Janet and the Big Green Impala


This is a sequel to You Got to Lose to Know How to Win and I Try to Look at the Big Picture. The two main characters, both recent college graduates, have been set up on a date by their families. This is taking place in 1977.


All I had to offer Janet Pankin in the way of privacy was my 1967 Chevy Impala. It was a typical General Motors product, a big, faded green sedan with black vinyl seats. For driving purposes, I would have preferred something like a Volkswagen Dasher, but I couldn’t afford one. However, my big old car did have four doors and plenty of room in the back seat. Now all I needed was a place to park the damn thing with us in it.

Teenagers of course had been parking in cars practically since the first ones hit the roads. I think there is some line in Back to the Future – which of course at that time was still ahead in the future – in which Lorraine Baines says something like, “I’ve parked with boys many times before.” Of course, knowing her, what she did in there was probably on the sedate side. Also in the future, Bob Segar got a lot more explicit when singing about what he did in his ’60 Chevy.

But we were both twenty-two, and no longer teenagers. (Although automobile sex was always there for people of whatever age who needed it.)

There were plenty of “hot sheet” motels available in New York, which were about all I could afford. The Bronx seemed to have quite a few of them. I hadn’t completely ruled them out but they seemed wrong – way too scuzzy – for the moment. At that time I couldn’t pay for a better hotel.

It was Janet who had suggested the Impala idea, more than once. Thus on this Friday evening in early October, I had brought the car over for a date. During the week we had met each other’s families and had dinner at their respective houses. Both sets of relatives seemed pleased that this new relationship, after just two dates, seemed to be going well.

Around 9:30 PM on that Friday, I picked her up at her house in Inwood in upper Manhattan. We kissed for a bit and then I drove few blocks and parked on a side street. I turned the engine and lights off for the moment. We looked at each other as we sat there. She was wearing a long-sleeved blouse, and her skirt was loose-fitting but a bit on the short side. I could see that her legs were bare above her sandals. A thought occurred to me that of course I didn’t express: she’s wearing that skirt so that I can have easy access to her crotch.

She spoke first, “I have something here that should calm me down a bit.” She had a pint bottle of whiskey in her purse which she opened and sipped from. “Would you like a bit yourself?”

“No, I have to drive tonight.”

“I’m not surprised; you would be the kind to be a stickler about that.” Maybe she saw me squint or make some other expression because she laughed a bit and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to give you a hard time.” She moved across the bench seat, put her arm around my shoulders, and kissed me.

There was an issue we both suspected about each other but which we hadn’t explicitly discussed before. That was, at the age of twenty-age, our complete lack of any kind of sexual experience for both of us. Tonight we’d probably have to deal with that more directly for the first time. Perhaps we could talk around it a bit without getting into all the details. What am I thinking? We probably would be actually doing some of those very details tonight.

I asked her, as casually as I could, “Are you a bit nervous right now?”

“Yeah, I am. I assume you are too?”

I still tried to continue my nonchalant attitude, although I wasn’t sure I was too successful at that, “Okay, I admit – yes, I am a bit.”

Her face was right next to mine, “Look, Paul, we can take our time, we don’t have to get it all done in one night. Try to relax a bit.” It must have been obvious that I didn’t quite know what she meant. She seemed to take a moment to get her courage up. “What I meant was, we should start off by pleasuring each other orally.”

I blurted out, “I’ve seen that in Danish porno magazines.”

Janet surprised me, “Well, I’ve seen it in magazines too. English ones, usually. And since they’re English, they often feature a lot of spanking too.”

That seemed far beyond anything we’d deal with tonight, but I filed it in my memory anyway. I assumed, that like me, that she had some friend who had found or bought these publications from somewhere. Probably that was one of the qualities I liked about Janet. She was thoughtful, and she was trying to make it as easy as possible for me to deal with the situation.

At that moment she looked a bit concerned, as if thinking,am I saying the right things to this guy? I put my arm around her shoulders and said, “Janet, you need to relax a bit yourself.” I almost said, and without too much whiskey, although it didn’t seem appropriate to say that.

She smiled at me, “Okay, I get that.”

Anyway, bahis şirketleri now it seemed like time to get into logistics. “Now all we have to do is find someplace to park in this green whale.”

