In the old School Library


It was an old school, over one hundred years old. The boys and girl who went there appreciated its history, especially the decor. It’s an old building had been updated with air conditioning and a full electrical overhaul, making it a nice mix of the modern with the old. It was a wonderful place to study for the teachers and students alike. It had many weird features in the school that you wouldn’t get in a modern school, for example, it had two libraries. One library was bright and modern, it had many new books and with some classics too. The other library was old, from when the school first opened. The shelves were stuffed with big isvecbahis aging books. It had become known as the sex library. It had become known as the sex library for obvious reasons, the girls and boys used to sneak into the almost always empty library and partake in sexual acts. Everyone knew about it, but no one said a word. Even the current headmistress of the school lost her virginity in that room, she could even tell you what volume of T.E. Lawrence’s seven pillars of wisdom was in front of her face when she had her first ever orgasm. Now a new generation of students was having sex or doing naughty things in that room. —– isveçbahis giriş Tina looked at her watch, the class would be ending in five minutes. She was so horny she just couldn’t wait. She needed some sexual relief, the old library would be her best bet. Tina was seventeen with long dark hair and dark eyes. She wore dark-rimmed glasses that gave her a slightly nerdy look that she loved. She liked to think of herself as brains with beauty, something not many girls were. The bell rang, signifying the end of class. Tina almost jumped out of her chair, trying to get out the door first. She carefully made her way up the stairs, isveçbahis yeni giriş making sure she wasn’t followed. She knew that she wouldn’t be the only one there, but that added to her excitement. At the top of the stairs, Tina made a left and walked through the big wooden door. No one was around so she made her way to the back of the library. She sat down on the floor and looking around, she saw an old copy of Alexander Dumas’s The Count of Monte Christo. She smiled, that was one of her favourite books. Slowly she took off her blouse and her skirt, then took off her bra too. She was completely naked except her panties and long socks. She lays back imagining who would come in and catch her. Tina lay back on the floor, slipping her hand inside her already wet panties. She didn’t have anything, in particular, she was masturbating about, she was just horny.

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