Inside Me


She couldn’t move, her body not obeying her. Her head felt foggy, and no sound came out of her mouth. She saw the girl approach, pulling her legs apart slowly, exposing her. They were both naked, the room dark. Krissy felt her heart pound, her voice not working. God, what was wrong with her? Last thing she remembered she was pretty drunk and she thought maybe she passed out. And then waking up with this woman’s mouth on hers, her hands taking off her clothes. The girl put some sort of lubricant between her legs and she felt her warm hand between her legs. Krissy whimpered slightly as the girl came over her, her eyes dark and Krissy had the fleeting image of a tall, lithe body and then she gasped, feeling the length of something thick, inside her tight depths. The girl lifted her legs and she realized that the dildo she had inside of her was also inserted inside of the girl, that she was also having sex with the woman as she pulled back, then filled her completely. The girl’s rhythm was slow and steady, but gentle and Krissy felt her body react even though she didn’t outwardly. Her breasts felt swollen, her vagina started to throb and she looked up at the girl, helpless. The girl laced her hands in hers and bent down, her mouth going to her breasts. Krissy heard herself moan, felt her nipples being suckled strongly and a gush of wetness shot between her legs. She was being taken strongly and it felt so incredible, shock reverberating through her. She wasn’t supposed to feel this, was she? The girl’s mouth was on hers, her hips thrusting deeper and they both moaned and she realized she could move her hands. She flexed them and the girl’s mouth pulled from hers, surprise in her eyes, her hips stopping. They stared at one another and Krissy whispered, “Don’t stop,” her voice hoarse. The girl’s eyes changed, and then she started to thrust harder, her hand turning on some sort of vibration, both of them jerking. Krissy’s legs twined around her hips, her breasts brushing hers again and again. Krissy arched beneath her, the girl holding her wrists. She felt her orgasm slide through her and she fought it but the girl held her down, fucking her slowly. She gasped, feeling herself milk the thickness inside of her over and over. The girl flipped her over and took her from behind, her face in the pillow and she felt her fingers push lightly into her ass. She whimpered as she was taken in both places, her body shaking. “Do you like that?” the girl groaned into her ear as she lay her body over her. “Do you like me deep inside of you?” “Yes.” Krissy moaned, feeling so full, so penetrated. “Take me..” she moaned. “Fuck yeah..” the girl groaned, slapping her ass with her stomach. She felt another climax hit her low in her back and she felt the girl above her push her deep into the bed as she rode her through the wave. Krissy turned over, the girl still embedded in her and she sat up, in her arms. Krissy slid onto her, the dildo deep and the girl swallowed, feeling it in her as well. “Ride me..” Krissy whispered and the girl hesitated, then put her legs over Krissy’s, her now being the one fucked. Krissy pulled her down tight, forcing her to take the whole length and the girl whimpered, her hands going to her shoulders as she thrust into her over and over, the vibration directly on her clit. She cupped her breast, flicking the nipple. “You like that?” she ground out, holding her güvenilir bahis tight so she couldn’t move, could only be fucked. “Yeah…” the girl moaned, her legs spread wide. “Say it…” Krissy said, gliding in and out of her strongly. “I…God..I love it.” she groaned softly, her climax flying through both of them, their eyes wide on one another. The girl stilled over her, turning the toy off. “I think….I’ve met my match,” she whispered. Krissy felt her mouth curve. “I know you have.” “God you’re so hot,” she girl shook her head. “You must’ve thought so, bringing me home like this.” She still felt slightly disoriented, but she knew exactly what had happened and her participation in it. “I wanted you so bad I could’ve just fucked you there, at the club.” Krissy felt her mouth curve. Remembered the girl and her in the bathroom, their mouths on one another. “Did you put something in my drink?” The girl frowned, shaking her head, “No, definitely not.” “I think someone did…” “I thought you were a bit drunk…there was this guy though that was sort of stalking you.” Krissy licked her lips slowly as her memory started to come back, “Yeah, some blond guy, right?” The girl nodded, “Had to tell him to back off. Told him you were mine.” Krissy felt her body relax, “Well, you definitely had me.” The girl looked at her, a grin coming to her face. She was actually quite beautiful and with that smile, stunning. “Let me make love to you..” Krissy blinked up at her, “Yeah?” “Yeah..” the girl whispered. Krissy bit her lip and then nodded. The girl gently withdrew from her, then pulled it out of herself. Krissy though it was the hottest thing she had ever seen, her vagina glistening in the dim light of the room. The girl saw her looking between her legs and she shook her head, “Me first…” Krissy felt her breath leave her as the girl lay her down on the silky sheets, her body between her legs. “I want to eat you out nice and slow, make you come for me a few times before I take you again..” the girl whispered, looking down at her. Krissy groaned softly, feeling a dull ache between her legs at her words. The girl’s mouth curved, “Would you like that?” “Yes,” Krissy bit her lip, her hands moving up the girl’s ribcage, her stomach muscles taut, an athletes body. The girl bent her head, their lips meeting and all she could think about was the long night ahead of them, as her eyes drifted shut and her senses came alive again. _____________________________ Cat swore under her breath, as she took the three, already knowing that it wasn’t going to go in. She seemed to be off at least a foot with all her shots lately. She sighed, running back down the court. She looked up at the clock. 10 seconds. She held up her hand, pushing back against the girl behind her.  