Jack In The Box Ch. 3


The four of them rode up the elevator. Jack had his arm around both girls and took turns kissing Kit and Sylvia while Logan looked on a little crestfallen. “Don’t worry, Logan; you’ll get your chance later,” Kit said to him. Logan hoped she meant with the girls, but the look in her eyes made him uncertain, especially when Jack winked at him.As soon as the elevator stopped, Jack led them down the hallway towards Kit’s room. Lana suddenly popped out of a room, and Jack could tell by her hair and half-exposed tit in her swimsuit that she had fucked Greg. “Finished already?” Jack asked. “Let me fix your top.” He reached out and exposed both of her tits. “Much better,” he laughed.Lana’s head quickly swiveled to her coach in panic. “Jack!””It’s okay, Lana,” Kit said calmly. “You’re among friends. Did Greg fuck your ass?” Lana stood in front of her teacher with both breasts exposed and Jack pinching her nipples. “Um, yes he did,” she answered all flustered, “but he came too quickly and said he was too tired to do it again, so I was going to see if I could find another guy.” “I tell you what, how about if we lend you, Logan?” Jack offered. “You can take him back to your room and make him do anything you want. And I do mean anything!” he laughed. “Do you have your toys?” “Um, I did bring a couple, yes,” Lana said hesitantly. “Great! Logan likes things in his ass too!” Sylvia chirped in. “Really! That could be a lot of fun!” Lana enthused, delighted she didn’t have to waste time searching for another guy. Jack gave Lana’s nipple one last pinch, then held her chin, “I owe you this.” Jack kissed Lana passionately, slipping his tongue in her mouth, letting her suck on it. Lana was in shock; Jack never kissed any of his girls. “Wow!” she said when he pulled back, “I like the new Jack!” “If Logan gives you any trouble, just give me a call,” Kit said as she gave Logan a dirty look.Jack never bothered to look at Logan as he put one arm around each girl and headed to Kit’s room; they could hear the conversation echo down the hallway. “So, boy-toy, you like things in your ass! That makes two of us!” Lana laughed. “We are going to have so much fun! Have you ever had your tongue in a girl’s ass? I bet I still have some of Greg’s cum in there!” Sylvia chuckled; Lana was going to teach Logan all kinds of new things tonight. And she looked forward to Kit and Jack teaching her.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kit opened her door, and Jack scooped Sylvia up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. “Tonight, you are going to be our bride,” Jack said, “our blushing bride who surrenders her body to us.” Sylvia rested her head on Jack’s shoulder as he carried her into the room. She felt like a bride, and the butterflies in her stomach were flying high. She heard the sound of the door closing and knew her training started right now. “Anything Jack,” Sylvia said as she kissed his neck, “I will do whatever you and Kit want me to.” Kit pushed aside the swimsuit, and her finger found a wet and willing hole. “Hmm, I can’t wait to suck your pussy,” Kit said as her fingers went deeper. “I love your tight young cunt!” Jack and Sylvia were in a deep kiss when he felt Kit lower his swimsuit and her mouth found his hard cock. Her lips were soft as they touched him, licking first, then sucking him whole. “Hmm, I love your big cock,” Kit murmured, “let’s all get on the bed.” Jack lowered Sylvia, then held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “We are going to teach you so much! How to please a man, how to please a woman, how to enjoy pain.” Sylvia’s eyes lit up at that comment; she wasn’t expecting pain. “Don’t worry, Kit will show you; she loves to be fucked hard,” Jack said softly, “now, let’s get you naked.” Jack walked over to close the drapes; looking down, he saw Alice and Coach Buchanan. They were both laughing at something and Bruce had his hand on her young ass. Jack smiled; poor Bruce had no idea what he was in store for. Turning, Jack saw both of his girls were naked and waiting for him. “How do you want us?” Kit asked. “On your knees.” Sylvia opened her mouth wide, hoping she would be first, but Jack chose Kit. She watched his long cock go deeper and deeper each time. Then kaçak iddaa it was her turn. Jack didn’t have to force himself; he just pushed, and she let him go as deep as he wanted. “Good girl,” Kit said, “open your throat up and let Jack in.” Kit looked up at Jack, her handsome Jack, “I love you, Jack!” Kit said with a heart full of emotion. “I love you too,” he smiled, “move behind Sylvia; play with her tits.” Sylvia felt Kit’s large breast touch her back; Kits arms circled her body, finding her tits. Sandwiched between them, her hands found Jack’s legs and she pulled him towards her trying to get his cock deeper into her throat. “No, honey,” Kit said as she pinched down on Sylvia’s nipples, “Jack is in control; let him use your mouth. Your body is his now, just like mine is. We are only here to please him. He is our Master.” Kit’s body anchored Sylvia’s, and with each push of his cock, Sylvia had nowhere to retreat. He was close now; he could feel his cock almost entering her throat but not quite. “This is it, Sylvia; now is the time to prove you meant every word when you said that I could do anything to you. The next time I push, it will be into your throat.” When Jack pushed, he could feel the difference. “Good girl,” Jack praised, “I’m going to do it again.” Sylvia was proud of herself; Kit was pinching her nipples harder each time Jack went deeper. Each push now was into her throat. “Put your hands over mine,” Kit whispered, “feel the pain, feel