Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 06


I stared at Barry and felt quite surprised. After everything I had said, he was asking me if I wanted a divorce!

“Do you?” I asked softly.

He looked down at the floor as if contemplating his answer.

“No, I love you, and we have got a lovely home here. I don’t want to lose you Julie.”

He brushed away a tear. I moved between his parted legs and pulled his face to my belly. He felt hot even through my top. Then he started sobbing. I cradled his head and lightly began stroking his hair.

“Barry don’t you ever call me a slut again,” I said softly.

Later in bed I felt him cuddle into my back as I lay trying to predict when the numbers on the digital clock would change.

“Julie? Everything you said about Jason and the guys, was that the truth?”

I took a deep breath.

“Yes,” was all I could say?

So life carried on and I made it up with Barry. It was hard going for a few days but he seemed determined to make a fresh start. He was still worried about losing his job, even after I had reassured him several times, that I wouldn’t leave him if he did get the sack.

So there I was washing up, and dreaming of what I could do with the redundancy money, when I was distracted by things outside. Now next door to us lived a widower Jack Green, a disgusting man in his 60’s. He was always leering at me like dirty old men do. It seemed to amuse my husband who would spend time leaning on the fence talking to him.

Green was having his 67th birthday barbecue with his family. Barry had asked me to get a card for him but it slipped my mind, well I had to get my hair done, and my favourite soap was on telly. I had seen his daughter and her husband leave earlier, and now it was just the old man and his 17 year old grandson left. God he was a little shit too, ‘Thug boy’ I called him. He and his little gang were always up to no good. Stealing from the local shops and picking on people. The police seemed to be unable to catch him. So I watched him get out of the garden chair, and he launches a half eaten burger over into my garden! Then I watched as he took a gulp of beer, he then giggled and reached over to my washing line, and then tips the can of beer into my panties leaving it there to drain through them. By the time I got outside to give him a mouthful he had left, no doubt to nick something or harass someone.

“Ah Mr Green, look what your grandson has done!” I snapped.

Before he had a chance to answer I explained the whole series of events. Green looked from my beer stained panties to the half eaten burger I was holding in my yellow rubber glove.

“You can have the burger,” he said with a grin.

So he thinks it’s funny! I narrowed my eyes.

“Well I’ll take your knickers and wash them for you if you want?”

The thought of him handling my underwear made me shudder. He offered his hand to take the burger. I moved purposely to the fence, cursing my high heels for sinking into the soft turf and making me wobble and look stupid. Green just smirked as I stumbled and made a grab for the fence. I slapped the bun into his hand, and to my shock he took a bite!

“That has been in the dirt,” I mumbled in disbelief.

“So? Why don’t you take a bite?”

I screwed my face up. Just the thought of it made my stomach turn.

“See I’ve got something that belongs to you Julie,” he said chewing noisily.

I watched his eyes drop to my tits, only this time he didn’t try to hide it.

“Barry gave me a video about the war, only when I put it on, well; let’s just say it was more exciting than I thought it would be.”

I shook my head not sure what he was on about. Then gradually it sunk in. I remembered Barry saying something about taping a war program the day, before I had put the video of Carl in the player, konyaaltı üniversiteli escort and I had forgotten to remove it.

“You know you really looked like you were enjoying yourself,” he said revelling in my horror.

Knowing he had probably watched the video from start to finish, and all the things that he would have seen me do made my blood run cold.

“Could I have it back. Please? I stammered. “You must be very frustrated. I mean the way you yelled at your poor husband.”

“Mr Green that’s my property, it belongs to me and I want it back,” I said firmly.

“And that German student boy you tied to the bed,” He added ignoring my demand.

“He was 18, and that was just a game,” I said defending myself.

Green just grinned at me, or rather my tits.

“That’s as maybe but I’m sure his parents and the police might like to see it. I mean you did force him.”

“That was made up. I, I didn’t really, and besides Carl was not under age,” I gulped trying to defend myself further.

“Well I seem to remember some woman a few years ago getting herself into all sorts of trouble. You must remember Julie? Did she go to prison?”

“No!” I snapped.

“Well I just hope you are as lucky,” he sniggered.

I was shaking with fear now. The thought of being dragged through the courts by Carl’s angry parents was too much to take. Even if I did get off with it my reputation would be in shreds. Barry! What would he think when he saw the evidence?

“What do you want?” I asked finally dreading the answer.

