Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend Junior 22 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND � JUNIOR 22 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** Friday, we were heading out on our trip to JJ and Teague’s house for the game on Saturday. Bishop was with Corey and me while Ethan and Cody were with Colt and Kris. “Corey, are you excited about this weekend?” Bishop asked from the back seat. “I am, and I’m going camping with Matt as well. Hey, what do you have planned?” Corey asked. “I guess I’ll stick around and catch up on things unless Tom hangs around, which I’m pretty sure he will,” Bishop replied. “I sorta meant are you nervous at all going to see your buddies?” “A while back I would have been, but I think things are cool with us now,” Corey replied. “I’m anxious to see the difference in their school,” I spoke from the passenger side. “Oh I’m sure they’re all about the same. I bet their friends aren’t as tight as we are,” Bishop stated. “Not a chance. Our group got them thinking about coming to our school but they decided against it since it’d cost them too many hours,” Corey stated. “Yeah, everyone tries to squeeze in like Ethan and Cody…” Bishop said. “They do,” I laughed. “I really don’t mind at all. Kris loves it.” “So tell me, dudes, is there something brewing between him and Colt?” Bishop asked. “I don’t think so. This week everything was pretty normal around our place, or as normal as it could be. It was mostly us just hanging out, working or studying. It was kinda boring if you ask me,” I replied. “Why do you ask?” “Oh, I was just wondering… knowing both of them… but I guess you’re right. Hell, I’m sure some think Ethan and Cody are lovers,” Bishop laughed. “Are they?” Corey asked quickly. “Not in the least as far as I know, but then again I don’t room with them either,” Bishop replied. “Shawn said they argue and fight like brothers… you know, like Kris and Colt, but without it getting bloody or one of them fucking with us. Was Colt being mean or what?” Bishop asked. “It was cruel as hell, but it made a little sense other than the fact he wanted to fuck with our heads. He had me worried since usually there’s a quick resolution any other time,” Corey stated. “All that matters is things were back to normal last weekend. That was a really good party we found,” Bishop said. “I hope nothing major happens this weekend.” “That makes two of us,” I said. “Count me as number three,” Corey said and continued to drive. “Corey, when you see a liquor store stop for me. I want to get your buddy something nice,” Bishop said. “I will, but you don’t have to do that,” Corey said. “I know, but I want to since he is nice enough to let all of us stay with him. I know I’d appreciate it. Do you know anything in particular he likes to drink?” Bishop asked as we were heading down the road with the radio on, when it wasn’t static. “Ummm… nothing I can think of off the top of my head,” Corey replied. “I’ll pick something maybe they normally wouldn’t buy,” Bishop stated. We did stop at a liquor store about half way, with Kris pulling in behind us. Bishop came back with his haul before we continued on down the road with Kris and his crew following us. Since there were a few places to eat near where we had stopped, we pulled up and ate as well. We made it to JJ’s campus and saw a little bit of it after the four hour drive. It was nice but looked like most big college campuses. Now it was my turn to navigate us to the house where we’d be staying. My phone was so handy for this and directed us right into the neighborhood just off campus. In the dark, it looked to be mostly older homes that were rented by students. Corey spotted JJ’s truck in a drive and pulled behind it. We grabbed our bags and headed to the door. JJ opened it with a big smile and welcomed the seven of us inside. Teague was sitting on the couch with two other guys. JJ introduced us to his friends, Danny and Lucas. Lucas was a big guy with short blond hair, whereas Danny was so cute with thick brown hair, earrings and a big tattoo on his left arm. Bishop handed the bottle of bourbon to JJ. “I hope you like it.” “Damn, they can for sure come whenever they want,” Teague said. “Thanks, dude.” “No problem,” Bishop said. “Guys, the fridge is packed with beer,” JJ said. “I’m so glad you’re here. I guess I need to show you where to put your stuff, huh?” “You do, unless you expect us all to sleep out here,” Corey said. We followed JJ down the hall. Corey and I had his bedroom for the night while Bishop, Ethan and Cody would fight over the other bed. Kris and Colt would have the air mattress wherever they could fit it. As we were returning, I heard Lucas say, “Corey doesn’t look gay but his boyfriend does.” “I know,” Danny said. “Dudes, they’re cool as fuck,” Teague said. “So the beer’s in the fridge, huh?” Colt asked, interrupting