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Subject: Jaiden – Chapter 55 Gregory A. Patrick Jaiden � Chapter 54 08-18-20 Disclaimer: This story and any previous or subsequent additions are the intellectual property of the writer/owner and are protected by the U.S. and international copyright laws. No portion of this story or any subsequent editions may be copied, disseminated, or used publicly in any manner without the express written permission of the author/owner. This story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. Additionally, this story may contain male to male sexual inferences, or direct mention of, male-to-male contact. If you are under the age of 18, or access to this story is a violation of community laws of the city, state, or nation in which you live, or if this type or style of writing offends you, please leave this site immediately. The writer, nor Nifty, assumes no liability whatsoever concerning an individual’s access to or an individual’s reading of stories contained herein. If you wish to comment on this story or any additional episodes which may or may not be added, please address your comments to ail. Keep your comments clean, respectful, and non-argumentative, otherwise, your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. Nifty runs off financial donations made to their site. Please remember to donate fty/donate.html G. A. Patrick The guys are lost without the ladies around and they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do. Peyton said that since they are having more babies than expected that they could go purchase more baby beds and changing tables. Jaiden suggested they go look at colors to paint the babies’ nurseries and for the new rooms downstairs, while Dale wanted to look at flooring companies for poured rubber flooring which all the guys thought was a good idea since it would help prevent the babies from getting hurt when they fell on the floor. They all knew that was going to happen. Charley was the smart one in the group this time saying, “Let’s go to First Builders in the industrial park and look at everything mentioned in one spot. They all had agreed to buy the baby furniture from the same company where they got the first set. They followed Charley’s suggestion and when they got to the store, they met a lady who was able to help coordinate the poured flooring that would go with the colors they chose for the nursery rooms. They decided on light peach with coral accents because of the comforting feel of the color scheme. It is bright without being too bright and at night it is cozy and comforting. They showed their choice of color schemes to the decorator who chose the original colors and furniture for the house. They got a thumbs up on what they chose to go with the baby furniture they had purchased. The decorator also complimented the guys on their choice of very high-quality baby furniture and said their choice of flooring material was perfect to go with their color scheme and would last through the children’s teen years. As for the decorator’s opinion, the guys had scored a 100 on everything they had chosen for the nurseries. They spent all morning planning how to decorate the nurseries, and since it was Ginny’s day off, they decided to have lunch at a fish house they liked on the wharf. It wasn’t fancy and it was not expensive but the food was excellent. When they looked at the menu, Dale said that since the ladies had to watch their diets while they were pregnant, he would do the same. Peyton, Jaiden, and Charley joined him in his thought and they, too, would be eating more sensibly. They all ordered broiled entrees with vegetables instead of white potatoes and they abstained from eating any bread. Instead of tea, coke, or coffee, they all had water. This was going to be emblematic of their new style of eating. If the ladies were having to do it, they would too. After they had eaten lunch, they went to the mall to look at window coverings and chose shutters for the windows instead of blinds. They would not be putting anything in the nurseries that could in any way be dangerous to the children. To ensure that ideal, they consulted with an expert on safety for baby rooms. She helped them to make the safest choices and complimented them on their choice of shutters for the windows saying they were the safest window covering available for babies’ rooms. Topping them with valances would add to the beauty of the rooms that had been designed. Everything would be painted and installed well in advance of the births, so there would be no fumes that could be toxic to the babies. They were talking about names for the baby boys and they all decided to keep the names a secret until the babies are born, even for the girls if there are any. Only time will tell. The school Jason is in will be moved to the Riley-Reynolds Elementary Magnet Academy, so the guys went to see Carolyn’s room. She was beaming from ear to ear when she saw Peyton and Dale. She couldn’t wait to show them all the new technology she had at her disposal. She said never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would have such technology to use in teaching, and if you think the class excelled before, watch now! Dr. Sims saw us and said, “Guys, we can’t thank you enough. We are about to have a faculty meeting and I would love to have you join us. It won’t last but about an hour at the most.” Peyton said, “Dr. Sims, all we have is time, so we would be glad mezitli escort to join you.” When we got into