Jennifer Submitted II


The morning sun coming through the balcony doors woke me earlier than I wanted to wake. There beside me was my beautiful little slave girl Jennifer. I thought back to what had happened the night before, she had flashed someone, walked naked in front of others, and let me fuck her in the ass in front of those same people. She had come a far way from just being my office assistant. As I lay there watching her sleep, her 34D breast rising and following with each breath she took. Her blonde hair framing her face in her slumber, almost took my breath away. I had told her last night that she would not be my girlfriend, not my lover, but would be my property, my cumslut, and she had agreed to being just that. While I watched her sleep a thought crossed my mind that caused my cock to jump. Could I do it? Would she do it? Was she really mine to do with as I wanted? I eased out of bed and walked into the front room of the suite and placed my call. I called the room two down from us, and after I confirmed it was the guys who had watched us fuck on the balcony, I laid out my plan. He told me he would check with the other guys, but knew they would all agree. I told him to get ready and I would call him back in a few minutes. I waited a few minutes and called the room back. I asked him if he and his crew were up to what I had suggested. He said they were. We finished talking and hung up the phone. almanbahis Kisses to her neck and breasts; hands caressing her legs and pussy, paying attention to her clit, moving in and out of her slit. That was how Jennifer woke. She stretched, smiling at the feelings that disturbed her slumber and opened her eyes. That is when the realization of what was happening. Her Master was not on the bed with her, but there were six pairs of hand on her. These hands were touching her most intimate parts. She started to protest and struggle when he leaned down and whispered in her ear “Relax, this is what I want and you want to please me.” “Yes Master.” Jennifer, then closed her eyes, fought back the tears of the humiliation she was feeling. She had resigned herself to submit to Master, but this was not what she had thought about. She had decided to give herself to Master, someone she knew, someone she had flirted with for years. She had concluded that even though it was wrong to cheat on her husband, she could allow herself to take that step with Master. She reasoned that if she gave away control, then it was his decision and not hers so she could do it. However, she was about to taken by six men she did not know. Six men she had had shown herself to, six men who watched her have sex. Tears started streaking Jennifer’s face as her body started responding to the caresses. Soon one of the six almanbahis yeni giriş moved between her legs, spreading and kneeling between them. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and started to lick the full length of her slit, stopping to suck her clit as he reached the top. Then he would release it and start at the bottom and move back up to her clit sucking on it again, then repeat the process. Jennifer pulled her legs over his shoulders and wrapped them around his head, ensuring he didn’t go anywhere, all the time humping her pussy into mouth. As Jennifer succumbed to the tonguing another of the men fed her his cock. He wiped it around her mouth a few moments, her trying to reach the head and pull it into her mouth by moving her head around. Finally he pushed it into her mouth and she moaned again as she wrapped her lips around the thick head of the cock. As one ate her pussy, another fucked her face two more were busy sucking her tits and two more were standing back watching and waiting their time, each slowly stroking their cocks. Soon the one who had his cock in Jennifer’s mouth started moaning and moving his hips fucking her face. He pushed his cock so far in that she would gag as he pushed it into her mouth, her nose flaring as she breathed deep when he would withdraw it momentarily before ramming it in deep again. Soon he grunted and pushed his cock deep into her mouth almanbahis giriş and shot stream after stream of hot cum down her throat. As he pulled out, Jennifer coughed a couple of times but eagerly accepted the neck cock that was offered to her mouth. It was one of the guys that had been sucking on one of her tits. As he feed her his meat, one of the two guys standing in wait took his place on her breast. The same time as the 2nd cock was placed in her mouth Jennifer’s lower body bucked up against the mouth on her pussy and her juices poured from her. As her body relaxed after her climax, the man moved forward up on her and then shoved his massive penis into her with one thrust. This sent her into another climax and that drove the man in her throat to cum as well. Before the next man could move over and feed her his cock, one fucking her pulled out and rolled her over so she was on all fours. The reinserted and started slamming her from behind. Now she was on all fours and had a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. The guys swapped places again filling her mouth and the last one moving into her tits. Soon the guy in her pussy slammed in one last time, holding her hips close as they both convulsed through orgasm. The next guy sucking her tit, rolled off the bed, grabbed the lube sitting on the night stand and smeared it on his cock and then dabbed it on her asshole. Then he eased into her ass moving slowly until he was ball deep. Then he started moving back and forth. He pulled her back off the cock in her mouth and onto his deep in her ass, then as he pushed her off his, she was pushed back onto the one in her mouth.

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