Her point guard dribbled, threw it. She turned, dribbled, fade away…nothing but net. Nice. She heard the buzzer and finally relaxed, getting high-fives and a few pats. Well, it could’ve gone worse. After the game, she threw her stuff in her bag, and took a quick shower, not wanting to stick around. Most of the team was going out to eat, but she really hadn’t had much of an appetite lately. She had been in a bad mood for the last two weeks. Ever since she had brought that girl home. Fucking gorgeous girl. Had made her heart skip a beat the moment she had seen her in the club. Knew that she had to have her. Straight girl, güvenilir bahis siteleri dancing with her friends, a few guys. She was stunning, her body a 10. Her face even higher if that was possible. The girl was getting drunk, giggly. They made eye contact a few times, the girl not looking away, but not really smiling. She saw darkness behind those eyes, found it intriguing. So after awhile of looking, she finally followed her into the bathroom and into the last stall, locking the door behind her. The girl had turned, surprise in her eyes. Big seafoam green eyes that made her stomach flip slightly. She had touched her face, pulled her close and the girl had been too shocked to do anything but let her. She took her mouth slowly and then harder, pushing her into the wall behind them. She was so soft, her mouth moist, her body hot beneath hers. At first she hadn’t responded, her hands going to her stomach to push her away, but her breathing changed, her mouth opening under hers slowly. God she was hot, tasted so fucking good. She cupped her full breast, feeling the nipple harden under her thumb, her legs going between hers. The girl moaned softly, felt her body respond. The door opened and they heard voice. The girl pushed her away, indecision in her eyes. She liked that. Liked a girl that wasn’t easily persuaded. Cat never had a problem getting a girl in her bed. She liked the challenge. The rest of the night, the girl stayed in her sights, her eyes taking everything in, how she seemed more agitated, her eyes going to her more often, her cheeks flushed. She was also taking more shots, and she knew the girl was going to be too drunk soon to know what was going on. She didn’t want a comatose girl for God’s sake. And then there was that guy that kept following her around, trying to touch her, get her to dance. She could tell the advances were unwanted and the last time the girl had gone to the restroom she had talked to him, her eyes steady on his. Both of them predators, understanding one another. He had left not soon afterwards. Getting her to come with her had been a lot easier than she had thought. It was last call, her friends trying to get her to go to another after hours club. The small hesitance from her was her window. And she took it. She had approached her, the girl leaning back against the wall, putting her jacket on. She had met her eyes warily, and she stopped in front of her. Her friends were going out the door, all but forgetting about her, they were all too drunk. “Come home with me,” Cat had said softly, her finger going up her side, touching her hip. Their faces were close, their lips nearly touching. The girl had not said anything, her eyes wide. She then laced her hand in hers and she had followed her out the door. She had turned the radio up loud, racing through the streets, wanting badly to feel her under her and be inside of her. The girl’s long blonde hair was wildly flowing, the window down and her hand had gone up her leg, under her skirt, spreading her legs. She could see the girl’s nipples hard under her thin top. Her hands were clutching the seat. She wanted them clutching the bed. They had walked up the steps, the girl weaving slightly and she wondered if maybe this was a good idea. The girl had seemed willing enough, but was enough ok? She was awfully drunk. But all those fleeting thoughts left as soon as she got her in iddaa siteleri the house and her bedroom. She undressed her slowly, laying her on the bed, their mouths on one another. Peeling off her clothing, she felt her heart stop. How could someone be so perfect looking? The girl had lain on the bed, her body not moving, just her eyes. Maybe she liked to be submissive, liked to get fucked. She could do that, had no problem with that. If she hadn’t been making soft sounds of pleasure, she might’ve stopped, but she had been so she had decided she would penetrate her fully, make her hers. Make her respond. She had used one of her larger toys. See what this girl could handle. And she had handled it just fine, her body taking every inch, slowly but surely. Her hands lay at her sides, her legs spread, her mouth parted as she took her nice and deep. A strange sensation went through her, watching this girl lay pliant beneath her, not moving. If a girl wasn’t really responding, was it wrong? She didn’t think she could’ve stopped if she wanted to it felt so good being in her, her own insides clenching at her invasion. Her body started to glisten with sweat as she fucked her pussy. She took her breasts in her mouth, felt her own nipples hard, aching. She didn’t know how long she had been inside of her, gliding in and ou of her when she felt the girl’s hands clench under hers. Surprised, she stopped moving, looking down at her. The girl’s eyes were intense on her. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip and Cat felt herself twitch watching her. “Don’t stop,” she had whispered and Cat had groaned at her words. So she was here with her. And she didn’t want her to stop. She reached down, turning on the vibration and the girl jerked under her. Fuck. The girl had responded as much as she had. She had felt her climax, felt her fight it, held her down making her feel it, then turned her over, wanting to be in her ass, holding her to the bed, the girl moving under her, fluid. She had come again and Cat thought she might have too when Krissy turned over, telling her to ride her. She was normally the one that did the screwing. But she couldn’t say no, needed what this girl was offering. It had been awhile since she gave someone else the control she always maintained. The girl held her tight, fucking her strongly and she had the strongest orgasm she had ever had in her life. And then the rest of the night…well, that turned out to be about something else entirely. Softer, gentle…making love instead of fucking. It was like both of them knew just how to touch one another, their skin and mouths on one another. When she woke, the girl was leaving. Their eyes connected as she opened the door, and then she was gone. For the first time in her life, she wanted to get up, started to get up and go after her, but her pride wouldn’t let her open that door, stop her. She felt ashamed at what she had done, bringing an obviously straight girl home and forcing her to feel that pleasure. An obviously wasted girl. Even if she had in the end wanted what she gave, she really hadn’t given her a choice, had she? And it didn’t sit well with her in the light of day. She didn’t have a problem in the bedroom, ever. Resorting to bringing a drunk girl home…what was wrong with her? And what was even worse was that she couldn’t stop thinking about her. Wanted her again. Any way she could have her. And didn’t even know her name. She stopped at the store, grabbing a few items and a six pack on her way home from the game. She threw her stuff in her room and changed into shorts and a tshirt, then turned on the TV and opened a beer, watching sports highlights.

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