the cafeteria where the meeting was to be held, Dr. Sims had us sit on the stage with him. He began the meeting by saying, “Fellow teachers, as you know, for the first time, we have the most modern equipment available to each of us to teach our students. I would like to introduce to you the young men who bought all of this equipment for us: Jaiden and Peyton Riley-Reynolds and Dale and Charley Jacobs-Anderson.” As we stood when our names were announced, the teachers gave us a standing ovation. After the meeting was over, we toured each room in the school and met all of the teachers, many of whom were new. Dr. Sims said this year was shaping up to be his best year with the best and youngest staff he has ever had. He told us he had Carolyn help him interview and hire every teacher at the school and that the teacher Jason and David will have this year is a friend of Carolyn’s that she recruited from her last school. When Peyton met her, he was as impressed with her as he was when he met and interviewed Carolyn. When we finally got to Carolyn’s room, she had her back to us as she was preparing some class materials. Peyton spoke up and said, “Carolyn, did we get you the equipment you wanted and needed?” When she heard Peyton’s voice, she quickly turned around and said, “Yes, you guys did, Peyton, and I am on top of the world with what I can do this year. If you think last year was good, just wait. This year is going to be unbelievable!” “Did you get to meet Stacy, my friend from my old school who I recruited to come up here.” “Yes, we did and I was, and am, extremely impressed with her!” “Guys, please do us a favor: drop by when you can to see how we are using the technology you got for us. You will be amazed.” “Carolyn, we will do our best to do that.” We completed our tour and headed across town to the school named after Dale and Charley and met the newly hired principal, Dr. JoAnn Grimes. She too is a friend of Carolyn’s who Carolyn recruited away from her last school. We introduced ourselves and she said she had heard much about us from Carolyn. “I would love to tour the school with you but I am very busy with some paperwork that must go out today. Let me announce over the intercom that you will be coming by the school rooms to see how things are being organized.” “This is Dr. Grimes, I would like to let you know that the young men, who purchased all the new equipment now at your disposal to use in teaching your students, are in the building and will be coming by your classrooms.” “Additionally, Mr. Dale and Mr. Charley Jacobs-Anderson, whom the school was named in honor of, will be two of the four young men coming by your classroom. Please feel free to speak with them about anything you may have on your mind. If it helps you teach your students and helps your students to learn, I don’t care whatever your question may be.” As the guys toured each classroom, they received many compliments, hugs, and thanks from the teachers, all of whom raved over the new equipment. We were impressed with every teacher we met in each school. It was very evident that the Superintendent and Dr. Grimes took great pains in selecting the very best teachers possible for the new magnet school. We are so excited for the students and can’t wait to see their progress over the coming year. When we got home, all four of us were tired from a busy morning, so we went to our bedrooms, undressed, and went to bed for a long nap. When we woke up, it was raining like crazy and we wondered what we could do with all the rain. Charley said, “Screw the rain, let’s get our bathing suits on and go to the beach. We would be getting wet anyway, so what does the rain matter?” Jaiden looked at Charley and said, “leave it to you to come up with a cockeyed idea! I’m game, bro, let’s go!” We all laughed at Jaiden’s comment as we were getting our bathing suits on. Twenty minutes later, we were at the beach acting like ten-year-old boys. It has been a long time since we had so much fun doing something crazy. We started to hear thunder, so we decided it might be prudent to get off the beach. It was dinner time, so we went to the Sonic and got a Chili Cheese Coney dog with onions and mustard. We even splurged and got a Slush. Charley got a Mountain Berry Blast, Dale got a Strawberry, Peyton and I got a Blue Raspberry. Yes, it was junk food, but it has been a long time since we splurged on junk food at Wellstone, and it was as good this time as it was back then. We forgot what hotdogs did to Charley and about the time we were passing the mall, we had to pull into the parking lot and get out of the car. Jaiden looked at Charley and said, “Damn, Charley, did a skunk crawl up your ass and die?” We all laughed so hard we were coughing. While we were standing in the pouring rain in the parking lot, Bobby and Roger saw us and stopped to ask why we were standing in the rain like a bunch of idiots. Jaiden told them to stick their nose in the car and take a whiff. They did, we laughed. Roger backed out very quickly and said, “Damn, it smells like a skunk crawled up someone’s ass and died.” We were laughing so hard we couldn’t talk so we pointed at Charley. Charley said, “Blame Sonic hotdogs!” We asked Roger and Bobby if they would put Charley in the back of their patrol car and take him home for us. Bobby said, “there’s not a chance in hell Charley pozcu escort is getting in our patrol car doing that.” That got us laughing again. It was raining so hard we couldn’t roll down the windows and let the car air