Journey into Cuckoldry – Sinful Seventeen – Part 1


It was Friday evening, two weeks after that amazing night in which my lovely, unfaithful wife Alice and our friend Julie had spent the evening playing the role of high class prostitutes in a smart bar in town. The night when both girls were supposed to have been picked up by strangers, have taken their ‘clients’ across the road to a nearby apartment hotel where they were to do whatever those strangers demanded and been paid for their work like common whores.It was a night that had gone significantly wrong for one of the yummy mummies, whose planned lover had arrived late, leading to her picking up a genuine punter and prostituting herself for real.Being our family’s ‘Movie Night’, Alice and I were spending the evening in town but, for a change, we were without our two kids so were taking maximum advantage of the opportunity. Both our son and daughter were with friends, one at a birthday sleepover, the other camping for the weekend. We were having our first ‘date night’ in months.The early dinner in our favourite Italian restaurant had been delicious, candle-lit, romantic and long overdue. The waiter had recognised us despite our long absence. Well, had he recognised Alice who had been there with Steve before a recent passionate date but despite that memory it had been a lovely start to the evening; delicious food, superb wine and, for me, the loveliest companion imaginable.Dressed comfortably in tight jeans, a tight top, short-cut leather jacket and knee length boots, my wife looked simply stunning. The eyes of almost every man we passed and many women too scanned up and down her slender, sexy body.But her hand was firmly in mine.However she might behave in private, in public Alice was most definitely my wife. Only a small number of men knew our secret; that from time to time, my sweet, innocent, pretty wife became an unfaithful, cock-hungry slut for whom I was a willing, perhaps even eager cuckold. That number was growing but I could live with it.After dinner, we walked from the restaurant to the cinema hand-in-hand in the darkness, talking about work things and family things like the normal, faithful couple most people imagined us to be. We queued for tickets, sitting side by side in the darkness enjoying the movie, cuddled during the romantic bits and held hands during the scary scenes.I even managed to grope her upper thigh a number of times too, as I used to do when we were first together which had added to my enjoyment considerably. Alice put up only token resistance and, as my fingers danced over her upper thighs in the darkness, I wondered how many unsuspecting wives had, like our friend Julie, been seduced by Carmen and Steve in cinemas like this.After the movie we were feeling so mellow and content that we decided to go for a walk along the riverbank followed by a drink in a bar before getting a taxi home where, I hoped and expected, we would have some sweet, loving sex.If I was really lucky, we would do it bareback rather than using the ribbed and studded condoms my wife usually insisted on. I loved the feel of her unprotected, well-lubricated flesh against mine, my cock buried deep in her amazing body, feeling the warm tightness around my shaft that should have been mine alone, but which was now familiar to an increasing number of other men.Bareback or not, making love with my wife in any way was always a real treat for me, though Alice seldom even approached orgasm herself without the judicious use of my mouth and tongue.Indeed the evening had been so romantically ‘normal’ that the subject of illicit sex and our unconventional cuckold lifestyle hadn’t arisen at all. It wasn’t until we passed a brightly-lit window in the town centre on our way back from the silently-flowing river that we realised we had both instinctively headed for the same place: The Bar!As we paused outside the door, our eyes met and messages flashed at light-speed between us.This was the bar in which, on New Year’s Eve, my wife and our friend Julie had been mistaken for prostitutes and propositioned by a complete stranger. It was the bar in which only two weeks ago, the two girls had played the whore again, this time as high-class call girls waiting to meet their clients.The whole thing was intended to be a sophisticated role play; the girls’ ‘client’s for the evening were to be two friends of Carmen from London who would chat them up, agree a rate then be taken to a nearby apartment hotel where the girls would have to satisfy their clients’ every whim as a real whore would. They would be paid well for their efforts too, adding to the verisimilitude of the event.The event had gone exceptionally well as far as my wife was concerned; her client had been tall, attractive, well dressed and had gone on to deliver a powerful fucking both front and back that had left her dazed but very satisfied.It had gone less well for Julie whose intended client had been forced to return to London following an accident on the motorway. This message had not got through to us in the bar however and Julie had unwittingly become a real whore, taking a complete stranger back to the apartment where she had been spectacularly and noisily fucked by him and paid by him in an unwitting act of real prostitution.By the time the message