Joan Takes Charge Ch. 17

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[This is a chapter in a serial and will gain from your reading the earlier chapters first; however, it can be read on its own. It does involve bodily functions, some incestuous behavior, and significant discipline. If any of that offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


I woke up and felt wet in my panties. “Jill,” I told myself, “you’ve only been experiencing this feeling since you were a girl. Might as well get used to it.”

I was a bedwetter and now I’m 32 with wet panties. I’m the oldest of the four of us and so far as I know, the only one with this embarrassing issue. No one’s ever sure what causes it, but it makes things miserable. My mother who ruled the house shamed me about it.

When I was 18, she would take me to the bathroom before I went to bed and then diaper me for the night. If I wet when I was allowed to sleep without diapers, I was spanked. Eventually all my siblings knew about it. None of them seemed to have the problem.

Usually now at night I wear those new panties—Always Boutique—they’re pretty and not too thick and they hold my pee. I can’t say it feels good having your panties filled with pee, even though the panties absorb it, but it’s a whole lot better than the pee soaking your sheets.

My brother Ken was always sympathetic to my dealing with my problem. He knew that I was reluctant to sleep with a guy because I didn’t want to have sex and then when we slept together, wake up to a wet bed. That was how we started sleeping together—I trusted him, and he made me feel loved and warm.

Now he’s engaged to Andrea and one day recently I did confide in her. She asked me how it had been, and I said that my mother had been her usual tyrannical self. She tried everything, not letting me drink after 7:00 P.M., the electronic gadgets that were placed in the crotch of my panties to go off when anything wet touched them, and then she began acting like I was doing it on purpose.

This was when I started getting caned when the others were spanked. Let me tell you, getting caned is not fun at all. It hurts like hell. My mother knew how to humiliate me: she began caning me in front of the others. Until I showed her that I stayed dry all day, she wanted to have me wear incontinence panties to school where I would have been the laughingstock of my college class.

It was all right for Ken to tell Andrea about this—he had asked me—and she came to see me the other day. She didn’t express sympathy, which made me feel better, but just asked if there was any way she could be helpful to me. I told her with a smile that her fiancé, my brother, had been incredibly helpful and that I hoped she wasn’t resenting me on account of that.

She assured me that it was fine. She has a very positive attitude that he may engage in anything like that so long as he tells her ahead of time. I had seen recently how she became enraged when he didn’t tell her.

I smiled and said I’d like her to sleep over with me. I said it might make me feel more secure and perhaps contribute to my gaining control over my urethral sphincter. She agreed to do it and returned a while after dinner and we got into PJ’s and were girls together. We cuddled and kissed and got into bed together.

Then we took off each other’s PJs and began to enjoy nestling into one another and getting our faces right down between our legs and licking each other’s splits until we came. I loved the taste of her quim and she said she liked mine, too. We caressed our breasts, pressed them together, and just reveled in being together in bed. Andrea watched me slip on a pair of the Always Boutique panties and complimented me on their charming appearance.

“They’re a good ways up from Huggies or Depends,” I answered, and she hugged me just for saying that. I told her that I felt like I had to pee now, and she enjoyed going over to my bathroom with me and watching me let my stream out when I sat on the toilet. She bent down and licked me dry, which turned me on all over again.

Andrea, you need to understand, is gorgeous. She’s blonde, with a terrific figure, and with blue eyes. I’m less striking, but with nice auburn hair and dreamy brown eyes. She shaves and I have a nice trimmed puss. We both love sex and besides my brother and her fiancé, we have had it off with lots of both men and women.

My sister Joan, the youngest but the one who is in charge of the house and of us, has never been very concerned with this problem I have. She’s eight years younger than I am.


At this very moment, Joan was meeting with the housekeeper, Petra, who was head of the staff. Petra had informed her of Jill’s occasional bedwetting episode because Joan wanted to continue to be informed of everything that occurred in the house although she did not have Petra make formal reports which would be discussed at weekly family meetings any more.

“I know that Jill now wears protective panties at night and really don’t want to disturb her unduly,” Joan said konyaaltı sınırsız escort to Petra, “but this must mean that she has occasionally gone without the Always Boutique panties.”