and catching them by surprise. “Yeah, help yourself,” JJ said. We got a cold one and gathered around. The first talk was about the upcoming game but they really didn’t seem to be into their team as much as we were. “Seriously, your boy likes football, Corey?” Lucas asked. “He does, but it took a while for him to come around. I didn’t care that much for it either until I started going. It’s cool now,” Corey replied. “Guys, we’ll be straight with you. We’re not used to having gay dudes hang with us. Forgive us if we fuck up,” Danny stated. “Just forget they’re gay and it’ll be cool,” Kris said. “I’ll try,” Lucas stated with a beer in his hand. “I was fucking cruel to Corey in high school, but you know he’s a good guy. I now accept the fact he likes guys. I think he’s done quite well with his selection,” JJ said. “We were cruel but we’ve grown up. Corey was a bigger man than I would have been when he showed up at this party gaziantep escort we were at last year,” Teague stated. “It took some major balls to do that.” “Can I ask one thing? When the hell do you study?” Danny asked. “Cody and Ethan do all the time, why?” Bishop asked. “Those three are fucking built,” Danny stated loudly. “The rest of y’all aren’t fat at all.” “Are you saying I am?” Lucas joked. “I told you they were fit. Corey and Kris work at the Rec Center,” Teague stated. “No doubt about it,” Danny said. “I try, but it’s so hard to get motivated. I need someone here to give me that push so I can start back.” “Kris used to push us, but now it’s a habit more or less,” I said. “That’s cool,” Danny said and stood. “Hey, we just wanted to stop by and see JJ’s buddies. It was nice meeting ya.” “Bro, you don’t have to run,” Kris stated. “I know, but we may see y’all tomorrow before the big ass whooping,” Lucas said. “Damn right, and it won’t be us getting whooped either,” Colt said. We said goodbye and watched them leave. “Sorry guys but they just wanted to see ya,” JJ said. “I know what it is, Danny’s fucking homophobic,” Teague said. “What does it matter?” Kris asked. “We’ll have a great time without them.” “We will,” Teague said. “How many guys do y’all usually hang with?” Cody asked. “You saw it,” JJ said. “Maybe a few more, but usually not. Our roommate if you wanna call him that is usually shacked up with his girlfriend. That’s why we considered transferring.” “Yeah, I don’t know what it is but we can’t seem to find that group of buddies to chill with like all of y’all. Actually I’m jealous of Corey now,” Teague said. “That’s why we loved it last year coming to visit y’all. Speaking of, where’s the rest of the crew?” “They dropped out, plus it’s fall break, like I told ya,” Corey replied. “All I know is that means more for us to drink,” Ethan stated before leaving to go grab another beer. “Drink all you want,” Teague said. “They will. Trust me, they will,” Kris joked. “Bro, bring me another one too.” “Looks who’s talking over there,” Cody laughed. JJ looked at Corey and held his fingers up to his mouth. “You wanna smoke some?” Corey looked at me. “Go ahead if you want to. I wouldn’t mind a little either since we haven’t done it in a while,” I said. “What? Are we gonna smoke some trees?” Cody asked. “Well… we have some if no one objects,” Teague said. “Y’all can, but it’s something I don’t do,” Bishop said. “I’ll smoke whatever the fuck you got,” Ethan said, bringing back beers. JJ headed off and returned with a pipe, a good size baggie of weed and rolling papers. “Damn, bro,” Kris said seeing the supplies. “I haven’t seen that much shit since we went to Holland.” “That’s right, you did go,” Teague said. “I hear that’s some of quality shit there.” “It was,” I said. “It was so strong.” “You’re just a pussy, Matt,” Cody said. “Dude, that was some strong ass shit,” Colt said. “We’re straight up tripping the whole time.” With Ethan helping JJ, they rolled two joints and packed the pipe. Kris threw off his shirt, as did Colt and Ethan. Corey grabbed a joint and lighter. He sat next to me and lit it up. The familiar smell of marijuana filled my nostrils. Corey took a hit and passed it to me while Kris lit his joint. I took a big hit and let the smoke fill my lungs. I passed the joint to Bishop. Even though he said he didn’t smoke, he took a small hit and coughed. “Bitch, you’re fucking hogging it,” Cody said to Colt. “Wait your goddamn turn,” Colt said after exhaling. “Damn JJ, this is some good shit.” “I told you it was,” JJ said, with him and Teague smoking a pipe. The four of us started telling stories of our trip. We had some good laughs while slowly letting the drug do its thing. We were chilling and having a great time. “Do y’all know how a pussy is like a grapefruit?” Cody asked. “No bro, how?” Kris asked. “The best ones squirt when you eat them,” Cody replied. We burst out laughing, but it didn’t take much to get us going. “Fuck yeah they do,” Colt