Gregory Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 156

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Greg Patrick


“It was nice to visit the university and introduce the children to everyone and see the boys enjoy the attention they received; how about for you, Peyton?” “I enjoyed it, too, Jaiden, and before you ask, yes, I was homesick while there.”


“I think we all were homesick for the time we spent there, Peyton.”


“If you think about it, we got a four-year degree at Wellstone in three years. Then we went to medical school and graduated in three years, started a family while in medical school, and we”ll soon complete a two-year internship.”


“Because of the work we did in the hospital in Erie, we”ve been able to bypass another four years of residency before we start our practice. It was tough, but we did it and maintained our sanity.” “That”s true, Jaiden, but would you want to do it that way again?” “I think so; we”re young, passionate in more ways than one, and we are enjoying life to the fullest with the best family ever.”


“Jaiden, there is one fact that I think is more important to me than the things you mentioned: I get to spend my life with someone who means more to me than anything in the world: you. Then we have our boys, who are more than amazing, and Charley, Dale, and their children; it”s a perfect family unit.”


“Today is so beautiful, Peyton. Let”s talk to Dale and Charley and see if they would like to get the prams out and take the children for a long walk.”


Peyton went inside, stood at the bottom of the stairs, and yelled, “HEY DELL, GET YOURSELF DOWNSTAIRS FOR A MINUTE!”


Dale was laughing because Peyton would typically have walked upstairs to ask him whatever. It was like they were brothers who had grown up together, and that sentiment could best describe how well they got along. Did they have disagreements? Sometimes, yes. Do they ever get angry with each other? Yes, but not frequently. And do they fuss and fight with each other the way four brothers normally would when together in one home? No, never; that isn”t in their psyches. They are simply a loving, cohesive family.


“Dale, would you and Charley like to get the children in their prams and take a long walk with Jaiden and me?”


“Charley and I were just talking about doing that, so yes, we would. Let me go get Charley so we can bring the children downstairs and get them ready.”


“Do you think the babies will need a coat or a sweater?” “A sweater should be fine, Dale; it”s already up to 70 degrees outside. But unfortunately, the skies are cloudy, so we may have to cut the walk short if it starts raining.”


With the kids securely in their prams, the dads started down the road toward the overlook about a half-mile away. They took the boys and Alaina Noelle to see the beautiful mountain scenery at the lookout. They got a surprise, though, when Alaina Noelle pointed and said, “Daddy, big bird.”


When Dale looked in the direction his daughter was pointing, he saw a beautiful bald eagle. “Very good, Alaina; that”s a bald eagle.”


“They call him bald because his head is a different color than the rest of his body. He flies around looking for food, and when he sees it, he swoops down and catches it with his feet.”


About the time Dale said that, Jaiden saw something out of the corner of his eye. “Guys, don”t look now, but a big rattlesnake is crawling this way.” Charley doesn”t like snakes, and when he saw the rattlesnake, he said, “I don”t know why, but I suddenly have to pee.”


“Charley, stay still, and let”s see if the snake sees us and changes direction; if he doesn”t, we will!” “Charles Logan finally saw the snake and said, “Daddy, big worm; we go fishin”?”


“Son, that isn”t a worm; it”s a snake, a really bad snake that will hurt you and make you very sick, and no, there isn”t a chance we are going fishing with him; he will bite you, and it will hurt real bad.”


As they watched the snake, the eagle swooped down, grabbed the snake just behind his head, and held him on the ground before flying off with him. The dads were more than surprised when they heard what sounded like a beef roast slapping the street.


The eagle had flown high and then dropped the snake onto the pavement around the spot where Jaiden first saw him. The snake didn”t move, and the eagle flew down and began having a gourmet meal.


The bird didn”t seem to eat the meat he pulled off the snake. Instead, it flew to a nest, returned, got more meat, and flew back to its nest. The third time the eagle flew to the snake, he dined on his delicacy.


As they were watching the beautiful animal eat, a game warden who had seen the eagle drop the snake drove up and introduced himself to the dads.


Then he got down on his knees at the children”s eye level and beautifully described how the eagle was feeding its babies with muscle from the rattlesnake – and how and why he was able to catch the snake without getting hurt.


