Jan’s Night at Home

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I had several requests to expand on Jan getting with Tina from JAN’S WEEKEND. The following is a short story about them. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. Strong sexual content.


It was Monday afternoon and Tina had just left Jan’s office. Jan was the office manager for four busy orthopedic surgeons and Tina was a physical therapist working with arm amputees. She was also a bilateral arm amputee. Jan finished up a few things and had agreed to get with Tina later after work. Tina smelled sex in Jan’s office and wanted to know what was going on. Tina was going to come over and have dinner with Jan and be filled in on Jan’s weekend. Jan got her black forearm crutches and walked down to her car. It was parked in the basement, her reserved handicapped space right by the elevator.

Jan stopped at the store to get some things for the salad she was going to make. She used her wheelchair in the store as her right prosthetic, C-leg was bothering her stump today. Her left leg was encased in a long leg, locking knee brace because of her polio as a baby. Sitting in the chair made her already short skirt even shorter and she got a couple of smiles from both men and women as she made her way through the store. She always enjoyed that and did not mind her “legs” being in full view. A bag boy helped her out to the car and put the stuff in the trunk and Jan transferred into her car and got her chair apart and on the seat.

She got home, put the stuff in the refrigerator and headed for the shower. She transferred to her bed to undress as it was easier than being in her wheelchair. She removed her leg and brace and pulled her blouse and bra off, got back into her chair and into the shower. She shaved her leg and stump and some of the area around her pussy. Mike had gotten her to cut her pubic hair shorter and expand the shaved area some this past weekend when they were together. She douched and then dried off some and got back in her chair. She finished drying her body and hair and put a touch of lipstick on.

In the bedroom she put a tank top and shorts on, no bra or panties, and got her C-leg and brace back on. As much as she loved wearing them she almost wished she could use her chair but knew Tina would love to see her in them, at least for a while. Tina would have her arms on and Jan planned on having her help with dinner so she could watch her use them. She loved being with amputees and became very aroused when she was. That was why Tina could smell sex when she was in the office. She had been thinking about her weekend with Mike as he was a bilateral leg amputee.

Jan was getting the patio table ready when Tina rang the buzzer and let herself in. Jan was able to get around with one crutch at home so she could carry things to the table. They met in the living room and kissed deeply. Tina had a t-shirt that was cut off just below her large breasts and was using it as a stump sock. She had both of her arms on over the shirt. On the right side her prosthetic arm had a 4 inch wide plastic band that extended down from the prosthetic shoulder joint to konya escort just above Tina’s right breast. The band then became an upside down “U” shape going around her breast. Its purpose was to keep the shoulder joint from rotating as Tina used that arm by pushing against her chest it served to stabilize it. In this case it drew the fabric of the t-shirt tight and accentuated the breast and nipple. Tina had a short skirt on.

Tina was about 5′ 8″ tall and weighed 125 pounds. She was the same age as Jan, 26. She had lost her arms when she was 12 so had learned to use them quite well. She was also good at using her feet as hands. They admired how each was dressed and Jan invited her into the kitchen to help get stuff ready. Jan knew what Tina could do and gave her different jobs and kept an eye on her arms. She knew Tina was watching her walk and she also knew Tina loved to see her atrophied leg in the brace. It was totally paralyzed and it took some effort to walk with it and the C-leg. They got the Chief’s salad done and on the table and sat down to eat.

Jan filled her in on all of the details of the weekend with Mike and they were done eating when she finished. Tina was envious as she had not had a male lover for some time. She was looking for a leg amputee she said. Jan admitted she had not told Mike about Tina but if they were going to meet again she would and if Tina was interested in joining in for a while she would see how Mike felt about it. They cleared the table and did the dishes. Jan asked if Tina wanted to be on the deck or go into the bedroom. Tina said the patio if that was ok and Jan said it was a great evening to be out. She just wanted to go get into her wheelchair so she did not have to put her leg and brace back on to get inside later.

When Jan got back outside Tina undid the straps on Jan’s brace and helped her remove it. She was able to work the plug out of the leg socket and pull it off of Jan. She pulled the tube top off and as Jan lifted her bottom pulled the shorts off. Since Tina was facing Jan she was able to use her left arm to push Jan’s right stump aside and then work her right hooks into Jan’s pussy and by locking the arm and moving her upper torso, rub Jan’s clit. After enjoying that for a while, Jan had Tina stand and got her out of the skirt. Her pussy was shaved completely. Jan then undid the strap above Tina’s breasts that held her arms on and Tina pulled out of them as Jan held them. Jan then lifted the cut off t-shirt from Tina. They were both naked. They decided the mat on the ground would be better than a lounge and Jan lowered herself down to it. Tina watching closely as it took some effort on Jan’s part.

They sat facing each other, close together. Tina had her leg over Jan’s stump to give her some leverage helping her to sit upright. Jan reached out and put her hand over Tina’s missing shoulder. She loved to touch that area and run her fingers over it. Tina loved having it done. That was usually how they started when they got together. Jan’s other hand cupped Tina’s breast and she started to massage and rub konyaaltı escort the nipple. This went on for several minutes and then Jan switched hands and her breast hand took hold of Tina’s short arm stump and other hand to her other breast. Again, this went on for several minutes. Tina’s head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. As if on some kind of signal, Tina lowered herself on to her back.