“It can’t be that hard, millions of teenagers do it every night.”

“Yeah, but not in the middle of New York City.”

“So do you have some ideas?”

“A couple, actually. One would be to find some commercial street with a lot of trucks parked on it. We could slip in there between a couple of those big vehicles. Usually, there are very few pedestrians in such areas at night.”

She asked me, “Is that actually safe, I mean crime-wise?” She was obviously a bit of a worry-wort too.

“It depends. There are places in the North Bronx and East Bronx that are pretty good.” I decided to elaborate a bit. “There are so many vehicles parked on New York City streets overnight – a million of them? – that any particular one is not going to stand out.”

“And what’s the other alternative?” She doesn’t miss much, does she?

“We could drive into a park, like Van Cortandt. Like there’s a place up near the Jerome Avenue end that would be good. We could park among the bushes.”

“Are there any problems with that? I mean, with the police, perhaps?”

“Well, if it’s only one car so it might stand out more. But there are already so many abandoned cars in that park that I don’t think the cops are checking the place very well.” This was well before Giuliani-time and the police force was demoralized by staff and budget cuts.

Officious cops; the bane of lover’s lanes everywhere. I said to Janet, “You do have a methodical mind, I think,”

She smiled, “Well, Paul, so do you. By the way, what would they arrest us for? Public lewdness?”

“I have no idea how those guys think. I mean, we’d be inside a vehicle.” I tried a joke, “Maybe I should have checked the penal code first.”

She had her own joke, “You mean the penile code, I assume.”

“Oh, please you can do better than that.”

“Sorry, they can’t all be gems:

It all seemed like a lot of thought to give to a relatively simple issue. I almost wished I had a wild girl who would just jump in the car and go anywhere for some crazy sex. Janet was not that kind of girl. Maybe she had been like that at eighteen – although I doubted it – but she certainly wasn’t that way now.

I added, “We could try both options at different times and see how they go. I mean the street or the park. Or even a well-placed parking lot, there are a lot of those around.”

She made a decision. “Let’s try the park idea first and see how that goes.”

“Okay, the entrance is across the street from Woodlawn Cemetery.” I started the car. “Man, this is all so spontaneous.”

Janet had almost read my mind, “Well, you have to go with the girl you’ve got.” But she was not trying to be mean about it. It was supposed to be another joke, one made at the expense of both of us. She asked a blunt question, “You’ve never parked with a girl in a car before, have you?”

I decided to not evade the question, “No, I never have. Have you ever been in a car with a guy before?”

She looked both amused and chagrined, “No, I haven’t done that yet.”

“Then I guess we’re going to learn a thing or two tonight.” We hadn’t come right out and admitted our virginity to each other, but we had come pretty close. The hell with it; everybody has to start somewhere.

There was something very obvious about her that made me like her. I had noticed it before, but now at this crucial point, it came to the front of my mind. Janet was thoughtful, kind even, and she was doing her best to make me feel comfortable even though she was more than a bit edgy herself. I wanted to let her know what I thought about her, but it didn’t seem like I should say it at that point.

I remember playing the radio on the way over there. “Solsbury Hill” from Peter Gabriel’s debut album was playing at one point, plus something from Fleetwood Mac I don’t remember – they never seemed like that great a band to me. Janet and I talked about some things to fill up the time, but it was a fairly brief trip over there.

I talked about the abandoned cars that were scattered – stolen and stripped, for the most part – throughout the park, and Janet seemed interested in that.

“There’s a place in there I call Dead Car Grove. They’re usually in a kind of semi-circle. I once tried to count them all; I must have found fourteen or fifteen that day.”

“I’d like to see that myself.”

“I’ll show you – in the daytime, of course. There’s another place in Inwood Park, at the top of the ridgeline, where they are lined up in a row or two. It looks like they got strafed by helicopter gunships.”

“The war has come home, I suppose.”

“Yeah, it makes you wonder who won that one. It certainly wasn’t us.”

A road went west from Jerome Avenue into the park, and I took that. Back then there were no gates bahis firmalar blocking the way, although I believe the park was officially closed at that time of night. I had been there during the day, and I often found old campfires in different places. Somebody had been going in there unmolested in the evenings.

