundry room and get the load started. The thought of stealing his jock strap, and the one sock that wasn’t in Alex’s mouth, crossed my mind but I decided against it. I was honestly too scared of Brandon finding out and what he might do if he did. I took one last sniff of his jock and the one sock, threw them into the washing machine and got it started. I came back out to the living room, everyone was still at the table. Brandon tells us that he is going to baseball that afternoon and that we were to stay at the house. Of course, he threatened to kick our asses if we did anything that would get him in trouble with our parents when they got back. Without even thinking I ask, “Can I go and watch you practice?”. “Hmm..I guess…”, his answer surprised me. As soon as I asked the question I was sure I would be scolded. “Can I go to?”, Chris asks. “No, stay with Alex”, Brandon answers. I wondered why Brandon was letting me go but not Chris or Alex. I knew that I didn’t want to get fucked and I didn’t really want to fuck Brandon. I thought fucking Brandon would be too weird; he’s older than me, his dick is bigger, he’s so…masculine. But, fuck it I thought, watching him play would be hot and who knows what might happen. “Neither of you are allowed to cum while we’re gone”, he tells Chris and Alex, “I fucking mean it”. The rest of the morning, we all just hung out in the living room watching TV or scrolling on our phones. I hear the washing machine buzz from the laundry room. Without being told, I get up to throw Brandon’s uniform into the dryer. I walk back into the living room and Brandon looks up at me, “good boy”, and looks back down to his phone. For some reason, that made me feel good. I couldn’t help but to stare at him. This naked man, amazingly toned body, huge dick and balls, and what appeared to me to be giant feet in those black ankle socks. Everything about him screamed sex to me. I tried to hide my hard dick with my hand but being naked that was pointless. “Can I go help my bro”, Chris asks Brandon pointing to my hard dick. “Did I tell you to help your brother”, Brandon asks him. “No”, Chris answers. “Then no”, Brandon says without ever looking up from his phone. Chris just crossed his arms and let out a disappointed sigh. We basically sat in silence, with just the TV playing, a few sounds from one of our phones playing some TikTok videos. Again, a buzzer from the laundry room goes off. Again, I get up and go collect Brandon’s freshly cleaned uniform and bring it out to him. He tells me to dress him. I start with his socks, both freshly cleaned, which is good since his brother had been drooling through one of them just the day before. istanbul travesti I get down on the floor, put the socks on his feet, and pull them up just below his knees. I take his shirt, put it over his head, arms through the sleeves. He stood up so I could finish. I hold his jock for him to step into, the head of his dick brushing the top of my head as I’m on my knees. I pull up his jock to around his waist. “Fix my shit”, he says as he points to his dick hanging out of one side. I reach up with one hand and pull the jock away from his body, grabbing his dick with my other hand, gently placing them into the pouch of his jock. On my knees still, looking at him, I was just frozen in awe. He just grunts, which I knew meant he wanted me to hurry up. I grab his pants, hold them out for him to step into and pull them up. I stand up to tuck in his shirt. Again, without being asked, I run to the door and grab his sandals, coming back and putting them on his feet. “Good boy”, I hear from him again. And again, I’m feeling proud. Both Chris and Alex staring at me with what I could only imagine was jealousy. “It’s time for us to go”, he tells me. As he stands up he looks at Chris and Alex, “Remember, I will fucking beat your ass if you two try anything while we are gone”. We walk to his car. Once we get to the school’s ballpark, Brandon reaches into his bag and grabs his cleats and cup. He puts on his cleats, steps out of the car, and positions his cup. “Come on”, he says, “you can watch from here”, pointing to the dugout. Watching all the boys at practice got me extremely hot. They all were so toned, so sweaty…it was almost too much. By the time Brandon walked up to me to tell me it was time to go, I was ready to fuck anything with a heartbeat. “Let’s go and see what our bitch brothers are up to”, he says to me as he grabs his bag. God, I thought to myself, this man is fucking hot. Beads of sweat dripping down his face, his hair wet, and his muscles tense from practice. As we walk back to the car, he reaches into his pants, pulls out his cup, and hands it to me. It felt warm in my hands. I resisted the urge to hold it to my face. I got into the passenger seat, as he got into the driver’s seat. He was sitting in the car sideways, with his legs still outside of the car. He pulled off his cleats, tossed them into the backseat, then peeled off his socks and tossed them into my lap. The smell was intoxicating, but I didn’t want him to know I liked it, so I quickly tossed them into the back. He put on his sandals, and we left the parking lot. He had the windows of his car rolled down, as it was early afternoon in the southern summer, he was already sweaty from practice and his car was extremely hot. I don’t know why, but I held on to his cup even after we started to leave. Soon after getting on the highway, maybe 20 minutes from my house, Brandon reaches down, pulls his pants and jock down to about mid-thigh, his sweaty dick and balls laying between his legs resting on his seat. He puts his arm around the back of my seat, looks at me and says “You know what to do”. He was right, I knew exactly what he wanted and after watching the boys at practice, I was ready to give it to him. I unbuckle my seatbelt, lean over the center console, and plant my face into his package. I take in the smell and feeling of his wet, sweaty, package that I could feel swelling kadıköy travesti under my nose. I grab his dick in my left hand, lift up his balls with my right hand, and begin licking them — under them — around them. “Yesss, oh yea”, Brandon moans — with one hand on the steering wheel. I can feel his dick, now full hard and throbbing, in my left hand. I begin to stroke it as I continue to lick and suck his balls. “Fuck yea dude, you know my girl never would touch me after practice…fuck that bitch…goddamn slut”, he says