Subject: INTO THE WOODS – Chapter 4 (Gay/Incest/Adult Youth) Fiction. (b/b/t) To keep this unique archive going please make a donation via : http://donate./donate.html My other stories can be found in the Nifty Prolific Authors listing under “DGG” : fty//prolific.htmldgg INTO THE WOODS – Chapter 4 ………… Stuart added, “Guys, as you know, I find you two very sexy and a big turn on, but I’d like to get closer to you both also, emotionally, I hope. There is no love in my life, not since Dad went and I’d be the happiest guy in the world if those sorts of feeling could grow between us. I think there’s already a spark there, let’s see if we can make it a flame.” …………… As we cuddled poolside, it started to get a bit chilly, so Stuart suggested that we shower and go into the house. We showered in the pool house in the big open shower area, although there was more than one shower head, we only used one. It was lovely soaping each other all over. As we were washing, I said to Stuart, “Why do you shave off your pubic hair?” He smiled as he soaped between my bum cheeks and said, “I started because it was the done-thing in the swimming team, started by the coach. I know he probably had another motive, because he liked to check that we’d kept smooth, but lots of competition swimmers talked about body shaving as a means to reduce drag, so all of us did it. Then, once I’d done it, I found it felt really sexy and even if I wasn’t a competition swimmer anymore, I’d continue to shave. It feels really neat when someone squirts come or pee over my shaved bits. I love the look and feel of a hairless groin like yours.” I giggled as Stuart’s soapy fingers played with my hole and Ollie smiled, so I copied it with him. Ollie was occupied with soaping Stuart’s penis, which was all big and hard again. We were both hard too. Stuart then stepped behind me and started rubbing his penis in my bum crack. I could feel the head prodding my hole and I wondered if he’d try to push it inside. I was sort of hoping that he would, but then he stopped himself and stepped away. Ollie said to him, “I though you were going to try to screw him then.” Stuart took a deep breath and replied, “I was just trying to imagine what it would be like; I know that I used to love to feel my Dad’s cock inside me, but I’d never take advantage of either of you. Besides, I think that the first person to make love to each of you in that way should be your blood brother, it’s such a special thing, not something to be given to a stranger.” I thought for a second then said, “You’re not a stranger Stu and one day I’d like to try it with you, but first I want to feel Ollie inside me.” A massive smile spread across Ollie’s face and he added, “I’ve seen pictures and videos and read stories about screwing, and all the time I imagined two things, firstly, sliding my stiffy into your bum hole and secondly, you doing the same to me. To be honest though, I wouldn’t know where to start, so it all might be a bit clumsy.” I burst out with, “But we have Stuart to teach us.” Stuart said, “I’d happily be your teacher boys, even if you never wanted me to do it to either of you. I’m a fair bit bigger than you both and taking mine will hurt until you get used to it. It makes good sense that you start with each other and it’ll be really sexy to help you and watch you make love to each other.” He then took a deep breath drew us into a cuddle and said, “Boys, the afternoon is nearly gone, and you’ll be needing to show your faces at home pretty soon, let’s get dried and dressed.” He then kissed us both on the lips. It was not long before we were all dried, dressed and ready to leave when Ollie said, “Stu, if we’re going to be spending time with you, we need to introduce us to our parents, they need to feel ok with us being with you, why not come back with us now.” He thought for a moment and replied, “Good idea Ollie, I’ll nip upstairs and put some better clothes on and be back in a jiffy. Would you mind hanging the towels, closing up the pool house and the back of the house.?” Stuart charged off and I looked at Ollie and said, “How’s this going to work?” To which he answered by kissing me firmly on the lips saying, “Let me lead, but feel free to add to anything I might say, you’ll soon see the way it’s going. I think Mum and Dad will love him.” With the back of the house closed up we were joined again by Stuart. Jokingly he said, “I’m all nervous, I feel like I’m going to meet the prospective in-laws for the first time!” We all laughed, and Ollie pecked him on the lips assuring him that everything would be fine. The chit-chat on the way to our house was light, but I could tell that Stuart was nervous. Ollie on the other hand was back to his confident self. We entered our house from the back, as usual. Straight into the family room. Mum and Dad looked a bit puzzled by