“I suspect that is what has happened, Miss Joan,” Petra said, always using the title of respect for her boss. “It may be that Miss Jill returns from her evenings out and does not remember to take the standard precaution because my staff has found a wet bed on several occasions.”

“Aside from caning her, do you recall if my mother employed any special punishments to deal with this?” Joan asked. “As we can see, they didn’t cure the problem.”

“Miss Jennifer would get quite annoyed when we had to bring this to her attention,” Petra confided. “I was not usually present, but I understand she would punish Miss Jill by inserting a soap stick rectally and surprisingly enough, we then would go several weeks or more without Miss Jill losing urinary control in bed.”

Joan now was thinking that maybe a revival of this old and diabolical punishment might remind Jill to take the necessary precautions. “Petra,” she said, “please let Miss Jill know that I’d like to see her now if she is available.”

With that, Petra stood, curtseyed, and left to deliver the message.

Jill soon appeared at Joan’s extensive suite. Joan welcomed her and had her sit in the receiving room where Joan had all visitors meet with her.

“I assume you have a reason for summoning me, Sis,” Jill began pleasantly.

“I’m really sorry to have to take this up with you, Jilly,” Joan answered in a light tone, “but the staff has become involved in your continued bedwetting episodes, so I’ve been drawn into it. I know you have been taking very effective precautions to deal with preventing this but apparently, you haven’t been as consistent as you might be.”

Jill’s face reddened and she had trouble not crying.

“I’m sorry, Jilly, I really am,” Joan said with no little sincerity. “I just hope we can deal with this.”

“Joanie, I do wear the Always Boutique undies and they do a great job,” Jill managed to say with some emotion in her voice. “Sometimes I do come home late and forget to put them on.”

“I’ve been thinking that we might just reinstitute the old discipline that Mom used,” Joan went on, “and I hope you won’t be upset with me but I have to deal with the staff on this or they’ll lose respect for both of us even though they are here to serve us and not us them.”

Jill’s face now blanched, and she looked stricken. “Oh my God, Joanie,” she wept, “you mean Petra told you about that?”

Joan nodded and said, “I want this to be between us. I know you want to deal with this so let me say how much I appreciate your wearing those special undies every night until you go a good long time without an accident. But if you have one, we’re going to use the soap stick you know where.”

Jill was upset now.

“I think the reason I still have to deal with this is because of how Mom would punish me for it,” she managed to say. “You know, she actually started this disciplining when I was 18. You can see that I’m now 32 and I still have accidents.” But then Jill gained control of herself and told her sister that she would cooperate.

“Jill,” Joan now said quietly but firmly, “what you let happen is what we still refer to as something ‘naughty’ and I think you know that that is a word we take seriously and have for a long time. So, do you agree that having me do that right now would get us off on the right foot?”

Jill had hoped to avoid this but once Joan described her situation as “naughty” she realized she had better accept whatever was offered for fear of far worse punishment. So she said that Joan should go ahead if she felt it was appropriate.

“I’m going to have Rachel take care of you from now on,” Joan continued. “She is very reliable in terms of keeping things to herself as my personal aide. If you have an accident, you will call her and without any questions, she will both clean you and change the bed, right then. I also will have her perform an insertion at that time.”

Jill let that sink in and decided that the pleasant Rachel was probably as good a person as she could hope for in this situation.

Joan nodded and Jill then stood, lifted her skirt, and pulled down her lovely beige hicut panties. She bent over the padded chair next to her and spread her bottom cheeks.

Joan was not surprised that seeing Jill bend over and spread her full bottom cheeks was quite a turn-on. She could see Jill’s recessed bottom-hole and then reached into the dish Petra had given her, grasped one of the thin soap sticks, and walked over to stand behind Jill. She bent down and placed the stick pointing into Jill’s anal opening and then gently inserted the smooth stick which easily passed into Jill’s rectum.

She then pulled Jill’s panties up and flipped her skirt down and told her she could get up.

“Thank you for not konyaaltı türbanlı escort spanking or caning me, sweetie,” Jill now gushed, even as she felt the sting from the soapstick begin to burn.

“It’s the least I could do,” Joan said warmly. “You have this problem and let’s work to resolve it.”


