It started out as blackmail (chapter two)


The next morning, I was sitting at the table, drinking my coffee. I heard Christie’s door open, as I turned my head, I saw her beautiful smile. She walked over to me, kissing me.“I dreamed all night, about yesterday,” she said.Then she walked toward the kitchen. I followed her, with my eyes glued to her sexy ass.“I had a couple of ideas last night,” Christy said with a smile.“Please tell me, what are they,” I replied.“Well, you already know, I love to be watched. I love to be recorded,” she answered.I looked at her and said, “I can’t wait to see where this is going.”“Well, I want you to set up a camera in my room,” she said with an excited voice.“You want me to put cameras in your bedroom?” I asked again.“Yes, that way you can watch me anytime. We will have recordings of us too,” she said smiling.“I was hoping you would want to do it again,” I said to her. “I am going to have to find some cameras, that we can hide. I don’t want your mom to ever find them.”With that being said, it was obvious that this affair was going to continue. I spent the rest of the day, buying cameras and installing them. I had four cameras in her room, to capture every inch of it. almanbahis I had it set up where it recorded all the time. I could watch it from my phone too.Christy walked in when I was finishing it up. I showed her where all the cameras were hidden.“This makes me so fucking horny,” she said.She walked over to me, kissing me, while her hand massaged my cock. I was rock hard in seconds. She slid down on her knees and pulled my cock out. I watched, as it entered her mouth. Damn, the view of my cock entering her mouth, is so fucking intoxicating. About the time I thought I was going to explode, filling her mouth with a hot load. I heard the front door open, Donna, her mom, was home. I quickly pulled out and went to my room.I heard Donna, talking to Christy. Couldn’t make out the conversation, but in just a few minutes, I heard Donna coming to the bedroom.“How was your day,” I asked her?She replied, “My day sucked. I was informed at the last minute, that I was going to have to go to our other site. I have got to fly out to California.”“When do you have to go,” I asked?“I have to fly out in the fucking morning,” she replied.The rest of the night was tough. She almanbahis yeni giriş did inform me that Christy was having friends come over on Saturday.“Are you going to be able to help her. Are you going to be able to do their little cookout,” she asked?I replied, “Sure I can, I will be glad to help.”My mind was racing, with the thought of being alone with Christy for two days, even before the cookout.The next morning, I had to take Donna to the airport. On the way home I turned my phone to the camera’s. I saw that Christy was trying on outfits. The one she had on then, was a short, red dress that fit her every curve.I sent her a text, “I love that one.”When she read the text, she waved at the camera.I received a reply, “You just don’t know how hot, knowing I’m being watched makes me.”“Oh, I think I do, I am riding down the road with a raging Bonner,” I replied.The next text I received from her read, “Hurry and get home, I’ll take care of that.”Every chance I got, I looked at my phone. I watched her every move. Watching this make my cock throb. The anticipation was killing me. When I got back home, I could hardly open the door.I walked to Christie’s almanbahis giriş room, and she was waiting for me.She walked up to me and asked, “So, where were we?”“Oh, I know, I was sucking your cock,” she said, as she slid back down on her knees.She pulled my cock out of my pants, looking up at me she said, “I fucking love sucking you.”With that she put my cock into her mouth, sucking it all in. I stood there watching her again, suck me like a pro. The thought of being recorded did do something to me. I knew I could watch this again and again.I started to pull out, so I could fuck her tight cunt again, but she pulled me back to her. She sucked me off, till I filled her waiting mouth with my load.When I finished, she took me by the hand and led me to the bed.“Lay down, while I get ready. We are going shopping, for me some sexy outfits to wear for you,” she said.She went over to her closet, pulling out a pair of jeans. Then she pulled out a top, then walked over to the bed, pulled off the short, red dress. She took the jeans off the bed, pulling the on. They fit her so good. They were tight, showing off her perfect ass. The other was a button up blouse. The buttons on it looked like they were going to pop off because it fit her so snug.“How do I look,” she asked?“Sexy, sexy as fuck,” I said while I slapped her ass.“Come on and take me shopping,” she said pulling me by my hand.

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