In-Depth Examination


The door to the waiting room opened and she called his name. Se stood and walked through the open door and she closed it behind him. They walked down the hall to the scale. She told him to step up on it. He did. She scribbled something on a pad and then told him to step down. He gave her a quick glance over as he did. He guessed her cup size to be a 34c. She handed him a gown.

“Room four is open. Put on the gown and I’ll be in shortly.”

He took the gown and walked into room four. After closing the door behind him, he began to undress. Once his clothes were in a pile on the floor, he slid on the gown. He sat down in a chair and waited. A few minutes later, she came in. She tossed the clipboard on the table and told him to stand up.

He looked at her closely. Her dark green eyes were piercing and carnal. The jet black hair that would have fallen to the middle of her back was tied behind her head. He tried not to think about taking her right there. You can’t hide a hard-on in a gown.

She put her hands on his neck and checked his glands. Then, the usual routine started. First she checked blood pressure, then his pulse and heartbeat. He gave the normal deep breaths when she asked. Between each test, she grabbed the clipboard and recorded the results.

Turning back to him, she was grinning.

“Guess what’s next?”

She stepped in front of him and slid a hand under the gown. She cupped his balls and told him to cough. She felt him getting plumped as she held them. She grinned again. She gave his balls a rub and squeeze and that was alls he needed. He was hard. Her hand brushed against it.

“Well what do we have here?” she said, laughing.

He turned away, embarrassed.

“I guess we’ll have to do the semen sample now!” she told him, with a big smile on her face.

He looked at her, still embarrassed. But he slowly kırklareli escort moved back closer to her. She pushed him into the chair and let down her hair. After shaking it back into order, she slid out of her uniform and stood before him in a skimpy purple bra and panties. He looked up and her, wide-eyed and mouth open. She grinned. Her bra was next to go and her tits were just as amazing as he imagined. Next thing her knew, her panties were in his lap. She was naked and standing in front of him. He looked her up and down again and again.

“Do you think you’ll be able to get off ok?” she asked with a smile.

He nodded and pulled the gown up past his hard cock. Just as his hand went to touch his stiff member, she stepped forward and yanked the gown all the way off.

“Much better,” she chuckled. “Now let’s get that sample!”

He started stroking his cock, looking her naked body up and down. She began playing with her tits, pushing them together and tweaking her nipples. Slowly and hand worked down her body. She spread her legs and slid the hand between them. Two fingers moved over her pussy. She was completely shaved and her clit was pierced. One finger slid inside her and a small sigh escaped her mouth.

He was stroking faster now, stunned at the show he was being given. He watched as a second finger slid inside her pussy. Her sigh became a moan and his strokes became stronger. She glanced down at him, watching him stroke himself. She smiled at him.

“Let me do my job now!” she said.

Kneeling in front of him, she took his cock from his hand and began to stroke it herself. Her hands felt so soft on his cock. She stroked him slowly, wrapping her small hand gently around him. He closed his eyes and let her work. After about thirty seconds of her hand, he felt a considerable change; a warm, wet feeling on his dick. kırşehir escort He opened his eyes and watched her give him an incredible blowjob. She had no trouble taking in his eight-inch cock. She used her tongue and lips to perfection. He managed to mumble something about getting the cup ready. She stopped sucking him and grinned.

“I can tell by the taste.”

She winked and continued giving him the best blowjob he ever had. After about thirty more seconds he began to unload in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of his hot cum. She licked his head then her own lips clean. With a big smile on her face she went to her clipboard and wrote down the results.

“You’re very healthy,” she informed him.

She went back to her clipboard and flipped through some pages. After about sixty seconds she looked back at him. His eyes were fixed on her. She smiled and glanced at his cock. It was limp. Time for the next sample.

“Now I need a urine sample. Stand up.”

He stood. She walked to him and rubbed his chest.

“I just need a mouthful. After that, you can finish wherever you want.”

She knelt and opened her mouth. He took his cock in hand and aimed for her mouth. The flow started and filled her mouth quickly. She took a big gulp and smiled. He continued to urinate on her, drenching her face and tits. Her face glowed with horniness. When he finished pissing, she was soaking wet.

“Wow, you must have been thirsty this morning!” she said happily. “But the test was a success. You are in very good shape.”

She looked him over, smiling.

“I need one more sample from you.”

When there eyes met, he knew what she meant. She was smiling from ear to ear. He was stunned. She lay down on the floor and opened her mouth.

“Get over here and squat!” she ordered. “The rules are the same as before. I need one kızılay escort mouthful and the rest can go anywhere you want!”

He squatted over her mouth and started to push. He felt the first piece sliding out of his asshole. It broke free and fell into her mouth. He heard her swallow. Inching down her body he stopped over her tits and pushed again. Another chunk of his warm shit fell from his asshole. It landed between her tits. She giggled with glee and pressed her tits together. He inched down her body and squeezed on last piece of shit onto her stomach, covering her bellybutton. She giggled again and spread her legs. She reached up and rubbed his balls, ran her nails over them and giggled again.

“Are you hard yet?”

He turned around and revealed his once-again-hard cock to her. Her eyes lit up.

“Fuck me!” she demanded.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He got between her legs and slid his cock into her wet pussy. He used all eight inches at once. She let out a vocal moan and arched her back. He started fucking her harder. Thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, burying his entire length inside her. His thrusts slowed but stayed strong. His rhythm changed. He fucked her fast and hard then slow and easy. Her eyes rolled back in her head. He had her close to cumming. He kept fucking her, changing speed and strength until her body shuddered with orgasm. His cock kept pistoning away at her pussy through her orgasm until it twitched and throbbed and filled her with a load of hot cum. He collapsed next to her, both breathing hard.

“You passed the physical with flying colors,” she said, smiling.

She stood and walked over to what he thought was a closet. But inside was a little shower stall. She turned it on and quickly washed herself off. After a quick dry off she began to dress. So did he. They started out to the waiting room.

She handed him a slip of paper with a follow up appointment written on it. He looked and her and smiled. She winked.

“Just one question,” he said. “34c?”

She smiled.

“Close, 38c. See you next week.”

He turned and walked back into the waiting room.

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