as his breathing gets heavier. I liked that he said that; I felt like I was helping him get over her. I take his throbbing dick and place just the head of it in my mouth. I can both taste and feel the precum that was oozing from him. The smell of his package and the taste his precum had me oozing myself. I could feel the wet spot growing in my boxer briefs. I take more and more of him into me, surprising myself that I was able to get most of his 8 inches down my 13-year-old throat. “Dude, you are fucking good at this. Way better than that whore….fuck…even better than Alex”, he says — pausing after every other word or so as I bob on his sweaty dick. He was nearly gushing precum. “I’m getting close….get ready….don’t get this shit on my uniform”, he tells me. I fell him tense up, the car swerves slightly, his hips thrust up, and my mouth fills with warm — salty — sweet — bitter cum. Pulse after pulse delivers more and more cum into my mouth. As my mouth continued to fill with his load, I wondered if it were ever going to stop. I gulp, swallowing what felt like a gallon of cum, but he wasn’t done. His dick continues to spasm, pumping even more into my mouth. I swallow again. Is that how much he pumped into my brother yesterday, I thought. After I swallowed the second time, he had two more pumps of his dick. Before I could swallow that last bit, he says, “Let me see”. I pull off his dick look up at him, stick out my tongue, and show him his cum on my tongue. “Swallow it”, he says, which I gladly do. I look back at his dick, still hard standing up against his stomach, I can see he was oozing a bit more. I instinctively grab it, put it back in my mouth, and start milking whatever was left into my mouth. “God damn boy”, he says. Before I’m even off his dick, he starts to pull his pants back up. I sit back up, fasten my seatbelt, my lips feeling numb, and I’m feeling happy. It wasn’t long before we were back in the house. Brandon grabs his bag, I of course grab his socks and cup, and we walk inside. We got into the living room, Chris and Alex are nowhere to be found. We hear the distinct sound of slapping, “They better not be fucking”, Brandon says as we both head down the hallway. There not in Chris’ room, so we both head to mine. Brandon opens the door and there they are. Chris on all fours, face buried into a pillow, Alex behind him, balls deep in Chris’ boy ass. “What did I fucking tell you”, Brandon yells out. Chris and Alex both turn, a look of shock on both their faces. Brandon rushes over to the bed, grabs Alex by the shoulder and pulls him off Chris, throwing him back onto the bed. “I fucking warned you”, Brandon says clearly pissed. “Get the fuck over there with your brother”, he tells Chris. Scared, Chris rushes over and gets behind me. We are both standing by the door to my bedroom. Alex is curled bakırköy travesti up at the corner of my bed against the wall. “I’m sorry….I’m sorry…he was begging me”, Alex pleads to his brother. Brandon yanks off his shirt, pulls down his pants, his dick almost fully hard. Looking at him, I was shocked he was able to get hard again after the blow job I had given him only about 20 minutes before. Stepping out of his pants, now completely naked, he grabs Alex by his hair, pulls him off the bed, turns him around, and bends him over the bed. “Wait!”, Alex screams out. “Do it”, Chris says. I put my hand over his mouth to stop him from getting involved. “Shut up, you don’t want to get in the middle of this”, I whisper to my brother. “Wait for what, I fucking warned you”, Brandon says to Alex. Brandon spits into his hand and rubs his dick. “Just let me explain”, Alex begs. Before he could barely finish the sentence he yells out, “Fuuuuck…..” as Brandon slams his dick into Alex’s ass. Pushing it all in at once. Alex was bent over the bed, chest on the bed, feet on the floor. When Brandon rammed his dick in, Alex’s feet and legs lift up and almost straight out, he was trying to get away. Brandon grabs Alex’s hair to keep him in place and continues to ram him — hard. Even harder than he had fucked Chris the previous day. “I…fucking…told….you….not…to…do…anything”, Brandon is grunting the words after every thrust. Chris and I stood incredibly still, just watching what was happening in front of us. “I’m sorry”, Alex whimpers. “You’re fucking going to be”, Brandon says, continuing to pound his little brother. Brandon places one had on the back of Alex’s head and pushes him into the mattress. “Justin, bring me my cup”, he tells me — which I immediately run to get and return to him. He takes it with one hand, with the other he lifts up his brother’s head, places the cup over his nose and mouth, and pushes his head back into the mattress. “Take it….fucking take it”, Brandon grunts as he does a final thrust into Alex, pumping whatever load he had left into his brother. Brandon pulls out, cum dripping from Alex’s ass, then gets onto the bed in front of Alex’s mouth. He lifts Alex’s head up, takes the cup and tosses it to the floor, and shoves his softening dick, fresh from his ass, into his mouth. “Chris, get over here and fuck him”, he tells my 10-year-old brother. Chris has never fucked anyone, his dick only about 3 or so inches now, I thought is Alex even going to feel this? Is Chris even interested in fucking someone? Chris walks over, sticks his dick in Alex’s cum filled hole. After being fucked by Brandon’s 8-inch dick, Alex barely reacts. Only after a few small thrusts, Chris was already cumming. I almost laughed, thinking my best friend just got fucked by a 10-year-old. “Justin, your turn”, Brandon motions me over. I walk over and shove my dick into Alex’s ass. I could feel Brandon’s hot load inside. As I fuck him, Alex is moaning slightly still with Brandon’s now soft dick in his mouth. I keep fucking him, harder and harder. “Get it dude, I wish you were my bro instead of this bitch”, Brandon says to me. I don’t know why, but that did it — I busted inside Alex. Five hard spurts of my load, pent up from watching the boys at practice, from blowing Brandon, from watching Brandon hard fuck Alex, all went into his ass. As I pull out, more cum drips out of his ass and onto the floor. Brandon pulls his dick out of Alex’s mouth and walks into the bathroom to shower. “Dude, that was brutal, I’m sorry”, I say to Alex. “Don’t be”, Alex says to me, “I make him mad on purpose” and winks at me.

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