I sat down and Joan rang for some tea. Soon Rachel, who of course was Joan’s personal maid, came by with nice hot tea and some pastries. We sat down at a table in Joan’s rooms and enjoyed ourselves.

“It really is nice having tea like this,” I commented to Joan, who smiled and said she enjoyed it, too.

I did start to feel even more the irritating pain occasioned by the soap stick in my bottom. I even started to move my bottom rather lewdly and Joan noticed.

“Sorry, Jilly,” she said kindly. “I know that that stick is irritating you inside and it will go away before too long. Actually, why don’t you bend over and I’ll try to retrieve it right now.”

I bend it over and pulled down my panties and spread my cheeks for Joan. This really was quite humiliating for her to be staring at my big bottom and then inserting her finger inside my anal opening. But she did that quite effectively because she was able to grasp the end of the soap stick and pull it out.

She did show it to me and I cringed at seeing the brown streaks on it. I’m not sure why I cringed because when you stick something up your ass, the odds are it will come out with shit on it. But now the pain did diminish gradually, and Joan came back with a basin and some warm water and an enema bulb. She filled the bulb, had me bend again, and inserted it into my bottom. Then she pressed the bulb to send some water into me and I felt it and it did relieve the pain caused by the soap stick.

Then she positioned me over the basin and told me I could release, and this stream of water came out of my bottom-hole. I felt like I was having an accident, but I also realized that the little enema had loosened my insides and some pieces of poo had come out into the basin. This was excruciatingly embarrassing for me, but it was soon over, and Joanie even wiped my bottom with a nice soft cloth.

I was surprised that she did not mention that I had passed some shit when I expelled the little enema. It was just so good to have that horrid soap stick out of my ass. I chuckled to myself that Rachel would probably be the one who got to clean up the shit in the basin.

That night I had a dream and I must’ve literally gotten my panties in a knit because I managed to twist things in my sleep so that when I probably was imagining myself peeing, I did pee in my panties, and even though they were the Always Boutique ones, they got pulled down far enough so they leaked…a lot.

I was beside myself, but I did contact Rachel on the phone even though it was very early.

She arrived very soon, smiling and fully dressed.

She looked at my panties which I had pulled all the way down and I explained what had apparently happened.

“I’m really sorry, Miss Jill,” she said, “so let’s get you cleaned up.” We went into my bathroom and she had me take off the panties entirely and then she sponged me down and had me sit there while she changed the bedding.

“All done,” she said sweetly when she came back and said the bed was now all fresh again.

“You do know that I will have to do an insertion, Miss Jill,” Rachel then said.

I wasn’t going to argue with her because it would have meant taking on Joan and I didn’t want to feel her cane on my bottom.

I got up on the bed on all fours and held my cheeks apart. It probably is almost the most embarrassing position for a woman to be in, and here this younger woman was staring into my anal pucker. She took out a plastic container which must have held the dreaded soap sticks and removing one, gently nudged it into my bottom-hole, getting it easily past my anal ring. It began to sting right away but she handed me a pair of my plain white cotton panties and I stepped into them and pulled them up.

“I know I can rely on you not to try to remove it,” Rachel said sweetly.

“No, it stings but I’ll deal with it,” I answered calmly.

“It helps, you know, reduce the impact of the stinging if you are being stimulated, if you get my drift,” Rachel said with a wide grin.

I wasn’t sure what she was getting at, but I decided to ask her how I should be stimulated.

“Take off your panties,” Rachel said, sounding for a moment like a true domme.

I obeyed what sounded like an order and she had me lie back on the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide so that she was able to gaze on my wide-open vulva. Then she got down on her knees, moved her face in between my open legs and started licking my cunt.

It was incredibly stimulating, and she was right, I didn’t feel the soap stick stinging in my ass quite so much. She used her tongue to lick my whole split and then focused konyaaltı ucuz escort on my clit. It was fantastic and I started to move my ass and buck and writhe and then I came, hard.

Rachel was smiling and she wiped her face which had been splashed with my juices as my cunt exploded.

“I like licking you, Miss Jill,” she said quietly. “I hope you will take this the right way, but your pussy tastes so nice and sweet.”