“Well for a start maybe you would like a bite of this burger?” he whispered.

“But it’s been in the dirt, and I, I don’t like ketchup,” I mumbled weakly.

I watched him raise the burger to his mouth and much to my horror he licked it.

“No ketchup now Julie,” he said with a grin.

I moved forward eyeing the cold limp burger with grass on it.

“You’ll give me the video?” I asked smelling the cold meat inches from my nose.

“Tomorrow you can come round and collect it,” he replied.

I hesitated.

“I know your friends might like to see the tape, maybe your mum too?”

I opened my trembling lips, and closed my eyes. I winced as the cold meat and bun made contact with my mouth. I was trembling and feeling sick. Then I felt something move in my mouth. Before I could back away Green held onto the back of my head. One of his dirty, disgusting fingers was in my mouth. It wriggled around slowly.

“Don’t bite yet Julie,” he mumbled.

I stood still whimpering as his finger explored my mouth.

“Oh that’s it my pretty one,” he groaned.

I twisted out of his grasp unable to take his words, or his horrid digit invading my mouth. I opened my eyes and they started to fill with tears.

“Please will you, give me the video, n, now?” I begged.

“Tomorrow I want you dressed in that short skirt, wearing tights which you seem to like, and with make-up nice and thick. Then when we have had some fun you will get the video back.”

“Oh Jesus you’re sick!” I shrieked.

“Maybe, But I didn’t make a video forcing some poor student into a sex act he didn’t want to happen.”

“But he did!” I cried.

“Well not according to the tape Julie. Now if you are not at my house by 10 o’clock, I will be taking a little trip to the police station.”

He began to move away.

“Mr Green!” I said calling him back.

He stopped and turned round. I closed my eyes dreading what I was going to say.

“You promise to give me the video?”

He nodded.

“That will be the only time, we have…” my voice tailed off.

“Julie I fought in the war for people like you. Lots of men, brave men, died. But the kurtköy escort one thing we had back then was honour, and I am a man of my word. This will be the only time.”

He walked away leaving me to trudge back into the house. I sat numb for most of the day. I cried from time to time, just hoping I could summon the courage to go through with it.

I could hardily sleep that night. Barry had been too wrapped up in his fears about redundancy to notice I was worrying about something else. I knew I had to get the video back, and I couldn’t turn to anyone else for help. This was my problem, and as usual I would have to sort it out.

The following morning Barry brought me a cup of tea in bed.

“Well today’s the day.”

“What!” I shrieked, thinking he knew something.

He looked at me a little oddly.

“Don’t worry love, I’m sure I’ll find another job if it is me. Well I’m sure it will be. Julie?”

“S, Sorry yes well good luck.”

I began to sob as the front door closed. This could be the worst day of my life. If it wasn’t to be, then I dreaded to think what that would entail!

I moved passed Green into his kitchen, we hadn’t spoken to each other, I couldn’t even face him.

“Coat,” he said.

I unbuckled the belt.

“I get the video?” I asked.

“Yes. Now take your coat off.”

He threw it on the back of a chair. Then walked slowly around me inspecting what I was wearing. My make-up was heavier than usual. I wore a vest top in green, no bra; well I didn’t see the point. The black miniskirt he had asked me to put on, and black tights with green high heels.

“You look lovely Julie, are you wearing knickers?” he asked with a grin.

I closed my eyes and swallowed, cringing at what he had just asked me.

“No,” I whimpered faintly.

I jumped and shot forward a few steps after feeling his hands on my shoulders.

“Relax Julie; you don’t want to upset old Jack do you?”

I felt his hands on my waist, and his nose nuzzling into the back of my head. He sniffed my hair as I cringed. I twisted away but he held me firmly.

“You know the deal sweetheart. I bet hubby hasn’t seen the part with the boy has he?” he groaned in my ear.

His hands trailed slowly up onto my breasts. I just stood still almost not breathing. He let out a long low moan as he squeezed my tits together. I felt his left hand slip down again until it left my body. His right hand gripped my right breast and he pulled me slowly round to face him.

“Open those pretty eyes,” he commanded softly.

I swallowed hard and opened my eyes. He grinned then dropped slowly to his knees.

“Now lift that sexy little skirt and show me your love box.”

You fucking gross little man I thought. I looked down at his bald scabby head.

“Do you promise to give the video?”

“Oh yes.”