The warden said he knew the eagle was a male because of his size. “Boy eagles are much smaller than girl eagles.


Sometimes the girl eagle will be the size of three boys together.” Charles Logan pointed at the eagle and said a word the dads didn”t know he knew � and knew the meaning of: “wimp.”


“Guys, did y”all know Chuck knew that word?” The other dads said no, they didn”t. “Dang, Chuck is named after dad, and I swear, he is a mini-me version of dad. If I didn”t know better, I”d say Chuck has a receiver in his ear, and dad is telling him what to say!”


Charley called his dad”s office and spoke briefly with his mom, who got his dad on the telephone. “Hey, son, what”s up?”


“Dad, stop it!” “Stop what, Charley?” “Telepathically communicating with Chuck and telling him what to say.” “What the heck are you talking about?”


Charley told his dad about the children seeing the eagle in a tree and then swooping down and catching a rattlesnake crawling toward them. He related to his dad how the bird flew up with the snake and then dropped it onto the pavement where Jaiden first saw it. He then began ripping away pieces of the snake and feeding it to his young in the nest.

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“Dad, all ten children had a blast watching that bird catch and eat the snake. A game warden had seen the eagle fly up with the snake and then drop it to the asphalt. He stopped, got on eye level with the babies, and wonderfully explained everything about the eagle.


I guess Chuck didn”t like the fact that boy eagles are so much smaller than the females; he pointed at the eagle and said, `wimp”! We had no idea he knew that word, much less what it means.”


“Damn, son, that boy is gonna be just like me. Enjoy him; he”s going to make life very interesting as he grows up!” “That”s what I”m afraid of, Dad.”


Charley”s mom had been listening on the phone extension, and she was howling at Charley”s story and what his dad told him. “Chuck, you need to call your dad and tell him about your conversation with Charley; he”ll enjoy that story and what you told your son.”


Charley”s dad called his parents and told them about the children”s day and what little Chuck said about the male eagle. His dad howled and said, “Yep, son, your grandson is just like you. It”s gonna be fun watching him grow up and get into the same crap you did.”


“I hope not everything, dad.” “Same here, Chuck. At least he doesn”t have a lake around him so he can let old man Pearson”s boat loose and send it floating into the middle of the lake like Charley did.”


“Dad, you knew Charley did that?” “Yep, old man Pearson saw him do it and called me complaining like hell.” “But you never told me about that, Dad.” “Nope, sure didn”t. I couldn”t stand that cranky old bastard. So, I laughed like hell when he called ratting Charley out.”


“Dad, did you say anything to him, apologies to him or anything?” “Yeah, I told him to go screw himself, that if I”d thought about sending his boat to the middle of the lake, I”d done it myself. But, boy, he got pissed when I told him that. Funny as hell!”


“Wow, you were always so strict, I would have thought you would whip Charley”s butt for something like that.” “Not a chance, Chuck; if you think back, we all went out for a pizza and celebrated. Never whip a grandchild; spoil the hell out of him and send him home.”


“I remember, Dad, but I thought we just went out for dinner to get out of the house.” “That”s what you were supposed to think, son, I didn”t want you worrying about me being mad at Charley, and at the same time, I didn”t want to encourage him to do it again, although I hoped he would.”


“Did you and old man Pearson get back on good terms?” “We did � after I went and got his boat out of the middle of his lake. But before I did that, I went to the Five and Dime in town and bought four little alligators that I released into his pond. Those damned things ought to be about four feet long by now!”


“Peyton would love to hear that story.” “Then tell him. Don”t be an asshole, have some fun with your son.” “You know, Dad, I”m gonna do just that. Later, Dad,” “Later, Chuck.”


The guys were walking home when Jaiden got irked about traffic being faster than he thought it should be, and his angst was evident. Finally, little but brave Nathan Robert looked up at his dad and said, “Daddy, you relax, take nap wif Daddy Peyton.”


Jaiden turned blood red in the face, and Peyton, Dale, and Charley were about to roll on the ground laughing because they thought it was so funny.


