Incestual Thoughts: Temptations Ch02


As I laid next to my wife, I thought back to what took place three months ago when I saw her fuck our Son for the first time. I glanced over and gazed upon Sam’s sweet face as she laid peacefully sleeping while I lightly stroked my cock to the naughty images that filled my mind.Closing my eyes, I could hear her screaming, “Yes… yes… Kevin! Ugh! Ugh! Ah! Oh god, go deeper. Deeper!” As our Son pounded away at her forbidden pussy. Her legs quickly wrapped tightly around his waist as she grabbed his ass and pushed him hard to her little sex. The look of raw lust and passion flooded her face as her ass went upward to meet Kevin’s every thrust.My cock was stiff now as I went deeper into my mind and stroked it harder to the wicked memories forever planted deep inside my sinful brain.”OH, shit Mom!” Kevin expressed, and I could tell he was close to cumming.My heart pounded in my chest as my cum raced up my penis. I wanted so badly to see Kevin cum inside his mother. To fill her full of his incestuous seed.Precum was dripping out of my cock as I pictured Sam quivering under Kevin while he slammed harder and faster inside her and then heard her toe-curling scream. “I’m cumming! Fuck I’m cumming! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”Kevin’s face cringed as Sam thrashed around. His own body stiffened up. He was for sure ready to explode. But alas, before he could expel all his baby-making juices deep into her soaked mound, Sam pulled him away quickly and devoured his cock.”Oh fuck, Mom! Oh Jesus! Oh no… I’m gonna…nnn… ohhh!” he croaked as his legs begin to shake.Quickly, I tossed the covers off my sweating body as I stroked my cock vigorously and remembered how Sam feverishly bobbed her head on Kevin’s cock.My breath raced as I recalled Kevin’s strange gargling sound just before he collapsed to the floor while his mother stayed with him sucking away relentlessly on his member.I came just as I envisioned my boy’s body jerking and twitching while Sam took all of Kevin’s girth deep into her throat and drank down all of his cum.I looked back over at my wife, who was still sound asleep, and remembered what she told Kevin as she wiped her lips while he laid panting on the floor.”Did Meadow ever make you feel like that?””Why did she say that?” I whispered to myself as I stealthily crept out of bed and made my way into our bathroom. As I cleaned myself up, I looked at the mirror and thought. God, I wished he came inside her.I really don’t know why I wanted to see that happen, but sinfully I did.Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever get to see that happened. You see, even though my wife enjoyed the blissful sexual pleasure of fucking her own flesh and blood, she had promised me it was a one-time thing.At the time, I wholeheartedly agreed with her decision, but alas, I’m finding myself more and more wishing for her to be once again taken by our Son. To be ravished by him in the most sinful ways. And if I’m fortunate to finally see Kevin release his seed deep inside his mother’s hot sex for the first time.Can I coax her into doing it again? I wishfully thought as I gazed at my reflection.Suddenly, I heard our phone ring and raced to it, knowing that no call this late is ever good.”Honey?” I heard Sam say as she lifted her head from the pillow while I picked up the receiver and said hello.Standing naked next to the bed, I heard my mother’s stressful voice on the other end as I motioned a hold on with my finger to Sam.”Your father had a heart attack,” I barely heard my mother say as she wept over the phone.”Calm down, Mom. I’m on my way,” I said just as Sam sat up and turned on the light next to her nightstand.Mom tried to tell me something, but her words were all garbled up, and I couldn’t make them out to save my life.”Mom, please calm down. I’ll be there soon,” I said and hung up the phone.”What happened?” Sam asked as I raced to my dresser.”My Dad had a heart attack,” I said as I tossed on a pair of boxers and rushed güvenilir bahis to my closet.Sam got out of bed and started to dress while I was putting on a pair of slacks.”Is he okay?” I heard her say as I fixed the last button on my shirt.”I don’t know. I couldn’t make out what Mom was saying. She was crying too hard.”I called the airport while my wife finished dressing and got us on the next redeye flight.The next three hours were one of worry and sorrow as we raced to the hospital.As I entered the emergency room, I quickly saw Mom waiting down the hall and ran up to her. Holding her tightly, she cried on my shoulder and hoarsely expressed how thankful she was that we could make it.I held Mom for several minutes before we broke our embrace, and between sniffles, Mom finally got to tell us what happened.Dad was working in the garage when his heart attack hit, and Mom wasn’t aware of it. She found him lying on the concrete floor and quickly called for an ambulance. They were able to revive him on the way to the hospital, but as we were in flight, Dad had another one, and this time they couldn’t bring him back.I cried in Mom’s arms as Sam held onto both of us. I wasn’t very close to my father. With him being in the armed forces his entire life, he really wasn’t around much. However, I could definitely feel Mom’s pain, and that hurt me deeply.I