Jan moved back a little then let herself down so her mouth could make contact with Tina’s long pussy lips. She took one side in her mouth and licked, sucked and pulled on it. Then she switched to the other side and did the same thing. Her fingers were working their way between the lips from the top and/or bottom spreading the fluid that was coming out. She worked the fore and middle finger of her hand into Tina, moving it in and out and around and around. Tina had drawn her legs up and put her feet on the mat to be able to spread her legs wider and to thrust her hips up to meet Jan’s mouth.

Jan used her other hand to reach up and take hold of Tina’s breast. She was not that gentle as she spread her fingers out to grab and pull on it. In a couple of more minutes Tina bucked her hips as she came over and over until Jan moved her mouth from her clit. She kept her fingers in her pussy and other hand kept up its assault on her breast. As Tina came down from the high Jan slowly quit her hand motion but left them where they were. After a few minutes rest Tina pulled herself up to a sitting position. With no arms she did it with abdominal strength only. She was remarkably strong that way and could move in and out of a lot of positions that most people never thought of without help.

Jan moved back to sit in front of her and they kissed, Tina tasting herself in Jan’s face. Jan also was rubbing Tina’s breasts. Tina moved her stump around but it would not reach Jan’s breast. They both laughed. Jan fell back on her elbows and Tina followed getting her mouth on her breasts. She was able to be between Jan’s leg and stump bending forward with Jan’s breast in her mouth without any arms to support her. Jan was always amazed by her strength. Jan lay back all the way and used her hands to rub Tina’s stumps as she sucked her breasts.

Tina worked her way down and using her shoulder pushed Jan’s paralyzed leg and stump out of the way so she had good access to Jan’s pussy. Tina lay on her chest and was able to get her head up to Jan’s pussy lips. After a few minutes there she worked her way over to Jan’s short stump and kissed and licked it. Because it was mostly paralyzed it was also atrophied. Tina was able to get the tip in her mouth and used her tongue to push up against the bone. She worked her way back over to Jan’s slit and pushed her tongue into Jan as far as it would go. Tina had a dildo she could hold in her mouth and push in and out of Jan but forgot to bring it tonight. Her tongue would just have to do and it did a few minutes later. Tina quickly turned around so she could bring her foot up to Jan and used her big toe to massage her clit and konyaaltı eve gelen escort got it into her vagina and back out to her clit. Jan came again longer this time as Tina kept pressure on it with her foot and toe.

Jan was finally able to pull herself alongside Tina and they kissed for some time. Jan kissed down Tina’s neck and over the area of the missing shoulder to her breast. She latched on to her nipple and sucked and pulled on it. She moved to the other breast and then worked her way up the short stump and then neck back to her lips. Tina said that this was the one time when they were together that she wished she had hands so she could play with Jan’s breasts. Jan said she understood but Tina’s mouth and big toe were just as good. They decided that a shower would feel great right now and Tina got herself into a standing position by just positioning one leg under her and lifting herself up.

She nudged Jan’s wheelchair over to her and Jan put her hand on the metal tube that went from the seat to the front casters and with one motion lifted herself up to the seat. Jan looked at Tina and asked her if she wanted to arm wrestle tonight. They both laughed all the way to the bathroom. Jan got on the bench and Tina stood by her as the water was adjusted then they both got wet. Jan washed Tina all over and she squatted down so Jan could wash her hair and head. She rinsed and used her foot, while balanced on one leg, to wash Jan. After rinsing off Jan asked her if she needed anything shaved or a douche. Tina said she was fine tonight and Jan dried her off and then herself.

They got in bed and talked some more. Jan asked Tina if she had thought any about joining she and Mike if he came back. Tina said yes if Jan did not mind and if Mike was ok with it. Jan also told her they might plan the next trip around her period. Tina said no problem as they had been together during their own periods, even hit one time when they were both on at the same time. Tina said she had just finished hers last Friday and Jan said she was due this coming Saturday. That was why she was so Horney, it always hit her about a week before so she was very glad Tina could be with her tonight.

Jan turned on her side and started kissing Tina’s breast then moved up to her mouth. Jan moved her hand down to Tina’s pussy and started rubbing and fingering her. It did not take Tina long to become very aroused and Jan reached into her night stand and got the rubber penis out. She slid it into Tina with no problem and soon had her moaning and rocking on the bed. It did not take long for her to cum again and Jan left it in for a while as she was coming down. Jan then pulled it out and licked it off.

Tina asked how she could do her and Jan said suck my breast. As Tina did Jan used the dildo on herself and got off good. She usually did and thought of Mike as he was almost as big as it was. After she was done Jan put her arms around Tina and pulled her to her. Tina worked one of her legs between Jan’s leg and stump pushing it into her mound. They went to sleep this way.

The next morning the alarm went off and neither girls wanted to get up. Tina said she did not have to be in until after lunch so Jan got up, got ready for work and left Tina in bed. She drove to work with a big smile on her face hoping no one would notice. She needed to think about what to say to Mike though.

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