Janet’s Tongue Ch. 02


Margritte turned her attention to Janet’s breasts. They reminded her of two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Nice, solid scoops that were firm to the touch, and atop the scoops, large, long sweet cherries to boot.

“Have you ever seen anything like her nipples before?” Cat asked.

Margritte opened the door, “Roxy, please come in here.”

Roxanne stepped in and saw Janet standing naked in the office but seemed unfazed by Janet’s nude body.

“Roxy, arouse Janet’s nipples,” Margritte directed.

Roxanne curled her hair behind her ears and bent over taking Janet’s right nipple into her mouth and suckled it gently and rhythmically. Janet’s nipples were wide as well as long. Roxy began to bob her head up and down as she felt the flesh firming up in her mouth.

Janet stood frozen in fright again – feeling another woman causing her to experience pleasure – while the other two women watched – matter of factly.

Roxy stopped and then moved over to her erect, left nipple and sucked it while Margritte touched and pinched Janet’s moist right nipple.

“Are those pencil erasers or are those pencil erasers?” Cat asked and Margritte nodded.

Janet could feel her body responding as her flesh began to tingle down her back, into her fingertips, and all around her pussy. Her eyes were opened in shock not knowing if it was okay to be feeling this way. She let out a little mousy sigh that made the women look at each other with satisfaction.

“Thank you, Roxy. That’ll do. And set appointments for Janet for the Works.” Margritte said.

Roxy sucked hard once more, pulled her lips off of Janet’s nipple with a very noticeable slurp, and looked over at Margritte. “Yes, ma’am,” she said with a slight curtsey and then glanced over at Janet just for a moment. It looked like she gave her an appreciative look, but Janet could’ve misinterpreted it.

“Okay. Before you begin – working, we have an itinerary for you. Roxy will make appointments to all the places you need to visit. Go to each one and then come back tomorrow. Understand?” Cat asked.

“Oh yes. Okay.”

“Roxy’ll have some additional work-related paperwork for you to fill out too, so get everything done, and we’ll get you a placement as soon as one comes up.”

“I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do when you do ‘place’ me.”

“You ever been on a date before?” Margritte asked.


“Have you ever asked a girl out on a date?”


“Well, it’s like a date, but at the same time, it’s not. You’ll share time and activities with a client, but they are paying you to spend time with them. You’ll need to be pleasant and accommodating.”

“What if something…happens. Like something…bad were to happen.”

“You’re not going to do anything illegal, okay? And if something ‘bad’ happens, let us know and we’ll deal with it. Remember, we’re not pimps and you’re not a prostitute. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. Your comfort will translate to our client’s comfort and to their enjoyment. This way, everyone is happy. Is that okay?” Cat said.

“Yeah…that sounds okay.”

“Good. Now fill out the paperwork with Roxy and we’ll see you tomorrow.” Cat said.

“Cat, come into my office and help me go over the client list.” Margritte said.

The two women went back to Margritte’s office and closed the door. Janet went back into the waiting room where Roxanne was busy booking appointments for her.

“Um…they said there’s some paperwork I have to fill out,” Janet said.

“Yes. Please have a seat. and I’ll get you all the forms.”

“Okay. Thank you,” she said, put her dress back on, and sat down on the leather sofa.

She watched Roxanne working from behind the desk, and it simply surprised her that Roxanne was the same person whose bottom she whipped or the same person who was sucking her nipples just a few moments ago. Roxanne looked as if none of what happened had really occurred.

A minute later, Roxanne rose and walked over to Janet and stood in front of her. She bent over and handed a clipboard to Janet. Janet couldn’t help but notice that Roxanne’s breasts, cupped by her white lacy bra, were quite visible. She also noticed Roxanne’s nipples poking her blouse.

“There are five forms here, including a contract, that have to be filled out and signed. If you have any questions, please ask.” Roxanne said.

“Five mersin escort forms. Okay.” Janet said turning her attention back to the clipboard.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss Janet? Roxanne said leaning a bit more forward.

Janet could smell the exotic scent on Roxanne’s skin. She couldn’t remember the last time she could afford perfume. “Um…no. I’m fine. Thank you. Thank you.”

“Okay. I’ll just be right over there if you need me,” she said pointing at her desk and then stood up and returned to her seat.

Janet watched her until she sat down and saw Roxanne looking back at her. Janet gave her a nervous smile and then looked down at the forms she had to complete. A short time later, she had filled out all the forms. They were typical work forms like a W-4 and such, but there was a confidentiality form that restricted her from speaking to anybody about the people she would work with and the activities that were done. It made sense to her as this involved VIPs, whatever that meant, she thought. The contract was probably boiler-plate – just some legal mumbo-jumbo, so she just scanned over it before signing it.

“Here you go,” Janet said returning the clipboard to Roxanne.

Roxanne checked them for anything missing and found everything was signed and dated.