Janet had been invited by both Joan and Andrea to send the 18-year-old Ralphie over at any time that his mother felt he needed some “touching up”—by which they meant that he had misbehaved and needed some spanking, caning, or perhaps other punishment. So, when Janet received another note home from Ralph’s teacher, Kathryn Merrivale, which reported on his bad behavior in class, she lectured him about it. Ralph lashed out and said that everyone, including her, was getting on his case all the time.

That made Janet respond somewhat fiercely by telling him that he would obey what she told him to do for as long as he was living at home. She saw his cheeks become paler and she then delivered the sentence: he was to go on his own to see Joan and Andrea and she would let them know he was coming.

“You’re sending me there to be spanked?” he asked plaintively. “Can’t you punish me yourself, Mom?” he pleaded.

“I’ve had it with your talking back, Ralph,” Janet snapped. “You’re lucky that I’m not making you put a skirt and bra and panties on to go see them. Now get your coat on and head over there. If I find that you have not gone directly to see them, for any reason, you’ll be a very sorry young man. And I will report your misbehavior to Miss Merrivale, too.”

Ralph decided he’d better go with the flow and get over and face his fate. He drove to the large mansion and was welcomed by Albert, a senior staff member, who escorted him to see Joan. “She’s not in the best of moods,” Albert advised him, “so I’d be careful of how you speak to her. Show a lot of respect, I would, if I were you.”

Joan called for him to enter when she heard the knock on her door. When he came in, she did not smile as she usually would.

“Your mother has conveyed to me the reason for your being sent to us,” Joan began. “I regard your being discourteous to her as a major offense, just as bad as what you did in class to be given a note home by Miss Merrivale. It may qualify as being ‘naughty’ which is something that demands severe punishment. How would you feel if we invited Miss Merrivale here to see you get punished? You’re 18, Ralph, and getting too old to need to be punished this way; next year, you’ll be in university.”

Ralph was now becoming very afraid very quickly.

“I didn’t mean to get Miss Merrivale or Mom so upset,” he said, “really, Miss Joan, you know that I’m not the kind who conspires or plots or gets all kinds of sneaky.”

“No, you’re not,” Joan conceded, “so I don’t like to hear that you’ve been naughty. At your age, you should be beyond that kind of behavior.” She was not in a mood to go easy on Ralph this time nor was she at all interested in becoming intimate with him after his punishment. Joan had come from her job, was dressed for business in a nice blue suit and crisp white blouse with a stickpin in her ascot and wearing seamed hose and pumps.

She sat down on an armless chair and told him to stand in front of her. He complied and she told him to unbuckle his belt and drop his trousers, which he also did, revealing a pair of blue boxers.

“Drop the underpants too,” she continued, and he did just that, disclosing a major erection which made Joan grin.

“So, what excites you?” she asked. “The prospect of being disciplined or of being across my lap when you are punished?”

“I guess that having to show my member to you and then realizing you will be spanking me on my bare bottom got to me,” Ralph responded truthfully.

“Your mother said we might have you stay overnight as you have no classes tomorrow,” Joan declared. “So when we are finished here, Rachel will show you to your regular room and depending on how you take the punishment, you will either be invited to join us for dinner or you will be served appropriate fare in your room. Now get over my lap, now, you naughty boy!”

Ralph was now very frightened, and his erection was getting a tad soft. Joan noticed this as he lay across her lap. She decided not to pull her skirt up to catch his penis between her stockinged legs.

She put on her spanking glove and began spanking him on alternate bottom cheeks. After about 25 spanks, she told him he was going to be figged. She explained that that meant a ginger stick would be inserted in his bottom.

“Oh, please, Miss Joan,” Ralph pleaded, “don’t stick that into my bottom-hole! It will hurt and make me feel so awful!”

“Ralph, you should have thought about that when you misbehaved in Miss Merrivale’s class or when you told off your mother,” Joan snapped. “Now hold those naughty cheeks open for me.”

She reached into the credenza top drawer and found a carved stick of ginger, made sure it was smooth, and then dexterously slowly slipped it into Ralph’s tight bottom-hole so the end stuck out embarrassingly. It did not take very long for him to feel the sting inside caused by release of the juice from the ginger in his warm rectum.

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