the extra face but were open and welcoming. After introducing Stuart by name only, Ollie said, “Mum, Dad, remember last year when Owen slipped over at the pool and bashed his head, it was Stuart who looked after him. Since then, he’s become a good friend of ours at the pool and always watches out for us. He’s even seen off the bullies for us.” Stuart blushed and looked down. Ollie continued with, “Until recently we didn’t know much about him other than he was a fantastic swimmer with lots of medals, but when we go to know him better, we found out that he was on his own and living with a mother who couldn’t care less about him. So, we want to adopt him as our big brother and best friend.” Stuart blushed even more! I was a little lost for words, all I could do was nod. It was Mum that made the first move. She stepped forward and hugged Stuart, genuinely, and warmly. She partially separated from him and said, “I never knew the full story of what happened at the pool, but I did know that there was a good Samaritan that looked after our son, Thank You Stuart, thank you for being there for our boys and if they want you as their big brother, well that says it all for me, welcome Son.” She emphasised her last word. I could see Ollie’s eyes starting to tear-up and so were mine. I looked at Stuart and tears were forming in his eyes too. He looked at Mum, nodded his head gently and said, “You will never know what that has meant to me, thank you, so much, thank you for being so kind.” I think that Dad could see us all about to start blubbing and said assertively, “Well boys, you should take Stuart upstairs and show him your room. “Dinner is in half an hour, so you three wash up while you’re up there.” We took Stuart up to our room and sat on a bed, Stuart in the middle of us. We cuddled him. Nothing was said at first, then Ollie said, “Welcome to the family big brother.” That was it, the last straw, we all cried. We hugged and hugged and hugged, with soft kisses in between. Once we were all calm again Stuart spoke, “I cannot believe what just happened, your Mum just opened up her arms and her heart and accepted me without question, I’ve never seen such love, and your Dad, well to him it seemed like it was automatic acceptance too, not a shadow of a doubt. You boys are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Now I can see why you two are as loving as you are.” şişli travesti Ollie remined be that we should change our clothes and we happily shed what little we were wearing to stand happily naked in front of our new brother. He looked us up and down and said, “Not only are you beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too.” We dressed and sat with Stuart again, holding his hands. He said, “I’ll be as open as I can with them, but there are some things which I can’t say, OK?” Ollie nodded and said, “Just say what you’re comfortable with, they won’t grill you are ask awkward questions, they just aren’t like that, they respect people’s privacy, even ours. They’ve never intruded into our space, unless we’ve deserved it.” Then we heard the call and Stuart said, “Am I staying for dinner?” I replied, “Of course you are, that’s why Dad said to wash your hands.” He smiled and nodded as we steered him to the bathroom. An extra place was set at the table as if it was the norm. Stuart between Ollie and me. Dinner progressed like it always did and after a bit Stuart said, “It’s a lovely meal thank you Mrs Wilson.” “Well,” she said, “That’s something we’ll have to think about, what you will call us? We don’t mind Mr and Mrs for now, but maybe as we get to know each other better you might be more comfortable with Mum and Dad. We’ll leave that up to you.” The lump in Stuart’s throat was almost visible, he just lowered his eyes a bit and said, “Thank You, that’s very generous.” Then he went on with, “I want to tell you about me, well the main bits for now. I had a strong relationship with my Dad when I was young, but shortly after my twelfth birthday my mother and father divorced, she was vicious and cleaned him out. Whatever she had over him was enough to make him stay away. I don’t know where he went or where he is. I have resented her ever since. She is cold to me, we barely talk. Fortunately, she travels a lot and I’m at home alone most of the time. When she’s around I make sure I have swimming competitions or am working at the pool. I engineer it so that my time in her company is minimal.” He paused and then said, “My Dad was my best friend and since he went, I’ve never really wanted another person to get that close to me again, I think I’ve been too afraid of being hurt. Then I met these two, they are as generous as you and they are very caring. We’ve now had the chance to become proper friends and I’m really grateful for that. With my whole heart I can say that I really wish that we