When they went inside the house, Jaiden”s mom took one look at him and asked why his face was so red. Then, Dale, Charley, and Peyton started laughing again.


“What”s so funny, guys?”


“Jaiden got a bit miffed at the traffic going faster than he thought it should have, and Nathan Robert looked up at him and said,” “Daddy, you ne relax an take nap wif Daddy Peyton.” Dr. Mom started laughing so hard it was hard for her to get a breath, and she started coughing. She mused that the babies were too smart for their own good.


They told Dr. Mom, Leon, and Peter about the eagle and the game warden, and they thought it was a neat story. Then Dale turned to Charley and asked what his dad said about the event.


“Dale, Dad agreed that Chuck sounded just like him, and he said to enjoy Chuck, that life was going to get really interesting. Then he let me know Grandpa knew about me sending old man Pearson”s boat into the middle of his lake. He never let me know before that he knew about that.”


“He didn”t get all over you for doing that?” “Nope, never, and I asked Dad why. He said Grandpa couldn”t stand the old goat. He did say, though, that he mended fences with old man Pearson and got his boat out of the middle of the lake after Pearson called him raising hell, as Dad put it.”


“You”ve gotta admit, Charley, it was nice of your Grandpa to do that.” “Not really, Peyton; he stopped by the Five and Dime before he went to the lake and bought four small alligators that he released into the pond after he retrieved the boat. He said those gators ought to be at least four feet long now.”


“That is hilarious, Charley; I can”t wait to tell Dad that story and ask him how big he thinks the alligators should be now.”


That night, Peyton called his dad and told him the story about old man Pearson and the alligators. When he came back to the den, his face was ashen.


“Peyton, did you tell your dad the story about old man Pearson and the gators?” “I did.” “What did he say?” “Their house and their pond were purchased from old man Pearson. The alligator dad killed, the one that was 8 feet long that Seth saw while fishing: it was one of the gators Charley”s Grandad put into that lake.”


“Dude, I”m sorry; I”ll tell Dad who bought the property and about your dad killing the gator.”


“Mom, is Dad busy?” “Not right now would you like to speak with him?” “Yes, mam, and stay on the phone; you”re gonna love what I have to tell Dad.”


“Howdy, son.” “Dad, do you remember the gators you said Grandpa put in old man Pearson”s pond?” “Can”t forget”em, why?” “Peyton”s mom and dad are the ones who bought that property.”


“Seth was down at the lake fishing after they adopted him and saw a gator in the pond. When he ran back to the house to tell their dad, Dr. Riley got his rifle and went to the lake. He shot the alligator when it surfaced. It was eight feet long and weighed almost seven-hundred-fifty pounds. So now you know how big the gators got.”


“Charley, it bothers me that Jim bought that property, and the gators may still be in the pond. I”m going to call and apologize to him for your Grandpa doing that. We may have to drain his lake to make sure the other gators aren”t in there, and, if they are, get them out.”


“Then, I”ll get some equipment over there and do any repairs or upgrades the pond needs and get it filled back up with water and re-stocked.” “Dad, it”s nice that you would do that for him.” “Charley, he almost lost a son because of your Grandad, and if that happened, I wouldn”t be able to live with myself.” “I”ll let Peyton know, Dad.”


“Hey Jim, this is Chuck Leonard. First, I need to apologize to you for something that happened to your pond before you bought old man Pearson”s place.” “What happened, Chuck?”


“Charley was maybe six years old and thought it would be funny to turn the old man”s boat loose and send it to the middle pozcu escort of the lake. My parents had some property several farms down from yours, and Charley would go visit the pond when he stayed with his grandparents.”


“Old man Pearson called Dad one day raising hell about what Charley had done, so he went over and got Pearson”s rowboat out of the middle of the lake. But before he did that, Dad went to the store, bought four little gators, and released them into the pond.”


“When Charley called a few minutes ago and told me who purchased the property and what had happened to Seth, I was horrified. But, Jim, there may be three more large gators in that pond.”


“I”d like to send some crews over to drain the lake and make sure the gators aren”t in there. I”ll fence the lake in first and then drain it. Then, if any improvements need to be made, I”ll have my crews do that as well.”


