Just Fun


Just FunHi All…The other night me and my GF had a hell of a fight. So I went to the pub to have a drink. I was sitting all alone and I saw a guy walking up to me and asked if he can sit there as he waits istanbul escort for his wife. I agreed and we started talking. When his wife and her mate joined they were, well to say the least drunk…. beylikdüzü escort I dont drink so much so was having a coke and they got drunker and rowdier. After a while they invited me upstairs esenyurt escort to their flat. I went with them hoping to Fuck the mate, even though the wife was hot as hell….To my shock they told me they are swingers and if I wanna I can join them. I grab the chance to bonk her. It was a wild night me fucking all three of them (turned out he was Bi as well). We have these get togethers now once a month…..NOW THATS FUN………

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