warning us of the planned client’s accident, actually reached us it was far too late to intervene; Julie and her real punter had been having sex for nearly a full hour. When the unknown man finally left and a deeply satisfied Julie had joined Alice and me in the apartment’s kitchen to learn of her mistake, she been stunned.Stunned but apparently not horrified.Neither of us had seen Julie since that evening; she had missed the planned get-together the following Sunday. Not even Carmen had heard from her apart from a text message to say she was alright. Both my wife and the She-Devil had tried to make contact but their calls hadn’t been returned.Eventually we assumed that her experience had shaken Julie so much that she needed a break from her co-conspirators to spend a little time in a ‘normal’ marriage.Not so Alice. My wife had really enjoyed the evening; her client had been very attractive, very generous with his cash and, as Carmen had promised, very effective indeed in bed as the state of my wife’s body the following morning had testified.The buzz her night as a whore had generated had lasted well; for the last two weeks our sex life had soared to the extent that, with the assistance of those ribbed condoms and a considerable amount of oral attention to begin with, I had actually brought her to orgasm with my cock. Twice!As almanbahis şikayet a result, the evening had been a great success for us both and we were as close as a cuckolding-couple could be as we reached the bar’s noisy entrance. I was about to pull open the door for her when Alice came to a stop so abruptly that I cannoned into her on the pavement.“Look!” she hissed.“What?” I snapped. “You nearly tripped me over!”“Sorry,” she said excitedly. “Look!”She pointed animatedly through the window of the bar. I stared hard where her finger indicated but saw nothing of interest. It was very busy inside; so many laughing, talking and drinking revellers that it was hard to make out anyone in particular but Alice was insistent so I persevered.“Where? I asked. “Who? There’s so many people I can’t see…”“On a stool at the bar!” she said, tugging my sleeve.I looked again and, as if on cue the crowd parted; just for a few seconds but it was enough.“Jesus!” I gasped.There, sitting on a bar stool, her long legs crossed so high that her stocking tops were clearly visible, was our friend Julie. She was wearing the same short, dark blue dress in which she had played the whore during our recent role-play evening, but this time she was alone. Her make-up was sophisticated but slightly overdone; her jewellery just a little gaudy without being tarty. Her breasts, already much larger due to her recent childbirth were presented superbly and brazenly by whatever bra she was wearing.Julie’s dark hair fell across her shoulders as she chatted to a smartly-dressed older man in a lounge suit, her hand constantly on his forearm, rubbing it slowly. Her sweet, pretty face was raised to his and on it was the most engaged, aroused and excited face I had ever seen on a woman.She was clearly in her element. I searched the bar with my eyes for any sign of her husband or even for Carmen but with no success.“She’s on her own; at least I can’t see anyone we know with her,” I whispered.“Neither can I.”“Oh my God! Do you think she’s…” I began but my wife butted in.“Doing it again? For real this time?”As we watched, Julie swivelled slowly on the stool until her long, stocking-clad legs were touching the man’s thigh. His hand fell casually to her knee and I could see the monstrously high heels on her feet.“Well? Is she?” I asked my eyes fixed on the scene.“It looks like it,” Alice replied as if awestruck. “Oh my God! Who’d had thought it? Julie’s actually playing the whore for real.”We stood side by side staring through the brightly-lit window. The crowds closed around them for a moment, blocking our view. When they opened again, Julie had risen to her feet. In her killer heels, she simply towered above her would-be-client; his face was now raised to hers but there were smiles on both. Whatever deal they had agreed was satisfactory to both of them.I felt Alice’s hand slip into mine as we watched Julie and the man who was about to be her punter walk slowly across the bar towards the door.“Quick!” Alice hissed, pulling me into the darkness of a narrow passageway alongside the building.From our hiding place we could clearly see the unexpected whore and her new client leave the bar. The man, who must have been in his mid-fifties, held the door open politely for our friend who took his arm as they approached the kerb.Alice’s little hand squeezed mine tightly as the illicit couple walked slowly along the street to the hotel in which the New Year Ball had been held. They paused on the threshold for a moment, then the automatic doors slid open and they went inside.The doors closed behind them.“Oh my God!” Alice said, letting out a noisy breath of air.“I know,” I replied. “And did you see the look on her face?”“Jesus yes! As if she’d never been so turned on!”“And the way she moved. I’ve never seen anything so sexy,” I said then immediately followed with: “Apart from when I’m watching you of course.”Alice frowned.“And it’s not as if he was anything special,” she said.“I’m hardly in a position to know!”“Trust me, Cucky-Boy. He isn’t!” my wife said earnestly.