said. “He’s got a ton of them,” Ethan said. Cody began reeling them off left and right. After the jokes stopped, the drinking continued. We watched TV some but mostly sat around talking and laughing. As the night progressed, it was great to see Corey, JJ and Teague being together and having a great time. It was maybe after one when we decided to call it a night since Cody was passed out on the couch. The rest of us weren’t feeling any pain either. Corey and I headed off to sleep in JJ’s double bed. We stripped down to head off to sleep. Corey grabbed me and put one hot kiss on me while grabbing my bare ass. He broke the long kiss, “I love you so much. I had such a good time without really doing much.” “I’m glad you did. I had a good time as well.” He kissed me again and pushed me onto the bed. “Matt, I wanna fuck you.” “Corey, we said…” “I know we said last night we could withhold one night but I feel the urge to make love to you.” “I’m not prepared.” “Would you for me?” he asked. I left and went to the bathroom. I came back with a towel and was as clean as possible, finding him waiting on me and looking so damn sexy. I turned off the light and felt my way to the bed. Corey took my hand and pulled me onto the bed. He crawled on top of me and began making out with me like crazy. As we were getting hot, I felt his hard dick at my hole. I opened up and let his bare cock slide into my ass while we were kissing. He broke the kiss and leaned up. It was a slow, loving fuck without much movement. It felt so good. Corey continued to fuck me and make me feel amazing. I was moaning softly but I wanted to scream it felt so heavenly. He pulled out and covered my stomach with a nice warm load. He started licking it off while stroking my hard cock. I groaned and emitted a nice long stream of cum all over his face. We cleaned up our mess and hoped no one would notice. If they did, everyone here knew we were lovers. After waking on Saturday with the sun hitting my face, I reached over and didn’t feel Corey next to me. I glanced at my phone and saw it was just before 10. I threw on some shorts and went to use the bathroom. suriyeli escort I came out and walked down the hall to find Kris and JJ sitting at their small table drinking coffee with Colt sleeping in the living room. “Corey’s gone with Bishop and Cody to grab us something to eat while we tailgate,” Kris stated while I helped myself to some coffee. “Okay,” I said. “Did you sleep okay, Matt, in my bed?” JJ asked. “Yeah, I did. I always sleep well with Corey holding me,” I replied as I returned. “Bro, I was telling JJ about our fight…” Kris said. “I just can’t see them throwing punches,” JJ stated. “It wasn’t pretty and had me scared,” I said. “It’s all good now, though, bro. I told JJ we made up…” “He did, and I can’t fucking believe big ole Kris and Colt fuck… I guess I can’t see Corey fucking a guy either, but I now accept that Corey’s gay. I guess I grew up since high school and am more accepting of all people. Corey’s proved over and over that he’s not defined by being gay,” JJ said. “Honestly JJ, he’s so happy you have. Every time you two are together I can see it,” I said. “It doesn’t make up for the shit we laid on him in high school,” JJ said. “Bro, you said you grew up. It’s in the past now,” Kris said. “Matt, I’ve talked JJ and Teague into sitting with us at the game since Colt has a few extra tickets.” “That’s awesome,” I said and took a drink of the coffee. “We might as well,” JJ said. “I’m looking forward to today so much. We go to the games but it’s usually just maybe four of us.” “Bro, you know you’re welcome to come and visit anytime. JJ, it’d be fucking sweet as hell say you and Teague come for Corey’s 21st birthday in January!” “Hmmm, we might just do that,” JJ said with Colt getting up from the air mattress in the living room, naked. He put on some boxers and grabbed something to drink, then joined us. Finally Corey, Bishop and Cody returned from the store. We did have to go wake up Ethan and Teague so we could start getting ready for the game. Soon there was nothing but half-dressed and naked college guys in the house while we tried to shower in the one bathroom they had. To make it a little faster, we did pair up, except for Bishop, Ethan and Cody. JJ and Teague weren’t excited about it but agreed it would be faster. As Bishop finished, he exited the bathroom. Ethan slapped his bare ass with a towel and made a ringing sound. “Bitch ass motherfucker!” Bishop yelled. He whipped off his towel and ran down the hall, naked, chasing Ethan. He got close and really popped Ethan across the back with a wet towel. “Fucking shit!” Ethan yelled reaching for his back. “It’s hurts, huh?” Bishop said. Kris stood and walked to get between them. “Alright, bros, enough of this shit, you’re even now. Ethan, what the fuck?” “Fuck your ass, Kris! I did it as a joke,” Ethan said, red faced with Kris between them. “Your damn joke fucking hurt!” Bishop screamed and walked away as I was watching all of this from the living room. Ethan walked away and headed off to get dressed. “Kris, I was thinking we may see a fight,” Teague said. “I would have been pissed too.” “I know I would have,” Kris said. “I saw it could get out of hand and needed to step in. It’s really not like them at all.” “I know. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Bishop ever raise his voice so he must have been pissed,” Corey said. “I was beginning to wonder if y’all were perfect,” Teague laughed. “I see you aren’t.” “Far from it,” I said. We finished getting ready with most of us, me included, wearing a team shirt or team colors to show our support. We loaded up two vehicles and drove to near the stadium to find parking. Our spot was a good ways from the stadium in a long open field, but there were many tailgaters around. We parked up and opened the rear of Kris’s SUV and JJ’s nice truck. There was plenty of food and drinks for all of us, with them going all out for this. As we were setting up, Kris said, “Bros, you know something, not all of us can drink since we’re driving back after the game.” “You know you don’t have to,” Teague said. “We know, but Colt and I are going bow huntin’ in the morning,” Kris added. “Since you mentioned it, you’re one of the DD’s,” Cody laughed. “It should be you,” Colt pointed and said. “I got the tickets, Kris drove us and we stayed with Corey’s buds.” “Damn, why did I open my mouth?” Cody said. “I guess I will if I have to.” I leaned over to Corey, “We’ll see if that happens.” Corey nodded and smiled. Ethan walked over to the big ice chest we had and lifted the top. “I didn’t bring any of it for you,” Bishop said, still holding a grudge. “Fuck you then,” Ethan said and slammed down the lid. “Why should I? You have yet to apologize to me,” Bishop said. Corey walked over and stood next to Bishop. “Ethan, if I were you, I would apologize to him. The way I saw it you started the entire thing.” “That’s the least he can do. Do you know how many times I bought for you?” Ethan lowered his head. He walked over and put his arm around Bishop. “Dude, I’m sorry. Corey’s right. I started this shit. Yeah you have bought for me, which I so appreciate, I’m not kissing your ass though.” “Okay, that’s all I wanted,” Bishop said. “Bros, we do need to appreciate him for just a little longer,” Kris said. “Then it’s fuck you Bishop we can buy ourselves, with Matt being the first one here.” We started eating since everyone was hungry, including me. We had lots of sandwich meat, bread and chips to fill my growling stomach. I took water, while most of the others had a beer. Kris had water as well, but I could see it was killing him not to be drinking. After we finished, we kicked back on JJ’s truck and Kris’s tailgate. The smell in the air was great, with grilling going on all around us. We had just had cookies to snack on while we sat and observed the others. Kris, Colt and Teague got antsy and left us there. “Remember last year Kris came back and had us all kinds of food,” Bishop said. “I remember, and we went to hang with some frat boys,” Corey said. After about twenty minutes or so, we spotted them walking back. Kris walked up and said, “Colt nearly got into a fight…” rus escort “Bunch of shit talkers `bout how we were getting our asses kicked today,” Colt said. “Yeah, we had to pull Colt away from one group,” Teague said. “Bro, have another beer and just chill,” Kris said. Colt walked over and grabbed two while he was there. He killed the first one in record time and let out a huge belch. “It was pretty cool, though,” Kris said. “Other than one group, it was just fans messing with us until we got by this group of guys who thought they were the shit. I walked away while Colt hollered at them.” “Telling me shit like our offense ain’t seen any defense like theirs. In case they forgot, our team is the undefeated one, not theirs. Hell, they’ve lost two games already this year,” Colt said. “You tell `em, Colt,” Ethan said. We finished and cleaned up before walking in the direction of the stadium with our tickets in hand. It was a good long walk to the old stadium that looked like it needed some updating. We found our gate on the opposite side and waded through the large crowd. Our seats were really good and were in the middle of our own fans. It was loud when we received the kick off being on the opponent’s home turf. We ran it back to about the thirty yard line before Luke and the offense trotted on the field. The sad sight was seeing Myles in street clothes on the sidelines. We knew he was very disappointed but were so thankful his ankle wasn’t broken like we feared the week before. The first drive, Luke was methodical and slung the ball all over the field until we reached the end zone. Our