it go all the way to your cunt.” She did feel the pain; it felt good. Each time Kit squeezed her nipples, she would squeeze right along with her. “Yes,” Kit whispered, “now I want you to pinch your nipples, and I will hold your hands.” “Look at me, Sylvia,” Jack said, “look at me as you hurt your tits.” Jack watched Sylvia as he pushed a little deeper, her fingers were pinching, and tears were forming in her eyes. “Harder, sweetheart, pinch harder!” he praised. Sylvia didn’t want to disappoint Jack, and she twisted and pulled her nipples as hard as she could. She felt Kit reach between her legs and pinch her clit at the same time. She loved the smile on Jack’s face, and with her head tilted up, he was finally able to swallow all his cock. Her nose was pressed against his body as he held his cock in her throat. Watching her with those sexy brown eyes of his, testing her. “Just a little longer,” Kit whispered in her ear, “now hurt your tits again!” The pain was incredible, but she wouldn’t quit, not with Jack and Kit watching. Just when she thought she would pass out, Jack pulled out and dropped to his knees. He looked into her eyes as she gathered her breath. She continued to pull and pinch on her nipples until Jack placed his hands over hers to stop her. Jack kissed her tenderly, and Kit was kissing her neck. “You were incredible!” Jack said, “don’t you think Kit?” “Yes,” Kit enthused, “I think she was fantastic!” Sylvia basked in their praise, yearned for it, she didn’t want to disappoint either of them. “Okay, no more pain for now,” Jack said before he gave Sylvia a quick kiss. “Let’s go on the bed; I think Kit is dying to taste your freshly shaved cunt.” “And you can taste mine at the same time,” Kit said into Sylvia’s ear. The bed gave a slight creak as they got on; the girls waited for Jack. Jack sat on the edge of the bed, Kit had her arm around Sylvia’s shoulders, and he loved the excited smile on both of their faces. “I want you to spend some time getting to know each other, what you both like and what turns you on.” Jack couldn’t believe he was about to turn down having sex with both of them. “Before I go, I want to watch you. Kit, you get on the bottom and Sylvia on top; I want you to please each other with your mouths,” Jack said. The girls did as he asked and Kit couldn’t wait for him to say go as her mouth attacked Sylvia’s pussy. Jack waited until Sylvia did the same. Kit winked at him; they had agreed with this setup earlier. Kit wanted some alone time with Sylvia to get her comfortable being with a woman. With one last look back, he entered the bathroom for a much-deserved shower. As Jack dried off, neither girl noticed him watching their lovemaking. He left the room with a smile on his face; kaçak bahis he would join them later tonight after they had some fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ShondaJack wandered out to the pool deck. All the lights were off; the swimming area officially closed for the night. The deck lounge chairs looked inviting, and he headed that way.”Hey!” said a voice in the dark, just before he sat down.”Fuck! You scared me,” Jack exclaimed. “Is that you, Shonda?””Yes. Is that you, Jaquime?” she laughed, “It’s kind of hard to see us in the dark, “”Wow, I haven’t been called that since elementary school,” Jack said. He remembered back when his mom changed his name to Jack; she said it was more American and less Dominican.”Jack sat in the chair beside Shonda, and she was right; with their mutual dark olive skin, it was hard to see them in the dark. With the overcast clouds and no moonlight, they were virtually invisible.”You did good today, Jaquime; your dad will be proud of you, even your mom.””They’re getting divorced,” he said.”I know; your mom is just waiting until you finish school.””You talk to my mom a lot, don’t you?””Yes,” she said, “is that why you avoid me?””Maybe.” Jack knew Shonda worked part-time with his mom at the travel agency. His mom secured her the job.The silence between them grew, and Jack found it interesting that it wasn’t uncomfortable. He had known Shonda for a long time. At one point, their families used to be close. Before his mom started fucking around on his dad.”Did you find what you were seeking, Jaquime? Fucking all those white girls and now probably Coach Coffin?””I fucked Lana too; she’s half black like me.””Lana fucks everyone, so she doesn’t count. Besides, you wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, and she was willing.”Jack looked over at Shonda with curiosity. “You seem to know a lot about my sex life.””Girls talk, you know that.””Did you ever want to have sex with me?” Jack asked.”Why? Because you have a big cock? You think that’s all a girl wants in a guy?”Even though he couldn’t see her face in the dark, Jack could tell by the tone in her voice she was pissed at him.”It’s not going to work, Jaquime,” Shonda said candidly, “you can’t get back at your mom through all these other girls.”Jack knew that Shonda was right; he was flawed. Kit had finally made him realize that in their late-night bed confessions to each other.”I know,” he replied in a softer voice, “these past couple of days have made me understand that. Kit was a big part of my awakening; she’s helping me to be a better person. Don’t think badly of her; she has her own demons to deal with, and it’s been exhausting for her.” Jack gave a big sigh. “Kit hides it well.”Shonda knew Jaquime well enough to know his words were encouraging. She was glad he was working on a better version of himself. “I’m sorry, Jaquime, I shouldn’t have said those things to you.”The silence returned, and they embraced it. Occasionally they could