Inviting Darnell to come home


Inviting Darnell to come homeThat morning, my loving hubby had fucked me nice and hard, before leaving to his office.As he left, I stayed for a while on the bed, but feeling still so horny. So I called my Black Master and begged him to come and fuck me, to make me his whore, to possess me like a bitch…Jamal smiled on the phone, saying I should get ready my ass for him, since he loved to fuck cheating slutty married white women in the ass…Two hours later I was still lying in my marital bed; but now my legs were bent at the knees and pulled up to my boobs, as a hard ten inches’ black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. It slid in and out slowly, spreading my labia wider with each stroke, penetrating deeper into my slit, as my vaginal walls opened and closed tightly around its stiff rod.Another eleven inches’ black cock moved slowly in and out of my well lubed asshole, moving in unison with the other piece. I controlled the pace, both of my hands busy as I gripped two of my favorite biggest black dildos that I owned and masturbated with.It felt so good and I looked down at my pussy, my lips swollen bahis şirketleri and glistening with my wetness. Even though I had been fucked wildly by my lovely husband two hours ago, I was still not truly satisfied. I had arranged a date with my regular black bull Darnell, since my Black Master had called me again, to tell me that he was busy now enjoying his sexy black wife’s cunt… I hated him…But Darnell would also satisfy my need for black cock…So, as I waited for his arrival, I savored my free time, pumping myself with my huge black rubber toys.I pulled the dildo out of my ass and guided it up to my twat. I rubbed the tip around my already stretched out cunt and began to press it in between my red pussy lips, stretching myself wider as it slid in next to the other huge black dildo. I wanted to feel two toys together down there. I soon moaned and came hard as both toys were fully inserted full into my wet, juicy cunt.I rubbed my swollen clit as I laid there on my back, spread wide by both toys and imagined once again bent over the kitchen table and being mounted by Darnell from bahis firmaları behind, the way I really loved it. I tried not to think of it, but as I continued to cum several times, the pictures raced through my head and eventually both of the toys were ejected from my wet and gaping hole, as I exploded and screamed out loud while my body was wracked with one spasm after another. The orgasm had been really a shattering one.After feeling the last spasms of that very intense climax, I rested there on the bed; I woke up twenty minutes later, finding the bed sheets soaked between my legs, both dildos coated with my white creamy juices, as they laid there glistening in the light.I felt myself totally spent, but I knew I was going to meet my black bull; so the thought reenergized me as I sat up and smoked a cigarette, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling and recalling Darnell had a cock big enough to fill my still stretched wide hole.My phone buzzed and Darnell told me he was two blocks far away. I answered him that he knew the way to the master bedroom…I woke up, just unlocked the front door kaçak bahis siteleri and went back to the bed. I blindfolded myself and clutched my wrists with some handcuffs to the bed posts. I laid there on my hands and knees, my head buried on the pillow, in full submission to my black hung stud…Some footsteps on the alleyway told me he was closer now. I heard his deep voice whispering quietly:“You love taking my huge horse black cock from behind, bitch”He leaned over and spread my ass cheeks as he rubbed my booty. Two of his huge fingers slid into my lubed ass and he straddled my hips, pressing the tip of his thick cock against my slippery sphincter. He slid into my anal ring easily and began to slowly stroke his cock as he started to sodomize me…Darnell moved up and down my body, with his hard erection fully impaled inside my rectum. The pleasure was incredible… I had two intense orgasms as he pounded my anus with his hard black dick…I screamed out finally when I felt his full load of warm semen filling my bowels. I felt sore, but totally satisfied…Then I heard Darnell asking somebody: “Who is going to fuck my white bitch next??”Some muffled sounds told me that more than one person was there unzipping his trousers.I closed my blindfolded eyes and took a long dep breath, knowing it was going to be a pleasant afternoon…

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