“Maybe he’s rich?”“Maybe. He didn’t look rich,” Alice replied doubtfully, then snorted. “And I thought I was an easy…”Her voice faded.“Jesus!” was all I could add.We stood squeezed together in the dark alley, staring at the hotel where, presumably, the man had taken Julie up to his room for a few hours of illicit sexual fun. I assumed those hours would be rather expensive.Crushed against her in the darkness, I could feel the heat of my wife’s body against mine and the sweet smell of her hair against my face. Her tightly covered buttocks were pressed against my groin with the predictable result.“You’re getting really turned on by this,” Alice said, cupping my swelling lump in her hand.“Aren’t you?” I asked in return, my hands on her tiny breasts. “Aren’t you feeling envious of our young friend, even though he’s nothing special?”“You bet I am,” she replied, rubbing her body against mine in the darkness. “It’s a pity…”“That Carmen’s not here with one of her London swingers?” I finished the sentence for her.“You know me too well,” she laughed.I sighed loudly.“Well, if you’re going to have to make do with me tonight, we’d better get you in the mood first. How about a few more drinks? We haven’t got drunk in town together for a long time.”“I thought you’d never ask,” she smiled, giving my trapped erection a malicious tweak.Forty minutes later we were sitting opposite each other in the now-infamous booth in the bar Julie had just left, the second round of large, strong, ostentatious cocktails before us. We were both feeling more than a little squiffy, as Alice liked to put it.The bar was quite busy but the early evening revellers were heading home leaving plenty of room for the more hardened drinkers and those heading on to clubs.On the table between us was Alice’s mobile phone on which she had been conducting a brief text message conversation with our tormentor, Carmen, bringing her up to speed regarding Julie. The She-Devil herself was in London and had just returned from having dinner with some of her friends including, it appeared, the man who was supposed to have been Julie’s ‘client’ only two weeks ago. He had been very disappointed and was keen to make another booking with the ‘two whores’.“From what we’ve just seen, that won’t be too difficult to arrange,” I said.My beautiful wife giggled and gave me a knowing wink. I watched her surreptitiously and admiringly as she sucked on the long pink straw, drawing large amounts of the green, alcohol-rich fluid into her mouth.My tummy ached as, once again, I almanbahis canlı casino realised how much I loved and adored this incredible woman. From her long, blonde hair past her deeply mischievous, though now slightly misty eyes and red, shapely lips to the slender, almost androgynous body beneath its tightly fitting clothes,She was unquestionably the sexiest creature I had ever known.It really didn’t matter that her boyish body was shared with other men; that the mouth that was now sucking up her cocktail had unquestionably sucked other men’s cocks; that the vagina through which both our children had been borne had received other men’s erections many times or that the bottom on which she now perched almost childishly, had only recently been penetrated by a stranger’s penis.None of this mattered; Alice was still my wife. It was me she came home to after every infidelity; me she had chosen to give her children; me to whom she regularly said the three magic words: I love you.“Is this a romantic evening for two, or can we join you?”The familiar female voice behind me made me jump. Alice looked up and I span round to see our new friends Hilary and Clive standing smiling next to our booth.I rose quickly to my feet and received a more-than-just-friendly kiss on the mouth while Clive bent low over the booth to peck Alice on the cheek. My wife and I quickly exchanged glances; my eyebrows raised in silent question; her response a wan smile and almost imperceptible shrug of the shoulders.“Please…” Alice said, waving to the vacant places next to us in the booth. “It’s great to see you.”I could hear the slight slur in her voice and grinned as our two friends settled down, Hilary extremely close to me, Clive alongside Alice, a more discreet distance apart.“So what are you two up to?” Hilary asked brightly, her hand immediately on my thigh under the table.Alice told her about our ‘date night’. Hilary smiled.“Well I hope it ends as well as it started,” she said, giving my wife a knowing grin and my thigh a hard squeeze.From her tone of voice I could tell she had been no stranger to alcohol that night either.The waitress arrived at our table and more drinks were ordered. To my surprise, Alice ordered a third cocktail. I gave her a look suggesting she might have already had enough and was met with a mischievous frown and a stuck-out tongue.We chatted animatedly while the drinks were brought and even more animatedly as we sipped them, Hilary’s hand slowly working its way up my thigh towards my groin. It appeared that our two friends had been to an awards dinner for Clive’s work. He was due to retire soon and had just been given a ‘lifetime contribution to the industry’ type of prize. Although she was joking, I could tell Hilary really was proud of her pleasant but balding and overweight husband.