Subject: It’s a New World This is a story of father/son incest. There tons of stories in Nifty so if this subject doesn’t appeal to you search for ones that will. They’re all here. Nifty depends on member support so please donate on Niftys secure donation page. The donation is discreet so only you will ever know. Please donate to Nifty today. This is a continuation of the story: When Daddy Comes Marching Home. You may want to read that first before beginning this tale. The author can be reached at: ail All letters will be answered but those with pics get a faster response. It’s A New World 1946 – Albany, New York State Keith helped his young son, Tom, loading the bags into the car. Within moments they were off on their week-long vacation far from the noise and crowds of Brooklyn. The sedan wound its way until they were passing fields and orchards and the absolute beauty of the countryside. As the radio played burly bear and lithe cub sang along. They felt the freedom of the open road. Windows down allowed summer to breeze through the car. “Daddy? Look!” Glancing out the passenger window he saw what had excited his sons interest. It was a rolling field of lush grass dotted with flowers. “Daisies and dandelions. Just growing wild. You’ll see lots of stuff like that out here. Just wait’ll the apples start ripening. That’s really something. You can just walk up and pick your own snack.” Tom looked at his handsome father. “Can we pick some?” “Apples?” “Flowers, flowers.” “Okie dokie”, he said as the sedan eased to the side of the road. Once stopped he watched his boy happily run to the open field pulling up flowers with eager hands. Keith strolled over amused by his sons enthusiasm. The sun was warm but the breeze kept the heat manageable. He sat on the green being rewarded with a bouquet of yellow and white. He grinned at the giggling kid as he sat in front. “For me?” “For you.” Young fingers felt the plump grass. “We should come here for a picnic. That’d be neato.” “We can do that. Maybe on our way back home.” Keith looked past his sons head to see an elderly white-haired farmer of a man approaching. Keith stood then walked to meet the man halfway. “Hello”, he called as he neared. “Good day to you both. See you got a beaux”, the grey eyes twinkled with the head offering a nod to the bunch clutched in Keith’s paw. Keith chuckled. “Yup. Lucky me.” “Where’re you heading?” Keith felt a small hand ease into his own. “This is my son, Tom.” “Howdy, young man. Certainly got yourself a strong bruiser of a boyfriend.” The old guy laughed at the kids red-faced shyness. “We’re just heading upstate til we find a motel. We’re here for the week.” “If you took the next turn and head along for four maybe five miles you’ll hit ‘Rubys’. Best motel round here. Got private cabins, too. Won’t cost you much. Tell Wayne that Ben sent ya.” Ben offered a knowing look. “Wayne’s my son.” After a few minutes of chat the guys were heading to Rubys. Several minutes later they were in the cabin nestled a little ways into the trees. Wayne had given them the best of the lot for a reasonable weekly rate. All in all those daisies had paid off. Dinner was at a hamburger stand a long stroll up the street. They took their time walking back, hand-in-hand. At the door of the cabin Keith picked up his son. “It’s tradition for the groom to carry the bride over the threshold.” Tom laughed. As the door slammed shut he asked, “so are we married?” “Only in some ways”, Keith grinned. He kissed his son lightly on the lips. “But after tonight”, another kiss, “in all ways.” Standing his son on his feet Keith began to open the buttons of the lads shirt. As the shirt was opened Tom watched his father kneel in front of him. The pants were opened next before they and the underwear were slid to his knees. He closed his eyes as the warm lips pressed into his alabaster chest. The feeling of those marvelous gaziantep escort lips sliding across to his pap to suckle his firm nip made his body tingle. The tongue flicked the small protrubence as beefy fingers fondled his stiffy and balls with gentle expertise. Anticipation flooded his senses as the tongue flicked ever southward. And then the anticipation was replaced by the absolute heat of his groin. Keith licked the small cock tracing the small pink knob and sturdy shaft with the tip of his wiggling tongue. The cocklette bounced in quivering delight. His own boy-lust sucked the stalk into his salivating maw. Contentedly lips held the boy stem as the tongue painted the heat with warm daddy spit. The flat of his tongue crushed the belly of the cocklette as his cheeks held the sides allowing the knob to slide back and forth over the roof of his mouth. As Tom received his daddy’s mouth-love his fingers raked the soft thick hair of his hirsute dad’s head. When fingers tugged and fondled his small ballys those same fingers pulled the hairs with growing passion. His rubbing knob began to heat up more as tingles coursed through his fragile frame. The fondling ball bag began to retract hugging the base of his cock. Fingers began to clutch clumps of hair. His knees became weak. Then wobbled. Keith knew. His lips held the shaft as he bobbed on his sweet son’s cocklette. Paws held the slim hips