“Chuck, I really appreciate the offer. But if you will come over Saturday around lunch, we”ll eat a bite, and then I”ll show you how to run out any gators that might be in the pond. Do you have any big rifles?”


“I have an elephant gun I bought for a trip to Africa that I never made.”


“Good; bring it and a box of ammunition with you. If there are any gators in that pond, you can take some gator meat home with you, and I can put some in my freezer.” “OK, Jim, see you Saturday around one.”


Saturday, Chuck went to the Riley property. Jim had two wires hooked to a large generator that would generate about 500 volts of direct current. He attached the cables to steel rods and drove the rods into the lake bed about a foot from shore in water about three feet deep.


He got out of the lake, walked over to the industrial generator, and told Chuck to watch. He turned the generator on, and all sorts of unwanted wildlife started floating to the surface. Then, just when they were about to conclude the other gators weren”t in the lake, the damned things floated to the surface and laid on top of the water.


Chuck shot and killed all three gators, and Jim then turned off the generator so they could take the pontoon boat out to get the gators out of the lake. They got the three large gators out of the lake, but they also fished out about twenty dead baby gators.


Dr. Dad took pictures of the gators, and then he and Chuck processed the gators and got the meat ready to go into their freezers. Afterward, he sent photos of the animals to Peyton so he could show them to Charley and the other guys.


When Charley saw the gators and realized what could have happened to Seth, he got physically sick. Peyton remarked that Jaiden”s and his boys would never go near that pond unless someone with a rifle big enough to shoot the gators anywhere in the head and kill them was with their children. Jaiden agreed.


Peyton showed the pictures to Dr. Mom, who was horrified. “Peyton, how big were those alligators?” “Mom, one was nine feet long, and the other two were around eight and a half feet long. They got 700 pounds of meat from the three gators to put in their freezers.”


“That”s seven hundred pounds of gator meat from three alligators that weighed a combined total of 3,500 pounds. And they also collected twenty baby gators from the pond after Dad ran high-voltage electricity into it and killed them while getting the big gators to surface.”


When Charley”s dad headed back to Pensacola, tears ran across his cheeks as he thought about what could have happened to his grandchildren, all because of something stupid and reckless his dad had done earlier in life.


Jaiden was still reeling from the danger the pond at the farm could have posed to his boys � and to Peyton and him.


He needed something to take his mind off the alligator find, and it needed to be something perfect.


He got some things, put them in a bag, and handed the bag to Peyton. “Love, can you take care of these items for me?” “Sure, I”ll do it right now.”


When Peyton looked into the bag before tossing it into the trash, his eyes bulged, and a smile crept across his face. Could Jaiden be optimistic about the bag”s contents? He had to be, or he wouldn”t have handed the stuff to Peyton.


Peyton walked outside onto the rear deck, dropped his pants to his knees, and filled himself with the enema Jaiden had put into the bag. Then he walked back to the den.


He sat and talked to the guys for ten minutes before excusing himself to go to the bathroom. He voided the enema, dried himself, and generously lubed his bottom.


He went back to the downstairs den, looked at Jaiden, and said, “let”s go see if the baby raccoon is around.”


Charley gave the mischievous grin he can sometimes display, leaned over to Dale, and said, “I guarantee you they aren”t going to see if the baby raccoon is out back.”


“Well, then what are they going to do?” Charley muttered, “Ee Ee Ee.” Dale almost rolled onto the floor laughing.


Meanwhile, on the part of the rear deck that couldn”t be seen from inside the house, Peyton”s and Jaiden”s pants and underwear were lying on the deck floor next to the chaise lounge chair.


Peyton was straddling Jaiden and doing lap-style jumping jacks, and Jaiden was grunting with Peyton”s every movement.


Then, about ten minutes after they started exercising, Jaiden suddenly pulled Peyton tightly onto his lap, gave a long grunt and sigh, and then exhaustedly collapsed from the exercise routine he had just done.


When Peyton pulled himself off of Jaiden, a copious amount of thick white juices rolled onto Jaiden”s pubes, and the air smelled distinctly of ammonia.