had Sam stay with Mom while I broke away and went to the desk to make the necessary arrangements.It was a couple of hours before we could drive Mom home. However, once there, I made her a hot tea and added a little whiskey in it to calm her down before sending her to bed.Sam and I crashed inside my old room, but both of us just laid there until the sun came up.I waited until nine before making any effort to leave my room, and while I went to check on Mom, I heard Sam call our son to give him the news.The next couple of days were very hard for Mom, and after the funeral, I was starting to get concerned about her health truly. She cried a lot, and her hands would shake.I figured I should talk to Sam about this and went looking for her.I found Sam in my room, and she was on the phone with Kevin, who didn’t attend the funeral since we figured it would be best for him to finish his last exams. Patently I waited for her to finish, and as soon as she hung up, I hit her with my idea.”Listen, honey. How do you feel about Mom coming to live with us?”I could tell she was thinking it over and thought it was a good idea.We worked out the details quickly before I ran it past Mom. Unfortunately, Mom didn’t want to move. She was happy here, and even though I tried my best to talk her into it, she just wouldn’t budge.So we decided to stay with her for a more extended period, and I called the office to take a leave of absence for a while.It was three weeks before Mom appeared to be dealing with Dad’s passing, and we figured it might finally be safe to leave her alone. So on the night before we were to depart, I made arrangements for all of us to enjoy a nice dinner out.Sam and Mom were chatting up a storm and hitting the wine kind of hard after the meal. But I held off and only had a single glass since I was the one driving. It was after Sam’s fourth glass that, out of nowhere, she made a startling comment and said, “Listen, Jenny, I just wanted to tell you I understand now how you could have fucked Jarid.””Sam!” I yelled as I felt my face go flush.But before I could say another word, Mom shushed me and replied, “Oh? What made you change your mind? You didn’t sound too pleased when I confessed what we did back then.”I felt a lump in my throat when Sam said, “Because I fucked Kevin.”Mom sat up in her chair and quickly responded with all of the how and when did it happen questions which Sam swiftly answered back.To say the least, I was in total shock by this conversation between my wife and mother. However, I was wrong. Sam topped it when Mom asked me, “And what güvenilir bahis siteleri do you think about this, Jarid. Are you okay with Sam fucking your son?””Okay with it?” Sam chimed in. “He wanted to see it happen.””Really?” Mom replied in a half surprised and happy tone.All I could do was nod and saw Mom give a half-smirk.Mom looked as if she would say something to me but instead turned her attention towards Sam and said, “So are you still fucking Kevin?”I looked at Sam as a little voice inside my head kept saying, “Please tell her you want to.”But alas, Sam looked down at the table and sheepishly replied, “No, I told him it was a one-time thing.””Well, really, Sam, if Jarid is okay with you fucking Kevin, I would reconsider your decision.”Oh my God! Is Mom actually trying to get Sam to fuck him again? Please listen to her. My brain screamed inside my head.Sam looked at me and then at my Mom and replied hesitantly, “I… I don’t think that would be a good idea to keep doing that.”Mom reached over the table and placed her hand on top of Sam’s, and interjected, “You know Sam, if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have stopped.”Sam pulled her hand away from Mom and then looked at me. I could feel my cock hardening. Mom’s last comment had caused a sexual stir inside me once again.Rapidly my mind went back to what it was like fucking her, and I couldn’t help but rub my hand over my groin.Sam stayed quiet for a couple of seconds and then looked straight into my mother’s eyes and uttered, “You know Jenny, you still have time to do that.”I was floored. I couldn’t believe those words just came out of my wife’s mouth. First, Mom wanted Sam to fuck Kevin, and now Sam wanting Mom to fuck me! My cock went super hard, and I could feel the sweat forming on my brow.Mom looked at me. Is she contemplating it? I thought. However, she softly replied, “No. I think my chance has passed.””If you say so. But really, Jenny, I think you still look very sexy for your age, and I’m sure Jarid would just love to have even one more night with you.” Sam then looked at me and said, “Wouldn’t you, honey.”She put me right on the spot. But instead of me just coming right out and saying, “Hell yes, I would.” I only gave a light nod and followed with, “I think that is enough of this talk. Both of you are pretty lit right now, and I don’t think you’re thinking correctly.””I guess you have a point,” Sam said as she took the last sip from her wine.Thankfully as we waited for the check, I had time for my dick to settle back down before we drove home.The drive home was quiet, and I couldn’t help but think back to how both of them acted, which only cause my dick to perk up once more. It didn’t go unnoticed because I felt Sam’s hand grazed over my crotch and saw her smile when I quickly