“And that this will never happen again?”

“I promise.”

I gulped and took hold of the hem of my skirt. I began to raise it slowly, feeling the light material glide up my pantyhose encased thighs.

“Oh, very nice,” he enthused gazing straight at my fanny.

“Uh,” I whimpered as a shaking finger traced along my lips.

“Oh Julie you are so beautiful,” his voiced trembled.

I watched quaking as he bent forward. He groaned at the same time as his 67 year old lips kissed my cunt. His nose rubbed through my tights onto my clit. I grabbed the work top behind me with one hand, while the other held my skirt up. He kissed, and licked, and pushed his nose up and down over my clit. If this had been anyone else I would have grabbed his head and jammed it hard into my cunt. No, this was a dirty old man slobbering between my legs.

“My your love box smells and ankara kurtuluş escort tastes as sweet and I imagined,” he said with a mouthful of my cunt.

His other hand began to slide up my calf, and then onto the back of my knee dragging my tights up my leg until they sprang back down. His trembling hand moved up still further onto my thigh, and then found the target of my ass.

“Oh that’s a good girl,” he panted.

I suddenly realised what he was referring to. I had pushed myself away from the worktop, and had pulled the back of my skirt up so he could get at my ass! I pushed his head away disgusted with my actions. He just looked up at me with a lust filled grin.

“Maybe you are right,” he said probably realising he should just get on with it.

I looked down nervously to see his hand that was stroking my foot. But it wasn’t his hand it was his cock! I tried to pull away but he had already grabbed my ankle.

“No, you stay there my lovely tart.”

His words echoed through my head. I wasn’t ‘his lovely’ anything! I growled in my head.

I fought back the temptation to kick his balls into next week. At least if he came now I wouldn’t have that smelly uncircumcised cock up me. I took a trembling deep breath and gathered myself for what I wanted to do. I kicked off my court shoe from my free foot, and then slowly placed my shoeless foot on his hard dick. He looked at my foot and slowly took his hand away. I was now rubbing him between the top of one foot, and the nylon clad sole, and shoe of the other. He seemed mesmerised by my actions.

“Oh fucking hell!” he gasped.

I really don’t know who was more shocked. The fucking disgusting old pervert. Or me! I could feel my tights slip over his sweaty hard cock. Every time I pulled my foot back, my painted toes left the end of my tights. When I pushed forward, they slipped into the darker part of the nylon. God I could even hear a faint rasping coming from what I was doing. The friction of my tights running over his cock, actually tickled the sole of my foot in an erotic way! I saw beads of sweat on his bald head. Why the fuck couldn’t he have been some dreamy hunk? No, I had to be tossing off a fucking pervert!

“Oh fuck you are good!” he moaned.

“Am I?” I whispered.

“Y, Yes!”

I began rubbing quicker and quicker. The noise from my tights slipping over his cock was getting louder and louder. I rubbed harder too, putting real force onto his dick, so much so that just this motion alone was causing his whole body to wobble. He began to wince once or twice.

“No you keep it there you old bastard!” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“Oh!” he whimpered.

“You wanted this now fucking well take it!”

He began panting in short breaths. Then I watched as he grabbed my empty shoe and pressed it to his nose inhaling deeply.

“Oh you sick fuck!” I snapped in disgust.

I saw his tongue working into my shoe, as he licked and sniffed hard.

“Like my sweaty feet do you, you dirty old man?”

“Oh yeah, oh fuck!”

“God I fucking hate you! I hope your bollocks drop off!” I yelled.

He started to mumble, and his whole body began to quiver. That’s when I felt the lubrication between my feet. At first it was just a wetness, and then a slick feeling, as I squashed my feet hard together trapping his dick.

“SHIT!” He yelled.

“You bastard, nobody fucks with me, not a snivelling little worm like you!” I sneered.

I looked down panting heavily trying to regain the energy I had spent. My eyes focused on the white mess mashed between my toes, it had been forced up from underneath. My black tights held a wet look glaze trapped in the mesh. I had held my breath when I saw the outcome of my actions. I almost had to remember to breath now. I wriggled my toes, and immediately wished I hadn’t as the spunk oozed around them. My pretty painted toes now tainted and violated by the shaking creep at my feet. Even the sole of my foot tingled like mad after all the physical exertion of what I had done.

But as I calmed down I became aware of something far more disturbing, the state of my soaked, sticky cunt!

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