In The Year 3535


Dystopian futures have been popular in sci-fi even before I was born, and I like to read that genre sometimes. I’ve especially liked some of the stories where a time traveler ends up in a distant future and has to learn how to live in the society. I wanted to write an erotic script about a dystopian, woke future.

Episode 79. In the Year 3535

A woman around 30 wakes up in a hospital room. She’s wearing a short, white robe and plain white panties. Around her are three young (look like they’re they’re 18-24), attractive women dressed in “uniforms.” The uniforms are a halter top and some loose, silk pants. The pattern on all of their clothing matches except the woman in front has a badge on her halter. They’re all smiling at her. The woman in front is bending over the woman who is lying down and waking up. The other two are in the back watching. On the wall is a large TV running a screensaver. All of the pictures are attractive young women (alone or in groups of 2 -5) wearing the same type of halter and pants (but various colors) in nature settings — walking in a forest, sitting in a garden, etc. The pictures show no hint of any attraction between the women and no men.

The woman in front speaks to the waking woman. “I see that you’re recovering from your freeze. Are you able to speak? Do you understand us?”

The woman waking up is confused and groggy. She’s looking at the room and the women and taking it all in. Then she answers, “Yes.”

“That’s very good. My name is Dove, and these are my colleagues, Frost and Aqua. What is your name?”

The woman on the table is still a bit groggy as if coming out of a dream. “My name is Marilyn. Where am I?”

“You’re in the recovery room at the main hospital in City Forty-two. Do you remember having your body frozen?”

The woman pauses while thinking back to what was yesterday for her. The fog is leaving her brain. “Yes, I remember the freezing procedure and my doctor and nurses.”

The women look at each other excitedly. “This is a wonderful day. You’re the first body who’s ever been successfully resuscitated, and we weren’t sure how well memories are preserved over the centuries.”

“How could I be the first?”

“It’s true that tens of thousands of people were frozen. But all of the facilities suffered power failures at some time or were damaged in the war. You are unique because you were in a facility that was using power from a hydroelectric plant that was never bombed. There was a landslide that buried the facility your were storied in, but the power was never interrupted. And no one knew about the facility’s existence because of the landslide until ten months ago. My team was assembled to excavate and try to revive you.” She beams. “And we are so pleased that you have survived.”

“When I was frozen, I was about to die because of a disease …”

“Yes, we discovered that when we scanned you, and we eliminated the disease. We repaired all of your genetic disabilities and turned off your body’s aging mechanism.” She turns and looks at her colleagues. “Thank you for your assistance. I’ll call you when you’re needed again.” The other two women leave the room. “I know you’re going to have lots and lots of questions, and so will we. First thing that’s very important is what year beylikdüzü escort were you frozen?”

“It was 2025”

“Wow! That’s better than we ever dared to hope for. That’s before the gender wars, and so much of the history of those times and earlier has been lost. I suspect that our historians are going to want to spend lots of time with you.”

“And I can tell that I have lots to catch up on. What year is this?”

“We are in the year 3535.”

Marilyn sits silently, nearly in shock, as that sinks in. “What were you saying about wars?”

“Well, only one war, the last war ever, shortly after you were frozen, we think. It was the final war that eliminated hate and selfishness and everything evil.”

“You called it the gender wars?”

“Yes. Most of the records were destroyed, but we know that the scientists of your time discovered a genetic defect called male toxicity. Male toxicity was made a crime, and we began executing the most dangerous males. As more and more were executed, we discovered that the disease was inherent in every male. We passed a law that made being male a capital crime. A war happened. There was so much fighting and so much was destroyed. It took nearly three centuries, but we eventually exterminated all of the men, and we’ve had a golden age of paradise since then.”

“Did you really get rid of ALL of the men?” Marilyn asks unbelieving.

“Yes. It was difficult. There were so many men who were pretending to be women, and many of them really believed they were women. It was common for them to have operations to exchange male body parts for female parts. However, we discovered that the toxicity could not be eliminated. Those were the last to be executed. After the men were gone, I’ve read that it made lots of women crazy at first, and there was another wave of violence. But our civilization is much calmer and stronger and advanced now because of it. And not just men, also all of the male animals.”

“I don’t know if it’s worth it.” Marilyn is thinking about the implications. “If there’s no men, where do babies come from? And what happens to the male babies.”

“That’s not a problem. We produce our own babies in the lab. And we can set the genetics to only grow women. Just like we eliminate disease and aging and we set everyone’s weight and height and health and appearance.”

“You said that you turned off my aging. How old is everyone here?”

“I’m the senior member of our team, and I’m 312. Frost is 110, and Aqua is 69.”

“Wow. A perfect world of women who stay babes forever but no men for sex.”

“I’ve read some old classics from before the war, and they talk a lot about sex. I can’t imagine that it could be better than our paradise.” Frost re-enters the room, carrying some clothes. Dove thanks her, takes the clothes (a uniform that matches Frost’s and Aqua’s clothes), and Frost leaves again.

“You can wear these. These clothes have our team’s pattern on them, and everyone will know that you are part of our team.”

Marilyn puts on the pants under the robe. She turns away when she takes off the robe and puts on the halter. “Excuse me, I’m shy around strangers.”

“Yes, we know that your culture was very modest and wore clothes to protect yourselves from men. That’s something we don’t understand very well.”

Marilyn avcılar escort faces Dove again when she’s dressed. “That’s kind of hard to explain to you. Partly, it would’ve been terribly distracting to men if all of the women were going around naked. But we still wanted to attract men, so that affected what we wore. It’s tied to sex.” She pauses. “Why do you wear clothes.”