looked at her.I glanced into the rearview mirror and noticed Mom just staring out the window and said, “So did you enjoy yourself, Mom?” And felt Sam tug at my groin, causing me to squirm.”Yes, honey, tonight was fantastic.”Slowly, I took hold of Sam’s hand and motioned it away while giving her a ‘not now’ look, which only made her chuckle.”You really need to come and visit us, Jenny, so we can do this again,” Sam said.”Oh, I’m sure I will. I have lots of time now.””Make sure you do, Mom,” I said just as we pulled into the driveway.Both women were still pretty high from all the wine as they staggered their way inside the house, and Mom quickly gave me a peck on the cheek while holding both my hands and said, “Thanks for the wonderful dinner, but I better retire before I fall over.””Okay, Mom. Good night. I love you,” I said as I watched her make her way to her bedroom.I locked the front door and turned out the lights as Sam went into my old room. However, as I entered the room myself, Sam quickly embraced me, wrapping her leg over mine as she grabbed my ass and planted a very hard kiss upon my mouth.I put my hands around her waist iddaa siteleri as she ground herself over my groin.”Fuck Jarid, that talk with your mother got me so hot,” Sam said as she fumbled with my zipper.”Shit, babe. We really need to be quiet. Mom will hear us,” I said as I tried my best to take off her top.”Didn’t it get to you?” she asked as she tugged my pants to the floor.”You know it did,” I said as I pulled her skirt down.Quickly, we removed what was left of our garments and hopped into the bed.With our bodies in a sexual embrace, I heard Sam huff, “I was serious about her fucking you. I wanted to see you do it.””Oh fuck Sam…” I groaned and felt her hand slither down to my already stiff pecker.With long hard strokes, she kept talking, “You wanted to fuck her tonight, didn’t you?””Ugh… Jesus honey. You’re driving me crazy,” I replied as my body heaved into her hand.”Shhh… Just tell me, Jarid. You hoped your mother would fuck you once more, didn’t you?””Gnnn… oh… ah… yes! Oh, FUCK! Yes, I did!” I croaked as Sam raced her hand over my shaft.”Mmm…” Sam cooed as her head went down to my wood. I felt her sweet lips kissed the tip of my cock before she inhaled it, causing my body to lift upwards as I groaned loudly.I closed my eyes and relished how good it was to have Sam sucking my cock. But as I lay in my sexual bliss, I heard my door creak and couldn’t believe what I saw.There standing at the doorway was Mom, completely naked.I looked down at Sam when I felt her head lift and saw her smile as she gazed at my mother.Sam’s hand took hold of my rod and stroked it long and slow and said, “Is this what you came for, Jenny?”I felt a little cum expel out of the tip as Mom very slowly walked up next to us.”Why don’t you touch it?” Sam said and aimed my cock at my mother.Hesitantly, Mom sat at the edge of the bed while she took hold of my stiff member and stroked me along with Sam.My head was spinning as a rush of pure pleasure filled my entire body. Both their hands went over my shaft up and down in sync, causing my sperm to rise quickly.”Why don’t you taste it, Jenny?” Sam so seductively said and helped to ease my mother’s head down to my dick. I could feel her hot breath on my tool and groaned lightly, “Fuck…”Then it happened. I felt Mom’s moist lips encompass over my mushroom head, and I couldn’t help but heave my entire dick inside and croaked, “Oh, Mom!”Mom started to bob on me as Sam backed away and asked, “You missed having your son in your mouth, didn’t you, Jenny?”Mom just hummed, “Mhm,” as her head went faster. I looked at Sam and noticed her hand between her legs. She was dabbling at her pussy while Mom was sucking me off, and I felt my dick twitch inside her mouth.Mom scooted herself onto the bed until she was right between my legs. Her mouth felt so wonderful, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would blow.I couldn’t control myself any longer as my legs began to twitch while my ass lifted from the bed.”That’s it, Jenny. He’s close now. Make him cum. Make your boy cum!”Well, I guess that coaxing did something because Mom did her little magic trick with her tongue, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a mighty heave, I grabbed her head and moaned, “Ahhh… Ahhh. Mom!”My cum kept pumping and pumping as I thrust my cock down her throat until the last of my seed left my spent dick.Then I watched under half-slit eyes as Mom sat up and wiped her lips while my wife scooted next to her side.Suddenly, Sam did the most surprising thing out of nowhere and planted a hard kiss right on Mom’s lips.I know Mom was also taken back by Sam’s sudden action and quickly pulled away shouting, “Sam!””Sorry Jenny, I’ve never kissed a girl, but ever since I first met you, I’ve always wanted to do that.”I just stared in awe as both women gazed into each other’s eyes. And then, very cautiously, Sam kissed Mom again. Only this time, Mom kissed her back. It wasn’t long before both were kissing very deeply while gently caressing each other’s naked bodies.My dick was once again coming to life as Mom kissed my wife’s neck very tenderly and then heard Sam say, “Why don’t you lay next to your son.”Mom laid on her back next…

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