In The Kitchen


She was so comfortable within her own provocative, near nakedness that she was completely oblivious to the hypocrisy of the quiet giggle that slipped out when she caught her tall, naked husband and his huge erection walk into the kitchen.

“Are you laughing at me?” He somewhat seductively whispered into her ear, circling his hands around her waist and pressing the hardness of his groin into her buttocks.

“Well. You walking into the kitchen starkers with that…” Her voice trailed off into a gasp as he silenced her with a gentle kiss to her neck. She breathed harder as he trailed small kiss over her shoulder and down her back.

She moved to turn around. She knew the way she wanted this to go and the best stage for this show was the bedroom.

“No, Honey. Honey. Bend over?” Her husband whispered sweetly into her ear, only more seductively than the last time, as he gently restrained her effort to moved away from the kitchen work top.

As his hands hungrily caressed his wife’s breasts free from her bra, more warm and sensual kisses on the other side of her neck melted her into bending over the work top, resting her head on her arms that were stretched across the cold granite. His fingers circled the areola of her nipples before tentatively kneading them. The kisses on her neck continued over her shoulders and down her back, each one changing from intense to gentle and back again.

He stroked her, taking in the contours of her body as he moved his hands down to her waist. He peeled her lace shorts past her stockings until they helplessly fell to the floor, where she obligingly stepped out and kicked them to one side.

Moving to his knees he caught a glimpse of his wife’s beautiful arse and the dark skin of her perfectly shaven pussy. That turned him on even further. He sighed appreciatively almanbahis as he nuzzled into her crack. Feeling his breath, she arched her back and pushed out her pelvis. Attentively, he traced his tongue all the way from her coccyx down to her clitoris, stopping to kiss and suck her lips on the way. Finally, he began flicking her small, hardening bump.

His left hand crept around her thigh and his fingers joined his tongue on the clit. Pulling his head back, he watched her body shiver while her deep breaths turned into small, high-pitched whimpers as he eased the middle, then index finger of his right hand into the warm tautness of her vagina. After feeling her writhe on his fingers for a while, he brought her stationary with a firm tongue on her anus.

She gasped again and again as his fingers moved vertically in her pulsating tunnel and his tongue darted in all directions around her puckered hole.

Then he stood up and, expectedly, eased his swollen cock into her undeniably wet pussy. She let out a long moan as he pushed deep inside her as he could.

He pushed and pulled out the whole eight-inch length of his solid manhood for the first few rhythms, before settling into a pace that had both husband and wife breathing and gasping, syncopated.

With strong hands he was able to grasp the toned peaches of her arse. He soon found the running juices of her pussy were making his thumbs slip. He concentrated the lubricated movement of his thumbs around the ripples of her muscular hole, sensitively probing. She softly moaned. She liked it.

He pushed one thumb, nail deep, inside her arse, massaging her cum into the surrounding area with his other thumb. She moaned a little harder. He teased the tip of his thumb in and out.

“Oh. Ah. Oh Yeah,” she muttered.

“You like that, Baby?”

“Mmmmmmm.” almanbahis yeni giriş Came the reply, followed by a series of squeaky gasps as he swapped his thumb for an index finger.

Her muscles began to spasm around his thrusting cock. He felt an urge of pleasure from his groin up and moaned, “Honey, will you let me fuck you here?”

“I so want to feel me in there.”

“Yes. Yes please.” She breathed, between moans.

“There’s gel in there” she said gesturing towards the cabinet above.

Still pumping away, he reached up one hand to open the cupboard with his other hand still squeezing her right buttock so much her skin became white at his fingertips.

Quickly scanning cabinet contents he soon recognised the bottle.

Still slowly making love to her, with both hands he dispensed an amount of gel directly onto her anus. She twitched at the cool temperature of the gel on the hot, throbbing area of her perineum. She pushed her torso as flat onto the worktop as she possibly could, invitingly tilting her arse upwards.

He replaced his grip to its original place on each of her buttocks and rapidly upped the speed and force of his penis thrusting in and out of her soaking pussy, his balls bouncing against her inner thighs. She gasped, then moaned, and cried. Out loud.

His heavily gelled thumbs sunk effortlessly in and around her anus. He fucked her even faster. She cried even harder. He allowed the sheer momentum of their mad, passionate lovemaking to let his thumbs and fingers slip and slide. She was meowing like a hungry kitten but shaking like a scared rabbit. The sight before him was unreal. The feeling was unreal.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned.

“I think I’m coming!”

Almost on tiptoes, he carried on thrusting into her the way she almanbahis giriş liked it. Grinding as deep as possible. He grabbed the taps on the nearby sink to increase his leverage. Amongst fretful gasps she came, her muscles clenching around his whole shaft. He slowed his pace.

He pulled out. Holding his hard, wet and pulsating cock in his left hand he sensually rubbed it in the gel that covered her pussy and down her crack. He pushed her anus open with his right thumb. There was more than enough lubrication, but he carefully guided himself into the tight hole.

Using her accelerating moans as a guide he slowly ground his groin into her, stopping if she went silent. The feeling was amazing. He absolutely adored this gorgeous woman. He leaned over to have more of her skin touching his. He held her shoulders as they continued their primal lovemaking, for the first time anally.

She was overcome by the brand new feelings her husband had introduced to her. She though that his must be the most personal way two people so utterly in love with each other can connect.

“I love you,” she exclaimed breathlessly in between gasps and cries.

“I love you, Honey.” He whispered.

Feeling his hot breath on her ear sent shivers down her spine again. Her moans turned deeper and louder. The emotion and sensation were boiling up inside of him. Almost involuntarily, he felt his hips grind faster and harder.

“I’m coming!”

“Ahh. Hahhhh. Hahhhh.”

“You’re hhmmmaking me come hhagain.” She stammered, pressing her nails into his arms that draped around her neck.

There in the heat and sweat, in a series of gasps and moans and spasms they climaxed simultaneously then collapsed on the floor.

She sat up and gazed down at her husband.

“Thank you!” She whispered, cutely.

“Anytime.” He replied, staring into her green eyes that glowed behind the tendrils of hair that their antics had ruffled out of place.

“Okay.” She said standing up and pulling him with her.

“Lets go to the bedroom?” She suggested with a wink.

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