“Perfect.” Roxanne said, “Here is your itinerary.” she said turning a sheet of paper for Janet to read. “At 10, you are to go to the EuroWax salon. After that, go to the Morning Rain Spa by 12. You’ll get a body scrub and facial there. At 4, go to Pham’s Nails for a French mani and pedi. And then at 6 or so, go to Lydia’s Salon and you’ll get your hair done. They’re open ’til 9 Okay? Don’t be concerned if you’re a bit late for an appointment. They work with us all the time.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Everything has been taken care of. The bills will come back here so you just need to be on time or close to it, okay?” she said handing Janet the itinerary sheet.


“Good luck, Miss Janet. We’ll see you tomorrow.” Roxanne said and stuck a large post-it note on top of Janet’s hand.

Janet looked down and read it as she walked to the door. It said, in a beautiful script, “I’ll eat you out any time you’d like – your place or mine. Call me.”

It ended with her phone number. Janet looked at back Roxanne, but she had already begun working on something else. “Was there anything else I can help you with?”

“Um…no. Thank you.” Janet said, continuing toward the door. She glanced at the picture of the blonde licking a woman’s foot. “Could that be me, someday?”

As she reached the door, Janet looked back at Roxanne and saw her looking at her. She waved to her and gave her a sweet smile.

It was a long day for Janet. She went to every single appointment one right after the other. However, as busy as she was, the services that she received were nothing short of first-class. When she arrived at the Waxing salon and told them who she was, she was greeted and cared for extremely well. She never waited very long and the service received was personal.

After each appointment ended, she looked in the mirror and the results were the same. “Wow, I look so different,” she would say.

Being shorn of all her body hair from her neck on down not only gave her a cleaner appearance but made her look even more like a little girl than before. After the body scrub and facial, her skin tingled, and her face glowed,

At the nail salon, she wasn’t asked anything. They just worked on her once she arrived – removing any grime from under her nails and giving her a short French mani and pedi to finish the groomed, clean look.

Finally, she went to the hair salon and again, she wasn’t asked anything. She received a shampoo and full style with conditioner that kept her hair length the same but added a touch of highlights to give her hair some dimension and some much-needed body. It made her heretofore dull, drab hair look light and bouncy.

Janet looked amazing like a sculpture with all the imperfections chipped away. The only thing that held her back was the wrinkled dress she wore, but even though she wouldn’t be considered a debutante, it did add a nuance of naïve innocence.

Hungry and tired, she returned home to her apartment. The complex was dirty and noisy. The rent was cheap, but you get what you pay for. She entered. It was cold and mersin escort bayan dark as her electricity and gas had been turned off because her bills were overdue. Her rent was past due as well, but having a place to stay was more important than being warm.

Someone knocked at the door and Janet sighed, assuming who knocked. She opened the door, and, of course, it was the landlady. She was elderly which wasn’t an issue, but the tone in her voice, whether she was happy or sad, always sounded angry.

“Do you have your rent money? You’re a week late.”

“I just got a job. I’ll have it for you tomorrow.”

“If you don’t, I’m going to start an eviction process. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she said and began closing the door.

“Don’t forget the late fee. You have to pay that too.”

Janet heard, but closed the door hoping, wishing, that she could just shut out all of her debts. Yet, she couldn’t as she was alone in a dark and cold apartment and hungry with no food in her cabinets. With no income and a mountain of debt and being a step away from being homeless, she was left with the only ray of hope which was the opportunity from Margritte.

“This is what my life has become.” she thought, “No choice but to prostitute myself,” she said sobbing herself to sleep.

The next morning, she wakened to sunlight illuminating her apartment. She quickly prepared herself and put on the same dress she had worn the previous day. Yes, it was worn and wrinkled, but it was still the nicest choice in her wardrobe. As she headed out, she felt a pang of hunger but did her best to ignore it.

Janet went back to Cat and Margritte’s office jumping through all the hoops again until she made her way up to the 29th floor. She entered and looked over at the reception desk and saw Roxanne looking just as sharp as she did the previous day. Her expression brightened upon seeing Janet and said, “Hello.” Her eyes looked her over for a moment. “I’ll let them know you’re here,” she said and rose from her seat.

She had to wait a few seconds until Cat and Margritte came out to see her.

“Well. Well. Well? The caterpillar turned into a butterfly.” Margritte said.

“Are you wearing the same dress you wore yesterday?” Cat said.

Janet nodded embarrassed. “It’s the best dress I have,” she said, and then a loud groan came from her belly.

“Haven’t you eaten breakfast?” Cat said.


“When was the last time you’ve eaten?” Margritte said.

“I had some dinner. Two days ago.”

“Two days ago. And what did you eat?” Margritte asked.

“Some French bread.”

“Just bread?”

Janet nodded.

“Did you eat the whole loaf?”

Janet nodded again.

The two women looked at each other both surprised and sorrowful.

“Roxy? Would you mind going down to the café and getting something for Janet?” Cat said.

“Of course, Miss Cat,” she said and left the office.

“So, in the meantime, you’re looking quite nice. Let’s talk in the office.” Margritte said as they all went into her office.

