Subject: Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (11) This is a supplement tale In the ‘Me and James O’ story I have on here. I have chatted with his hot guy a few times after inadvertently finding his page on Twitter. Although we have not hooked up. And the more I do chat with him. The more I want James. James is a bicurious,. average guy with average body and a nice bearded face. But it’s his cock and balls that make me crazy. Perfect size. About 7 or so inches long and with a nice curve. And a set of balls I could eat for days. This take is from the betraying roommates view point. And how after the fact he too wants James. And seduces the hairy hunk. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (11) … Sleep was soft and soothing for Jaden. Especially after that fun jerk off session with the video of the delicious James. He dreamt of the hot man, his lean and athletic frame, the hot hairy chest and handsome face with the beard in it (or goatee on some of his videos amd images). The hot James and that gorgeous dick he had. That delicious being and curved cock that the man used so well. The cock and low swinging balls so full of his rich creamy cum. There were sounds of distant sex and sounds of moaning as he lay there in sleep. He figured it was just the fantastical dreams he had of him. But a sharp cry awoke him and he sat up in bed. It was a muffled cry, but he heard it. Jaden looked around to see he was in his bedroom. The light was still in and his laptop was still on. He looked over at the clock. It was almost midnight. And he shook off the sleep. “Ughn. Yess!” Came a muffled moan again Then a hard thump. Against the wall. Jaden looked at the wall and then ge realised this I not a dream. It was his room mate next door having sex. And he knew it was with James. “Fuckk” he huffed as he sat there. “He is fucking him silly” “Whore!” Again he condemned his roommate for his having James. But regardless, the faint sounds were getting him horny. James was slamming up his ass. And he wanted to see it. He quickly got up and first went to the wall. Placing his head and ear to it. He listened in on the hot sex from the next room. The moans and grunts bursa escort as James was banging up his oh so lucky roommates ass. He licked his lips in the hunger he was feeling. He grabbed at his dick that was already getting hard from just the sounds. The groans from Oscar were of such pleasure. He begged James to give it to him. To ‘fill him up with his love’. “Gotta see this” Jaden declared He moved from the wall and over to his door. Then he stepped into the hall and headed to the next door to his roommates room. And to his very wonderful luck, the door was ajar. He first peered through the slot that was the crack in to door. He could see a body moving in there. Legs and a bit if ass. Presumably James’s ass. Then his eyes caught sight of them. Those big glorious balls the man had. They were flopping back and forth as James was fucking. The glorious sack dancing about as Oscar took James big dick deep in his ass. Jaden licked at hus lips. Knowing how those balls felt as the tapped away at your body while the hot stud fucked. He pushed at the door and it slid opened some. Enough for him to get a nice view of James scrumptious ass. His legs flexing as he humped at the ass he was fucking. Those mouth watering balls banging against his roommates smaller balls. The sight of them moving like that had Jaden rock hard. He wanted to just rush in there and shove his face into them as the thumped against oscars ass. To To feel the heavy sack on his face, on his nose. “My God” I huffed to himself “I want those boulders on me too” “His balls are the greatest” But Jaden just watched him. Ge watched James as he plowed at his roommate. Hearing his friend moan and groan under the wonderful assault James was giving him. Knowing how that awesome cock felt as the stud fucked. How that slight curve in the mans cock seemed to find all the hidden places in his ass. “Ughnn. Fuckk” James moaned “Feels good baby” “Your ass is soo good” “Yes James. Ugh yess baby” cooed his friend “I live how big it is” “You are the best lover. Ughn. Fuck. ” “Fuck me baby. Give it to mee!” Jaden sighed softly as he heard the sounds of their moans and groans. He was almost feeling it himself from just the memento in his head. Knowing the sensations bursa escort bayan in his ass hole. The ones that Oscar was now currently feeling. “Yes. You are the luckiest guy right now” he huffed “Take that studs dick” “Feel that mans cock deep inside” Jaden was still pulling at his own dick as he watched them. Mouth hungry and eyes filled with lust as James ground himself deep into the guys ass. Those balls pushed hard against the guys ass. Looking so big as they smashed there. Then he saw his roommates fingers move under them and grab at those boulders. His hand grabbed at the balls slapping against him. Then both men cooed again and James pushed and ground his cock harder into that ass. “Out God. Ohh God. James!” Cried out his roommate “So big. So filled up inside” Then Jaden saw as James kissed the back of the guys neck and head. Telling him that he was happy to be with him. Then the hit James returned to a slow and grinding fuck now. His hot hairy ass rising and his hips turning as he pulled up. Those balls lifting away from the grabbing fingers. Then hanging there behind his roommate covering the cock and hole. Then he drove back into that ass again. Shifting his ass again so that that cock could dig in there, along the tight ass walls of his friend Jadens jealousy of this apparent in hus huffy grunt. He wanted that to be him. Always him. To feel that cock deep in his bowels. How it rubbed against his lucky prostate, hiw this stud if studs jus seemed to find all those deep crevices in ones ass. Giving both persons such pleasure. “Fuck him James” he huffed “Finish him off. Breed that fucking whore” Then as if by cue, James did begin to fuck on him again. Lifting himself up and almost completely off his roommate and then James began to fuck harder again. Thumping down with more force into his Oscar’s hole. Digging it really deep into him. Slamming that dock balls deep. So he knew that the stud was hitting Oscar’s prostate. He knew that Oscar was in a state of delirious pleasure as James crushed his guts with that magnificent cock. “Ughn, ughn, ughn, ughn. Fuckk!” James grunted “Gonna give jt to you baby” “Gonna plant my seed in you” “Yess!” Oscar cried back “I am yours James. Take escort bursa me take all of me” The balls started to really dance now. Bouncing and banging off of Oscar the hard ‘thwat, thwat, thwat’ of them echoing out. Even as the two mens groans seemed to dominate the rooms sounds. Even beyond that Jaden could hear the delicious slapping of those big balls. It pounding in his cerebral and burned into it. Jaden was also still hartedly pulling on himself still his hand was almost a blur as he jerked himself off. He was also getting close to an orgasm. His body was thrusting at a more erratic intensity. James body just thumped and humped and his balls smashed and slapped at oscars ass. Tbe sounds of the strikes and the mans pants seemed to grow as James neared his inevitable eruption “Awee fuck. Awee fuck baby” James shouted “I am cumming baby. I am cumming!” Then the sex gods body slammed back down. Then James ground and humped at Oscar. The twos moans also getting louder as the man exploded. James kissed at oscars back and neck again. Telling him he loved him. How he was glad that Oscar gave him a chance. And how wonderful he was. Then james just slowed his fucking. He again ground that dick I to his roommate. Making sure the guy felt each and every inch of his dick inside. Then jaden as a splash od white from under james balls. It was the mans cum that was spilling out from Oscars overly filled up bowels. That was it for him. Jaden pulled at his cock and then he bit his lips as he also came. His cock thrusting I to his hand as he blew. He let his other hand out and he tried to hold off any sounds Andy whimpers that threatened to escape his mouth. Then he blew his cum into his other hand. One glob after another as he came. Then he backed away and out of the room as he did feel a whimper come on. Leaning against the hall wall as he finished. “Fff Fuck. Awe fuck” he huffed silently Then as he slowed up. His body still twitching fro his orgasm, Jaden went back I to his room. He crawled into his bed and licked the cum from his hand. It was tasty for sure. “Not as good as James sweet cum” he said “But food enough” Then he lay back and sighed. Huffing as he recovers from his orgasm. Then he let sleep take him. Images of James as he fucked Oscars ass filling his head. He replaced Oscar with himself in his mind. And he slept well…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to come with James and Jaden

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