hear laughter coming from an open window of one of the hotel rooms, and once, the sounds of two people having sex; Jack swore it was Alice’s voice screaming in the night air, yelling for whomever to fuck her ass harder. They both laughed at that.”Do you want to go for a swim?” she asked him suddenly.”I changed out of my suit,” Jack replied, “plus the pool is closed.” Shonda laughed, and Jack remembered how melodic her laugh was.”It’s not like you follow the rules,” she said, “join me if you want.” Shonda stood up and started removing her clothes, laying them on her chair until she stood naked in front of him.Even in the dark, he could make out her features. She had a nice body, very firm, medium-sized breasts and an extremely large ass that jutted out from her body.”Do you like what you see?” she asked him with a smile and he could see the reflection of light on her white teeth.”You’re beautiful,” he said, “you always have been.” He didn’t know why he added the last thought, but it made him smile. He watched her walk over to the pool, sit down on the side and slide into the water.”Hmm, it’s still warm,” Shonda sighed as an enticement to him.Shonda watched Jack stand up and strip off his tee-shirt and shorts, she could see by his cock dangling down illegal bahis between his legs that he didn’t have underwear on. She had heard how big his cock was, listening to all the girls bragging about it in the locker room. The back-light from the building revealed his size. “Fuck! You are big!” she exclaimed.Jack walked the short distance to the pool and sat on the edge with his legs open, letting his cock hang down, almost touching the water. “Come see for yourself, unless you really think size doesn’t matter,” he laughed.”In your dreams!” she laughed. The water was only waist height on Shonda, she wanted to get a closer look, but she didn’t want to be like all the other girls. Somehow, despite her reservations, she ended up between his legs staring at his enormous cock, even soft it was bigger than the only other one she had seen hard. “Can I touch it?” She didn’t wait for an answer as both hands circled his cock, one on top of each other. “It feels good, Jaquime, so soft and yet so heavy.”Jack let Shonda decide how far she wanted to take this. He watched her milk his cock, enjoying the sensations of her hands as she made him hard. He wanted to reach out and play with her tits but held back. This was her moment.”It’s beautiful,” she whispered, “I see why all the girls want to fuck you. You’re making my girly parts tingle.” She held his cock up against his tight abdomen; it stretched way past his belly button halfway to his nipples, she felt him harden in her hands, and it pleased her to know she could do that to him. “I’m sorry, Jaquime, I need to do this,” she moaned as her tongue licked his shaft from the bottom to the top. She pulled the foreskin down and tickled the hole, then ran her tongue around the expanding head. His cock was perfect.Jack placed a hand in Shonda’s curly black hair. He wished he could see her actions better, but the lack of light and their dark skin made it impossible. Her mouth surrounded the head of his cock as she tugged on his shaft with both hands. Her tongue would run in circles then lick the sensitive underside. He wanted to pull her head down deeper to fuck her mouth, but instead, he rotated his hips upward, hoping she understood what he wanted.Shonda had only sucked one guy’s cock before, and it had been a disaster. The asshole had pushed deep into her mouth and made her gag repeatedly. When she vowed never to do it again, he broke up with her. Jaquime’s cock was different; it tasted different and filled her mouth completely. She loved that he was letting her control the depth. She knew he wanted her to take him deeper into her mouth, and bit by bit, she did. Proud of herself for not gagging, she moved her hands faster on his cock.”Hmm, that feels so nice, don’t rush Shonda, let me enjoy this with you.”She pulled her mouth off and kissed the tip. “Will you come in my mouth? I’ve never tasted a man before.””I wish you could see my face,” he said, “I have a big smile just thinking about coming in your mouth. Do it Shonda, your mouth and tongue feel incredible. Can I play with your nipples?””Hmm, I would like that.” Her super sensitive nipples usually showed through her clothes, so she wore extra pads to hide them. She couldn’t imagine what Jaquime’s fingers would feel like on her breasts.Jack found their intimacy heightened by the inability to see each other. Just a slight touch from his fingers on her breasts brought a loud moan from Shonda, and when he pinched her nipples, it made her whole body squirm, and she sucked harder. Each time he released her nipples and squeezed her mouth would do the same. He found he could control her mouth through her nipples. Pulling on her nipples would make her mouth go deeper on his cock.Shonda was in heaven; she never imagined sucking Jaquime’s cock would make her feel sensations in her pussy. She maintained her virginity, but right now, she wanted to give it to Jaquime. That made her a hypocrite, especially after all she said to him, but she didn’t care. Pleasure radiated through her body, from her mouth to her tits to her pussy. She loved every minute.Shonda consumed more and more of his cock; that is how it felt. She was eating his cock, each twist and pull on her nipples opened her mouth wider, and his cock slipped deeper. When she gagged, he knew that was as deep as she could take him, at least that is what he thought, until with one more twist, he felt his cock enter her throat.

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