They dressed and sat back in the lounge chair where Jaiden tightly hugged Peyton and rubbed the side of his head, and ran his fingers through Peyton”s hair.


“Thank you, love.” “For what, Jaiden?” “For making love to me in this chair in the cool mountain air. That was so erotic!” “It was, and the idea of having a place here and doing it again sends shivers up my spine.” Jaiden snickered as he ran his hand under Peyton”s shirt and rubbed his back.


“I think I need to see a doctor, Jaiden.” “Why, love?” “My bottom really hurts, and I think the doctor needs to probe it and see if anything is wrong.”


“Just let your body rest in the cool mountain air for a little while; I think things will calm down, and your bottom will stop being sore. Then, I think the doctor can probe it tomorrow and do something to make it feel immensely better.” “Peyton looked into Jaiden”s steel-blue eyes and said, “I certainly hope so!”


When they got back to the den, Charley took one look at them and said, “the cool mountain air out back must really be good; you two are glowing.”


Peyton replied, “trust me, Charley, the mountain air out back is truly refreshing! You and Dale should go try it.”


That said, Jaiden tossed Dale a bag with a full enema bottle inside. Dale looked inside the bag and told Charley he”d be back in a few minutes.


Fifteen minutes later, Dale returned and told Charley to come upstairs for a minute.


Charley followed Dale upstairs, and they were outside for about the same amount of time as the other two guys.


Dale was so excited, that when the inevitable moment arrived, and he exploded into Charley, Charley flooded his belly escort bayan with rope after rope of thick, white, sweet cream.


Dale let it dribble down to his dark brown pubes with the rest of what Charley had deposited on him.


They dressed and returned to the den, where Peyton said, “Looks like the refreshing night air of the mountains served you well too. I told you it was amazing.” “Peyton, you were right, but that air was more than impressive. We”re so relaxed right now that we could sleep standing up.”


“Good, maybe you should do that more often.” “We should, and I think we and you and Jaiden will.” Jaiden said, “count on it, bro, count on it.”


The following night, Jaiden got horny thinking about the night before with Peyton and about Dale and Charley doing the same thing he and Peyton did.


His mom turned in early because they had planned a big day and evening the next day with the children. Peter worked a long shift and bedded down early with Leon, so the coast was clear for Jaiden.


Jaiden got an enema bottle for himself and did what had to be done. Then he asked Peyton to go outside and sit on the deck with him. When they got out back, Jaiden slid Peyton”s pants and briefs off him and removed his own.


He pushed Peyton onto the chaise lounge chair and then straddled his husband and slid himself onto Peyton. He took his time and was more than gentle with Peyton, making their love session last as long as it could. He could tell Peyton was getting close, so he tightened his sphincter muscles around Peyton and quickened his pace. Peyton quickly climaxed and tightly held Jaiden until they regained their breath.


“Peyton, did you enjoy our little session?” “What do you think, Babe? Tomorrow you can tell Nathan Robert that Daddy Jaiden and Daddy Peyton took that nap he told us we needed to take.” “I don”t think I”ll do that, love, but you can rest assured that I”ll be thinking about it and wishing I could say that to him.”


Peyton and Jaiden slipped their clothes back on and sat in the cool air, and enjoyed the closeness they were experiencing. Peyton was sitting on Jaiden”s lap when his hubby laid him back and gently kissed him on the lips and then moved to the area right behind Peyton”s ears.


Peyton uncontrollably wiggled as Jaiden applied the perfect amount of pressure to his erogenous zones. Not only did he wiggle, Peyton again got a rock-hard erection that Jaiden purposely ignored. That matter would be addressed later after Charley and Dale had their chance to return to the rear deck and swap positions as Jaiden and Peyton did.


The husbands went to the den, looked at Charley and Dale, and said, “Y”all need to go out on the back deck and listen to the birds singing; it”s incredibly relaxing.”


Charley looked at Dale and told him he needed to go to the bathroom first. Then, fifteen minutes later, he went back into the den, took Dale by the hand, and said, “let”s go out back and check out those birds Peyton and Jaiden told us about.