long scoring drive hushed the crowd for the time being. Then it was Ted’s turn to trot out and show his stuff. The very first play he was right in the hole and slammed the ball carrier to the turf. Our small section of fans cheered and continued doing so when our defense left the field after three plays. The rest of the first half was like that. Luke was on target all night and was hardly touched. Ted was back to being his normal self and was having his name announced over the PA system as the tackler. We were up by 31 to nil when the teams jogged off. “I wish I could find those assholes now,” Colt stated. “Bro, I think they know they’re getting their ass handed to them…” Kris said. “And some,” Ethan said. “We’re playing so fucking awesome. I’m glad I’m here.” “JJ and Teague, you’re seeing our real team,” Colt said and was almost hoarse. “Yeah, I guess we are,” JJ said. “Good thing I’m not into this like y’all are. Corey, you and Matt really get into this.” “It’s fun, plus we know the key guys,” Corey stated. Once the second half started, it was more of the same. Our team was on a major roll and we loved it. By the start of the fourth quarter, our starters took a seat since we were ahead by forty eight points, thus it was a real blow out. I turned to Corey, “Maybe we should leave. We can get back at a decent time.” Corey smiled, “We don’t go to sleep until one or after.” Colt then said, “Let’s go. In case you forget, I’m goin huntin in the morning.” “See,” I said. We exited the stadium but were not alone, with many of the home team fans filing out as well. It took what seemed like forever to find our vehicles. “Boy, I wish y’all were here one more night,” JJ said in his truck. “JJ, me too, but we have plans,” Corey said. “I understand,” JJ said. “Let’s do this again sometime.” “We will,” I said. “Kris brought up a good thing. Y’all need to come for Corey’s birthday.” “We might just do that just as long as we aren’t dragged to some gay club,” Teague stated. Corey laughed, “First, there has to be one within a hundred miles for us to do that. I know it’s a drive but you know you’re welcome anytime.” “We’ll for sure consider coming to your party, Corey,” JJ said as we left the parking lot. We drove back to their house and got out after Corey and his two friends talked about home while we fought the traffic. All the while, I sat listening and knowing how much they really did enjoy being together. Once we parked to go in and get our things, I pulled Corey aside. “Listen. We can wait and go camping later tomorrow. They really do enjoy having us around. I understand that Kris and Colt have plans, but ours can wait.” Corey grabbed me and kissed me. “I just knew you were looking forward to us going camping…” “I am. We can just stay the night and get up tomorrow to go.” Corey kissed me again. He took my hand and led us inside. “JJ, Matt and I are going to stay. I have room so if you wanna stay you can.” “I’ll stay since I ain’t got shit else to do,” Bishop said. “I would but I promised I’d be home Sunday,” Ethan said. “Ummm… I can hang around a little,” Cody said. “Hold on,” Kris said. “Cody’s staying but Ethan’s not.” “Fuck you, bitch. We’re not like Matt and Corey,” Cody said. “I was just kidding, bro,” Kris said. “I guess we better get a move on it. Colt and I have to get up fucking early tomorrow.” “It sucks but it won’t if I get a nice buck,” Colt said. “Thanks a million,” Kris said and walked over to JJ. “Bro, I’m expecting to see you soon.” “I think you will,” JJ said. Colt and Ethan said goodbye and thanks before they left to head back to our complex. By now, Cody and Bishop had a beer in their hand. “Kris, you be careful,” I said. “I will, and don’t worry about me. I’m glad you’ve decided to stay. Y’all have fun,” Kris said. TO BE CONTINUED… I hope you enjoyed `Junior 22′ in my long running series of “Rooming with My Best Friend”. I continue to enjoy all your emails and try to respond to each one. I really appreciate my regular emailers and also love hearing from those who just found my story from all around the world. I’m very thankful for those who have stuck with me throughout this very long. It wouldn’t be as long if not for all the encouragement I’ve been given. Be sure to put “Rooming” or something like that so it doesn’t go to my spam folder. Please sign up for the emails on my website if you don’t want to miss the next chapter plus read many other hot stories about `Rooming’ and its many characters written by various fans/authors. Some are tie ins and some are fantasy ones that people would like to see happen. You are always welcome to write me at: hoo. I sincerely appreciate it each email and will respond to each one. Please if you could I know NIFTY would really appreciate your donations. It would help keep this wonderful site alive and going.

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