firmly. Wincing at his pulled hair the boys body convulsed in the throws of dry orgasm. Tom cried ‘daddy’ over and over as his body yearned to explode. The mouth suckled boy until Tom giggled at his heightened sensitivity. It was only then that Keith released his mouth-love. He looked at his son, grinning in dimpled pleasure and was rewarded with a sated boy smile. Tom’s body jerked in sensitive touches as his shirt and pants and briefs were removed. He was sat on the bed as his socks were removed. Then came one of his very favorite parts: daddy stood a few feet away to slowly strip before him. He loved the slow reveal of chest hair, then tummy hair, then the thick bush that crowned his best toy. And that reveal was best of all. Always. The cock would bounce up pointing straight at him as though in accusation. Tom knew he was the cause of such excitement in daddy. The fat silky plum cried a single tear in its joy at facing him. And when daddy had completely stripped down, the magical pole floated towards him in deliberate need. It always made his mouth salivated as his tongue tip itched to taste daddy. Keith loved the slender fingers taking hold of his steel shaft as the precious lips sucked his piss slit for any and all precum. No doubt about it, the boy was a definite cum sucker. Then as his cockhead was sucked into the warm tender mouth his body flooded with such lewd enjoyment. Paws felt his sons hair, then ears, then slim shoulders only to rest at the back of the boys head. Gently guiding the boys own growing talent. How many lucky men have fathered such a great cocksucker with such extraordinary beauty. This was everyman’s paradise. Tom was so proud to be able to suck in a third of his daddy’s cock. The fat knob pressed the uvula but he could suck it! His pride was immense. And the joy of joys was the taste of daddy juice coating his taste buds. Keith tweaked his own hairy nipples as his cock enjoyed the incest sucking. The kid was a constant amazement. In such a short time he had become an expert in pleasing daddy. Just the way he pulled the cock out and sucked on the vee of his knob while looking up into his eyes filled him with such desire. And the tiny mouth could suck and licks his hairy nuts with the full talent of a courtesan. His shaft rested on the nose and forehead as his son enjoyed his balls. But Keith knew this honeymoon had a purpose. It was time. It was their time to unite in full conjugal bliss. Tom was surprised when his father took away his toys. He watched the man kneel before him then was delighted suriyeli escort when he received a full kiss. The taste of daddy’s tongue was always welcome. Even more because he never knew when the moment would overtake him. Daddy was always full of surprises. Just like the time he got a blowjob from daddy when he picked him up from school and on the walk home he’d been taken into the alley behind Messer’s Grocers. Or the time daddy gave him a tongue kiss while visiting Aunt Mays as everyone headed into dinner. So wrapped up in daddy’s embrace as he was kissed with such ravished passion was wonderful. Keith broke the kiss with a paw on his sons chest easing the lad onto his back. Both his large hands grabbed the thin ankles to bring the kid in half backwards somersault. The plump ass was spread upward. The wee asshole winked before his eyes in feastful offering. Eyes studied the smooth valley then the tiny slit that promised man-sized joy. His face fell upon the boy as mouth kissed the receded lips of boy cunt. A gentle sweep of the tongue brought immediate response as the hole quivered. The tongue tip toured the edges before coaxing relaxation with small firm flicks. His gaze travelled up the small frame to see his sons eyes closed in bliss. The tongue began to prod the doorway until the key dipped into the ever easing sphincter. Paws kept the cheeks wide as each index finger rubbed between tongue tickles. He let saliva fall freely as he licked coating boy flesh and fingertips. The wet fingers began their own press inward as tongue kept the wetness alive and centered. Tom felt the intrusion with a mixture of desire and wariness. The tongue was always welcome but the fingers added a firm fill that was new. Sensations heretofore unknown sparked his senses. Even with the odd firmness his little cockhead was hot in its firmness. There was magic happening he did not understand. Keith eased his son to the middle of the only bed. With the boy stretched spread-eagle he pulled the tub of Vaseline from the shoulder bag. With two fingers generously dolloped the hole was slathered with soft strokes. The index finger alone pressed lube inward. The tight clasp allowed the coated digit into the virgins territory. Firmly rubbing the smooth base of the spine with the other paw his finger paused a moment until the clasp eased it’s grip. Then the finger practiced what a man’s cock knew. Tom felt the back and forth of the firm digit. What seemed odd was quickly becoming comfort. The in and out motion lulled his body as he relaxed in the absolute trust. Then the finger seemed bigger. His ass clamped tightly but as he grew accustomed his body betrayed the instinct as pleasure soon returned. Keith carefully finger-fucked his sons sweet