I turned right into a grove of bushes and parked among them. It seemed like the foliage would give us enough cover, and there was adequate light from a few nearby streetlights so that we could see each other. Janet took another sip from her bottle and didn’t waste any additional time. “Well, let’s get in the back already.”

We started a make-out session on the black vinyl seat. Kissing her extensively always give me an erection, and she soon noticed the bulge in my pants. “My, someone is impressed with all this.”

I said, “I wish we had brought those porn magazines with us for reference.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I remember exactly what was in them. I’m sure you remember what was in yours.” She seemed like she was going to take charge of the proceedings, which was a relief because I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing there. “Paul, I want to go first; I mean I want you to go down on me. Is that is okay with you?”

“It’s a lot more than okay. Although, maybe I could use a sip from that bottle myself.”

She laughed, “Oh, so you’re not such a law-abiding citizen after all.”

I knew it was a mistake to admit any doubts to a woman, but I did it anyway. “I have to say, I really don’t know – I mean, I’m not sure how to do this.”

Janet was quite unconcerned about it; in an odd way, she was both helpful and amused. “It’s easy; I can show you exactly what it feels like to me. Think of it as an experiment.” She giggled, “I mean, to be blunt, I’ve certainly masturbated enough in my life to know what works.” She took a moment to look at me. “Did I shock you a little with that?”

I tried to regain some manly poise, although I didn’t do a very good job with it. “Me? No, I wouldn’t say I was shocked.”

I didn’t think she believed me but that didn’t stop her. “Then let’s get started already.” In an instant, she lifted up her blouse, and then she reached back to undo her bra. I’ve since been amazed at how fast a woman can do that simple act of unhooking it; guys always seem to fumble around when trying it.

Her medium size breasts fell out, and I was perhaps paralyzed about what to do next. “Come on, touch them, especially the nipples. In fact, then you should suck on them, the nipples I mean. I think that’s going to feel wonderful.”

I was going to ask her if any guy had ever done that to her. Bur I figured that doing, not talking, was important now. It wasn’t necessary for me to know the answer to every question. I rubbed my fingers on her tits, then I put my mouth on them and sucked as she had requested.

She was right. It was an interesting sensation to actually taste her body. In a few moments, she was holding me by the arms. Her head went back, and she was softly moaning. “Oh God, Paul, that is so nice, that is just perfect, please keep going, don’t stop.”

It seemed like I could just do that all night, but she had other plans. A certain amount of time went by – a few minutes, I didn’t keep track – and then I heard, “Put your hands under my skirt, feel me up.” Perhaps it appeared like I needed more instructions because she continued. “Put your hand into my panties. Squeeze my ass for a bit, then move forward and rub my pussy, up and down and side to side. Just do it, it’s instinctual I think.”

Her legs went up on the seat and she splayed them out for me. I loved the feel of her smooth behind and her hairy cunt. “Put your fingers inside too, move them around as you think best. I mean, I’ve been letting you know how you are doing, haven’t I?”

That was certainly true. Her hips were rocking on the black vinyl seat, and the sweetest moans were coming out of her mouth. Hey, I’m really turning this girl on, and she’s pretty fast with it too.

I was thinking less now of what was outside the car, and I let her know how I was doing. “Janet, I’m going to be truthful with you. I have a huge erection right now. It feels like the biggest one I’ve ever had.”

“No problem, you can be honest me with. Don’t worry, when you’re done with me, your girl here is going to take of that erection for you, and I mean really take care of it but good! But you have to take care of me first if you don’t mind.”

“I really want to get a good look at your pussy.”

“That’s no problem either.” She lifted her skirt and took her panties off. They were pink but otherwise very ordinary looking. She threw them at me, “Here, sniff these.”

I was too busy looking to do that. She spread her legs wide, and I gazed for the first time at bare snatch. Like most girls then, she didn’t shave her crotch and she had a thick pubic bush. Her hands went down there, and she opened up her cunt kaçak bahis siteleri lips with them.

“Don’t be shy; it’s time to have some Janet pussy for dinner. Just start like you did with your fingers; go up and down, side to side. It should be really easy.”

