Juicy Lucy part 2


Juicy Lucy part 2Just as the sun was setting I walked through the gate into Lucy’s garden to be greeted by the site of her sitting at a table drinking a cold drink, she was now wearing a light summer dress and as I would soon find out little else.Her gaze never left me as I approached her, she offered me a drink which I accepted and we sat and talked. She told me that after I left earlier she had doubts about this evening as she’s happily married and has never been unfaithful claiming putting what happened earlier down to the warm weather, but all that changed when I turned up.I smiled at her and pulled my chair up nearer to hers, leaned into her and gently kissed her lips at the same time resting my hand on her leg just below the hem of her dress, she eluded a little sigh and kissed back.I slowly ran my hand up under her dress and up her thigh, expecting to encounter panties I was surprised that for a woman who had second thoughts about taking if further was knicker less. As soon as my fingers touched her pussy she wrapped her arms around my neck and her thighs parted giving me better access to her pussy that was already wet, I located her clit and gave it a little rub at which see flung her head back and gave a big sigh pushing me away she got up and walked towards the kaçak iddaa lounger discarding her dress as she went. Settling herself down she beckoned me over to her I went to her and stood in front of her, my cock hard and protruding through my shorts she reached out and pulled them down my cock sprang up and she immediately took hold and slowly started to wank me she looked up into my eyes with a nervous look on her face and asked if she could put it in her mouth saying that her husband never wanted her to suck him, I nodded to which she stuck out her tongue and gave the head a lick, smiled then opened her mouth and took just the head in. After a second she slid her lips a bit further down my shaft taking more into her mouth when she was happy she started to give a really nice blowjob (for someone who hadn’t given one beforehand) After about 10 mins I could feel myself on the brink so pulled myself from her she seemed disappointed but I told her I wanted to return the favour to which she laid back on the lounger and spread her legs, I took of my clothes and got down on my knees I could smell her sex and see that she was dripping wet I nestled my head between her thighs and started to lick her pussy she shuddered and told me that I was the first person to lick her, this kaçak bahis made me more determined to give her what she needed. I found her clit and flicked at it whilst inserting a finger into her, she grabbed hold of my head and pull me into her grinding her pussy against my face I drew her clit into my mouth and started sucking on it bringing a load sigh from her. Without warning she came and squirted soaking my face, bucking and writhing until her orgasm subsided and she lay back panting and breathing. I needed to fuck this woman so I reached down and took her hand pulled her to her feet and kissed her lips and led her over to a table told her to turn a face away from me I wanted to fuck her from behind she placed her hands on the table bent over with her sweet peachy ass stuck out, she spread her legs and braced herself I rubbed my cock up and down her slit teasing Lucy until she demanded in as stern but soft voice to fuck her like she’d never been fucked before. I pushed my cock into her pussy which to my surprise was a quite tight and started to slowly fuck her, I reached round and played with her tits pulling and pinching her nips. Lucy was loving, this squealing and urging me to fuck her harder she reached down behind her and grabbed hold of my balls causing me to stop illegal bahis with my cock inside her and she started to use her cunt muscles to grip my cock like a sort of pussy wank. With her doing this I had to return the favour so to speak so I wet a finger and rubbed her ass hole getting it wet before slowly pushing it into her, there was some resistance before her hole parted and my finger disappeared into herLucy let out another big sigh and came she let go of my balls to steady herself as her orgasm ripped through body, she started to move her self back and forth fucking herself on my cock and finger that was too much for me and I could feel myself ready to shoot my load I pulled my finger from her ass grabbed hold of her hips and pounded her my balls slapping against her thighs. Close to cumming I asked Lucy was she ok for me to shoot inside her, yes cum inside me she said so a few strokes later I emptied the contents of my balls deep inside her she just kept fucking me until with another squeal she came slumping forward causing my cock to plop out of her. We both just stood recovering our composure my cum dripping out of her and running down her legs. After a few minutes she turned round, a contented look on her face kissed and thanked me then walked inside I went to follow but she stopped me and told me to go.I got dressed and left not sure if this would lead to anything.That was 13 years ago, we never got together again until a few weeks ago.I will post part 3 soon

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