hole with fore and middle fingers. The tightness of the sphincter was still there but it no longer fought the invasion. When the hardness was withdrawn Tom felt an unexpected emptiness. His body actually pushed his hips upward wanting more. He felt a paw lift his middle up as a pillow was slid under. Resting back he felt his ass aloft as though reaching for the ceiling. Then he felt the welcome press of fingers once more coating his begging hole. Without guile his hips wiggled as if to coax the fingers back in. Keith then coated his cock in a few quick hand fucks of Vaseline. Easing his hips down he pointed the plump knob until it rested on the undulating hole. He pushed slightly. Then stopped. A bit more pressure. Then stopped. Then more pressure. Tom felt the heat. Then the heat began to enter. Keith gave a full brief push. Tom strained his neck as his wide-eyes stared at the headboard. Whether it was an internal sensation or a definite noise would never be ascertained but there was a definite and decided… POP! Keith sighed. Tom groaned in a girlish pitch. The cockhead was choked at the neck by the sphincter. The plum was securely in the garden. rus escort Tom gasped. In worried voice he choked out, “daddy?” Keith pressed a paw on his sons upper back between the shoulder blades. “Shh. Daddy is here. You’re okay. Daddy loves you very much.” Tom squirmed slightly. “Daddy, I…” “It’s okay. I’m here. Relax, son. You know I love you.” Keith moved his cock in the tight grip but neither pushed in or pulled out. He knew. The young body needed to learn. Just as he had done so many years before. Tom struggled with the intrusion. He wanted to push it away. It didn’t hurt exactly. It was just so much mass inside. “Daddy, please…” “We’re okay. We’re together. Father and son. Don’t think, honey. Just relax. Let your body learn.” Keith had to hold himself back. He wanted so much to fuck hard and long. But he knew that would come. He needed to let his young son find any kind of pleasure in the assault of his virginity. The choke hold had already loosened as he continued to wiggle the knob in the tight warm wet sleeve of the boy hole. Tom raised his torso up by his hands. His head swung low. This was too much. But as his body gained a parallel stance with the bed he inadvertently brought more cock into his body. He groaned low. Keith felt his cock get sucked in further within the sleeve of boy cunt. The sensations threw his head back and his hips forward. As they stayed still, father and son joined, he glanced down. Almost half his cock had disappeared inside his offspring. Tears came unexpectedly to his eyes. Father and son had joined. They were one. United. Tom felt tears drop. Not to his cheeks but to plop on the bed. Was it pain? Keith took hold of his sons hips. Tom felt a rocking motion begin. At first it was side to side in a swaying motion. Almost as if he were on a boat at sea. Keith steadied his son. The rocking stopped. His asshole had never felt so full. Keith began. At first Tom thought that fullness was leaving. There was relief in the feeling as the fullness began to ebb. Then Keith moved his hips forward. Tom gasped audibly. The leaving had begun re-entry. Slowly he pushed in. Halfway. Then slowly back. Tom felt it come back inside. So much fullness. Too much. Keith pulled back. Fuck, that ass wall was snug. Tom felt the slow rythmically push in. Then slowly back. Then in. Then back. Keith held the hips. He fucked with a deliberate gait. The first time could not be rough. Mostly because there had to be a lifetime of more. His son had to learn the need. Tom groaned. What had happened? It didn’t feel invasive. The easy glide in and out, back and forth felt…what? Good? Whatever. He knew his pee pee was hard and firm fucking the pillow as daddy fucked him. So this was fucking. This was what daddy had dreamed about. Every morning when he woke daddy with a suck job this is what he had talked about. Funny, it felt good. Right. As if he had always needed this. Keith knew it was done. There was no holding back. In short quick gasps he felt the flow run from balls to cock, up the belly of the beast to the writhing cockhead. And then… It was a funny feeling. The fat side of his daddy’s cock seemed to be spasming in some odd way. His asshole felt the pumping thrust. Then his innards felt the molten flow of heat inside him. Something funnelled his ass with such hot… Oh, yeah. He knew what it was. He had tasted it often. Swallowed it at least twice a day. His lips formed a smile as if to say ‘I know you’. Keith wanted to yell, to scream, to shout his taking of his son. Incestuous unity. His cock quivered in the hole. With much careful manoeuvring he brought his son and himself to their sides. His cock slowly deflated but he was reluctant to pull free. Wrapping the boys body to his, back to hairy chest, he kissed the young ear. “You okay, baby?” Tom held the strong wrapped arms. “Daddy?” “Hmm?” He nuzzled the neck. Tom sighed. “Can we sleep like this?” Keith sighed. His cock, however, decided it wanted more. And as they cuddled the cock United them fully once more. He sighed into the beauties ear, “time for round two”. And they did.

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