She sat spread out on the seat, and I knelt in front of her. My mouth covered her cunt. The first thing I noticed was her taste, which was somehow mild and tangy at the same time. As I moved my mouth on her, she encouraged me to do more. “That’s it, use your tongue and lips, and your fingers too as needed. I think you’re going to do fine.” She put her own hands down and ran them through my hair.

As her movements and sounds became more dramatic, she told me she wanted more. “Eat me out, you know what that means? Put your tongue in there. And the clitoris, flick that, gently.” She pointed to the little mound of flesh. “It’s already stiff and aroused; it’s very sensitive. And I’ll put my own fingers down there to help you.”

I stopped long enough to ask, “Will you get an orgasm from all this?”

“Absolutely, I know it. Paul, I think you’re a natural-born muff diver,” and she laughed at that.

Pretty soon we had a good rhythm going. Her fingers were around her clit at the top and my mouth was rubbing her sides further down. Her legs came up and she spread them even more. She was still talking to me, urging me on, “That’s it, this is great, it’s better than any self-pleasuring session I’ve ever had.” She giggled, “Remind me to always have a guy’s mouth handy for these things.”

I had never seen a girl climax before; I had seen photographs but never film footage of it. It didn’t matter; it was unmistakable. “Oh my God, you’re making me come; I’m coming right now.” She grabbed my head and rhythmically worked her crotch against my face. Her chanting was like, “Oh, oh, oh.” Then there was one longer “Oh” sound that seemed to go on for a few seconds, and she collapsed back into her seat.

I pulled back and tried to assess what I had just done to her. Both her mouth and eyes were open, but she wasn’t looking at me. As she got her wits together, she sat up straight and said, “Jesus, man, you get the gold star for muff-diving.” Perhaps it wasn’t the most clever comment possible, but I appreciated the praise anyway. Pretty good for a complete amateur.

It was very dark and quiet outside the car. Then she put her arms around me and said something unexpected. “I should have brought some snacks along. Well, next time.”

“I’m not really thinking of snacks right now.”

“Well, I am! Something unhealthy like Cheez-Doddles.:

“We can pick up some later if you wish.”

“Don’t worry too much about it; we have some more important to do right now. I assume you must be about ready for it, am I right?”

In a few seconds, she undid my pants and let my erect cock spring out. “Oh you poor guy, I know you’ve been waiting a while for this.” I wasn’t sure I liked being called a “poor guy.” Yet I knew It was more of her thoughtfulness, and I appreciated her attempt to make me feel better. She had some things to learn too.

We worked out our positions without having to say anything. I half lay across the back seat, facing outwards. Janet knelt on the floor. She must have remembered those porn magazines well because she didn’t hesitate about what to do next. Her hand gently stroked me, which felt wonderful. No hand except my own had ever handled me before, and I was ecstatic. Then she gently took the tip of my cock into her mouth and sucked on it.

As she had done with me, I couldn’t help but praise her own oral tactics. “Janet, keep doing that, it feels wonderful.” Then she licked me from tip to base and back again; she soon started to do the same thing with her mouth. It was hyperbole, I knew, but I said, “You are the queen of blowjobs.”

She stopped long enough to say, “I’m just one of those girls with a knack for this.” That, plus I’m sure some careful perusal of those European publications had helped.

I was soon in a higher position, using one hand to stroke her hair while the other one fondled her breasts. I put one leg down into the footwell. Soon I was thrusting myself into her mouth instead of having her supply most of the motion. Her hand that wasn’t holding my cock was stroking my bare behind. Later I found out that it was an almost guaranteed way to make a man climax faster.

It wasn’t that I needed much encouragement, not after all of the oral sex I had already done on her. She told me later that she could feel the ejaculation building up inside of me. Well, that wasn’t too surprising, because I could feel it approaching too. Briefly, in my gratifying haze, I wondered if she was going to swallow my cum or not. Lady’s choice, I assumed. I had waited years for this, and whatever she decided was fine with me.

My thrusting became more frantic, and I said various silly things like repeating her name over and over. Then the point of no return passed, and I spasmed rhythmically into her mouth. It turned out that she couldn’t quite take it all in, and some came back out and landed on the floor. A small amount got on her bare legs.

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