were blood brothers.” A tear ran down each side of his face. There was silence for a second and Dad stepped in with, “Well, I for one am pleased to see the boys opening up to someone else. They’ve always been inseparable, like Siamese twins, joined at the hip. We’ve been concerned that their closeness, lovely though it is to see, excluded others too much. So, this is a step in the right direction and I’m sure you’re going to be a superb big brother for them.” Stuart replied, “I’ll try to be the best big brother they could have wished for.” Dessert provided a natural break and a chance to change the subject. The conversation flowed easily between us all. Dad asked Stuart about his swimming competitions and reflected on his own youthful ambitions and moderate success in that arena. I took the opportunity of mentioning that Stuart had a swimming pool at home. Stuart hastily told them that whilst he was happy for us to use it, we could only do so with him present, so I added, “Our very own Lifeguard, eh.” Mum and Dad were clearly pleased with Stuart’s adult response on the matter and said that they had no objections. Mum then said, “Boys, I can guess what the next question is going to be, `Can Stuart sleep over?’, Well, the answer is, `Yes’, of course he can, but if it’s going to be a regular thing, we’ll have to clear the junk out of the spare room and get a new bed for it, we got rid of the old one after your Grandpa died. For now, we can make do.” I thought it was premature to suggest staying over at Stuart’s house so I said, “I can share with Ollie and Stuart could have my bed.” Mum grinned and said, “Those boys often end up sharing, so I guess that would work for a while.” Stuart followed with, “I’d be happy with a mattress on the floor, I don’t want to put anyone out.” Ollie added, “We want you to stay here whenever you want to Stu, Owen and I wouldn’t hear of you sleeping on the floor though. Do you want to stay tonight?” Stuart looked around the table and a big smile grew on his face, he nodded enthusiastically and said, “Yes Please”. Ollie and I both cheered simultaneously. After an evening of casual box watching and chatting, we said our `Good Nights’. As usual, Ollie and I kissed our parents and were about to go up when Stuart lent over to give Mum a peck on the cheek. I thought it was a really nice thing to do. He was clearly unsure as to how to approach Dad, so offered his hand for a handshake. Surprisingly, Dad stood up and dragged Stuart into a hug. After a couple of seconds, they separated and Dad said, “We’re quite a tactile family here, so you’d better get used to this and I won’t be embarrassed to get a good night kiss from you, like I get from my other sons and before you hesitate, you’re not too big to hug either.” I thought Stuart was going to let another tear go, but he lent in and pecked Dad on the cheek. We all smiled. Stuart said, “I feel a bit strange because nobody has even been this nice to me, I loved that hug, it reminded me of being with my Dad. Our Dad replied, “Plenty more of those where that came from, Son.” We said our `Good Nights’ again and headed upstairs. We let Stuart use the bathroom first, then we went in together. We were almost hyper-excited and hurried through our ablutions. Returning to our bedroom, with just our towels around us, we found Stuart sitting on one of the beds in his underpants, they were very sexy, speedo-like ones with very narrow sides. I said “Wow, they are sexy.” Stuart stood for us and did a twirl. They showed off his equipment and bum very well. Ollie said, “We sleep in the nuddy most of the time, the pyjamas are only for show or emergencies. Mum and Dad never come in here uninvited, unless it sounds like we’re killing each other or destroying the house.” Stuart smiled at that and said, “Me too, I like to be naked.” He slowly started to slip his skimpy pants down, revealing his goodies. I said, “Let’s try to all sleep in one bed, it might be a bit of a squeeze, but that will be nice.” We all climbed into Ollie’s bed; Stuart was in the middle. We hugged and kissed and cuddled and stroked, we all had stiffies. It quickly became clear that any movement risked toppling one of us onto the floor, so Stuart said, “Don’t worry guys, I’ll sleep over there, you two snuggle up, I think we should save the naughties for when we’re at my place anyway.” We agreed and all kissed together before Stuart climbed over me to get out. Ollie spooned me, his stiffy was parked between my bum cheeks and prodded at my hole. I liked it a lot and my mind drifted into wondering about what it would feel like going inside me, I knew that it would happen soon, but I was impatient. Ollie’s right hand held my stiffy. He beylikdüzü travesti kissed me good night and said quietly, “I love you so much Owe.” I returned my own sentiment to him and we drifted