They swapped positions from the night before. Charley cooed as he mounted Dale and had a memorable experience with his husband. When they finished their love session, they dressed and sat outside and enjoyed listening to the beautiful nighttime sounds of the mountains.


When they went back to the basement den, Peyton was fast asleep sitting in Jaiden”s lap. Finally, Jaiden looked up at Charley and said, “Well, did you enjoy listening to the beautiful bird melodies while basking in the cool, moist air of the mountain?” “Immensely, Jaiden, and we even sang along with them a little bit. I think it would be fun to take a moon bath in that cool air like Gomez and Letisha Adams used to do.”


“Charley, you may have something there, so keep that thought. If mom wasn”t visiting with us, I”d be game for that in a heartbeat.”


“Awe, you”re chicken.” “Nope, I”m not chicken; I just don”t want my mother to see me sitting outside naked as a jaybird with my husband and our brothers. We can invite your parents up and sit on the deck naked while they are here.” “Maybe I need to rethink that idea, Jaiden.” “Peyton didn”t open his eyes as he said, “that might be a good idea, Charley.”


“Peyton, I thought you were asleep!” “No, just enjoying a little bit of heaven on earth snuggling up to the one person I love more than anything in the world; You should try it with Dale.”


“I just did outside, and it was an unbelievably loving experience.” “I understand, Charley. You and Dale should sleep well tonight.” “I think we will, bro.”


The following morning after everyone awoke and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, Dr. Mom looked at her boys and said, “My, it looks like the four of you slept really well last night!” “We did, mom. Why did you say that?”


I was thirsty and got up to get a glass of water and fixed myself a cup of coffee instead. I could hear cooing outside on the deck. Still, I decided it was probably best if I didn”t investigate what I was hearing.”


Were Peyton and I sitting on the couch?” Not when I went upstairs, but you were when I came back downstairs to go to bed. Funny thing, though, when I came downstairs, you and Peyton were on the couch, and Dale and Charley were missing.”


Jaiden looked at Peyton and mumbled, “Oh, SHIT!” Charley couldn”t say a word, and Dale was as white as a sheet. Had they been caught by Dr. Mom? They weren”t sure, and she wouldn”t say.


Peter was off that day and noticed that the guys acted nervous � very nervous. So, when he and Jaiden were alone, he asked Jaiden if something was wrong. Jaiden told Peter what he was afraid had happened to all four of the guys, and you could have heard Peter laughing two mountains away.


Leon went outside to see what was so funny and when Peter told him, he fell over a table trying to get to a chair so he could sit down because he was laughing so hard.


Wednesday, the guys took Jaiden”s mom to the Mud Daubers Pottery studio in Brevard. They then rode ovar to the one in Balsam.


“Jaiden, we are studying couples” sexuality in psych class; when I tell them what happened, they are going to freaking die laughing.” “Leon, I wish you wouldn”t do that.”


“Awe, come on! That story is so damned funny I have to tell them. Getting caught booty bumping on the back deck by your mom; damn, that”s freaking hilarious.”


The guys decided to have lunch at Wellstone even if Leon told his classmates what had happened. So, they made sure they got to the cafeteria, ate, and left before Leon”s class was over, and it was a good thing they did; Leon indeed told his class about the incident.”


Leon invited a couple of classmates to have dinner at the house that night. Steaks, grilled asparagus, and rosin baked potatoes would be on the menu in honor of Jaiden.


When Leon”s and Peter”s guests arrived that evening, they went outside to talk while Peter got the grill ready to cook the steaks. Leon”s classmate, Freddy, looked at the guys and then at the chaise lounger and said, “I think I”d like to try out that chair while I”m here.”


Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charley turned several shades of red when Freddy made his comment.


The children were outside, and Nathan Robert asked why everybody was laughing. Leon looked at Nathan and said, “Daddy Peyton and Daddy Jaiden took a nap together.” Dr. Mom exploded into laughter when her grandson posed his question, and Leon answered it the way he did.”


What really got everybody to howling, even the dads, was when Nathan Robert looked at his dads and asked, “Daddy, you and Daddy Peyton feuh betta now?”



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