out. Thankfully, Roger had some Ozone deodorizer in the patrol car and let it loose in our car for us. He looked at Charley and was laughing and shaking his head as he and Bobby drove off. We finally got home and dried off. We each had on a tee shirt and our khaki shorts we love. As we were sitting in the den, Dale told Charley that if he farted like that again, he was going to shove a cork up his butt. Laughingly, Charley said, “Yea, it stunk, but the hotdogs were well worth the problem. There is no fast food that is better than a Sonic Chili Cheese Coney Dog!” As we sat in the den, we had some coffee Dale made and a piece of chocolate cake Ginny made for Jaiden as we watched the news. Roger and Bobby got us good. They called our cousin who is the manager of the television station and told him about the incident in the car. The last thing the news anchor said was, “Do you remember the young men who came to the Erie community and did so much for our schools? The ones for whom our two new schools were named, it seems something crawled into their car at the mall and died leaving a rather bad smell. Thanks to Officers Betterman and Standridge, they were able to identify the culprit who caused the smell and the young men were able to get home safely. That’s the news for the evening, Thanks for tuning in, have a great night; especially you, Charley!” The next day at lunch, Mom called and asked about the incident with the car at the mall. Roger had called Don who had called Mom and she knew the whole story but still called to rag us anyway. Jaiden said, Mom, we had gone to the beach and played in the rain like a bunch of ten-year-old boys. We went to Sonic after the beach and we all got a Chili Cheese Coney Dog forgetting what hotdogs do to Charley.” “By the time we got to the mall, he cut loose and it was so bad we had to get out of the car in the mall parking lot in the pouring rain. Roger and Bobby rode by and asked us why we were standing in the pouring rain like a bunch of idiots. Peyton told them to stick their noses in the car and take a whiff. They did! “They backed up rather quickly and asked us if something had crawled up someone’s ass and died. We were laughing so hard we couldn’t say a word, so we pointed at Charley.” “We asked Roger if they could put Charley in their patrol car and take him home for us and Bobby said, “Not a chance in hell with him doing that.” Roger had some Ozone spray in his patrol car, so he got it and loaded down our car. He was shaking his head and laughing as he drove off. The next thing we knew, the 11 pm news anchor signed off the news by saying: “Do you remember the young men who came to the Erie community and did so much for our schools? The ones for whom our two new schools were named, it seems something crawled into their car at the mall and died leaving a rather bad smell. Thanks to Officers Betterman and Standridge, they were able to identify the culprit who caused the smell and the young men were able to get home safely. Thank you for tuning in and have a great night; especially you, Charley” Mom was laughing so hard she started coughing. She said she couldn’t wait to tell Becky and told us to have a good day and hung up. She was still laughing so hard she couldn’t say anything else. Fifteen minutes later, Pete called ragging us about the news blurb, and after he called the Rabbi called. Even worse, Dr. Mom had called Peyton’s Dad and he called to rag us. A few minutes after that, Jenny called asking if what crawled up Charley’s butt and died in the car would be dangerous to the babies, and Peyton told her no, that if the babies were in the car, there wouldn’t be room for Charley after he ate a Sonic Chili Cheese Coney Dog. She was about to die laughing when she said. “thanks for the laugh little bro, I needed it this morning.” I doubt seriously if we are going to live that down anytime soon. It smelled like someone caught a Dory fish off the coast of England and put it in the breather of the car as a joke. Believe me, it wasn’t a joke, it was for REAL! As soon as the rain stopped, we pulled the car out of the garage and opened all the windows and let it air out all morning. When Ginny came in, she said “good morning, boys, I saw the news last night. That was funny!” We just smiled, she knew who did it. Charley told Peyton that he had asked Dale to make love to him last night and Dale told him, “not a chance!” Peyton just about doubled over laughing. That’s when Dale said he had to sleep on the couch, and he could still smell the stench from their room. We don’t know why, but Ginny made us go outside and sit on the deck. She brought us all a cup of coffee the way we like it, everybody except Charley. She gave him a glass of bicarbonate of Soda, smiled and went back inside the house. Even more laughter came out. The levity helped get rid of the blues from the ladies being gone. What really got us laughing was when David shouted to us from his backyard and said he couldn’t come over because his mom told him something had died at our house and smelled really really bad. That was all it took to get us laughing again. Even David was laughing. Charley, he picked up the glass of bicarbonate of soda, drank it, and went to his room. When Charley escort bayan came back to the den, we asked Ginny what was for lunch and she said, “tater tots and Chili Cheese Coney Dogs with onions and mustard.” It was funny because Charley turned a faint shade of green. About 20 minutes after lunch, Bobby’s and Roger’s Sergeant