“That’s why we booked a room over the road,” she was saying. “There’s no point going to these events if you have to drive home afterwards and can’t enjoy yourselves.”I looked across at Alice; Hilary had certainly not held herself back much if her slurred speech was anything to go by, but my glance was met with an equally tipsy expression on my wife’s face. We talked for an hour or so more about inconsequential but enjoyable things while sipping yet another round of drinks as the bar emptied around us.With fewer revellers to overhear, the increased privacy allowed other, more sensitive subjects to arise. At first obliquely, but then more and more directly, the subject of the New Year Ball arose followed inevitably by references to our last close encounter; the night I had tried to live up to the reputation Carmen had given me for being good at oral sex.That memorable night I had serviced Hilary with my mouth and tongue, while her husband watched, and my wife was fucked noisily and comprehensively by Carmen’s husband Steve in the room next door.My contribution had stopped once Hilary had enjoyed several climaxes and, to my astonishment, had even squirted in my face in what had been my first ever glimpse of a female ejaculation.Being Cucky-Boy, my cock, though hard, had remained steadfastly in my shorts.To my surprise, Alice seemed to glow with pride as my cunnilingual prowess was confirmed by Hilary’s hushed words and wide-eyed expression. It seems that. In all their years as swingers, she had only reached that level of abandon once before, and that had been a long time ago.Of course, once a sexual frisson had entered the conversation it remained there; every second sentence was deemed to have a ‘double-entendre’ and much giggling ensued, especially from the two girls who by now had passed through squiffy and were most definitely drunk.By the time last orders were called at the bar, Hilary’s hand had been cupping my groin for a good half hour and I suspected Clive had been fondling my wife’s thighs under the table too.“We’d better order a taxi,” I said eventually as the lights behind the bar were dimmed. “They’ll be hard to find this time of night.”“Why don’t you join us?” Hilary suddenly asked brightly as if the idea had just occurred to her. “Why not stay here? There’s plenty of room.”My eyes flashed across to my wife’s. Alice was hadn’t heard Hilary properly; she broke off from her animated conversation with Clive, and returned my gaze, puzzled.“Hilary has invited us…” I began.“I asked if you would like to spend the night with Clive and me,” Hilary interrupted. “In our room; we have two double beds.”The words could have been taken as innocuous, but delivered by Hilary with that look on her face and the overtly sexual body language she was adopting, it could only mean one thing; she wanted to swap partners for the night.“Oh! I um… I mean we… I’m not sure…” my wife began to mumble.Alice had told me weeks ago that she did not fancy Clive at all, and that she most definitely wouldn’t want to sleep with him. Indeed on the night I had delivered those orgasms that Hilary apparently so badly wanted to repeat, my wife had been serviced by her first lover Steve instead of simply swapping partners.She was clearly very unsure what to say but to my eye, in her current state was nowhere near as repulsed by the idea as she had previously been.“Are you too tired,” I asked, trying to give her an excuse to decline the offer.“Well, not really…” she replied to my amazement.I had given her a route out, but she hadn’t taken it. Was Alice really contemplating our first wife-swap?Sensing her uncertainty, Hilary gave Alice a strange grin and beckoned with her finger. She leaned across the table, a puzzled expression on her face, holding almanbahis casino back her long hair as Hilary whispered something in her ear. Alice’s expression changed from puzzlement to disbelief as she sat back in her seat.“Seriously?” she asked the older woman.Hilary nodded.“Oh yes. It’s quite… unusual.“Well…” Alice’s reluctance was crumbling.“You won’t regret it, I promise,” her friend whispered just loud enough for me to overhear. “Can we have some more drinks, Clive? Better make them soft ones.”Clive and I exchanged glances and frowns but of course both rose to go to bar and refresh the girls’ glasses before it closed for the night. When we returned, they had clearly been talking about us because there was a girlish, highly sexualised frisson between them. They kept looking at the pair of us and giggling.“Is she always like this,” I asked Clive jokingly, nodding towards his wife.“When she’s in that kind of mood, yes,” he replied with an exaggerated air of exasperation.Hilary rose rather unstably to her feet. My wife followed suit.“And I’m in that kind of mood tonight, boys. Alice and I are going up to the room for ten minutes,” she announced in a slurred voice, taking her newly-arrived glass in her hand. “We’ll send you a message when we’re ready. You two can keep yourselves amused down here. Talk about cars or something boring, okay?”I looked at my wife who seemed to have become a teenager again if the giggling was anything to go by.