“Now, let’s have a look. Take off your dress, my dear.” Cat said.

Janet did so and the women examined her with pleased looks on their faces.

“So I think you’re ready for placement. How do you feel?” Margritte said.

“I think – I think I’m ready.”

“Let’s be clear. You know what we are doing, and you are going to be asked to do – things most probably and probably often, to perform activities that are sexual in nature. Having not eaten a meal in two days tells me that you’re probably at the end of your rope, and this might seem like it’s your last resort. Am I right in assuming this?” Margritte asked.

Janet nodded.

“I want you to know that you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. We are not madams or pimps as you called us, and we aren’t slave traffickers and this is not, let me emphasize the word not, an escort service. This is a work-for-hire job opportunity where you are free to walk away whenever you like. Are we clear on that?”

“Yes ma’am. I understand.”

“So do you want us to place you and can we expect you to do your job professionally?”

Janet nodded reluctantly. “Yes. I can be professional.”

“My dear,” Cat said putting her hand on her shoulder, “you’ll be fine. Our clients are wonderful to work for.”

“Okay.” She said and smiled.”You may escort mersin put your dress back on. Cat and I will see if any clients are in need of your services today. Just go wait in front and Roxy should be back in a minute.””Okay.”

Janet left and the two women went to the computer. They brought up their client lists and browsed through them for a while.

“Look only for women. Men might frighten her so much that we might lose her.

“Stop right there,” Cat said. “What’s Janine’s schedule? Her track record shows a penchant for very young girls. She’d be perfect.”

“Hmm…no. Looks like she’s out of town on a business trip which could result in more educational tape business coming our way. Hmm, Janine and Janet, I like the sound of that in more ways than one.”

“Damn. Had we caught her before she left, we could’ve placed Janet for the entire trip.”

“We’ll note it the next time. Make sure we stay on top of her schedule.”

They resumed browsing throwing out names here and there and dismissing them for various reasons until they got to “Olivia.”

“Olivia? Really?” Cat said.

“Really. I mean, it’s a definite maybe, but the last time we spoke about our – um – services, she seemed to hint that she was open for anything.”

“Really? That’s a reach at best.”

“Well it’s worth a shot at least, right?”

“Okay. Put your girlie girl on a hook and see if Olivia nibbles.” Cat said.

Cat stepped out of Margritte’s office and saw that Janet had eaten all of her meal, and Roxanne was sitting very close to her on the sofa as they chatted.

“I see you’re finished eating. Are you still hungry?” Cat said.

“Oh. No. Not anymore. Thank you.” Janet said.

Roxanne stood up returning to her desk and resumed working.

“Did you bring in your bills?” Cat asked.

“Yes. I did,” she said and rummaged in her bag pulling out several envelopes.

Cat took them and looked at one after the other. She saw the electric bill was past due by 2 months. The gas bill was the same. She had two credit cards maxed out totaling about 10 thousand, which made Cat glance at Janet only to make her look away in embarrassment. Then she saw a student loan bill that was about 15 thousand owed.

“You went to college?.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Did you graduate?”


“What was your major?”

“Liberal arts.”

“And what did you want to do?”

Janet shrugged. “I don’t know. I thought getting a job would be easy once I got out.”

“Well, what were your aspirations.?”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“I still want to know. What did you want to be?”

“A ballerina,” she said dejectedly.

“A ballerina? Oh wow~! Did you go to ballet school?”

“Only for a short while. I couldn’t afford it and…and I couldn’t continue.”

I had a scholarship to my dad’s old college because he died on active duty overseas. I had to take it; I had no other choices. My degree in liberal arts has zero chance for me to find another job in this economy.

“I see,” Cat said and motioned to Janet to sit with her. “Like ballet school, this job will at times be very demanding. Not in the physical sense, but demanding in pushing your boundaries to do things you’ve never done before. It’s going to require you to be open-minded and adaptable in order for you to be successful. We all want you to be successful, and we will always be here to help you. I want you to know that neither our agency nor Margritte nor I will get one cent from your – activities – just goodwill toward our endeavors. You’ll receive your payments directly from our clientele for your – mm – services. You’re an independent contractor; however, you may use our accountant to take care of your taxes and such.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Janet replied and licked her dry lips.

“Wait a second. You just licked your mouth with … My lord, do that again. No … Stick out your tongue. Yes, like that. That can’t be your tongue, can it? Oh – my – god, you’re going to make some woman very happy. Some women, that is.

I know you’re a bright young lady, and Margritte and I both think you are capable of handling this role, so when it comes down to your duties, it will be all up to you to make it happen. Using your – your tongue – you won’t have a ‘lick of trouble’ satisfying women.”

Margritte opened her office door and asked, “Cat, did she get certified?”

“Oh. I don’t remember.” Cat said, “Did you go to the clinic yesterday?” she asked Janet.

“No. It wasn’t on my list.”

“Shit.” Margritte said, “I’ve got Olivia on hold right now. Now, what the hell am I going to tell her?”

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