off to sleep. I awoke at stupid o’clock and realised that Ollie had turned over. As I looked over at Stuart, I saw him move so I asked him quietly if he was awake and he said he was. I carefully got out of the bed, trying not to disturb my brother and went over to Stuart, he lifted the duvet to let me in and I snuggled back into his embrace. I felt his penis against my bum, and he kissed my cheek saying, “This is nice, but I don’t want to make Ollie jealous.” I said, “Let’s talk about it in the morning.” We slipped back into sleep and when I woke a couple of hours later both Stuart and Ollie were still asleep. I crept out and Stuart didn’t stir. I got back in with Ollie and cuddled into him. He stirred, mumbled something and pulled me close again. When I woke again Ollie’s stiff willy was pushing at my hole again. I clenched my bum muscles a couple of times and he groaned. He whispered into my ear, “I want to do it Owe, I want to put it in.” I squeezed him again. Stu must have heard something because he said quietly, “You guys awake? Can I come over?” I replied, “Yes and Yes.” He got up and his willy was big and stiff and pointing our way. The skin was retreating a bit, but not fully back. He stood in front of me and I pushed myself up on my elbow and kissed his knob-end, before pulling back the duvet. He looked down at Ollie holding my own stiffy and smiled. He said, “Well I can see one stiff cock, where’s the other one?” Ollie replied, “Kissing Owen from behind.” We all giggled as Stuart got in. Stuart’s stiffy pressed up to mine and Ollie’s hand attempted to hold them both, it was not easy from that angle, but he tried his best. Stuart kissed my lips softly then lent over so that he and Ollie could connect likewise. We didn’t try to get too frisky, we just cuddled and softly kissed, well, there was a bit of fondling too. We heard the `rents moving about and realised that it wouldn’t be long before we got the call for breakfast. We agreed between us that using the bathroom en-masse would be too difficult as it’s only small, so Stuart offered to go alone. He put a towel around himself and set off. I cuddled into my brother and we kissed. I told him about my night-time excursion across the room and he was cool about it, he wasn’t jealous at all. Stuart returned and we made our own trip to do our ablutions. We didn’t linger. Returning to our room we found Stuart laying back on one of the beds, still naked, his penis was full and looking very tasty. We stood there with our towels around our waists and I felt my willy harden. I said, “We ought to get dressed, coz in a minute or two, I won’t be able to do up my flies.” Ollie giggled and said, “Me too, let’s get going before I have an accident.” We dropped our towels and Stuart reviewed us both, his willy visible filled some more. I had to turn away and did so quickly and started to sort out some clothes. Ollie seemed to be in synch with me and I could sense Stuart moving too. I looked around to see that Stuart had put back on his sexy briefs. They barely contained his enlarged dick. Indeed, the head was poking its way out above the waistband. I looked away again and re-focussed on what I was doing. We were soon dressed and tumbled downstairs. Dad was already on his way out to work, he kissed mum, then Ollie, then me and faced Stuart and said, “Family custom, everyone has to kiss Dad before he goes to work.” Stu blushed furiously but lent in pecked Dad on the cheek and said, “Have a good day, Dad!” A big smile came across Dad’s face and he kissed Stuart back saying, “Thanks Son, look after the youngsters today, won’t you.” Stuart nodded and turned toward us as Mum announced that we should take our places for breakfast. We sat ourselves in the previous evening’s pattern. Mum had pushed the boat out a bit and we had a special breakfast. During which she asked us what our plans were as we were now on our school holidays. We looked at each other, but Stuart spoke first and asked Mum if we could spend the day at his house. Mum nodded in agreement, saying “Sure, I’ll be happier knowing that they are with you, rather than who knows where”, I almost asked if we could sleep over but bit my lip. Stuart was really diplomatic and said that he’d like Mum and Dad to visit his house, maybe at the coming weekend. Mum said that they’d like that. Breakfast was done and we three set about clearing up. Mum thanked us and we gathered our stuff and set off for Stuart’s house. On the way there I said, “I nearly asked if we could sleep over. “Ollie laughed out loud and said, “Me too”. Stuart said that although he also wanted to, and badly, perhaps we should aim for tomorrow night, but to leave it to him. When we got to Stuart’s we went to his room and the first thing he did was check for messages and e-mails. He said “Ok fellas, the coast is clear, `She’ won’t be back until next Tuesday, just as planned, we have the pace to ourselves, what say we get naked and stay naked all day. We almost whooped with excitement and in a matter of seconds we were in a naked tumble on the bed. It was a big one fortunately. We finally calmed into a huddle with Stu in the middle and started kissing. We were all stiff and our hands roamed. It was Stuart who spoke first, saying, “So, my gorgeous brothers, talk to me, tell me what you want. I have my own ideas, but I’d like to hear yours first. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were mostly the same.” Ollie spoke first and said, “Last night and this morning, my stiffy was trying to get into Owen’s bum hole, I’ve seen guys doing it on the web and I really wanted to push it in, teach me how to do it Stu.” I quickly chipped in with, “I wanted him to do it, I really did.” Stuart said, “As you love each other very much already, you’re halfway there. Fucking is not the same as making love, so it’s not about shoving it in and getting your rocks off, it’s about making your partner feel fantastic. You’re both young and anal virgins but neither of you are too big yet so it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. I’ve got some toys to help us along. Stuart pulled a box from under the bed, it had a combination lock on it. He twiddled the numbered wheels and the latch popped open. He showed us the contents. There were some magazines on the top, so he handed those to us first. It was the sort of stuff that Ollie had been looking at on the web, boys doing sex stuff with older boys or men. I found a picture of a boy about my age with an older teen pushing his big hard penis into his bum hole. The boy looked to be in pain. I showed the others and asked about it. Stuart said, “That guy is clearly too big for that boy, well at least until the boy’s hole has been stretched a bit more, then he might enjoy it.” I asked him if it hurt when his Dad did it to him, he replied. “Dad took a lot of time and trouble to help me learn to relax my anal muscles, and even then, he stared with a small dildo, this one. Eventually I loved it and I wanted him in me all the time.” He held up a rubber penis, which looked istanbul travesti to be about the same size as Ollie and we passed it between is. Stuart said, “Before either of you try that, we’ll do some work with our fingers first. That will give us an idea as to how easy or hard it’s going to be.” Stuart then lifted out a couple more rubber penises and said, “These go up in size, and this one is man-sized, I kept it because it’s about the same size as my Dad. Sometimes I push this one inside and try to remember him being inside me but is just not the same.” He looked a bit saddened but snapped himself out of it. The next thing he showed us was a couple of tubes of something called “KY Jelly” and explained what it was for. Ollie said, “How do we start?” Stuart replied, “Why don’t you both get on all fours on the bed and point your bums toward me, and we’ll take it from there.” We quickly got in position side-by-side, our bodies touching at many points. I was really excited. I expected to feel Stuart’s fingers probing my hole, but instead I felt my cheeks being parted and my crack being licked from top to bottom. I cooed with delight as he returned to the centre. He drilled my hole with his tongue for a couple of minutes and I was tingling all over. I was disappointed a bit when he moved away to do the same to Ollie, who made a moaning noise. He turned his face to mine, and we kissed. I sensed Stuart moving and the next thing I felt was something cold on my bum hole, it made me go “Ooohh” and after a couple of seconds something similar came from Ollie. I felt Stu’s fingers wiggling around and into my hole, it felt really good and reminded me of how good I felt when Ollie’s stiffy was pressing there. After a few of minutes of manipulation, Stuart spoke, “Well my beauties those delicious young arses certainly like to be fingered, they are positively drawing me in, you may not have realised it, but I’ve already worked in my second finger and I’m about to start with my third.” This time it felt a bit fuller, but it didn’t hurt. I said, “It feels really good to me, you okay Oll?” He nodded but seemed unable to speak. Stuart carried on moving his fingers around for a while and said, “Well, you two aren’t going to have any trouble at all, your arseholes are nearly eating my fingers. Ollie, you’re a bit tighter, so we’ll go a bit slower with you, but Owen, you’re nearly there already, I think we can move you straight on to the real thing. Ollie, come round here, Owen stay-put.” Ollie shuffled around behind me and I felt him move between my legs. I felt his stiffy push at my hole as he held my shoulders. Stuart said, “Slowly Ollie, just push gently, really slowly and