“If we didn’t have clothes, then no one would know what teams we were part of. And we wear these halters to keep our breasts out of the way of our work.” She smiles. “We’ve developed the genetic technique so that babies are no longer made with breasts. Some day, I’ll have mine chemically removed.”

Marilyn gasps. “Why would you do that? I mean, I can tell that you have beautiful breasts.”

“That’s very nice for you to say but kind of silly. Like, how can they be beautiful. It’s kind of like if I said you had a beautiful appendix. They aren’t good for anything.”

Marilyn just sits there and is staring Dove. “Are you serious? You don’t think they’re good for anything? Don’t you know what you’re missing?”

“Well, we know that mammals use their breasts to produce milk, but our babies are nursed with synthetic foods that are healthier than milk.. I’m not sure if our breasts can even make milk. Mine never have. I think it’s something about having babies.”

“That’s right, but they’re also lots of fun during sex. Mine are especially sensitive and give me lots of pleasure.” Marilyn shakes her head. “I can’t believe I’m having this discussion with someone I just met!”

“That’s twice you’ve said something about sex. It seems that this must have been very important to you. Was it like this for everyone in your time?”

She pauses. “Okay, I never expected to have sex with a woman, but I see that it’s going to be my only choice from now on. I’m going to teach you something from my time. Take off your top, and I’ll show you what your breasts are good for.” Dove takes off her top. She’s curious what primitive experience Marilyn can show her. Marilyn goes to her and is massaging her breasts. Then she starts licking and sucking on them, and this turns Dove on.

“Wait! Stop! Something’s wrong!”

Marilyn stop. What’s wrong?

“I’m getting all wet in my vagina.”

Marilyn laughs lightly. “That’s supposed to happen. It means you’re having a good time. Take off the rest of your clothes.” Dove takes off her pants, and she’s wearing some plain white bikini panties, and then takes them off. Marilyn starts to finger Dove and continues licking her tits.

Dove has her first orgasm, and it takes her breath away. She’s giddy. When she gets her breath back, she says “I’ll be right back! I have to go get Frost and Aqua so they can do this, too.” She runs out the door, nude. Marilyn shrugs. She undresses while she waits for the others to return. When they get back, Dove tells her “I told Frost and Aqua about sex, and they want to try it.”

“Okay, but first let’s kiss.”

“We’ve seen that word in books, but we don’t know how to do that.”

“This is crazy! Okay, just open your mouth a little and stick out your tongue.” While Dove does this, Marilyn sticks her tongue out, and she’s licking Dove’s tongue. Eventually, their lips meet. Marilyn is kissing Dove, and Dove figures out esenyurt escort how to kiss her back. Marilyn stops.

Dove tells her “I’m getting wet again.”

“Okay, but first I want you to teach Aqua how to kiss while I teach Frost.” She addresses Frost and Aqua. “Open your mouths a little, and put out your tongues.” Dove and Marilyn teach the other two how to kiss. Marilyn stops. “Take off your clothes, and I’ll show you about sex.” They undress. They also were wearing plain, white bikini panties. “Dove, lick Aqua’s breasts like I did to you and then you can put your finger in her.” Marilyn and Dove give orgasms to the other two. Frost has an orgasm before Aqua, and she and Marilyn kiss while they wait for Aqua to have hers.”

Then Dove tells Marilyn, “I became even more wet while I was doing sex to Aqua.”

Marilyn laughs in a friendly way. “That’s because it’s very exciting to be doing sex, and you’re anticipating your turn. Now, I’m going to show you another step. I’m going to use my tongue instead of my fingers. I want you to lie down here on the bed and spread your legs apart. And you two can watch. When you’ve figured out what I’m doing, you two can lick my body and lick my vagina because I’m all wet, too.” Marilyn is eating Dove. Soon, Frost announces that she’s very wet again. Marilyn pauses her licking. “You can use your fingers on yourself if you can’t wait for someone else, but I really need you to lick me. It’s been 1500 years since I got any sex, and I have to have it now.” The other girls lick Marilyn together while they finger themselves.

Marilyn and Dove have orgasms. Then they swap partners. Marilyn demonstrates how to 69. They continue to have orgasms. Eventually, they all pause. The other girls all thank Marilyn for teaching them about sex. They agree that they owe Marilyn a great debt. They all kiss and lick Marilyn, and she has another long orgasm.

Aqua says “I have to go tell Mary’s team about this.” She leaves the room, nude.

Frost holds Marilyn and is caressing her. “Let’s do sex again.” They kiss.

Dove pushes Frost away from Marilyn. “No, I’m the team leader. I get Marilyn. I liked her the best.”

Frost pushes Dove away. “I also like Marilyn the best.” The two girls are pushing each other more violently. Frost grabs Dove’s breasts and twists them violently. Dove grabs Frost’s hair, which causes Frost to let go of her breasts, and is forcing Frost towards the door.

Marilyn shouts, “Stop, you told me that there isn’t any more fighting. Don’t fight over me.” They stop fighting. “Dove, you are a very sexy woman, and I’d like to spend time with you again, but not now. Frost, you have an amazing body, and you turn me on so much. I want to have sex with you again, and let me show you something called tribbing. I’ve seen it in movies, but I’ve never tried it before.” She and Frost kiss. Then she maneuvers Frost on the floor, and they trib. Dove is watching and she fingers herself while she watches. Frost and Marilyn have an orgasm and then cuddle and kiss and continue to ignore Dove.

Dove can’t stand watching any more. “I’m going to find someone else to teach sex to,” she says angrily. “Frost, I’ll get even with you. I’m going to fire you from my team.” She stomps out of the room and slams the door behind her.

Marilyn asks “What just happened? I thought Dove said that all of the anger and fighting had been eliminated in the world.”

“I don’t want to think it, but maybe the cause of problems in the world wasn’t the men.”

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