“See you later CB,” she said, running her finger under my chin in the style of a ‘fifties American movie.And with that the two skinny girls meandered their unsteady was across the bar towards the lift; the older woman in the short, tight-fitting dress arm in arm with the younger, sexy piece in tight jeans and boots.The next half hour (when did girls ever get ready for anything in ten minutes) was one of the strangest in my life. How on earth do you make conversation with a man whose wife’s cunt you expect shortly to fuck perform cunnilingus on, while he sits there in the expectation of fucking your own wife at the same time?Thankfully, as a more experienced swinger, Clive must have been in this position many times before and was adept at putting me at my ease without in any way ruining the sexual frisson that had built up between the four of us.We chatted as the bar finally emptied around us. It seems he and Hilary had first become swingers in Islington in the eighties; a wild time when London was full of crazy people and plenty of money despite the recession on the rest of the country. As he had moved up the corporate ladder they had moved north and had tried to maintain their alternative lifestyle but with limited success.It was only once they met Carmen and Steve that things had started to improve; it seemed Hilary and Steve were no strangers to each other’s bodies. She and Alice had that in common at least.“No-one gets inside Carmen’s knickers though, do they?” he laughed. “And I should know; I’ve tried hard enough! Hats off to you for getting as far as you did!”I blushed though it was a meant as a compliment. Was there anyone Carmen hadn’t told about that night in Spain when I had brought her to orgasm with my mouth?“Hilary hasn’t stopped talking about you and your… skills,” he grinned sheepishly then thought for a moment.“I’ve never seen her do that before,” he continued. “I’ve heard of it of course but never actually seen in.”I guessed he was referring to the way his wife had squirted in my face as I licked her clitoris and energetically fingered her g-spot. It had been my first experience of female ejaculation too and to be honest had been quite a shock.“I’m pleased we ran into you,” he added. “Maybe she’ll shut up about it if you do it again.”I blushed then began to feel nervous. What if my performance didn’t live up to Hilary’s expectations? We were all more than a little drunk; what if I couldn’t deliver what she wanted?My flash of anxiety was interrupted by a beeping sound as Clive’s mobile phone received a message. He pulled it from his jacket pocket; even from where I sat I could see it was from ‘Hilary Mobile’ and contained only two words.‘Ready Boys!’My tummy churned. I looked across at the older, rather overweight man whose wife I was about to take and who was about to make me a cuckold for the umpteenth time. He grinned back.“Don’t be nervous. It’ll be fine. Shall we go? Mustn’t keep the ladies waiting, must we?”Downing the last of our drinks we stood – a little unsteadily as the girls had been – and made our way to the lifts. Clive ushered me in first then pressed the button for the sixth floor. We ascended in silence, my tummy filling with butterflies; it was buzzing with nerves by the time we reached the door to their room and Clive slipped his key card into the lock.“Ready?” he grinned, looking at me over his shoulder.“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I nodded.“Relax and go with the flow,” he said reassuringly then led me into the bedroom.We entered through a narrow corridor in which their empty suitcases were stored. In the near-darkness I nearly tripped but steadied myself and went into the room. At first I thought it was tiny but then it opened into a much larger, rectangular space. A cigarette lighter flared to my left and a hidden hand began to light half a dozen candles while my eyes adjusted to the low glow.“Wow!”There in front of us stood two visions in white. In my half drunk state they appeared like angels but as my night vision gradually improved I could see that they were in fact our two wives, dressed in nothing but the hotel’s short white bathrobes.Alice’s hair had been let down and brushed until it fell smoothly over her shoulders. Hilary wore a band that held her hair back from the features of her pretty face, on which any age lines were completely invisible.Both the girl’s robes were hanging open, the naked bodies within tantalisingly visible. Both girls were slender to the point of skinny; neither of their robes was much disturbed by their almost invisible boobs. Both were hairless between their upper thighs.I looked from one to the other, stunned. Alice looked as sexy and natural as she ever had and although Hilary was old enough to be my mother, you wouldn’t have guessed it from the vision of loveliness that stood before us.Without a word but with a broad smile, my wife stepped over to Clive and took his hand, leading him across to one of the two small but officially double-beds that filled most of the room. Taking her cue, Hilary took the few small steps required to stand in front of me.Her head rose towards mine, her eyes were closing, her mouth was opening… and then it had all started. Before I knew what was happening, Hilary and I were kissing passionately, her arms around my neck as my hands instinctively exploring her bony body from her firm, hard buttocks to her tiny breasts.

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