try not to go all the way in when his ring gives, he’ll need time to get used to it.” The pressure on my ring was nice and I flexed it a few times. Stuart said “Owen, push back a bit, like you need to poo.” I did and suddenly Ollie’s stiffy went in, we both gasped. Stuart told Ollie to stay still and I felt his hand slide around and under until I could feel his fingers around my hole. I was quite excited. At Stu’s suggestion Ollie didn’t move. Stu said, “You’re about halfway in Ollie, how do you feel Owen?” I panted, “Really good, it feels kinda full and tight, but I like it.” Ollie asked if it hurt and I replied “Not at all.” Stuart told Ollie to try to stay still and told him he was going to try the small dildo on him. I felt movement and Ollie lent over my back a bit closer. Suddenly Ollie gasped and said, “Oh my God, it’s in me, it feels big, but it feels ok.” Stuart told Ollie that he was going to start moving it about and as he did that Ollie should try to move about in me, telling him to be gentle and try not to thrust. Ollie started moving his stiff rod in and out a little while groaning, and exclaimed, “Oh, this feels so good. Owen, you need to try this, next round you gotta put yours in me while Stu does you with the rubber thing.” We were giggling back and forward a bit and the feelings were getting better and better. Ollie said that he was going all the way in and I liked it much more than I could have expected. I could feel his abdomen connect with my bum cheeks and I liked it. I started to fantasise about Stuart putting his thing into me and I found myself groaning out loud. My thoughts were interrupted by Ollie saying to Stuart, “Try a bigger one in me, I think I’m ready for the next one.” Ollie relaxed and hugged my back. He kissed the back of my neck and told me how much he loved me. I heard his breathing getting laboured and realised that Stuart must be working the next dildo in. His heavy breathing finally became more normal and I heard Stuart say, “Well done Ollie, do you feel okay?” Ollie nodded and said, “Fantastic now, at first I thought it was going to really hurt a lot, but it didn’t really, its good, please just leave it there for a while”. Stuart shuffled around to kneel in front of us. His hard penis was dripping, and the skin was nearly all the way back. He saw the look in my face and brought it to my lips. I lapped the lovely juice that was coming out before rolling my tongue over and around the exposed part of the head. He groaned and said that he’d been holding back from coming but didn’t know how long he’d last. He then edged away and said, “Okay boys, I think you’ve got the gist of it now do you want me to leave you to carry on?” We both exclaimed “No.” Ollie surprised me by saying, “Put your cock into me Stu, I think I’m ready.” Stuart declined saying, “Too soon chum, I don’t think you’re ready for me yet, besides, your little brother has to be first. Stuart returned to his station at the rear of Ollie and Ollie started to move in and out of me. He was groaning a lot. I wasn’t sure if it was because of how his willy felt moving inside me or because of what Stu was doing with the rubber cock in his rear end. I was loving the feeling of Ollie moving in and out and knew, just knew, that this is what I had always needed. Ollie started to pick up his pace and was getting louder and louder. Suddenly he gripped my body and pressing his lips to the back of my neck, shuddered and shook as I felt a warmth spreading inside my arse. Then that whole body sensation hit me too. Ollie was laying on my back panting while I felt my willy throb. Stuart scooted around to the front of us and we both tried to suck his dripping penis. It was not possible from the angles we were at though and we just got a swipe each with our tongues before Stuart started spurting. He painted our faces in jets of white cream before I managed to clamp my mouth over his big head. We were all panting. Stuart relaxed back on his haunches for a second and said, “what a mess, let me clean you up.” He started by licking Ollies face and kissing Ollie, pushing his sperm into my brother’s mouth with his tongue. He then did the same to me. He repeated this until we were both clean. Ollie started to move but I asked him to stay where he was, I said, “It feels so good with you inside me; I don’t ever want you to take it out.” Ollie chuckled and replied, “It feels just as good for me Owe and I don’t want to pull out either, but I’ve got cramps everywhere.” I felt him slip out of me and I felt empty and sad. Stuart lifted my chin and said, “I know that look and I know what you’re feeling, I felt it every time my Dad pulled out of me. Don’t worry pal, your brother will back inside you again soon.” -o0o- Thanks for reading ……. To be continued. David

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