showed up at the door and left a bag for Charley. Inside the bag was a note from Judge Stanislauski that said, “Charley, hope you enjoy this. Dan.” Ginny put her elbows on the counter, put her head in her hands, and laughed harder than any of us had ever seen her laugh. We all hugged Charley and told him we still loved him. He just smiled � and ate the Sonic Chili Cheese Dog. The rest of us including Ginny, got in the car and went to the mall for about four hours. Ginny made sure to leave the bicarbonate of soda on the counter before we left the house. Charly’s favorite snack is a chocolate covered donut dipped in peanuts, so we went by Dixie’s Donut shop and got her to make us a half-dozen. After dinner, we went out on the deck to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the cool breeze coming in off the lake. Dale waited a minute to come out and when he did, he handed Charley the donuts and said we were sorry he had taken so many jokes over the hotdog. He said the donuts more than made up for the hotdog and if we tried to get one to be prepared for a fight. As we laughed, Charley offered each of us one of his donuts � with a smile. You’ve just gotta love Charley. A few days later we got two letters from Tom and Joseph, Marty’s and Angie’s husbands. Inside each envelope was a folded piece of paper with a Sonic coupon inside for a free Chili Cheese Coney Dog. Charley just shook his head and started laughing and then said, “Damn, the story made it all the way to Oregon.” Since it was Saturday morning, we got up, got ready, and went to the synagogue for services. As we sat down, a gentleman sitting next to Charley leaned over and asked, “You didn’t eat a Chili Cheese Coney Dog with onions and mustard before you got here, did you?” We lost it. When Rabbis Kravitz and Belson came in with a can of Ozone room freshener in their hands, everybody started laughing. Charley turned red but took the ribbing like the gentleman he is. At the end of the service, both Rabbis apologized to Charley and said their bound toos overrode their caint hepits. Charley being from the south, and having been a huge fan of Andy Griffith, completely understood the comment and laughed about it. When we got home from the services, Mom called and asked Jaiden if the bicarbonate of soda she told Ginny to give Charley had worked. He said, “Yes mam, and when we see you, we are going to give you the biggest hug and kiss ever for doing that!” Mom then laughed and asked if she could speak to Peyton. When he answered the phone, Mom said, “Peyton, give Jaiden a kiss for me and I’ll talk to you guys later.” After she hung up, Peyton laughed and said, “Damn, she did it again!” Jaiden asked, “Mom did what again, Peyton?” Peyton said, “she told me to kiss you for her.” Jaiden looked at Dale and Charley and told them, “See you guys in a couple of hours” and then ran to the bedroom. Dale and Charley were laughing hysterically. Peyton had left his phone in the den and when it rang, Charley answered it and it was Peyton’s mom. She asked if she could speak to Peyton a minute. Charley told her Peyton couldn’t come to the phone right now. Mom Riley made the mistake of asking why and Charley told her Dr. Mom had told Peyton to kiss Jaiden for her. Mom Riley started laughing and said she would call back in about three hours. Charley started laughing and said, “Mom, that would be about the right time to call back,” and they both then hung up as they were laughing hysterically. About two hours later, Peyton and Jaiden emerged from the bears den looking like they had been in a fight. Charley told Peyton his mom had called, that he told her Dr. Mom called and told him to kiss Jaiden. Mom Riley laughed and said she would call back in three hours. It was funny to watch Peyton turn about seven shades of red. Three hours after the first call, Peyton’s mother called back just to talk to Peyton and make sure everybody was doing ok. She told Peyton Jenny was acting just like she did when she was having her boys, that she’d had an ultrasound, and just like Peyton had predicted, she was having triplet boys. Peyton started crying at the news and told Jaiden what his mom said, and he, too, started crying. This was the first ultra sound news they had received. Peyton, I wouldn’t have said anything but Jenny asked me to tell you when I called. Since you all are doing OK, I am happy. Before Mom hung up, she said, “Peyton, kiss Jaiden for me.” Peyton said, “Damn.” “Peyton, why did you say “Damn”? Peyton replied, “Mom told me to kiss you for her.” Jaiden looked at Dale and Charley and said, “I am so tired, but…see you in a couple of hours and headed for the bedroom. Dale and Charley fell off the couch they were laughing so hard. But sure enough, two hours later Jaiden and Peyton emerged from their room. From the sounds that emanated from their room during that time, there was no doubt they had a fantastic time! The only thing Jaiden said was, I’m hungry.” Peyton smiled from ear to ear. Dale said he had gotten so horny listening to the sounds coming from their bedroom that he had forgotten to cook, so they all went to Tony’s for an all meat pizza. Phil took one look at them and said, “Before anyone says a word, TMI, TMI!” Everybody busted out laughing. Phil knew. As badly as they were missing the ladies, it turned out to be an awesome day of laughter and fun and the guy’s spirits had been lifted about as high as they could rise, and that was a good thing.

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